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GlobeIn Artisan Box “Sophisiticate” Review + Coupon – January 2018

GlobeIn box

The GlobeIn Artisan Box is a monthly subscription that sends you original crafts by global artisans. Each box contains handcrafted items from around the world and the stories of the artists who made the pieces.

There are two levels of subscription: Essential and Premium. The Essential subscription comes with one handpicked artisan item each month, and the Premium comes with a full curated collection. Each month (with the Premium subscription) you have a choice of two new themes, as well as any theme from the previous month that may not have sold out. They also have a shopping club they call the Starter in which you can choose one of three levels of monthly membership, which is applied as a credit to shop in their online store at a discounted rate. 

GlobeIn box open

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

This is a review of the Premium, $40 per month, box.

contents of GlobeIn Sophisticate January 2018

About GlobeIn Artisan Box

The Subscription Box: The GlobeIn Artisan Box

The Cost: The Premium box is $40 per month + free shipping for the first month ($10 shipping for future months). 

COUPON: Use code MSAWELCOME to save $10 on a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription.

The Products: Handcrafted items from around the world curated around a monthly theme.

Ships to: U.S. (free shipping for the first month, $10 shipping for future months)

Good to know: Other subscriptions are available: The Essential box includes one item for $10 per month+ free shipping for the first month ($3 shipping for future months). There is also a Starter level where your monthly membership fee gets put towards credit to use in their online shop. 

January 2018 GlobeIn Artisan Box “Sophisticate” Review

GlobeIn Sophisticate January 2018 booklet page 1 and 2 of GlobeIn Sophisticate January 2018 info page for ikat wallet info page for Sseko Designs brave bracelet info page for decorative tray info page for earth and fire necklace back of GlobeIn Sophisticate January 2018 booklet

GlobeIn always includes a beautiful little booklet that highlights the artisans who made the goods included in your box. They tell personal stories of how making these items helps encourage independence, fair wages, and safe work environments for the craftsmen. These co-ops and small businesses also help the local communities in which they’re based.

Ikat wallet

Ikat Wallet, India – Retail Value $30.00

Ikat has been popular for some time now in various forms from pillows to dresses and so on. Here we have it in a soft forest green color as the main attraction of this larger hold-all wallet, trimmed in brown leather.

Ikat wallet open, showing striped fabric

Open up the brass snap closure to find a wealth of pockets made from a sturdy greyish purple striped cotton!

close up of inside of ikat wallet

The left side has room for your ID and deep pockets that will fit a passport and some other tall items.

close up of other side of inside of ikat wallet

The right side has you covered with four shorter pockets for credit cards, two check-sized pockets, and a long zipper pocket for change or stamps.

back of ikat wallet

Here’s the back that continues the beautiful Ikat pattern and offers another pocket.

pocket on back of ikat wallet

Unsnap the closure to get inside (striped fabric is there too!).

pattered drawstring pouch

The next item is delivered in a gorgeous cotton drawstring pouch with a lively colorful pattern.

Sseko leather tag on brass brave bracelet

Sseko Brave Bracelet, Uganda – Retail Value $25.00

Inside you’ll find a simple brass bracelet with a diamond shape that has a charm dangling from it. I also think the leather tag they used is super cool too.

Sseko brass brave bracelet

The charm included bears the maker’s stamp “Sseko” on it, but you are able to purchase more charms to add to your bracelet (which I’ll go over below).

another angle for Sseko brass brave bracelet

There’s a loop on the right here, which allows you to unhook and fit onto you wrist. The brass wire is thick yet soft so it’s easily adjustable.

Sseko brass brave bracelet on wrist

I really quite like the simplicity of this bracelet and its brass color is right up my alley.

info card for Sseko brass brave bracelet

Here is a card they’ve included that shows all the available charms for your new Brave Bracelet.

other side of inof card for Sseko brass brave bracelet

Each one has a different meaning and I like how they are almost like grown-up merit badges or aspirations.

