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BoxyCharm April 2021 Full Spoilers

BoxyCharm January 2018 FULL SPOILERS Variation #2


We have the full spoilers for another variation of the January 2018 Boxycharm box!

Box Variation #1 will include:

Box Variation #2 will include:

Spoilers thanks to:

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (82)

  1. This is my first box and I love it, but one of my eyeshadow came broken. 🙁

    • Take a picture of it next to your shipping label and send it to customer service and they will either replace it or give you charms to spend in the charm shop. You can also repress it. There’s tons of YouTube videos to show you how 🙂

  2. I received a Grande Lips in the shade Hot Fushia and I really don’t like pink shades. Is anyone interested in a swap? Preferably another Grande lip in a different color?

  3. Ugh….i keep getting these ugly unbearable brown lipstick, or the funky pinkish brown lipstick from them that I can never use. I don’t get they send put colors that no one buys???

    • Same here.. I’m pretty fair skin toned and not one item, as far as lip products, work on me. I also always get the less expensive box every month.. That’s not a big deal as it’s a steal either way but I find it odd… Why do they ask us to fill out a beauty profile if they don’t use it… Good luck next month!!

  4. I’m still waiting for my January box. I don’t understand why it takes two weeks to get to me. It literally sat for a week somewhere before it finally updated tracking.

  5. I received the lipstick in the color Posh, but I soooo wanted the color Demure. If anyone would like to swap colors please let me know 😬🙏🏻

  6. I’m still waiting for a tracking number for the January Boxycharm & January Allure Box. Is anyone else having the same situation? Last month I received an email tracking number the first week of the month and this month I have yet to see the tracking. I wish both companies would list the tracking number on your account profile that’ll make life easier.

    • Ooops scratch that message off. Looks like I’ve receive a lot of the MSA emails and it got lost in the mix.

  7. This is the BEST Boxycharm box yet! I love and am using everything. I got the Girlactik matte
    lip paint color Posh and it’s gorgeous. Unboxing this one really made my day ~ WOW!

    • I received that lippie as well and I was pleasantly surprised; not a color I would have picked up myself but it was really pretty on and the formula was comfortable and not drying for a matte I thought. I was also pleased to find that the eye palette worked for me as well. The Pur Bronze and Brighten Palette, on the other hand, didn’t work for me at all, too warm toned maybe? Although, I might be able to use the gold on my eyes. Still, quite happy overall.

  8. Sooo glad I canceled! Even with next months spoilers aren’t exciting me. The eye palette looks nice, but I’m already sitting on enjoyable palettes from boxy that I just never use 🤷‍♀️
    Don’t like dr brant and the pur palette looks like a flop. Lip products from boxy always suck and that leaves me with the brow pencil which is very nice, but I’m pretty sure I have a two years supply of brow pencils and the IT one is not my favorite.
    I really hope someone enjoys my spot. Boxy is a wonderful I just think that my collection is huge and I’m at a point where I’m much more selective about the products I choose to add to it and most subs have been missing the mark for me lately. 😭😭😭

  9. If anybody received their box with the weight of 1.5/0.68 kgs let me know what you got because I want the Girlactic loquid lipstick so bad not the plumpler 👎🏻 How can I join the swap group?

    • I got the liquid lipstick in Demure. I’ve swatched it on clean hands but haven’t used it. If you get the lip plumper I will trade if you want. Find me on Instagram at Jackiesinger89

      • Hey! I have a lip plumper. I would love to trade with you!

  10. Does anyone received there box with the weight of 1.6/0.68 ? Let me know what you got I want the liquid lipstick so bad I hope I get it

    • The problem with this month is, there’s not much difference in weight between the two lip products and so far everything else seems to be the same.

      • I’ve seen people say theirs weigh .9 this month, so there must be some variation to the weights.

