Allure Beauty Box February 2018 FULL SPOILERS – Variation Update!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

FYI – there is one variation in the February 2018 Allure Beauty Box:

All subscribers will receive:

And the Juice Beauty Liquid Lip (.02 oz) is the variant item. You’ll either receive it or a full-sized Burts Bees lipstick. (New subscribers will also receive a mystery gift valued at $15+.)

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) As of today, if you sign up now, your first box will be the February box.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The CLE highlighter is confusing at first, but hear me out, it’s an amazing product. After the initial confusion of “is this foundation or highlighter?!” I started to think that as a highlighter it would be much too dark for my fair skin, but of course as it’s a full sized sample I couldn’t resist trying to make it work. I gently pressed on the cushion with the applicator sponge and then looked at the product and thought it still looked a little foundation-y but I blotted away on my cheekbones. Soooo, WOW, it gave me the one of most natural/sheen finishes from highlighter I’ve ever seen. It’s one of the those products I recommend taking your time with, gently blending & building up product, because it gives such a flawless finish. I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing this product.

  2. I received my box today! I love love LOVE the Cle highlighter! I received the Juice Beauty lippie and it is so SMALL! It’s nice to try it, though! I’ll be giving my YTTP Age-Defying cream to my mom though 😀

    • I ordered my box at the end of this month, last week actually. Do you think I will get Feburary or Matches box

  3. I got an email shipping notice with tracking number. Didn’t get that last month. This is only my second time getting this box, so I’m not sure which is the norm. Hope it’s this! I can’t wait!!!

  4. I got ALL of my beauty subs today (2/16): Allure, Ipsy, and Play!

    Got the Juice Beauty lippie, yay!!

    I’ve tried the Tarte mascara before and wasn’t that impressed with it.

    The mint lip balm does not smell strongly once it’s on, and barely tastes.

    I haven’t tried the other products yet, but am looking forward to them.

    Keep it up, Allure, you’re crushing it.

    • YAY!!! All of them on the same day! That’s awesome!
      I already got my Ipsy & the Target box I purchased. Allure is on it’s way.
      Glad to hear the lip balm isn’t too minty.
      Have fun with your subs today!

    • What color Juice Beauty Lip did you get???

      • Gwyneth, that was the standard one for the box. It’s nice. Applies easily and is buildable.

        It’s not super-dark, so it will probably fall into the “my lips but better” category.

        • Sounds awesome! Thanks 🙂

    • For those of you that think the CLE highlighter is too dark for you it may not be. I was scared to try it because of the color it looked like in the cushion but I tried it and it is very subtle and looks natural but yet puts out a little glow to the skin.

  5. I just logged into my account. It shows the bill date as 02-08-18. Underneath the date it says Track Package in blue. I’ve never seen that before! So I clicked on it and sure enough! It’s a link to USPS. Just the info sent, box has not actually moved anywhere yet.

    • Interesting. I just checked mine (hoping to see the same thing), but no luck. Maybe they’ll add a tracking number when it actually gets shipped. I have the same bill date as you, so hopefully it’ll come soon. It and my FabFitFun box are the only things I’m still waiting on this month.

      • I have never seen this before. It usually just says ACTIVE. I think? The fact that it was highlighted in blue like other areas that can be clicked on like billing or address info was intriguing. I don’t know. Maybe they are finally making some changes. I did get my shipping email this morning but I did not think to log into my account to see if it still says the same thing.

    • Yes, my account showed the same tracking option, mine worked and I got my shipping notice email today. This is not a new thing. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn’t. The shipping notices and tracking info is not consistent, month-to-month. If you subscribe long enough this will become evident. Its really annoying, I know, but I’ve become immune. As long as I get the box I paid for, then I’m ok.

  6. I’ll only be keeping the Youth to the People Cream. I love their products! The rest is not for me. My daughter-in-law loves getting what I don’t keep from my three box subscriptions and other sample sets. I enjoy sharing.

  7. Get a new email and then get a box

  8. Has anyone else ever tried to cancel this box before? I’ve been emailing them since November to cancel! They say they are sorry to see me go and then charge my card again and send my another box. I’m not sure what to do about this.

    • I called the number on their website. I was on hold for quite awhile before someone answered, but after talking to the rep it was easy to cancel.

    • If all else fails you can change the last three digits on your credit in the my account section (my not work) or if they do paypal take away their permissions to charge you.

      • They don’t do PayPal.

