LOT Subscription Box Review – November 2017

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lot shipping sleeve

LOT, put simply, is a monthly subscription box of essential supplies for everyday use. But that is also understating things, well, a LOT.

Here’s how their website puts it:

LOT is a subscription-based service which distributes a basic set of clothing, footwear, essential self-care products, accessories, and media content. The clothes are dispensable: as they wear out they can be bundled and returned, eliminating clutter.

And to really understand the vibe here, I recommend watching some of their video content:

Is LOT the lifestyle subscription of the future? An unsettling art piece? A doomsday prepper kit for minimalist hipsters? Come along with me on this journey, and we’ll… probably not find many answers. At all. But we will see some pretty interesting things along the way…

lot package and inner package

LOT offers three levels of subscriptions to choose from—the Basic plan ($49.00 per month for a pair of socks, a shirt, briefs, and a random item), the Advanced plan ($99.00 per month for the Basic items plus a self-care product or an accessory), or the Free plan, which gives you access to digital content from various contributors.

My Subscription Addiction paid for the Basic plan, but LOT was kind enough to bump us up to the Advanced plan for no additional charge. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

all items in lot

About LOT

The Subscription Box: LOT (Advanced Plan)

The Cost: $99.00 per month

The Products: A monthly set of “dispensible” socks, briefs, and a t-shirt, plus accessories or self-care products ranging from soap to (no joke) a tattoo gun.

Ships to: 20 countries, including the US. Find out if your country is included by emailing here: [email protected].

LOT November 2017 Review

In every LOT shipment, you’ll receive a few standard issue items. They are:

white packagebundle of clothing black crew socks lot logo on socks crew socks laying flat

Black Crew Socks

These socks are comfy, calf-height socks that fit my feet with a little extra wiggle room. The LOT logo is knit into each ankle in white. As with most LOT items, they come in a package with cryptic messages printed on it, like “LIFE REVIEW” and “AND KEEPS ME OFF THE CHANCE.” I’m not too far from writing all of these weird phrases on Post-It notes and making a “FIGURE OUT LOT” wall in my office like I’m solving a string of murders on Law and Order.

white package small bundle of underwear briefs inside package black briefs from behind black briefs

Black Boxer Brief Underwear

These unisex undies aren’t the most flattering as a curvier lady, but they’re fine for putzing around the house. Having my name printed into the tag is new as of this box… Seeing “GOOD WORKS” printed on the packaging isn’t.

silver foil package message on silver foilvelcro wrapped around black clothing black pants black pants belt line back pocket of black pants black pants from front

Black Woven Pants

The pants are a new clothing item in the box (last time I got a shirt). When you sign up for LOT, you input some information to guide sizing. The subscription centers around men’s sizes, but women are shown wearing LOT items in some of the photos, so I figured I was safe to give it a go. These pants, however, are cut so narrow that I don’t think I’ll be wearing them around anytime soon. There’s just no space for this booty to go! I might reach out to LOT customer service (which you easily access via text message) to see about swapping them for a different size (exchanges are free!), or I might pass them along to a narrow-bodied pal of mine. They are SUPER nice pants made from 93% cotton and 7% spandex. I feel like you could wear them as comfy errand pants, but they definitely would pass at the office or something formal. (Will there still be parties in the dystopian future? I feel like I’d wear them to a dystopian future party.)

Oh, and in case you didn’t see—these babies came in a silver foil sleeve with things like “THE TIME IS NEW” and “LOOKOUT FOR THE SHADOW” on the front and a Mickey Mouse smile on the back surrounded by “EVEN IN LA THERE AM I”. Sometimes this box gives me such strong Stranger Things/Upside-Down vibes…

lot inner accessories package

Moving right along, we’ve got a bag of accessories and essentials to explore.

small deodorant in plastic bag white deodorant container white deodorant container open


I’ll talk about the deodorant in a second but I can’t go any farther without noting that the bottle says “WEEPING”.


I feel bad because every part of this subscription suggests that I should be taking things very seriously. But this is, like, a lot of gravitas to give a stick of deodorant, right? “WEEPING.” I’m giggling. I’m sorry. Back to business.

I’m not too proud to say that I am an avid sweater. Picking a deodorant that works perfectly with my body chemistry is tough. This one put in a good effort, though. It wasn’t the greatest against odor, but it did okay if I was just hanging out at work all day. I’ve also gotta say that it feels really nice. That might sound weird, but seriously. The formula is creamy and soft, and while it did leave some white marks behind, it was kind of a moisturizing treat I didn’t expect.

