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BoxyCharm Subscription Box Review – January 2018

BoxyCharm is a full-size beauty and makeup subscription box. They always provide a great value compared the cost of the box. (If you are a makeup addict – I HIGHLY recommend this box!)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: BoxyCharm

The Cost: $21 a month

The Products: 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

Ships to: US and Canada

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Each box comes with a card detailing the items included.

Now, time for the items!

Crown Glam Metals Palette – Retail Value $29.99 (Price Listed on Card $25)

(All subscribers will receive this item.)

These colors are all shimmery and highly pigmented. Very easy to blend, too. I found the silver shades to have a little more fallout than the others, but all held up well with a primer.

(Swatched in lower photo.)

Grande Lips Hydrating Lip Plumper in Sunset Orange – Retail Value $27

(This is a variant item. Subscribers may receive a different item instead.)

This formula is gluten and paraben free, and it is supposed to help plump lips. It gives a good amount of gloss with no stickiness, and it isn’t annoyingly tingly like some other lip plumpers. (I haven’t noticed any major plumping differences, but I rarely do with this type of product!)

The color is a bit bold for me, but at least it is somewhat sheer. Here it is swatched beneath the eyeshadow palette:

IT Cosmetics Brow Power™ Universal Eyebrow Pencil – Value $24

(All subscribers will receive this item.)

IT Cosmetics is one of my favorite beauty brands, and this pencil was the first item I ever sampled from the brand – it got me hooked! This shade is a universal taupe, and you can adjust the shade by how hard you press it. It’s a perfect eyebrow tool for me, and I love that their formulas are free of parabens, phthalates, and sulfates.

And on the other end you have a spoolie:

Here it is swatched:

PUR Bronze and Brighten Palette – Value Listed $34

(This item is possibly variant, but so far all box variations we’ve seen include it. All subscribers will receive a face palette.)

This set includes a shimmery blush, highlighter, and bronzer. The pigment in this palette is no joke! Just one swipe is all the color I need, so this will last me months! Here it is swatched:

SO shimmery!

DR. BRANDT SKINCARE pores no more® Luminizer Primer – Retail Value $38

(All subscribers will receive this item.)

This primer is designed to help blur pores/imperfections and prep skin for makeup application. I love the Dr. Brandt brand, so I was most excited about trying this, and it did not disappoint! It provides just the faintest glow, gives your skin a smooth finish, and feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup. I wear a full coverage foundation, so the glow part is lost on me, but I’m still happy with this primer.

Verdict: This box has a value of about $148! (That’s using the lower $25 value for the eyeshadow palette.) As always, the value for Boxycharm is amazing! This is one of my favorite boxes from them in a while: 2 palettes + IT Cosmetics and Dr. Brandt?! (The lip plumper color is a miss for me, but I’m thrilled with the other 4 items.)

I think Boxycharm is a perfect subscription for people who love makeup. You’re going to get a lot of palettes, highlighters, etc., so it’s great if you want to build your collection and try all the things! (If you only need one highlighter/palette in your makeup arsenal, this might not be the best box for you.)

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Possibly. Boxycharm is in waitlist mode, so I recommend signing up ASAP. They’ll email you when your first box ships, so you’ll know which box you’ll be getting as your first month.

Coupon – No coupons at this time.

Value Breakdown: At $21 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Eyeshadow Palette: $3.55
  • GrandeLips: $3.83
  • Brow Pencil: $3.41
  • Pur Palette: $4.82
  • Primer: $5.39

What do you think of the January 2018 Boxycharm Box? What’s your favorite item?


How do subscribers rate BOXYCHARM?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (153)

  1. Hi!! I’m just trying to decide which one should I get: BoxyCharm, Birchbox or Sephora Play!!! Someone? Help? Please please..

    • Eileen,
      It depends if you prefer samples. To me I prefer Boxycharm because you get full sized items and the value is always much higher than the cost. Birchbox seems to offer the better deals/coupons plus I like the points. I just got a year sub for $90. I like Sephora too. There is also Allure, Ipsy, and Macy’s. I have all of them. I also have Glossybox and I mostly like the boxes, but Customer Service is what keeps me from renewing.