Decorative tray made of recycled cotton paper

100% Recycled Cotton Paper Decorative Tray, India – Retail Value $15.00

birds eye view of Decorative tray made of recycled cotton paper

The next item included in this months “sophisticate” box is a decorative tray made from 100% recycled cotton paper. It’s a great size at 6.25 inches squared and has an awesome deep lapis and metallic gold pattern.

bottom of Decorative tray made of recycled cotton paper

The bottom is smaller to give it a flared shape.

Decorative tray made of recycled cotton paper with bracelet

Here’s my brave bracelet resting in it, with plenty of room for other jewelry or random items you want to keep together. This would be great on a dresser or on a “landing pad” in your home’s entryway.

Matr Boomie earth and fire necklace with tag

Matr Boomie Earth & Fire Necklace, India – Retail Value $22.00

The Matr Boomie brand is a favorite of GlobeIn, and I’ve since noticed it at stores that carry ethically produced items.

Matr Boomie earth and fire necklace

This is a great necklace, in my opinion. The dark wood and engraved brass make a great team!

close up of front of Matr Boomie earth and fire necklace

The brass accent on the bottom was engraved by hand, which is a craft that goes back hundreds of years in India. I really like the floral pattern here.

close up of back of Matr Boomie earth and fire necklace

The wood piece is about 2.25 inches wide and has a quarter inch thickness to it.

Matr Boomie tag from earth and fire necklace

Important deets listed on the tag.

inside tag of Matr Boomie earth and fire necklace

Learn more on their website.

Matr Boomie earth and fire necklace on model

Here it is on so you can get an idea of the length.

Verdict: GlobeIn Artisan Box did a great job this month with some beautiful items that make me feel “sophisticated”. The necklace has to be my favorite item and will definitely get wear, while even though the wallet is super nice, is not quite my style (plus I just love my current wallet). I’ll probably pass it on to someone who needs to upgrade their wallet organization (ahem, MOM). The tray and bracelet are also well made and useful to me. For $50.00, I received four items which make them all cost about $12.50 which is less than the retail for each item. I think this is a great start to 2018!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes! If you subscribe by the 15th, you can choose to get this box. Premium Box schedule from Globein:

1st – 5th: Customize your theme and choose add-ons!
10th: Last day to cancel or skip before getting this month’s box (and add-ons).
15th: Last day to update your shipping address
18th – 21st: Your box starts to ship!

Coupon – Use coupon code MSAWELCOME to save $10 off any subscription

Value Breakdown: At $50 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item: 92

  • Wallet: $16.30
  • Bracelet: $13.59
  • Tray: $8.15
  • Necklace: $11.96

*These prices would be even less if this was your first order and you didn’t pay shipping costs.

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What do you think of this month’s GlobeIn Artisan Box?

GlobeIn Artisan Box

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Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a lipstick connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. She loves discovering new clean beauty brands and has quite the collection of beautifully packaged serums and moisturizers.

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Comments (19)

  1. SIGH, was really looking forward to the Jan box. After I subbed during the black Friday sales, it took forever to get my Dec box AND I was supposed to get the extra Cozy box. Why sell a box when it’s out of stock!? It took forever to get the cozy box and I must not have paid attention to the “assorted colors” because I was not expecting a tan scarf and pink mug. I ordered for the blue scarf and purple/blue/green mug.

    On to February, I ordered the above “sophisticate” box solely because of the necklace, only to get an email 1 day before billing saying there were issues and I would be getting a different necklace. The one they sent looks like one they can’t sell in add ons meanwhile they are still advertising the box with the Earth and Fire necklace. Shadey is the word and likely will cancel if they can’t rectify this.

  2. Customer service was great last year when the owner Lisa was personally responding to emails. Now, it’s some customer service guy name Wynn who refuses to address questions directly and just links you to FAQ. I was so excited for the Snug box last month, and for the Sophisticate box this month. However, I cancelled because Wynn has been so unhelpful with the Cheers box I received instead.