        I wish they did.

        I did suggest it a while back, hopefully they’re working on it.

  9. I never received my January box and while they did refund me for January, they charged me full price for February. I called and said shouldn’t I get my first box for $10 and they said just because you didn’t get it (it never even made it to the post office which they have proof of) doesn’t mean it wasn’t sent so yes, you are being charged full price for what is your second box. Again, still have not received any box from Allure. Worst. Customer. Service. EVER!!!
    I canceled and will refuse the February box as it’s obviously worth less than half of what January was worth. I am not surprised that they would promise Sunday Riley and then fail to deliver to a good number of customers.

  10. Does anyone know if allure’s box is non forwardable? I moved as the box shipped, put in my change of address with both allure and the post office. Another package that shipped after allure came to my new address but January’s box did not. The post office doesn’t know where it is and said there’s a possibility that it’s non forwardable. Allure can’t tell me either way. A cs rep had the nerve to tell me it’s not their business what happens after the box ships. She really said that! So I called back and talked to someone else who still couldn’t give me any answers but at least gave me a refund. I sooooo wanted January’s box!!

    • Their cs representatives are always so rude! Unbelievable.

      • Really? I’ve called them a couple of times and they were helpful and friendly.

      • Ask to speak to someone in USA and the must transfer you. The call center people are notorious for bad service and won’t resolve anything. Ya the first thing I do now with a cs call.

    • I moved and they will not forward the box .I lost out on my October box. I called they finally resent it. Ipsy was the same. No forwarding. I received my February box today. I had bill date of 2/19on my allure acctt. It had the tracking information there under my bill date. I did cancel or tried to but they offered me the 4 boxes for 10$. I couldn’t pass it up. LOL. I also got a perfume that’s not on the site or in my information booklet. So, happy got an extra and I’m so glad I got the burt bees lipstick instead of the tiny juicy beauty lipstick. I got a juicy beauty lippie not to long ago, as and the Burt bees is full size and gorgeous shade. So happy now on to the March box which looks amazing for me again. Love my allure boxes

      • I cancelled after they couldn’t resend my box- I was ticked Lol. So I cancelled over a week after I was billed for February’s box thinking Ok, I’ll just get Feb’s and be done. Well February’s box has never come and they said they don’t show that I was billed. Talked to a supervisor- she said that the person who I cancelled with cancelled out my payment (some kind of error) on their end because I had paid. She said she’s sending me February’s box. If I get it I get it and if I don’t I don’t. I’m so over the headache

  11. Has anyone been charged for the February box yet?

    • I haven’t been. I was just wondering the same thing because I usually am by now.

    • My charge for December was on the 11th

    • I haven’t been charged yet for my box either

    • Not yet.

      Should be soon.

      Still hoping for the Juice Beauty lip color.

      • Charged on the 8th. Got a ship notice this evening.

        In the past I’ve gotten a ship notice the day it arrived. Hope this is similar.

    • Yes, I was charged on the 5th.

      • I was billed on the st of Feb. for Feb. box. I would say you need to contact them if you haven’t been billed yet!

    • I haven’t been either. Wonder what’s going on hmmm

    • My money came out but it’s not showing up in their system when I called yesterday

    • Order confirmation showed up for today, so hopefully by this time next week, I will have it my greedy little hands.

      • Still hoping for the Juice Beauty lip product.

        Come on reds!!

    • I was charged today, the 8th.

    • On the 1st of Feb. sorry I had a typo!

    • I don’t usually get charged until the 8th/9th.

    • Yes I have

  12. I’m totally disappointed with all the lip products here — I don’t like Juice Beauty at all, don’t want a red lippie, and it feels like a Target beauty box to get SkinFix and Burt’s Bees.

    The rest of the products are great, but not new to the market (except the highlighter?) – I have the Tarte mascara and the youth to the people product already.

    Why didn’t Allure pick up the new Benefit BadGal Bang mascara this month? I guess I had high expectations after Dec and even Jan’s boxes…

    • I kinda feel the same way. I was more excited with the original spoilers, the Skinfix was shown as the unflavored one. I’m in my 40’s… Mint has it’s place. The juicy beauty will depend in the shade I get. If I won’t use it, my niece will. If I get Burt’s bees, it will go straight to the donation box. I have a sample of youth to the people cleanser so why is this sample so teeny? Like you said, I had high expectations. Allure costs me $16.48. Ipsy costs me $10.00 and has a higher value than allure. March isn’t looking too exciting either.