      Your best bet may be to look for the promotional codes, sign up for a month test it out and cancel before you are charged full price the next month. Or you can do what I do and sub to all of them. 🙂

      Order of favorites;
      1 Boxycharm
      2 Birchbox
      3 Ipsy
      4 Sephora
      5 Allure
      6 Macy’s
      7 Glossybox (would be much higher if better customer service)
      8 Walmart (only $5, why not)

    • Personally i just stopped the sephora play box, i had it for about a year. Its great but recently decided not to do as they have stopped doing perfume samples w each box. Plus lots of red lipsticks all the time! Lol i love birchbox bc it has a fun part each month where you can pick a sample that you want in your box or a currated box where you know every sample in it. I look forward to this each month. Boxycharm looks awesome plus is all full sized products but i got frustrated bc of the waitlist. It was taking too long so i am trying lola beauty box instead now. Super excited for my first one!

      • How it works the BoxyCharm waiting list? I pay the subscription but have to wait a lot On the list? I receive a box every month? I pay only for the boxes I receive?

      • You dont pay until you’re off the wait list and then they charge you every month the $21 until you cancel and you get a box every month. There is a big waitlist right now so I would sign up now and if you’re lucky, you will get March box but I don’t think you will get February

      • Ohhh I got it! Well, I’ll try with BoxyCharm, hope you get an amazing Lola box!

      • Thank you!!! I hope your off the waitlist soon!!

      • Im going to try out Lola as well! Lola is Boxycharm’s sister company so I have high hopes that soon Lola will have the same amazing brands boxy has and will be a great alternative to boxy since right now boxy has a crazy wait list but Lola does not.

    • Be prepared to be on the wait list for a few months. Unless you are lucky enough to get in when they have a no wait list special every once in a blue moon. Sephora bag is..ok. birchbox has higher end sample sizes,ipsy is hit n miss and glossybox much like boxycharm is 21 a month,no wait list and has what I would call..more grown up products but has half full size and half deluxe samples. I would say sign up for boxycharm and while you wait subscribe to ipsy,play or birchbox while you wait. Glossybox is stepping their game up big time so I would definitely check them out too.

  2. My January box arrived and was damaged by water. All items were wet? Not sure if this is a mail issue or if anyone else experienced the same problem?

  3. I got my very first Boxycharm box today. So excited!!! I received everything in this review. I could care less about the lip plumper and the IT eyebrow pencil. I am a redhead and don’t think it will color match my eyebrows. The PUR pallete appears different in the pic above. The left pallet is more of a pinkish red and not orange, which is good. Can’t wait to try the primer and eyeshadow pallet. Did anyone elses eyebrow pencil have a line through the bar code? None of my other products have that.
    So happy!

    • They put a line through the bar codes so you can’t try to return it to Sephora or Ulta. The Tarte palette we got a while back and a few other things I’ve gotten had either a line through the bar code or a sticker covering it.

      • Jackie,
        Thanks! I wonder if it was done prior to Boxycharm because not all of my items had lines through them. I used to work customer service and we put lines through barcodes of items that we wanted to make sure didn’t make it back to the shelf like damaged or recalled items. Hopefully it’s what you said.

      • No its not like that! Sometimes things have stickers on them that say “not for resale” over the bar code or they put a black line. I know people try to return items because I bought the Tarte palette we got a few months back, but I bought it before i found out we were getting it in boxycharm so once i got my box, I went to return my palette I bought and I had to find my receipt proving I bought it because the lady told me people were pealing the stickers off the bar codes on products they were getting in subscription boxes and returning them for store credit so I had to prove that I actually bought it. So I’m guessing that’s why they now mark out the bar code instead.

  4. I got mine yesterday. Exactly as reviewed in variation 1. I’m loving it. The orange really doesn’t look orangy, more of a coral. It is somewhat transparent. I really love this box. Hoping to get more of these lip plumpers.

  5. I loved this month’s box! I’ve been a subscriber of Boxycharm for a couple of months and I absolutely love it. If I know I’m not going to use a product I add it to my donate pile to my local women’s shelter. They accept unused makeup and I know it goes to good use!

    • That’s a great idea, Sarah! I’ve given a lot of my products to co-workers and friends. I gave my entire December box to my friend because she needed a stocking stuffer for her daughter.

