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LOT Subscription Box Review – December 2017

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lot shipping envelope

LOT, put simply, is a monthly subscription box of essential supplies for everyday use. But that is also understating things, well, a LOT.

Here’s how their website puts it:

LOT is a subscription-based service which distributes a basic set of clothing, footwear, essential self-care products, accessories, and media content. The clothes are dispensable: as they wear out they can be bundled and returned, eliminating clutter.

And to really understand the vibe here, I recommend watching some of their video content:

I’ve been getting LOT for a few months now, and I still have a lot (pun intended) of questions. One thing’s for sure, LOT has a super minimalist, practical aesthetic and a futuristic edge. As part of your subscription, you’ll also get looped into LOT emails, which include intriguing, edgy content like Soundcloud playlists, video, and novel-worthy thoughts from the LOT creators.

Here’s a rather philosophical snippet from the December email.

lot december 2017

LOT offers three levels of subscriptions to choose from—the Basic plan ($49.00 per month for a pair of socks, a shirt, briefs, and a random item), the Advanced plan ($99.00 per month for the Basic items plus a self-care product or an accessory), or the Free plan, which only gives you access to the digital content.

My Subscription Addiction paid for the Basic plan, but LOT was kind enough to bump us up to the Advanced plan for no additional charge. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

all items in december lot

About LOT

The Subscription Box: LOT (Advanced Plan)

The Cost: $99.00 per month

The Products: A monthly set of “dispensible” socks, briefs, and a t-shirt, plus accessories or self-care products ranging from soap to (no joke) a tattoo gun.

Ships to: 20 countries, including the US. Find out if your country is included by emailing here: [email protected].

LOT December 2017 Review

hat package lot 3/360 on plastic package

Everything in this package came inside of a big plastic sleeve. Most of LOT‘s items come with some odd assortment of messages printed amidst the product information. I’ve gotten lots of biblical vibes from this subscription before, but this one might be the most overt. The non-product-related details read “TAKE AND EAT”, “THIS IS MY BODY (1EACH)” (not sure if that “1EACH” is or isn’t about the products…), “T-3 YEARS (GOOD CRAZY)”, “UNTIL”, “THANKS (LOS FELIZ) BACK TO LA” (again, might be product info?), and “LOGOUT”.

Here’s some live footage of me reading that:

So, in every LOT shipment, you’ll receive a few standard issue items. They are:

white package with printrolled up clothing held with a velcro band pair of black crew socks tall black crew socks LOT sewn into crew socks

Black Crew Socks

These socks are comfy, calf-height socks that fit my feet with a little extra wiggle room. The LOT logo is knit into each ankle in white. As with most LOT items, they come in a package with cryptic messages printed on it—this month, it’s “MY FAULTS THAT DAY” and “SERVING TWO MASTERS”. Wearing them around on cold winter days, I’ve noticed that these socks are a little thin, almost like dress socks. They’re comfy, though. And though I gather a new pair each month, I like that I don’t have to worry about digging around my sock drawer to find a match—they ALL match!

white package rolled garment with velcro band black mens briefs black briefs reverse side

Black Boxer Brief Underwear

At the moment, most LOT items are unisex, meaning this gal is getting men’s boxer briefs each month! That’s not a bad thing—I’ve actually been wearing them around the house pretty regularly. I’d love if they had a little more give in the backside area, but they’re pretty comfy nonetheless. Oh, I should mention that these underwear are packaged in a sleeve printed with the rather inspiring words “TRUST TOMORROW” and on the back “AS LITTLE… AS YOU MAY SAY.”

silver foil package rolled up item black tshirt tshirt number embroidered in tshirt label inside of tshirt

Black 2046 T-Shirt

I’ve also gotten this t-shirt before, but it doesn’t come as frequently as the socks and undies. It sounds weird, but I love this t-shirt. I’m a real t-shirt and jeans gal day-to-day, and most of my wardrobe is already black, white, or gray. But oddly enough, I don’t have any solid black cotton tees in my collection, so I’ve been happy to stock up on these ones. It’s a solid, breathable basic, and even though the tee is a unisex cut, it looks really cute on me with the sleeves cuffed a couple times.

If you can’t see it in the photo, the package reads, among other things, “THE KEEPER”, “OUR CONSCIENCE (PERHAPS)”, “OUR MONITOR”, “REMAIN IN ME”.

Also, the numbers 2, 0, 4, and 6 are embroidered into four points on the back of the shirt in white—2046 is, in LOT lore, when the world is going to end (… I think? That’s the vibe I’m getting at least).