  13. I finally just received my January box today. I got the Sunday Riley, the Frederick Fekkai texturing spray and the Makeup Forever lipstick. I also received an Eyeko Eye Do mini liquid liner, Tula neck cream and Josie Maran whipped body butter. I’m not a new subscriber so I have no idea why I received it. But the other 2 variant items I received weren’t even listed as variant items. I’m happy because I got the Sunday Riley but of bummed that I didn’t receive any of the other variants for the eyeliner or any of the variants for the In Transit Camera Close Up. It’s like they just kind of threw in some random items to fill the box out. I was charged the first week of January and my box didn’t even ship until the 26th and then sat in Reno until yesterday.

    • I got the new variation in November even though I was a new subscriber. Also December box was charged late and I received it in January. I guess some subscriptions get pushed back for some reason.

    • Wow. That is crazy. What town/state are you located? I am in Chicago and I got my Jan box on 1/22. Just wondering… i signed up about a year ago.

  14. Yeah, this was not the box I received today. I got Ahava body lotion, Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion, Skin & Co Roma Truffle Therapy Eye Concentrate, a dual end eyebrow pencil thing from The BrowGal, and a Laritzy Lip Pencil. Anyone have any ideas what month this is? Better yet, do I call?

    • April 2017. February hasn’t been shipped yet. Did you get January? Maybe it is a free gift?

    • There was a notice last month that some people received an extra December box by mistake…maybe this is why?

  15. Hi, i just got billed by Allure for $15.99 a box…it has been $14.99 for a long time…had not received notification of price increase. Has anyone else?

    • ugh, disregard…forgot about tax…*sigh*

  16. I received Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter in Tropical Orchid for my new gift in January’s box

    • Lucky you. January was my first month and I didn’t get anything extra. Mind you, I got the full sized Sunday Riley, so I’m not complaining (well, I sort of am).

      • January was my first month as well and I got no gift. But Sunday Riley, woohoo !

  17. What day of the month does the Allure Box do billing?

    • Usually around the fifth, or sixth, or seventh, depending on which one is a weekday.

    • I am in Chicago and I don’t usually get charged until the 8th or 9th of the month.

  18. I’m hoping for the Juice Beauty Liquid Lip. We received Burt’s Bees lipstick in a past Allure beauty box and I didn’t care for the formula. All the other items are new to me and I’m looking forward to trying them all.

  19. I am not as excited as January (that CEO serum is hard to beat), hope to get Burts bees (i’m not into liquid lipstick). Hope you ladies enjoy your boxes!

  20. Noooo I really want the Juice Beauty liquid lip!!!! And that “highlighter” thing looks way too dark for pale skin 🙁 blugh

    • Ill be swapping the highlighter for that very reason, I’m a cool fair and there is just no way that’s gonna look nice on my skin. Oh well, excited for the cream and lip balm, ish?

  21. Would love to try the red Juice Beauty lippie! Either way I’d be happy, but red is such a great color on me 🙂

    • I love red lip colors.

      After getting stuck in the December duplicate debacle, I’m hoping for a smooth month.

  22. Does anyone know how that highlighter will work on oily skin? I’m a little nervous about it…

  23. Oh please no Burt’s bees. Their spoilers are getting kinda off. The 1st spoiler showed the Skinfix as the unflavored, now it’s mint. The juicy beauty lippy is 3 shades so far. Now another variation? No variations is one of the things I like about allure. It sure isn’t their customer service. Getting Burt’s bees on top of Skinfix feels more like a $7 Target box. I know the highlighter is a $30 product but I’ll never use it or a Burt’s bees lipstick. I would have loved the Skinfix but not in a flavor. I’m not sure I want to spend $16.48 for the 2 tiniest products in this box. However, Allure has been really great lately. Idk… Maybe I should take a break.

  24. I guess they used up their budget on the SR for January. These are disappointing.

    • I don’t think most of these box companies buy the product. I think it’s given to them by the various manufacturers for inclusion in the box. The box companies get product to sustain their business model while the manufacturers get exposure for their product.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if giving product to box companies is cheaper than an actual ad campaign.

      • Correct – my company works with another sub box program, and there’s marketing/product budget set aside for these initiatives.

  25. I am super excited With My January Box and I received the Bite Gelato multi stick. What a beautiful color always wanted want.