  6. My palette came smashed and the black shade is everywhere. I contacted cs. Has anyone with this problem gotten a response?

    • mine was broken too…. no response yet.

    • When I first began my subscription about 2 1/2 years ago, I remember that I contacted them because something in my box had broken. I also remember back then, you could contact them via phone. At any rate, I remember their customer service was fantastic. It is a bummer to get a box and stuff is everywhere. I think Boxycharm does a great job with their packaging, you can tell that they do care. It’s not crappy like Birchbox’s packaging ; I had so many boxes that were damaged. They just throw your stuff in a box with no cushion.

    • My box in December 2017 came damaged. I simply replied to them and I had to send them pictures of the item damaged. They replaced it promptly and I am very happy.

    • One of mine was all crumbled that I received last month and I loved that color . I was so disappointed

  7. Does anybody want to sell their whole January box?

    • I’d be willing to sell my box. I just got it yesterday.

      • I will buy your box!!

      • I’ve never sold my box before. How should we go about it? How much do do want to purchase the box for? I can mail it to you and I have PayPal.

      • How much do u want for the box and is everything in good condition ?

      • I’m sorry but I’m not going to sell my box. For around 15-29 dollars, you can buy one on EBay or Craig’s List.
        Thank you for your interest though. Have a good weekend!

      • Ok I’m interested so how ca we do i?

      • How much would you like to purchase the box for? I’ve got PayPal and I’d just mail the box to you.

      • I am willing to sell my entire January box. Let me know if you’re interested! 🙂

    • I am also willing to sell my January box!

  8. Question…
    I was paying monthly then switched to 3 month plan. Before I usually received the “better” box, same one influencers got.
    Now I get the one I don’t want with crappy lip shades. I’m sick of unwearable shades that I can try once and then have to throw out. Such a waste.
    Anyone else?

    • I don’t think it has anything to do with the subscription. I think it’s just luck of the draw honestly. I will go a few months getting the “good” boxes, then get a few that I would have preferred the other variation, then be back to getting “good” boxes. I just donate the items that don’t work out for me or swap them or give them to family or friends, because the value is way over what i pay even if I don’t care for 2 out of the 5 items.

      • There’s a “good” box? 😳

  9. Pretty excited for this box but kinda sad I didn’t get the plumper!! If anyone wants to trade I got the the color demure!!

    • Hi! I got a plumper in a pink shade I’m not excited about. I’m interested in trading!

  10. Very excited for my box to arrive. It’s my first one!

    • Were you wait listed when you purchased? If so, how long? I just purchased but am waitlisted.

      • Fortunately, I wasn’t waitlisted when I began subscribing two years ago. Maybe you will not be on the list too long. Did they give you a timeframe?
        I didn’t renew my Birchbox this year; I’m totally happy just having Boxycharm. It’s such a better concept. If Birchbox upped their game and do what Boxycharm does, then I’d renew!

  11. I will buy a whole box if anyone wants to sell one!!!

    • I would. Leave a good way to contact you here.

      • If you still have that January box I’d be happy to buy it from you asap! 🙂

  12. Does anybody want to sell their whole January box???

    • I don’t want to sell my whole box but would sell the face palette and Girlaktic lippie in Posh…

    • I am willing to sell mine!

      • I’m interested in the January box

      • Let me know if you want to sell your box

    • are you wanting to pay the same price?

  13. I noticed when I went to the website it says the box contains 4-5 items but this site says 5-6. Did boxy charm recently change this?

    • No the website is correct 4-5 full size products meaning at least 4 will be full size and 1 might be a deluxe travel size. One month we got 6 products though!

  14. I received the matte lipstick in Posh, if anyone else has the color Demure but was wanting Posh and is interested in swapping please let me know 😬🙏🏻 I was so hoping for Demure. I haven’t even opened mine because I know this Posh color will not work for me at all.

  15. Got my boxy yesterday. I didn’t get the lip plumper, but it wouldn’t have mattered either way cuz the lippie was my donation item this month.

    Let’s talk about that Pur palette. I swatched it last night and my jaw about hit the ground! The payoff is INSANE on that thing. I will get a lot of use out of that and it’s my fave item this month! Everything else was just icing on the cake.

