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Amazon Household Essentials Sample Box Review – December 2017

Amazon Prime Household Samples Box

The Amazon Household Essentials Sample Box is a one-time-purchase box that is available every few months. The great thing about this box is that it is free after credit for Amazon Prime members! (You’ll receive a $9.99 credit about a week after purchase to use on select items.)

Unboxing the Amazon Prime Household Samples Box

This box is exclusively for Prime members. For a limited time, you can buy $9.99 box and receive an equivalent credit toward a future purchase of select products!

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My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

All of the items we received in this sample box.

About This Sample Box

The Box: Amazon Household Essentials Sample Box

The Cost: $9.99 (Get $9.99 back in credit after your purchase)

The Products: A selection of sample and full-size cleaning, body care, kitchen and bath, and other useful household supplies from new, notable, and trusted brands. (You can spend your $9.99 credit on anything in this category.)

Ships to: the US only

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$9.99 Prime Home Essentials Sample Box Review

A quick info card about Prime Samples, front. A quick info card about Prime Samples, back. Presto laundry detergent single use sample. Presto detergent instructions and ingredients.

Presto Fragrance Free Laundry Detergent, Single Use Packet

(This is a single-use sample, which is not typical for Amazon sample boxes that I’ve tried, so I’m not giving it a retail value.)

Laundry. Will I ever not be doing it? Probably not. I feel like I can do a load every day and still have more to do on the weekend!

I’ve tried a lot of fragrance-free detergents. I thought this did the job well, in that it did not have a noticeable scent when my laundry was clean. I appreciate that this product is 96% biobased and made in the US, but for $0.19/load ($19.99 for 106 loads), I know I can get cheaper fragrance and dye free detergents elsewhere.

Method Laundry Detergent 10-load sample Method detergent sample, back.

Method Ginger Mango Detergent, 8.1 oz 10 Load Sample – Estimated Value $1.97 (Full-Size 66-load Retail Price $12.99)

Now if you prefer scented detergents, this one is unique and smells great!

I’ve actually never tried Method detergent before and was pleasantly surprised. The smell was so pleasant and a nice change of pace, plus this 10-load sample is generous and a better way to try the product over time to see if you really like it before buying more.

The annoying thing about this one, though, is that this is available in PrimePantry for $12.34… which means I have to order more PrimePantry items to get free shipping, or pay an additional $7.99 in shipping. If you don’t want to use PrimePantry, then you’d have to buy a pack of FOUR full size bottles (66 loads each) for $55.05 in order to apply your $9.99 credit.

Purell hand sanitizer, front Purell hand sanitizer, back

Purell Multi Surface Disinfectant Spray Sample, 2 oz – Buy 28 oz for Retail Price $4.99 (Buy two here for $8.58)

This little bottle is not a hand sanitizer, but a surface disinfectant. I didn’t realize Purell made a product like this!

I don’t feel like his had totally amazing cleaning power (I used it on my desk, and it didn’t take up a little smudge mark on the surface). But, it had a nice even spray and unoffensive smell that disappeared quickly, just like hand sanitizer, and the surface itself felt clean after use.

I mostly use single-use disinfectant wipes in the kitchen at home, but I feel like this product might be better because it dries really quickly. It seems like the single-use wipes are always too saturated with cleaner that just sits on the surface of my countertop and takes forever to dry.

Garden of Life Coconut Oil, front Garden of Life Coconut Oil nutrition facts

Garden of Life Coconut Oil, 7.1 fl oz – Buy full size 14 oz for Retail Price $6.70

Coconut oil is something I do use regularly in my cooking, so this big sample is great to have on hand! This is half the size of their standard 14 oz jar so it’s quite generous.

Garden of Life is an organic, non-GMO brand. All coconut oil tastes the same to me, to be honest, but it can get pricey, so I’m sure this will go to good use in our house– and I’d be likely to redeem the credit on this product, which is available from Amazon as an add-on item.

Kleenex in a tube! How this tube functions for small spaces.