    • Liza is amazing and a lot of times when I can’t get through to Wynn I have been known to go straight to Liza who addresses my issue and gets things done. She is the best.

      • Shana, do you work for GlobeIn?

  3. I really like this box! If anyone is looking to swap their bracelet I’d be interested in it!

  4. Just a brief beware here. I had let my sub go. I resigned up with msamothersday coupon.
    I received an old box that i had before (no, I don’t need another set of handpainted salt and pepper shakers). I was supposed to receive 3 boxes and a set of wine glasses and a necklace. I kept writing to them and all the would say was I got 3 boxes. I kept emailing them and explaining………..crickets.


  5. I might have missed it, but what was the second theme for January?

    • they are only doing one new theme this year but you can pick previous ones

  6. Thank you so much Liz and everyone at MSA for posting whether a box is still available for purchase! There have been many times that I’ve contacted a subscription box after seeing a review on here to find out whether I can still get it. If I knew for sure I could go ahead and order or not order. So I guess it’s saved me money in the past when the subscription box doesn’t make it clear, but I definitely like having the info up front!

    • Hi Jen!

      We do our best to respond to our community’s needs and saw this question was coming up a lot. Thanks for noticing and appreciating the new info we added to the reviews!

  7. I wish that MSA would review the essential box or the $10 box with $3 for shipping. It’s such a great price but is it worth it. I signed up and ended up using the credits to get a colorful glass instead of a surprise that would be picked for me. The thing that was confusing was when I did that they added 6 dollars for shipping to it. Long story short I ended up getting a great deal on the glass because I used a coupon but the whole thing about the shipping is confusing. I did get my one beautiful glass and now need another…😂😂😂…But please think about reviewing because for $13 I think alot of people could afford that there really are NO REVIEWS anywhere of the small box. The end! Amazing review as always!

    • Just as an FYI – I signed up for the Essentials box when they first started it about a year and a half ago. In the beginning they were sending everyone the same thing but they were all items previously featured in the other boxes or in their online shop. When this was going on they were releasing spoilers (if I remember correctly). Then they started variations and people started getting “random” different items. My prepaid year-long sub ran out and I did not renew but it sounds like now they might be trying to send everyone items with a similar theme (like everyone gets a make-up bag or everyone gets a bracelet) but there are still variations in styles/colors. But, again, I’m not 100% sure since I do not get it anymore (I only get the Premium sub now). So it might be hard to review or “spoil” if not everyone gets the same items every month. That sub really does seem like a mystery box every month!

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Beth! I’ll look into it!

  8. I subscribed in December and I loved the box I received. I appreciate being able to pick the box I want. I love that every box you buy supports the area the item was purchased. I also like the booklet you get with each order that introduces you to the people that made your items and briefly describes their work and some personal information. If you have the funds I would highly recommend this subscription. Unfortunately for me I am not in a place to continue and am sadly going to have to cancel. 🙁

    Also you can pause your subscription if you need.

  9. Still waiting for my December box

    • Your December box??? Wow. It seemed like they put priority on the ones that chose the “Cheers” box (think most of those arrived before Christmas) but I chose “Play” so mine was later than normal but I think I got it soon after Christmas. Did you contact them? I’ve had a few issues with GlobeIn but they have always made it right. So for sure send an email to CS to ask where your box is, if you haven’t yet!

      • I chose the Snug box and my was delivered 12/19. I would definitely contact them. You may be able to get a discount off your next box.

      • I ordered add ons with it. Some of my add ons arrived. 2 add ons were missing and the play box was missing as well. I contacted them and they will be sending it. What frustrates me is that they did not circle those items on the pack slip- so they knew they did not send them. But they waited for me to contact them. One of the add ons was out of stock so I had to choose another. And what did come, arrived after Christmas. Very frustrating. I’m hoping the rest at least comes before my sons birthday next week since it didn’t come in time for me to give it for Christmas.

      • Ugh- that sounds super frustrating, Jessica. We appreciate you sharing your experience here! I hope they make it right!

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