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FYI – Last Chance to Get January 2018 Allure Beauty Box!

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Allure Beauty Box has let us know that the January Allure Beauty Box has almost sold out and that they expect it to sell out in the next few days. If you want to get this box, make sure to sign up ASAP! Use this link to save $5 off your first box and get a free mystery bonus gift!


The January 2018 Allure Beauty Box will include:

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.)

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Got my January box today with two substitutes. The Fredderiv Fekkai is a dry shampoo not the texturing spray and I got a body cream instead of the this works camera face cream.

    Not happy. This is the third time I got substitutes and I only signed up in November. What’s up allure?

  2. IF you were refunded almost immediately after paying for a subscription, it’s because Allure has this policy of ” One subscription box per address”.

    You will not get an email explaining this, but likely, their records show an active or past subscription for you. Thus, they will not allow a new one to be created.

    The way to deal with this is to call CS and find out what they have on file under your name and shipping address. If there is anything, you’ll need to set up a Gift Subscription to yourself.

    It’s time consuming for all involved, and it’s outdated, but since I just had to deal with ” Why are you refunding my payments as soon as you get them? ” I DID find out why.
    I still have no answers as to why this is not a prominently displayed policy on their site, but I hope this helps some of you get an active Allure subscription going. They will also accept multiple subscriptions under the ” Gift Subscription” procedure. It doesn’t cost any more, and the first box is discounted in each gift subscription.

    This is something that’s really hidden until you call them and ask directly ” Why was my money refunded?” An active account * in their system*, even if it’s not active, is the only reason they say this happens.

    • I had this happen last November, I called and the CS rep had no idea what the problem is and assured me I should be able to have multiple subs. But they still cancelled the one under my old email and now I only have the sub with my new. I just let it go… When I brought this up at the time, someone said they were able to get 2 subs by signing up with different emails, credit cards and recipient names (probably same as gift sub in their system).

  3. I keep trying to sign up and they keep charging me then refunds me

  4. I just talked to allure and thankfully they fixed the problem with my account and made sure I would still get January.

  5. I’ve been charged but no email. Also none of the links above are working for me.

  6. I have a monthly Allure sub through Allure. I tried in Oct and Dec to add a second one. Both times I got a confirming email but never got the sub or free gift (even though I used a different email). At the end of December (Dec. 29)when we got notice on MSA that the Dec box was sold out and the box you order would be January, I ordered two additional subs through Amazon. They sent two December boxes, which is fine. But looking on the Amazon site, it says my subs renew on Jan. 29. I bet the January boxes are long gone before then. I ordered two more from Amazon today and will cancel the ones from the end of Dec. My point is that Allure makes me work really hard to buy their product. It should be a lot easier to add a box.

  7. I have not received my beauty thrills box from the Black Friday deal. I emailed them 3 times in three weeks and no response. They are making it easy for me to not continue the subscription after the three months. The lack of communication is so unprofessional and shows that the company is disorganized. It shouldn’t take this long to receive a product that we paid for.

    • Hi, I just called them. And they told me that my thrills box from black friday deal was shipped on January 6th. Hope we get it soon :))

      • Yeah I just got mine today! But there was no email sent so I had no idea which one or when it was coming.

  8. I was charged earlier this month and got my shipping notice today. I was a little surprised when they charged me, because the site acted like I couldn’t get my new card working. This looks like a good box though.

  9. Haven’t been charged for my January box yet. Anyone?

    • I was charged on the 5th.

    • Also charged on the 5th. I’ve never received shipping emails ever from them. No sign of shipment on tracking (USPS).

      • My account now has tracking but no email. It’s still in Illinois.

        • I’m new to this. I paid at the end of December for this box and this would be my first box. I haven’t received an e-mail for the shipping or when to expect it. I went onto Allure’s site and looked into my account (I can’t figure out where the tracking would be listed, anyway, as it’s so basic of an account profile, I don’t see anything where it would show tracking???)…. Do I e-mail them about this? Thanks to any advice.

          • Unfortunately, your account will not show any tracking information.

          • Thanks, Luna. I e-mailed them yesterday and I’m now awaiting a response. I also called them this morning and spoke to a woman named Debbie. She tole me to “call back” if I don’t get e-mailed shipping/tracking notification by late next week. Considering January 15th is a national holiday (no mail, etc), I’m not sure what to say. I’m naturally an extremely nervous person, so… I hope I don’t get screwed over, I guess, is all I’m saying. I think it’s strange, however, that they wouldn’t put tracking on their customers’ accounts. Even Ipsy and others do that…. in any case, I am one to hound companies (OK, let me rephrase that – follow up, repeatedly, but not in an aggressive way or anything!), so…. I guess we’ll see what happens! 🙂 Otherwise, onward to the dispute of the transaction if I don’t get the box. I’m excited for this one, though, so… I hope it works out. 🙂

          • Actually, after your box ships out, you will see a track shipment button appear under the order date. If you don’t have the button yet, your subscription hasn’t shipped yet. Mine just shipped this morning, so hopefully it won’t be long for yours!