  16. Is anybody else wanting to sell their box this month???

    • There is one person I saw wanting to sell it. I offered to buy it, but if you’d like it, and can find the comment, reply to her because I ended up getting a box. 🙂

    • I would. Leave a good way to contact you here.

  17. Does anybody else not want their box this month???

    • I don’t want to sell my whole box but would sell the face palette and Girlaktic lippie in Posh…

    • I didn’t want to sell my whole box but I have the Pur Bronze & Brighten Palette and a Girlactik Liquid Lipstick in Posh up for grabs. I’m still on the waitlist for swaps but would happily contact you if you leave contact info here.

  18. I’m super frustrated with this box. I love most of the products but I have been getting a brown matte liquid lippie in almost every box! I got the girlactik lippie in demure and I was really hoping for the lip plumper!!

    Anyone want to trade?!??

    I will take any shade!

    Valerie.vint @

    • If I get the plumper, I will trade with you. I can’t get enough neutral matte lippies. Thanks!

      • Awesome!!

    • I got the lip plumper if you want to trade! Posted on the swaps page.

  19. Fellow gingers — as suspected, that brow pencil is NOT universal. I don’t know how Liz got her swatch to look somewhat warm, but the color is definitely a COOL taupe.

    • Thanks! I agree, I have a hard time finding a good eyebrow pencil or filler to match as a ginger. Recently I purchased the Clinique brush on styling mousse in shade 2, and it’s the best match I’ve found. It’s very similar to the benefit gimme brow

      • mine was broken too…. no response yet.

    • I am a redhead and I use CoverGirl Professional brow & eye makers in Honey Brown. I start light and push harder for more color. It’s a two pack

  20. I wondered what the eyeshadow and face pallet were supposed to look like! Both of mine came COMPLETELY shattered and unusable! The pigment looked great as it spilled onto white carpet!

    • Contact customer service. As far as I know, they’re pretty good about replacing items that broke during shipping.

  21. Help! Am I the only one having trouble figuring out how to get the lip plumper to actually come out of the tube? I keep clicking the button at the bottom and nothing comes out.

    • I would email their customer service so that you can get a replacement. Maybe you got a defective one. Or you can try sending a tweet to the company. When we got the Real her liquid lipstick, mine literally like glued my lips together and I tweeted that I really wanted to love it, but I got a bad one and they replied to it saying to email them and they would replace it and they let me pick whatever color I wanted. Maybe grande lips will do the same thing?

    • Is it cold? You probably have to click it many times to get it started.

    • Just keep clicking! It took a lot of clicks for me too!

  22. A great box as usual. I finally just paid for 6 months upfront. I’ve been getting the box for nearly a year so may as well save some money.

    I really wanted to try the Girlactik so I was happy to find in my box. The color is Demure and it gets lots a positive reviews. Been wanting to try the IT brow pencil as well. I never do my brows but need to.

  23. I got the girlactik in Posh. I already have it. Girlactik was one of the 1st companies to do the liquid lip and it’s still my favorite formula of all time.

    Would anyone like to trade colors?

    Posh for Demure

    • I received Demure and swatched on my arm it looks less brown in person.

  24. I received my box yesterday with the girlactik but in the shade Posh and seems like everyone with this variant got Demure. Did anyone else get this shade? I tried it but don’t like the color at all on me.

    • I received the girlactik matte lip in Posh too! I love it, i usually can’t stand matte liquid lipsticks because they’re so drying. But this formula lasts and isn’t dry at all!!! It also dries down completely but you don’t have the tackiness or the super dry lips that most matte lipsticks leave you with. I dont know hoe they do it!! Love boxycharm!!

    • I got posh too. I put it up for donation though.

  25. I received this exact box. It weighed .09. Love the lip plumper! Sunset orange is the perfect coral… It’s a sheer gloss, not bold at all!