      • That’s what mine weighs! .9

  11. I got the lip plumper but in PURPLE, if anyone got the orange/red would like to trade let me know. Thanks

  12. Hoping I get the lip plumper just for the color. I keep getting the bland nude and browns that do nothing for my pale skin. Ugh

  13. I was super worried about the hippie, because I’ve had such bad luck with BC’s lip products (brown, brown, brown, pale nude), but demure is a super pretty color that I can actually wear on a daily basis.

    The eyeshadows really aren’t my color, but excited about the primer. The Pur product is super shiny. Between that and the color correcting palette last month, sort of a miss on the face palettes.

  14. My box came today. I wanted the Grande Lips but received the matte liquid lip. I won’t be sad when the brown matte lip trend goes away; I just can’t make it work. Every time I think a shade looks nice in the tube, it’s a dingy, muddy mess when I put it on my lips. I’m really excited to try everything else though. Some gorgeous shades in the shadow palette that will make great liners when used with a wet brush.

    • I have the Grande Lips in a pink color! I would love to trade!

  15. I get mine tomorrow. I wish there was an option to put the sub on hold, but since there isn’t, this is my last box. Some lucky lady will get off the waitlist today, lol. Maybe I will resub, but probably not since I don’t want to do the waitlist thing. It’s a real shame there’s no option to pause.

  16. I hope I get Box 2!!! I want the lip plumper in the neon pink!! If I get the nude lippie it’ll be garbage bc I hate nudes!!!! That is all anyone ever sends out, nudes every single time, yuck.

    • We get 3 boxy subscriptions in my house – me and my 2 daughters. All of our boxes were identical, right down to the shade (Demure) of the lip product. Would have loved to have gotten at least one of the lip plumpers, lol

      • I got my box this morning and i also got the girlactic liquid lip. Its such a pretty color and its very soft and doesn’t feel drying and it lasts a while too! And its completely transfer proof. Love it!

      • Demure didn’t work color wise but heard so many good things about non transfer . Ordered shade in Stellar. Also purchased a brand called Starlook in Blueblood. I have added makeup fiend to skin care queen. Can’t be good, right? My friend groaned, “these are like starter boxes for you.” Heh heh

      • Starlook brand is AMAZING in liquid wears well, and isn’t heavy, doesn’t flake….love them….and believe me, I have liquid lips are my “thing” and its one of my favorites. There is another brand that I got through ipsy that’s really good too…ill have to look up what it is..starts with a “j” I believe.

      • I have the Grande Lips in a pink color! I would love to trade if any are interested?

    • Me too!!! Nudes and browns are not my thing, and that is ALL I get sent…if I put on makeup, I want it to LOOK like In am wearing makeup, (not foundation/powder tho lol) but everything else. I will be so happy when nudes go away.

      • Me too!!! Nudes and browns are not my thing, and that is ALL I get sent…if I put on makeup, I want it to LOOK like In am wearing makeup, (not foundation/powder tho lol) but everything else. I will be so happy when nudes go away…this comment did not go to the reply it was supposed too…

  17. I got my box today and I’m very happy. But I can not find that pur palette anywhere online.

    • 99% sure most of boxy’s content is discontinued products & that’s how they get it so cheap. Not entirely sure but i’ve seen a lot of their stuff that is.

      • Ohhhhhh

    • The Pur palette is on the front page of their site from the link. Actually a lot of stuff we get through boxy are either new launches or old favorites that the companies want to remind people about.

  18. Has anyone else not gotten their shipping info? It seems like everybody has been getting theirs way before I get mine for the last couple of months…

    I don’t know if their getting slack or not but I’m always afraid that I won’t get my box just because Ive read so many comments where they are constantly screwing up.

    • I got my shipping info a few days ago. If they took the money out of your acct, you are getting a box. They ship in batches I used to get my box around the 3rd week of the month and now it’s like the 2nd week. It takes up to 10 business days excluding weekends and holidays to get a shipping email then another 10 business days to receive your box. If its been past 10 business days (which it hasn’t yet because they take our money out on the 2nd), email customer service and they will email you your tracking info. Hope that helps

      • Thanks! It helps a lot.