Kleenex Perfect Fit Canister, 50 tissues – Buy in a pack of 6 for $18.99

This canister shape is a cool idea, perfect for tiny powder rooms and other small spaces. I put mine in the cup holder in my car and it fit perfectly, which is a super cool idea! (This was on the big side though so it may not fit in all cup holders, take note! I drive a Honda Fit.) That said, I don’t go through a ton of tissues, so I probably won’t end up reordering this one, even though this pack will surely be used.

Cottonelle personal care wipes Cottonelle flushable wipes

Cottonelle Freshcare Flushable Cleansing Cloths, 42 cloths – Available in pack of 8 for $10.79

This is one of those items I’d probably never buy on my own, but getting a pack in this box is a good excuse to try them out.

I am super hesitant to flush these because we’ve had issues with our plumbing in the past. Our house is over 100 years old so it has some special needs at times. 😉 Has anyone else tried these?

Kleenex brand facial wipes

Kleenex Eye Makeup Removers, Dispenser + 60 Removers, Full Size! – Retail Value $9.99

This product is super cool and is definitely my favorite in the box.

Kleenex facial wipes, open

This comes with a reusable dispenser and an inner pack of pre-moistened eye makeup remover pads. I usually use a liquid remover with my own cotton balls, but it is kind of messy and I honestly find it to be totally annoying.

Interesting pattern on the side of these Kleenex brand facial wipes

This pink/purple color you see here is actually part of the disposable inner refill, not the dispenser itself. I wonder if they’ll have different colors or patterns available?

Instructions for Kleenex facial wipes

I found these worked well enough for me to remove my usual mascara and eyeshadow (I don’t use a liner on most days), and they were a lot easier than my usual method and felt less greasy, too.

Note: It took me wayyyy longer than it should have to figure out how to reorder the refills and redeem my credit, though. I think when I originally started this review, it actually wasn’t listed yet! This morning I was able to go to the specific link for items that you can redeem your credit on and search for Kleenex to find the right listing. Amazon’s price on the refills though is great; these are $4.99/each at Target but $17.73 for 4 on Amazon. The perfect way to use up that credit and get something I’ll definitely use!

Verdict: This box was worth it for the Kleenex Eye Makeup Remover alone, which retails for $9.99 (the same price we paid for the entire sample box). I did find it to be challenging to navigate how to actually redeem the credit, so here’s a tip: go back to the product page for this sample box, then find the link for “select household products”. Luckily, it’s still an overall good value for me even if I don’t redeem the credit, and we received some great items for the price, so I’m happy.

Value Breakdown: There were 6 generously sized samples or full sized products in this box (not counting the single-use laundry detergent sample), so you end up paying $1.66 per product.

What did you think of the Amazon Household Essentials Sample Box? (Check out all the other Amazon sample boxes available, too!)

Amazon Household Essentials Sample Box

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Written by Lacey Volk

Lacey Volk

Lacey’s introduction to the world of subscription boxes was Julep Maven, but she quickly moved on once she discovered there were subscriptions for cooking, coffee, and art supplies. Current favorites include Crate Chef and Ecocentric Mom, and she’s looking forward to trying more.

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Comments (34)

  1. DON’T FLUSH THOSE WIPES! Lol. We own a plumbing and hvac business and they WILL stop up your drain pipes. When these companies say that they are “flushable” they mean that they will eventually degrade (keyword: eventually). In the meantime, they can get hung up on roots and in the bends of your pipes and are highly likely to cause a blockage. Same goes for any feminine hygiene products and condoms.

    Ok, so I got this and thought everything was very usable and nice. I loved they eye wipes. Tip for redeeming credit, save the email in which they notify you of the credit and use the link in it. It was easy from there for me. Also, I do find it annoying when products in the box are only available through Prime Pantry or do not offer prime shipping.

  2. Liz, thank you for doing all the legwork in determining whether the included items would be good for redeeming the credit! That’s half the battle with these boxes. I like the price on the coconut oil, but I still have a lot left in my jar from Costco, which I will simply replace with another jar from Costco when the need arises. I considered the tissues, but again, Costco.