  26. I’m sooooooo hoping for the girlactik in the shade Demure, that is such a pretty color and would go great with my skin tone. I’ve used the same cover girl Liquid lipstick for over 10 years in shade 628 and they no longer make this shade. I’ve been on the hunt for a close replacement with no luck so far, but this shade Demure looks pretty close.
    If I happen to receive the orange lip plumper and anyone else gets the lipstick in Demure but would like to swap let me know 😬🙏🏻

    • I got the Demure liquid lip. If you get the gloss and want to trade, reply to this comment 🙂

      • Thank you, I ended up getting my box today and got the girlacktik but I got the shade Posh ☹️ Unfortunately I’ve received so many lipsticks lately around this same color and it does not compliment my skin tone at all. I was so hoping for Demure. If you’re interested in Posh let me know I’d love to swap 😬

      • I have the gloss if you want to swap. Posted on the swaps page.

      • I don’t know how to work the swap page but I’m interested!!

  27. Does the primer deliver on hiding pores like it advertises?

    • I’ve only tried it once, because I just got my box yesterday, but it didn’t do anything for me. My pores and fine lines were still there and not minimized at all and I didn’t notice any luminosity at all. It felt nice tho… One of the smaller youtubers I watch did a try on with the products and she didn’t notice anything either. If you wanna check her out just search YouTube for Kelsey Alfred so you can see it in action.

    • I thought I replied to this but I guess it didn’t go through lol. I didn’t find that it did anything to blur my pores or my fine lines. Granted I’ve only tried it once. Kelsey Alfred did a try on review on youtube and she didn’t notice a difference either if you want to check that out and see someone use it under face makeup.

  28. I received an email stating I was off the waitlist, but they could not process my payment. I checked and everything looked ok, but I entered everything again. I reached out to them via Facebook messenger with no luck. Anyone know what to do? I get the feeling I put back on the waitlist. I seen someone say something about shortening my address info. I abbreviated what I could, but if it gets any shorter I won’t receive my package.

    • Hey this just happened to me but it got resolved. I’m not sure if the issue was that I didn’t have my full name on the account exactly as it is on my card. I reached out to them twice via email and they finally followed up and said the new card worked but it took like five days to get resolved.

      • Thanks. Hopefully they get back with me soon.

    • Samething happened to me I just resubmitted everything and contacted them through email they replied within a day and it was taken care of. If email them through the website a lot of time the facebook pages aren’t actually affiliated with the company so you might want to double check that but to be safe you can’t go wrong with email through the websites contact us info. Good luck hope it all gets sorted out soon!!

      • Well I emailed them and I am being put back on the waitlist. Updated my info numerous times. Darn

  29. I got the girlacktik lip in posh. The formula is great but the color was too dark and brownish with an orange undertone for me. My 4 year old said “Mom I do not like that lip, take it off”. I am actually more excited about the eye palette than I thought I would be. The face palette is very shimmery and bright in the compact. I have not played with it yet but I love the mix of products overall.

    • Sounds like you have a little makeup artist in training! 😂 Sorry the color didn’t suit you, but that story is priceless.

      • The best part is that I have boys so they give me the truth! I’m sure my husband would hope he was not a makeup artist but I of course would be great with that! 🤫

  30. I don’t a lip plumper. I never think I need to use something like lip plumper so I was unhappy when I see it. Moreover, they send me the color “midnight purple” which I dislike so I even didn’t want to open and just put it back the box. However, the others in the box are amazing. I love all of them, especially a primer

  31. I received the Girlaktik lippie. I really wanted the lip plumper though. If anyone would like to swap with me, click on my name and send me a swap request!!!!

  32. Liz you make everything sound so heavenly, I can not wait to get my box.

  33. Wow the swatches for both palettes are amazing!!! I get my box Tuesday. I cannot wait! I’m going to Las Vegas in a couple weeks and that eyeshadow is perfect!

  34. I’m having weird issues with Customer Service. I keep getting a genetic message saying I was off the waitlist and they couldn’t put the payment Thur I needed to update my account. Their weird thing is everything was correct and still is. Any theories why?

    • I live in a city with a long name. Oddly, Bixy won’t process my payment unless I abbreviate the city name (apparently it exceeds their character limit for that field?) Any chance that your name, street, city, etc might be too long?

    • Same thing happened to me. Took 3 months to get my first box that i got 4 days ago. I went onto facebook then boxycharm. I posted what was happening i was told to message them so i did about 2 weeks later they rebilled me all went good. All my info was good the first time also.

    • I had the exact thing happen last month and I went and entered it all again and then a couple weeks later they ran it again and it worked great! My box is now in route. Hope that helps.