      • A lot of people never receive a shipping notification for whatever reason, the box just shows up. Its happened to me a few times and I’ve emailed customer service once or twice and they said they sent the email but I never got it so they emailed me a tracking number. One time it was the 3rd week and I still didn’t receive my box or shipping email so I emailed them and my box showed up the next day lol. Its so hard to be patient, but as long as they took the money out of your account, you’re good!

    • Yes, I got my shipping info two days ago.

    • Same as above, i used t9 get my box on the past week of the month.

  19. Overall it looks like a great box! I’m hoping to get the lip plumper as well I get so many nude lip stuff and as much as I try I just don’t like the colors on me!!

  20. I hope I get the lip plumper! I generally don’t like them, but I got a sample of the grandelip and loved it, but I couldn’t justify $27 for it

  21. I just got my shipment notification and it says my box weighs 0.9lbs/0.41kgs. The girl in the above unboxing video says her box weighs 1lb. I am wondering what variation box I will get.

    • I’m .8, wonder what that is.

      I want the lip plumper. I’ll trade my mascara from last month or the LE box if anyone doesn’t want their Grande lip.

      • If i get the lip plumper, I’ll totally trade you for the Tarte Mascara! Its my favorite mascara, but my mom was in need of a mascara so I gave her mine from last month lol.

      • Great, I’m off the swap waitlist just haven’t figured the rest of it out. Let me know when you get your box, I’ll trade even if I get it in my box, I use lip plumpers way more than mascara.

      • Ive been on the swap site for months and still can’t figure out how to swap lol!! You can find me on IG Jackiesinger89

    • I have the same shipping weight as you. 0.9lbs. With only two variations, I’m very curious!

      • That makes 3 of us! Can’t wait to get my box!!!

  22. I’m thinking about stopping some of my boxes but I just don’t think I can cancel Boxy! I have so much makeup I don’t think I could ever run out but Boxycharm is so much fun every month. I think this is the month I might actually get rid of the products I won’t use. I know I will never reach for the eyeshadow pallet, just not my thing but I still don’t want to part with it…I think I have a problem…

  23. I’m loving this version and hope I get the plumper. I have thin lips and the plumping color looks much better on me than the mattes. Good box, I think!!

  24. I’m so over getting liquid lipsticks, especially matte ones! Same with face palettes, they’re so specific to skin tone and personal preference. With SO many varieties of makeup out in the market, boxycharm needs to be refreshed with some creativity!

    • I think boxycharmers have too much makeup because boxycharm has been too good to them. Last month, ive seen people complain about non-traditional (some would call creative) makeup – color-corrector and violet lippies. Ive been with BC for 2 months and I have tried 4 types of items (those 2, coverfx illu spray and the lipmasks) that arent in my shopping list with no regrets. I think BC is good at mixing up the items only prob is that there will never be a formula to please everyone all the time.

      • I’ve been with boxycharm for 2 years now and I’ve loved almost every product I’ve ever received. I don’t think I’m overloaded with makeup (although my husband will disagree lol), and what’s not suitable for me or something I don’t think will work, I put it in a bin and make up cute bags for my local women’s shelter. I’ve said in previous comments, I think people have the wrong ideas as to what makeup subscriptions are. Its not tailored to every persons preference. You will get products, colors, formulas, textures you wouldn’t go out and buy for yourself. The whole point is to branch out and step out of your comfort zone and try new things. And if a shade doesn’t work for you and you love the brand, formula, etc you go out and buy the shade you prefer because you already know how the product performs. At least that’s my opinion. Everyone complains that they never get a wearable color blah blah, well boxycharm has thousands of subscribers, they can’t please everyone. Try the formula, and if you like it, go buy the “right” shade. Sorry for the novel comment lol

  25. I hope I get the plumper variation. I’m just filled up with nude lippies, that I will not use, even tried to wear to be open minded, but nudes just ain’t gonna work on me!