          • Linda – I totally understand. 🙂 Since I have a very small & exposed stoop to the street, there’s always a little weight on the shoulders when I know I should be getting a box, but I just don’t know when because that particular sub box company doesn’t provide tracking or provides it sporadically (i.e. some months I get it, some months I don’t). Once I get the box, it’s always a relief, but then I get to relive that worry the next month. haha! But, I probably don’t need to worry, because I have a family member who works for the local police department, and he said I live in a “sweet spot” because nothing ever happens where I live. Plus, I’ve had multiple boxes stacked up in front of my house for hours or a whole day (when I either had no clue they were coming or when the post office decided to release my vacation hold a day early), and nothing was ever taken. While I appreciate my good fortune, I don’t want to take it for granted, thus me being a little worry-wart.

      • I got an email once. In December. Got January box but no email.

    • I got tracking a couple days ago but it still says that they are awaiting the item but estimates that it should be delivered by the end of next week. I haven’t checked at all if they have charged me yet but assume so since it’s being shipped! I hope that your Box gets updated and that you get some tracking

    • Cindy: I was charged for (both) of my boxes in the first few days of this month, It might be best for you to give them a call to see if anything went wrong.
      CUSTOMER SERVICE: 1-800-274-1603 OR [email protected] OR

  10. Guess spoilers sell boxes…. must be a sell out on this one. They seem to have a redeeming item to keep me hooked to April,

    • You are right. The spoilers are the only reason I’m subscribed and that I am planning to keep this Box as I’ve seen items that I want that will be in upcoming boxes. I think it’s great marketing on their end and it really seems to be working out for them

  11. I finally caved! Cancelled sephora, going to cash out Ipsy points and cancelling that next. The ratio of how much I have up for swap shows my real needs lol

    • Same! I’ve been 2 months without Sephora and this is my last month of Ipsy, just used the rest of my points and I’m finally home free. They just can’t compete with Allure right now.

  12. I’m curious if anyone has received there Thrills box from the Black Friday special? It’s been almost 3 months and not even an update:-/

    • Still waiting 😞

      • I’d appreciate even a update of when it would be expected to ship. It’s only fair, in my opinion.

        • Wasn’t this a special exclusive to MSA? Could you reach out on on our behalf Liz?

    • Still waiting. I emailed Allure last week about it. Their response was them basically saying I don’t know. They have no set delivery date. I know we’ll get them eventually.

      • I’m beginning to wonder if we will or not. I’m really liking the boxes I received, just disappointed in the promotion and lack of communication. Why have that promotion if it’s going to take forever to receive it.

        • My beauty thrills box came today. I got may 2017 which is the box i wanted most of all so im truly Thrilled lol. I hope everyone elses are in route. Good luck ladies

      • After 4 attempts with allure and getting no where, i just emailed beauty thrills. My fingers are crossed that they know something.

    • No thrills box either! Have called several times and no one knows what’s going on there…

    • I have emailed 3 times and still never heard back. Im calling tomorrow. I have called once before when i had not heard a word on my first box halfway into december and they said they could only give me the status of the allure boxes but not the beauty thrills box. Im very disappointed and canceling as soon i know january has shipped.

  13. When will they start shipping January box????

    • Haven’t gotten a shipping notice for January, but I usually get one between the 10th & 15th of the month. My box arrives about a day or two (at the most) after that.

    • They have already started Shipping. I got my email notification a few days ago with tracking yet the tracking states that they are still awaiting the item but have an estimated delivery date by the end of next week. I can’t wait! Hope that you get yours soon!

  14. This just shows what a powerhouse MSA has become. Allure reaches out to MSA with updates on inventory – you’re one heck of an influencer, Liz!

    • Amen to that!

    • I wish Liz had the time to reach out to some other Subscription boxes that subscribers are having serious issues with and that nothing is being done. I wish she could pressure them to take the right action and make good with these numerous customers which have been having no luck and and are dealing with some serious business fraud. Her influence really could make the world of difference when needed for when serious issues are occurring and her influence would definitely get done action out of them in risk of negative postings on MSA.

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