You should know that there’s zero scent here. It does contain aluminum chloride (which is an ingredient some people prefer to avoid), so it’s not the most natural pick. But if you’re easily bothered by scents, you will be shocked by how scent-less this is. No lotion-y scent, no coconut-oil-ish aroma. Nothing. It’s kind of impressive actually!

floss in plastic sleeve white floss container floss coming out of container


Next up is a pretty standard case of floss in LOT’s signature non-descript packaging. Okay, it does say “VALE OF TEARS” on it, but otherwise, super simple. (Yes, I giggled about “VALE OF TEARS” just like I did “WEEPING”.) In terms of performance, well, it’s floss. Nothing special. But handy nonetheless.

black toothbrush in package black toothbrush black toothbrush head

Black Toothbrush

Might be superficial of me, but I feel very hip using a black toothbrush on my pearly whites. The package says “FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION”, and I am definitely considering it—I don’t really understand the slit in the middle, I’m realized. I think maybe it’s to make it easier to hang? But part of me thinks LOT designed it this way in order to let you, I dunno, slide it onto your utility belt or something like that. I can at least say that it feels soft and efficient. And of course, it looks really cool and modern sitting on my sink.

tape measure tape measure unfurled tape measure top

Black Measuring Tape

Last but not least, we’ve got a unique little measuring tape! There’s a little bar on the end of the tape that fits into a slot on the side of the plastic handle so that you can measure around things as well as in a straight line. Pretty cool! I like that it has a handle, too.

Did you notice the website on the plastic part? When I looked it up, I got a big blank page (or at least one that refused to load). If anyone sees it, tell me what you got!

The Verdict: This is my second LOT package, and while I’m not sure that I “get” the idea yet, I can say that I’m really impressed by the quality of the items and most definitely, the commitment to the aesthetic they’re creating. If you know someone (ideally someone who fits easily into men’s clothing silhouettes) who is all about the next cool thing or at least a futuristic take on minimalism, then this subscription box is totally for them. It’s a little weird, yes, but I can honestly say that I’ve gotten great use out of almost everything I’ve gotten thus far. And when they wear out, I just return them to LOT.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, though what accessories and extras you get may vary from what I received.

Value Breakdown: This package cost $99.00, meaning the average cost of each of the 7 items inside  is $14.14.

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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  1. Reviewed like a true champion, Anna! Can’t wait for the next one!! 😀

  2. Anna G.Q. wrote about the LOT sub it was an interesting read. I tried to post a link but it definitely gives more understanding of what their trying to achieve with this subscription.

  3. Something about the aesthetic with this box is disturbing in a Darren Aronofsky’s Mother! meets an alt-right rally sort of way. It’s got this hipster meets doomsday prepper and conspiracy theorist sort of vibe, from the website to the items in the subscription. The biblical references alone make me skittish, wondering exactly what or whom I’d be supporting if I subscribed. Of course, this could just be marketing and, in this case, it’s clever because it got me to their website for a poke around.

  4. When Liz first posted about this sub, some of us established that they use word salad autofills extensively on their website to make it look creepy. (Autofilling a sentence with the current weather for your UP address, for example.) This whole thing reads like one huge send-up that the owners are using as a kind of ultimate hipster prank on the level of Andy Kaufman. Only, this is not nearly as funny and charming and clever as Kaufman’s were.

    • Also, it would be simple to use a concordance search tool to find all the king James passages with given words or phrases in them, such as weeping or vale of tears, put the results in a table, and use that for autofilling the printed batch codes on products like the deodorant.

    • I agree with you.

  5. Wow i didn’t expect all that to be in the bag. I mean for $99 they should put these in a small box or is that just me who hates when goodies are sent in a cheap looking bag. They probably have a test to see who can roll up undergarments the tightest..lol… Kidding sorry.

  6. This box creeps me out particularly the idea of burning the clothes (and really, can’t you burn any garment if you so choose?) As someone who follows trends in pop culture and fashion, I don’t really think there’s anything particularly hip about it. It’s just a bunch of basic items the likes of which you could buy at Muji with weird phrases printed on each like someone overthought their college marketing final. I’m still trying to figure out who this appeals to. People who are agoraphobic? Color blind? Guys who can’t shop for themselves?

    • Yes yes yes. You took the words out of my month.

  7. I love seeing this box reviewed!

  8. According to what research I could on Google, it is possible that “the Vale of Tears” and “17/10/13” could be Christian references linking Matthew 17: 10-13 and Psalm 84.