    I may jump for the box to get the eye makeup remover wipes. I’m currently using a Swissper with Marcelle, which I like (the Marcelle, at least), but I much prefer using wipes as opposed to cotton rounds and a separate bottle of eye makeup remover.

    As for the Cottonelle wipes, my kids use them (esp. the 4yo), though we currently use either the Up & Up version or the Kirkland (Costco) version. (As a side note, if you don’t use them up quickly, they tend to dry out, so you may have to “refresh” them with water.) They say on the package never to flush more than one at a time. I live in a newer house, so we flush, but after reading other comments, we may change that. I would never flush it in an older house or in a house with a septic system. I would just use it and toss, which sounds kind of gross, but for us it’s like a “finishing wipe” (sorry, I know that’s TMI) – meaning we still use toilet paper first and foremost.

    • Interesting comment from my mother’s caregiver, she heard the flushable wipes were less likely to clog than toilet paper. And considering how much toilet paper my son used when he was little, I think this is a good argument. The flushable wipes do the job with less material.

      It is our go-to choice for my mom’s toileting and my daughter requested them at home after using them at a friends house. – and I chose that item to buy for an additional 84 cents above the cost of the box.

      • Yes, that is true that they often clean in less material than toilet paper (or toilet paper + wipe), as we used them throughout potty training. For us, it sort of depends on the mess, but now that our younger child is potty trained, we find that it’s a quick “one wipe and done” situation!

        I can’t speak for my husband, but I rarely use them myself, though I have no recurrent digestive issues. Before kids, anytime I had these, they would dry out.

      • We own a plumbing/hvac business and the things we remove from sewer lines the most are wipes and tampons. Almost never toilet paper. Toilet paper breaks down and degrades 100 times quicker. In a newer house, you’re probably ok because you should have plastic sealed sewer lines that haven’t had years and years of tree roots breaking through them.

  3. The surface cleaner is nice for people that fly a lot (tray tables!) or stay in hotels (gross remote controls!) I usually use a different brand but am looking forward to trying this one.

  4. I wish this box shipped to Alaska 😞

  5. I’m glad you mentioned the prime pantry issue in this review. I found that this Amazon sample box was much more limited for potential redemptions than previous ones because the majority of lower priced and single pack items were marked as either prime pantry or addon items. I did use my full credit but felt that amazon was being a little shady with this box, since I have zero interest in prime pantry.

  6. I had already received the Purell spray as a free sample elsewhere, so I wasn’t super stoked about that, but otherwise I will use everything in this box.

    I also got a pantry box to redeem my sample box credit. I typically do the thing where you buy five items from their list & get $6 off, since I’m constantly needing to restock on snacks for work, anyway.

  7. Ugh, I wish this box didn’t contain Kleenex and Purell because both brands are not cruelty-free. Other than that, this looks like a great box.

  8. The eye makeup pads are great!! I might use my credit just to get another one!!

  9. I tried to post and not sure where the post went. Just wanted to say you shouldn’t flush the ‘flushable’ wipes. Our water district in CA has gone to great lengths to show how they don’t break down and are making a mess of the sewer system. Use them, but toss them in the trash. They’re great (we use baby wipes in our house, because of the bulk deal at Costco on Huggies).

  10. Method is my favorite detergent. I order it from Grove Collaborative with free shipping.

    This box was awesome in terms of usefulness and value. Not sure what I’ll redeem my credit for.

  11. I’m going to have to order this box. All I use is that exact Method laundry soap and it’s AMAZING!! Seriously, smells so good AND gets stains out of the kids clothes!! The butt wipes are wonderful for my 7 year old boy, plus I like them to feel extra clean and fresh during my time of the month. Excellent box and well worth the low price.

  12. This would totally be worth it even if I didn’t get the credit. All of these things are constantly in need.

    I will say though, that NO “flushable wipe” is actually flushable. They do not degrade, and they will end up as solid waste when they reach your WWTP. Trust me, I’ve seen it. Along with your flushed tampons. Gross haha. We still buy them, but instead of flushing, just throw them away. Still makes waste, but we don’t use them that often. They’re good for post-wiping if you wanna feel a little freshened up, and sometimes I need to use them to clean the toilet seat off, cause ya know, kids and men.