    • Same thing to me. I went in and double checked all my information, reentered my credit card info, and emailed them back. I finally received an email yesterday stating I was off the list and my card was charged. It took a little over a week from first email.

  35. Can anyone tell me about how big the box is? It doesn’t ship to Hawaii (where I am) so I am having mine shipped to my sister’s house and she is shipping it to me. What size flatrate should I get? Will it fit in a legal envelope?

    • Yes, I think fitness will. It is about 8” by 5”

      • ^I think it will fit.

    • Just take the individual items out of the box and put them in the small flatrate box if that is cheaper. You can use the packing materials but in my experience, there is generally a lot of space and the items would be safe in a smaller box

    • Ask her to ship it via usps first class it should be like $3-$4 with tracking included. It would have to be under 15.99 oz, but generally the boxes are so she could just ship the box as is without having to open/repackage it.

    • I’m sure you can remove the shipping label from the box and place one there or place a new shipping label on top of the original label.

      • yes this! All of the items are already in a sealed box so just have her put a new shipping label over the original label lol.

  36. I am soo excited my box comes tuesday!!! I am hoping for the liquid lip but would be happy with the lip plumper. Does anyone know what the extra item is for people who received the duplicate vintage highlight???

  37. I was thinking about putting the Pur palette up for swap, but maybe I will use it for eyeshadow…

  38. I got the other lip, and when I was pulling out all the not-working-for-me lippies from my stash, I realized Boxy keeps sending me the same color, which doesn’t suit me at all – a sort of warm coral (but light) pink. Either I am terribly unlucky or somehow it’s happening on purpose?

    • Me too and it’s super annoying because lip products are what I use most.

  39. If you’re new and thinking of subscribing just be prepared for some sub-par customer service though. I subscribe to about four different beauty boxes and this one has given me the most trouble. They are very slow to respond and they will email you completely generic responses rather than answering your questions. So go into it expecting to potentially be on the waitlist awhile and expecting some issues with them billing you and replying to emails.

    • I wish I had that issue(long waitlist) I purposely cancelled just to avoid this month and resubbed towards the end of December, the 27th to be exact knowing they take forever to get you back in..well I’ve just been charged for this month lol…they must have some extra boxes left they want to get rid of…and now I’m stuck with a box I don’t want:(

      • Everyone has a different experience. Some are on the waitlist and others like me were on the waitlist and then off in a matter of days. I cancelled because I didn’t want this box, but to be on the age side I’m not going to re-subscribe until February and only if I like the spoilers. I know I risk being on the waitlist for a long time, but I’m going to take that gamble. Only thing I liked in this box was the primer, which is something I have plenty of currently.

      • Seriously? wow I had no idea! Last time I was wait listed for about 3 months, thank you though, next time I will wait till the current month I want, I may not get it but I think its worth the gamble as well especially since I found a new and awesome beauty sub that I want to switch out for boxycharm. I need the change:)

      • What box are you talking about? Always on the lookout for something new?

      • Jenngwen I can’t reply to your comment:/ but I am talking about the “tribe beauty box” they just launched their first box during December and it was awesome…pricier than boxy but in my opinion worth it…they are bimonthly so Feb will be their next box…looking forward to it as their first spoiler is pretty awesome:)

      • Wow thanks I checked out their box and they take Apple Pay to which I like for security purposes. The fact that they have an item from each category is nice too.

      • Agreed, I love that we will always get products for a full face;) also, customer service is great! They replied to my emails within the hour.

      • I’ll buy your box from you!

      • If you want it, its yours! Just let me know how to go about that.

      • If you still have your January box, I will buy it from you! 🙂 please let me know asap.

    • I guess I’m minority in this, but I never had any problems with customer service. Ive been subscribed for 3 years now (wow), never canceled, never skipped. And I’ve never had any problems with customer service. They always been helpful and answered my emails very fast. If I had a broken item they sent me a replacement if they still had it in stock or gave me Charms (most of the time and Charm Shop used to be much better so I didn’t mind). Hopefully I didn’t jinxed it now 🙂 So sad that people have such a bad experience with them

      • Ive never had an issue either. I didnt receive one item (lost in mail,never did show up) i had bought in the charm shop and they replaced it with points which was fine with me. I have always had good cutomer service from Boxy.