  26. I just canceled my Play by Sephora bc I wasn’t getting anything I liked and after the last few BoxyCharm months, it too is on the chopping block. I have only kept 1-2 items each month and I think subscription boxes are good in theory but since makeup and skin care is so personal, a monthly mystery box is a recipe for disappointment. This month I’ll be giving away the eyeshadow palette, face palette and eyebrow pencil.

    • Have you tried Allure Beauty Box yet? I really enjoyed last month’s box & only got it bc of Jaclyn Hill! I seen the sneak peak for this month’s box & super excited to get this month’s too! I really want to try BoxyCharm next!

    • Me too! Cancelling my Ipsy again after having it skipped this month. Depending on the spoilers for next month for Boxycharm I might cancel too, I’m only liking 1-2 items out of each box and I have to worry about who to regift the things I don’t like or god forbid try to resell them (I hate reselling make up, women are extra penny pinching about it and unless I sell a huge lot of designer make up for like $15 I struggle to do so, which makes me think of just trashing it all to avoid the frustration). I think I’m reaching the end of doing subscription boxes, the value isn’t really there if I don’t use 75% of what I get when I could use the $21 to buy something I’d actually want. I also hate the “universal taupe” color eyebrow pencil I got, I put I have black hair because I want black brow products not light brown. I’d rather not get brow products at all if they aren’t in the right color, same as when I get foundation/concealer/tinted moisturizer in my boxes. I’m very pale but I’ve gotten MEDIUM in these products before when I put light or very light. I firmly believe the surveys are just to make us think we will get customization and then they just put whatever in the boxes to get rid of it.

      • I totally agree! Subscriptions are great if you want to try items you wouldn’t buy or take a gamble. Now I think that thanks to subs I’ve tried everything from different categories and now I just want to spend my money on products that are so good they’ll never make their way into subs and new releases that really catch my eye. Nothing against boxy, I think I’m just over makeup/skincare subs in general.

  27. So excited for this box!! So much better than last month!

  28. I don’t know. With the last few Boxys, I have felt like just buying a ColourPop palette and one of their other products each month whether it be a lippie, super shock highlighter, liquid eyeshadow, concealer, etc . . . is a better deal for the price in terms of how much use I will get out of the products and the quality. And everything would be made in the US and parabens free and I’d get to choose the colors I want.

    • Very true

  29. I am super happy with either variant at this point. I really hope I get this face palette and this lip plumper but honestly either one work for me

  30. Ooh, I hope I get this one. Ive used the clear grande lips, and I loved it. If it’s the same one that I’m thinking, It’s not a tingle plumper, and it’s supposed to work its magic with extended use.

  31. I hope I get the lipstick! I’m not a lip plumper fan.

    • Get ahold of me if you get the plumper! I’m over liquid lipsticks so if I get the lipstick and you get the plumper we can swap 🙂

  32. I hope I get the Girlactik lipstick and not the lip plumper.

  33. I hope I don’t get this version – I can’t stabd limp plumpers

    • Limp plumbers made me picture a heavy man with ED. Lol I don’t use lip plumpers either.

      • OMG! Hahah

      • She said limp plumpers

      • Lmao 😂

  34. I’m wondering if the Pur palette will be a variation. I am hoping so because I really don’t need or want another blush, highlighter, bronzer combo.

    • I give them away to family or friends, they love getting random makeup things 🙂

      • My family is small and not into makeup and my friends and I do trade back and forth constantly. They both get Boxycharm too. Lol. I do have a makeup wearing teacher who may like it so it is a good idea.

      • I keep a container and put things I won’t use or dont need in it and donate it to my local women’s shelter. Maybe that’s something you could do with the face palette if you won’t use it. I keep all the bags from my Ipsy and buy a few makeup bags at the dollar tree and put like a toothbrush, travel deodorant, toothpaste, and a few makeup items in them and they love it!

    • That’s the only thing I do want but I cancelled before that spoiler came out.
      Maybe we can work something out if you get it. ☺

      • I do have a swap page although I am a complete newbie.

      • I will put it up for swap if I get it along with the eyebrow pencil 🙂 Let me know if your interested!

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