    “the word Baca (בָּכָא Baka’ {baw-kaw’}) means “weeping”, and so Psalm 84 could alternately be “Who passing through the valley of weeping (vale of tears) make it a well”. And so while the actual quote may not be found exactly in the Bible, we see that the idea clearly originates in the Bible and in turn has inspired the quote vale of tears.

    But let’s not stop there. The vale of tears is not to be a place of despair for those who make God the Lord of their life. If you read the Psalm, and even just the one verse, the Lord promises those who dwell in the house of the Lord that their vale of tears would be turned into a well of life-giving water, and that the rain would become refreshing pools. That we would go from strength to strength. And that God would be with us always.”


    17:10 The disciples asked him, “Why then do the experts in the law say that Elijah must come first?” 11 He answered, “Elijah does indeed come first and will restore all things. 12 And I tell you that Elijah has already come. Yet they did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they wanted. In the same way, the Son of Man will suffer at their hands.” 13 Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them about John the Baptist

    Given how cryptic the sub and it’s messages are and that John the Baptist washed away people’s sins in pools of water, I really don’t think that this theory would be too far fetched.

    • Bingo! My only question in my mind in what their question is. Is it apocalyptic or based upon a particular religion? That’s a rhetorical question, obviously. It is interesting and I think this subscription is lost or above the heads of some. It’s not a matter of being cool or uncool. I think they are spreading a message, and I got it the first time I read the review. It was not about the items.

      • So…what’s it about? I’m lo(s)t.

  9. I am not hip enough for this box. And I’m rather relieved I’m not.

    • Hahaha, same!

  10. I’m a huge dystopian fan… and while I think the IDEA of this box is pretty unique and somewhat fun, the price point kills it.

  11. Anna u mentioned posters on the cost breakdown but I didn’t see posters in the review??

    • Neither did I.

      • Oh shoot! Sorry all – that must’ve stuck from a previous draft. No posters in this package (just in last month’s). Sorry for the confusion! I removed the mention. (Thanks for calling out the issue!)

  12. I read this review a few hours ago, and I just had to come back and say I still haven’t wrapped my head around how weird this is.

  13. This review is hilarious! Wouldn’t buy the box but would absolutely come back for the hilarious reviews! Thanks!!

    • Aww, thank you for reading Safiyah!!! LOT is definitely… interesting 🙂

  14. @Anna – When I typed in lot2046.com/me into Firefox I didn’t get anything either, but when I typed it into Safari I was taken to what appears to be a login page. It transferred the full address into: https://www.lot2046.com/me/login, which worked in Firefox too. I’m not a subscriber so I don’t know what if anything is special about this particular login page, but there’s the answer to your question.

    • OooooOOOOoooo… I’ll have to do some more digging and see what I find! Thanks for doing all that sleuthing, Sammee!!!

  15. I think this box is an attempt at the hypebeast fashion / urban streetstyle trend happening on social media and in up-and-coming designer labels at the moment. It doesn’t make sense and comes off as offbeat and weird but that’s the point. Interesting box but not for $99.

  16. These people probably take The X-Files as gospel.

  17. The website on the measuring tape is lot2046.com, which loads to their sign up page. I think you have the picture linked to this website too.

  18. I just don’t get it. Who would pay $99 for that? I can go to Walmart and get something comparable for probably $35 total without all the weirdness. To each his own, but I don’t see this making it for the long haul.

    • I agree 100%

      • But then you wouldn’t get those strange slogans…just plain weird. I don’t see what need this fills.

        • This would seem to appeal to a very narrow slice of the population – men in their early twenties, who have education and jobs but haven’t really matured yet. With this subscription, they don’t have to get married or talk to their moms to ensure that someone supplies them with dental floss and underwear on a regular basis. And the weirdness feeds into their erroneous belief that they are not part of the “establishment”. The next shipment may even contain a William Gibson novel.

          I love being a cynic in her forties LOL. And I love Anna’s reviews.

          • Okay I laughed out loud at the William Gibson novel! I last read one of those as a woman who’d just graduated college and you pretty much nailed the demo 🙂

            I love weird things, but this subscription is just silly. It’s SO expensive for what it is, though I’m awfully tempted to scrawl “vale of tears” on my own floss just because flossing is my least favorite nighttime activity!

          • Hehehe, thank you, Dea!!!

          • lol at your comment!

            I read the linked article that attempts to explain this sub and I am even more confused. I dont find the items interesting nor do I want them and I dont find the box intriguing at all even with the weird words and packaging. The most intriguing thing about it is the reception and hoopalah regarding it because all Im seeing is a basic boring box.

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