On a lighter note, did you see that my name is printed on the tag? That’s kind of a cool, personal touch.

toothbrush in sleeve black toothbrush black toothbrush head 

Black Toothbrush

This black toothbrush is a new monthly addition. (I got one for the first time in the November package.) It’s a pretty decent toothbrush, I gotta say. And I feel very cool using a black toothbrush—that feels so avant-garde. I think LOT is starting to get to me—I was actually bummed out that the toothbrush’s package just said “TOOTHBRUSH” and some other product details and dates. No strange messages? C’mon, toothbrush!

hat package messaging on package black baseball cap underside of a black baseball cap adjustable baseball cap

This hat is the first item that I’ve not received before. It’s pretty cool, don’t you think? It’s kind of that “dad hat” style that I’ve seen going around. I’m big into wearing hats when I’m having a bad hair day, but they’re typically beanies. I’ll have to add this adjustable cap into my rotation to shake things up.

The package here says “YE”, “LOOKOUT”, “141 BC”, “FOR THE SHEPHERD SHADOW.” Again, getting a lot of biblical vibes here, whether they’re pulled straight from the Bible (which I can’t say I’m familiar enough with to know) or just created in that spirit.

cord in package usb cable usb cable

Lightning to USB Cable

This looks like a really high-quality lightning cable, to be honest—the wire itself doesn’t feel flimsy in the least, and even if it was, it’s wrapped in a shoelace-like, braided-nylon covering for extra oomph. Unfortunately for me, I’m a USB-C phone gal, meaning this Apple-friendly cord won’t do me any good. I’ve got plenty of Apple friends, though, so maybe I’ll pass this on to them so that they may “REVIEW LIFE”.

And because I know you’re wondering, the plastic packaging has 1) something written in Cyrillic (if you can translate, please do!), and 2) the phrase “LAY SAFELY” printed on it.

wristbands in package wristband ends wristband details

10 Wristbands

LOT refers to these as “ID bracelets”, though they’re essentially the kind of coated paper bracelet you’d get at a concert or a theme park. (The kind where I always watch the person putting it on me and think “Oh please, please, do not get any of my baby hairs caught in the sticky part, oh please, oh please.” Raise your hand if you feel me!) The back of this package reads “OF THE GATES” and “OF GOLD”, FYI. The part that makes me curious is how the “T” “H” “E” “KEY” message on each bracelet is oriented in the same way as the numbers on the shirt. Coincidence? Code? Who can say…

black package black package with something inside black pot of lotion lotion inside black pot

Moisturizing Lotion, 1.8 oz.

This is actually a pretty decent lotion! Nice job, LOT. It has barely any fragrance—just a barely there “lotion” smell— absorbs nicely, and left my hands feeling soothed and pleasantly smooth. The ingredients are listed on the package. I don’t know enough about ingredients to read for myself if this is natural or anything, but my bet is it’s not. I do like that it comes in a handy black pot that’s shallow enough to fit in my desk drawer!

The messages on this little item? Well, the black package includes things like “ONE WAS OUT”, “ON THE HILLS AWAY”, “THE ROAD BE ROUGH AND STEEP”.

black backpack with embroidered numbers straps on backpack embroidered numbers on backpack pocket on backpack backpack detail lot backpack on model lot backpack from behind

Black 2046 Backpack

Last but not least, I got a backpack! No weird packaging here, but you’ll notice that the “2046” numbers are back in action. It’s actually an awesome backpack—it’s cotton, which means it’s something I can easily wash if it gets gross (or gets too much cat hair on it, which is its current plight). It’s also really comfortable, thanks to its padded, adjustable straps. There’s a front pocket and even a little zippered “trap door” on the side that lets you reach in and grab something at the bottom of the bag fast. I’ve been wearing this backpack everywhere since getting it. It holds my laptop, a sweatshirt, and of course, all of my weird little LOT accouterments.

The Verdict: I don’t know, folks. I thought LOT was going to be a little too weird for me at first, but now, I’ve started really looking forward to the odd, yet practical goodies inside each package. I’m still a little “ehhhhh” on all of the cryptic, pseudo-religious messages on the packages, and I don’t think I’m quite cool enough for most of the high-concept, futuristic content that they share via their emails. But I’m digging the basics and the utilitarian spirit of the thing. (Remember, when things wear down, you can just bundle and return them to LOT!)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, though what accessories and extras you get may vary from what I received.

Value Breakdown: This package cost $99.00, meaning the average cost of each of the 9 items I received this month is $11.00.

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Keep Track of Your Subscriptions: Add this box to your subscription list or wishlist!

What do you think of LOT?

Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I find the reviews of this sub to be wildly entertaining. I’m just hoping you keep the sub long enough to get the bleach kit and the tattoo gun, lol.

  2. wow, what a weird and wild conversation this has become, maybe what the subscription meant it to be

    • i think vicki wins the internet, today…

      bravo-we are TALKING about it…this is just pure marketing 101…

  3. Even those commenting that they find this sub disturbing are generally polite in their comments. But, what’s with some of downright rude, trolling replies? Comments are moderated, aye? Why, then, are some comments being filtered out and are not appearing yet several downright mean replies to generally decent comments are being published? As for the sub itself, it’s odd. Some people see it as clever marketing of basic goods. Others see it as something creepy, perhaps even sinister. Both points of view are perfectly valid. Personally, I like Anna’s review of a sub I find unappealing. Enough said.

  4. all this moralizing about the damn thing is what puts me off–not the box!

    good god-so many people think they get to run the show, decide what others get to see or read, preach manmade religious theory…smug, self-righteous, & small-minded


  5. They seem like a doomsday cult. It’s nice you’re getting basics, Anna….but just don’t drink the kool-aid.

  6. I’m getting major Jaden Smith vibes from this box.

  7. Used to work with a guy who carried around a “go kit”, stating it had everything in it he needed to survive getting from the office building to his car, where he stored a more comprehensive survival kit. He spent 30k to sink and kit out a subterranean doomsday shelter in his backyard. Last seen in Charlottesville carrying a tiki torch. If I still worked with him, I’d get him this sub as a birthday gift. And, he’d likely love it.

    • Interesting stuff, really drawn to the minimalist approach. Thanks for sharing! vicki

    • Interesting article! It weirdly does help make sense of it, a little.

    • Stream of consciousness rambling that feeds in to the navel-gazing. How about some facts about the company?

  8. I really look forward to the reviews of this box so thank you! 😊

  9. I love the idea of receiving the basics in black every month.
    I am not a 20 something hipster. I am a 50 something post menopausal woman. *sigh*
    I wear a uniform of black leggings/pants, top and hoodie every day. I fully embrace the minimalist esthetic. I mix it up with some structured Jil Sander, Yohji Yamamoto or Helmut Lang. I do go pretty crazy with shoes and accessories. Always minimalist, though.
    I hate shopping. Do all my shopping online.
    I wish I could subscribe to this box. The items look to be well made.
    However the religious end of the world crap puts me off entirely. Makes my skin crawl.

    • I couldn’t agree more.

  10. I’m just here for the comments, lol. Nice review as usual, Anna- I love the bizarreness of this. Thanks for the laugh!

  11. While this is definitely a strange box I don’t think it’s any more dangerous than any other one out there.

  12. No L. Ron Hubbard novels in the package yet?

    Maybe the black toothbrush is how these people identify each other in airport bathrooms.

    • Omg I will lose it if it’s a Co$ sub! Hahaha!

  13. Go to the site and click on every photo and you will see that this is some sort of end of the world type thing. The year 2046 is their “end goal”.

    I think the sub box is a front for something dangerous, and I don’t care if you are getting $500 worth of yucky goods free for the review, it should never be a part of a mainstream review site.

    Most of us are not extremists, I’d venture to say.
    Like someone else said, I would not want these people to have my name and address. I think they use money to support things most of us would not be comfortable with at all.

    ” Ballistic grade” is used for many of the descriptions, and black is the default color. Ever read any thrillers about subversive covert ops?

    • I wouldn’t take it so seriously. LOT is making clothes for those who can’t just buy a black tshirt and be happy…they need a story, exclusivity, and/or a conspiracy.

      It’s a sub box…a business.

      No one is in any danger. It’s ALL right.

      • I think you nailed it. The vaguely biblical nonsense sounds more like randomly generated computer babble to me. Not a conspiracy, just a few more layers of oddness and mystery to sell some very basic goods. It’s marketing.

    • tinfoil hat, much?

  14. I am very uncomfortable wherever I look in this weird mismash box. It is DISTURBING to me, and I do have quite a lot of psychic abilities, not that I look for or ask for them. Some may laugh, but for those of us who have truly seen the weird and the bizarre in the very zealous area of ” world enders”, it gives me the total creeps.

    I would never give them any of my personal info!!!!!
    If a sub. box is pushing the year 2046 or any other year as the year the world ends, doesn’t this give some credence to them supporting the strange beliefs of ” preppers”?

    Also, the corrupted Bible verse snippets ( corrupted because they are not complete and seem to be almost warnings)- is this where the name of the box comes from- the extremely cautionary tale of ” Lot and his wife” in the Old Testament?