    • Agreed. You are not supposed to flush the wipes. Our local area water district has shown the nasty pictures of them not breaking down. Just throw them in the trash if you’re going to use them. In our house we use baby wipes the same way (better deal, usually).

  13. Wow, I’m shocked you liked those Kleenex eye makeup remover cloths so much! I’m using them just to use them up, but they don’t work nearly as well as what I’m used to. I also find I have to be more abrasive. Glad it works for you, though!

    I put my credit toward buying a lot of Kleenex tissues though because we go through tons of those!

    • Me too! They are not very moist and I have to use way to much rubbing to get just some of the makeup off (and I’m not wearing much other than regular mascara). I would not repurchase these.

    • Can I ask what eye makeup remover you do use? I was previously using a Neutrogena remover and it always leaves me feeling really greasy (even though I’m pretty sure it’s oil free). I also hate the screw top on that particular product because it’s prone to spilling, so that’s part of why I think I like these so much!

      • Try a Micellar Water. I like the Garnier SkinActive.

      • Micellar water is the best makeup remover. It’s not greasy at all. Avene is good but there are lots of good ones. I buy the cosmetic “rounds” instead of cotton balls to use with the remover.

      • I find Micellar water to be invaluable when cleaning up mascara smudges after applying makeup, but I tried to use it as a full-on eyemakeup remover once and I had to scrub forever to get my mascara off.

  14. Echoing the earlier post about not flushing these. They are a huge problem and may be banned by your local munincipality. They may not mess up your house’s plumbing, but once they are in the public pipes, they cause all manner of problems. Cities like London and New York have seen them contribute greatly to the “fatberg” problems. They are really environmentally damaging, too. These should always go in the garbage, not down the loo.

  15. I have been using Cottonelle wipes for many years and although my house is only 50-60 years old, I have had no problem and use them every day. This was a good sample box.

  16. So it may seems nice that the surface sanitizer dries quickly but in order for sanitizers to work the surface has to stay wet for a certain amount of time, usually several minutes, depending on what you are trying to kill.

    Definitely do not flush the flushable wipes, lots of people have had huge problems with their sewer systems doing this and even municipal systems have had trouble with these.

  17. I loved this box. I used the credit to get toilet paper.

  18. I loved this box and had no problems using my sample credit ! ( got a 8 pack of the toilet wipes for free!) However I do all the sample boxes and amazon samples so I’m pretty much an expert on them at this point lol.

  19. Cottonelle Freshcare Flushable Cleansing Cloths: I’ve been using these regularly for more than a year so far. My house is over 100 years old and I had no problem flushing them. They are perfect for the butts after No. 2s!

  20. The household boxes are my favorite – this one and the previous one that Amazon offered some months ago.
    I used my credit to buy some Purell hand wipes – I didn’t know those existed, and I was super happy to find out they do exist and I could use the credit to buy them!

  21. I loved this box – I already use the Method detergent and it’s nice to have a travel ones for camping purposes. It was the main seller for myself honestly.

    While I agree that it was difficult to navigate to items that were eligible for the credit, once I did I had no problem filling up a pantry box.

    All of the brands had multiple items to purchase that were eligible for the credit. I mean, you eventually are going to need things like toilet paper, laundry items, vitamins/supplements (Garden of Life) so just pick out four items and apply the $6.99 credit. It wasn’t hard and I didn’t think it was scammy or anything like that.

    Also as a side note, I DID do a Amazon Pantry order and used my credit, but it didn’t ship within the Prime timelines so Amazon credited me back the $6.99, haha

  22. I didn’t get either of the detergent samples, and those would have come in handy when traveling. Still a good deal though!

    • Oh I’m really hoping to get the detergents! I just ordered today after reading the review! Fingers crossed. But it isn’t in stock until Jan. 17.

    • Did you get something else, or were you just missing items?

    • please contact amazon and let them know you were missing products–their CS is so outstanding, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if they send you a whole new box!

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