    • I have never had any problem with Boxy. I hope it gets better for you.

    • Wow, I had a totally different experience. I got on the waiting list on January 7th and they emailed me on the 10th and said that I was off the wait list only 3days of wait and right after that email I got another one saying thank you for your order and that I will receive an email of when it gets shipped out. I than emailed them with another question and they responded within an hour. I had no type of waiting and their customer service was awesome. I guess it’s always good to go back and check your account info and to make sure you have the money to cover the box. If not you’re probably pushed down back on the list.

  40. Anyone get their box .8lbs? Praying for lip plumper.

    • My box is 0.9 lbs / 0.41 kgs and it has lip plumper.

      • funny, my box was .9 as well and I got the liquid lipstick. Someone told me if you look at your past boxycharm cards and look at the little number in the bottom right corner and if you usually get 1s your getting the 1st variation and 2s hour getting the 2nd variation. Which seemed to be accurate as most of mine say 1 and so did the box I got yesterday. I got the liquid lipstick in the shade Demure and I love it!

      • I was getting 3’s then started getting 1’s. It’s a bummer to keep getting brown orange unwearable colored lip products.

      • That sucks. I try to make the colors work and I’ve liked the majority of what ive received. Even the purple metallic lipstick we got from ofra I liked once I tried it a few times. I wish boxy was more tailored to our preferences but unfortunately, it’s not and they have thousands of subscribers to try to make happy. When I get products I know I won’t use, I donate them to the local women’s shelter because those ladies literally have nothing and theyre always very appreciative. I get dollar store makeup bags or my ipsy bags and put like a travel size deoderant and toothbrush and a few makeup samples or items and it makes me feel good to help out and im not as bummed that something didn’t work for me. Just an idea 🙂

      • I have a grocery size bad full to donate, just haven’t had time to drop it off.
        Its also annoying that they give the good box to influencers and the lesser one to people who pay for it.

      • I don’t know why your last comment doesn’t have a reply button, but i totally agree with that!! It seems like the influencers get the “good” boxes. I think they should send different PAYING customers a box every once in a while for free to review since without us, they wouldn’t have any business. Alot of the unboxings i see on YouTube are “free for review purposes” wth?!

      • Agree with influencers getting best stuff. I don’t mind sharing at all, but when your paying every month, and you might get 2 usable items, and you look and see 2/3 other variations/shades that would have worked better for you, yet you keep getting non usable shades, gets less exciting. Count me in the masses that keep getting brown, brown grey, mud colored lipsticks. I don’t ever wear..they should find a way to rotate shades for everyone. I get sometimes it is to try the formulas, but seriously, make them usable at some point, same with highlights etc….some of us are not young kids anymore and would like to try some decent shades and formulas and makeup, not be able to see all the stuff online everyone else gets and looks great, and we open ours and it’s craptastic. I thought the whole point of these sample boxes were trying to get people to try products relevant to them, so if they work, we buy full sized, or repurchase….i just don’t get it.

  41. Boxy never disappoints! Money well spent!

  42. I’m so excited for this box! Hoping I get the Girlactik lip, but everything else is perfection!

  43. Man, I sure hope I get the lip plumper and the Bronze and Glow face palette. ..

  44. I can not wait until I get my box! One thing that I think about month after month when I open my box, is how well packaged the box it. Boxycharm really took their offering up a notch when they added the foam inside to prevent breakage. By far, my most favorite subscription box.

  45. Boxy never disappoints and is money well spent!

  46. I hope I get that same lip color. I live for an orange lip! This looks like such a great box😍.

  47. What was the weight on this box? Really hoping I get this variation!

    • .9 lbs. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Mine weighed .9 as well and I received the Girlactik lipgloss.

    • My box is .9 too I really hope for the lip plumper, I got this in a Sephora play and am now out of it. I love it!

    • my box is 8 lbs. That means I got something different. Oh well

      • .8

  48. I’d take your lip plumper off your hands for ya 😉

    Loving this box!

  49. I think the eye colors with orange lip color scream take me back to the punk rock days! They should have provided some hair gel too. I like the eye colors but cannot do orange lip color.

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