    This gives me extremely uneasy vibes, and I’m sorry, but I’m as non-prepper as a human can be. I don’t want no name misc. doo dads with half a Bible verse on the package or item for $100 a month.

    The paper armbands remind me of something a child would like on one hand ( ha) and maybe a very well stocked medical kit on the other. There are mass casualty situations where bodieds have to be ID’d, or people with temporary packing into wound cavities or tourniquets, etc. would have to have a time and date notation.

    This is beyond weind and of all the boxes we would really love to see picked back up and reviewed, some sort of Armageddon box is reviewed?

    • suggest you take your sensitive self to another space–don’t click on this review–problem solved, honey…

  15. Please stop reviewing this, please. This sub is ridiculous.

    • I think it’s interesting. A mysterious clothing box! Is it telling us to logout of the Matrix by 2046? That we need to focus less on our stuff and more on our life purpose? That those who are wearing Lot clothes or an armband will be spared at the end of the world? Lol.

    • how ’bout, YOU not reading the review…?

      is that somehow not an option for you…?

      • Why be so rude?

  16. The comments are just as funny as the review!!

    • I completely agree lol. Paranoid some. 🙂

    • 🍿🍿🍿 I always bring popcorn for this one.

  17. What really seems disturbing to me is to give these people one’s name and address. There’s no telling how they would react if they didn’t like the season finale of The X-Files.

  18. I gotta admit that I look forward to this weirdness. I love that it’s all black and basic.
    I want a SLEW of black T-shirts with my name on the tag(!) hold the end of times predictions, please.
    They should have a store. I need a new cable for my phone , like boy boxers under skirts in summer & am coveting those T’s…

  19. This is hands down the weirdest thing I’ve seen on this site. I think I’d constantly fret over whether I was low-key joining a cult.

    • I’m getting cult vibes also. I wonder if they are reading these comments…

  20. or “Life review” ?

    Nice post, Anna! And I can see the black fits in with your wardrobe. (I thought it curious that they would choose 3/4 sleeve tees in a unisex box, but then I realized you must be wearing a different shirt in the photo w the backpack!)

  21. As long as the id bracelets don’t include complementary mind control then we are golden.

  22. I love black stuff…..the cryptic messages wierd me out. Lol your review!

  23. I don’t understand the ID bracelets? Are these a new Fashion trend for 2018? seriously wondering.

    • I honestly don’t know what the intended purpose is, but I feel like they would be good to use as reminders/a to-do list.

    • Talking about the bracelets, those paper ones have nothing on the other bracelets listed on their site that allow you to “communicate” with other Lot subscribers. But alas, those won’t be made available until 2020.

      The description reads –

      “LOT 0015-6 allows a user to get connected with another user in the network. The algorithm will assign a signal to someone in the community.

      There are two ways to use the device:

      CALL — put the device around your neck. Wear it. To call, hold the device firmly in your palm and a signal will be sent. After a moment you will feel a vibration coming from another user in the system — you are being connected.

      ANSWER — fasten the device around your wrist. Wear it. Be prepared. At some point you will feel a vibration (typically about 2-3 times per day). This is an actual user “calling” for you. To answer, grasp it with your other hand until vibration ceases.”

      • Wow that’s pretty disturbing. It’s hard to tell if this box is serious or not.

      • Well that’s just ripping off the empathy box things in PKDs Do Andoids Dream of Electric Sheep! If only the clothes were as wild and colorful as the clothes in his books 🙂

      • Wow. That’s just so disturbing…

  24. Oh and I just noticed looking at the site that you can get a tattoo machine (LOT0018) ONCE.
    Lol.. how silly.

  25. I like how it tells you upfront what will be in the box (for the most part) and that on the website, under ‘examples’ it tells you how frequently, you’d get a said item. For example it shows you getting the jacket 1x every 12 months, socks every other month, etc. So, I think that’s cool. I also like how it’s all black lol.

    • You can apparently get grey if you prefer and tell them.

  26. This is just… breathtakingly expensive for what it is, and props to whoever conned people into signing up, but I have to say I’ve started looking forward to this review every month because it’s just so silly!

    Very silly things which take themselves seriously are some of my favorite things. I mean, I definitely worked with people (when I was still struggling as a freelance costume designer in NYC) who were 1000% the target audience for this (mid 20s white guys who thought they were the first person to REALLY UNDERSTAND what Orwell was saying in 1984, have Vonnegut quote tattoos, and are probably theatrical electricians) but I absolutely would have made fun of their matching vaguely ominous t shirt and backpack.

    • I’ve met that guy. Usually it’s the guy you’re trying to low-key get your friend to break up with.

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