    I am so Happy I already and using the Vitamin C Serum. By Sunday Riley. Please call customer service. They are pretty good with answering your questions. 😉 Allure has always been good with their products

  26. I never got the new subscriber gift, was I supposed to? I subscribed for the first time two months ago I believe…

    • Instead of getting the extra gift for being a new subscriber I recieved they’re bonus box in December and let me tell you….it was amazing. I love this box so much and it has yet to dissapoint. I subscribed in November and all the boxes so far have been fantastic!

  27. I emailed them over a week ago about my free gift for re-subscribing as well as a free gift for sending a link and then a free gift for the person subscribing through the link back in July and never received any of them and so far they’ve yet to email me back. Poor customer service at allure so keep it in mind when subscribing to them y’all

    • I have found that they are great if you call them. As a whole they have been really nice and helpful. I think it takes a little bit of time (maybe a couple of weeks) once you contact them though. Here is their phone number 1-877-356-9904.
      Good luck!

      • Iv been subbing since 2015..I called customer service a couple times and they were great! Call:)

      • Thanks. I wasn’t going to bother emailing about not getting the freebe for joining, but I’m willing to try a phone call.

    • If you call you hardly wait and they fix whatever you need done. I called yesterday and they said their email is a little behind right now.

    • I’ve emailed them four times and have yet to receive an email back. So frustrating.

    • I’ve never ever had a problem with their customer service. They are actually extremely friendly and always willing to help right then and there. Try calling instead of emailing. I have always called them and don’t have a single complaint. Good luck ladies!!

    • I got a reply to the e-mail I sent asking where my January box was today, telling me my box was delivered on January 25.

  28. This is a great box! I am still waiting for my January box though. I was told I would get the Sunday Riley but that was on the 10th. No shipping info yet.

    • you should def email them, i got my box like almost two weeks ago, it should have came already!

      • I just got my January Box today and its amazing. I subbed on Jan. 6th. so it was a pretty good wait. But definitely worth it.

  29. I’m hoping for the Burt’s bees lipstick instead of the bright Juice liquid lip. Everything else looks good! Can’t wait for my box!

  30. I am so excited for the CLE Cosmetics highlighter! This brand has such beautiful products and I can’t wait to try it. I’m also looking forward to the lip balm and cream. Allure is killing it with their boxes!

    • I agree !!! I’ve had allure for a long time and they consistently have great products. Yes , for the most part they’re sample or trial sizes with some deluxe samples thrown in the mix – but when they do offer a full size product – man is it a fantastic one that was worth the few months since their last !!!

      • I’m on highlighter overload, but I did buy the Ipsy offer of the CLE face wash from this week. Hear great things about that brand. 🙂

  31. Thanks for the spoilers. At $15 I’m not interested in this month’s box. Not sure I want it for $10. I cancelled but will probably resub again in the future

  32. I emailed them on a Saturday and got a response that Tuesday. Tried to cancel but got offered to pay only $10/box for the next 4 months.

    • Really what a great deal and offer

    • They got me with this too a couple months ago! I better check to see when it’s expiring >.>

    • Me too, I caved and took it. Lol

  33. I like the idea of two full size items, don’t care for two lip products, and I hope I get the burts bees lip product instead of one pictures. Red is not my colar. Overall I am pleased and excited.

  34. I never got charged for or mailed a January box and I didn’t cancel. 🙁

    • Looks like my card just needed updated and I was able to fix it. It sounds like I should still be able to get a January box because they try to have a few on hand for situations like this with current subscribers.

      • Same situation, but I was going to cancel after the January box. Afraid to until I get my January box as I really want that Sunday Riley item.

  35. Very nice range of products. I hope I receive the full size Bert’s Bees lippie item… I like their products. Either way, I’m happy with the box. Allure’s been doing a great job curating their boxes.

  36. Looks like a fine box. However, I am one of the people who received the message that I was getting a duplicate December box over 10 days ago. Nothing received. Emailed them, nothing. No January box either or shipping info. Thank you Angie for posting a phone number! I will need to call them next week. 😕

    • I received my duplciate box but no January box.

      • Me too, glad I’m not the only one. Hopefully we’ll get out January box soon.

        • Me three…duplicate box but no January yet 🙁

          • Ladies, what was the weight of December box?

          • Vita –

            December box was a little under 10 ounces.

      • I received the duplicate box (December). According USPS, my January box was mailed January 23, but I haven’t received it yet.

    • This is weird. I purchased the December box on 12/5 and received a refund. Never got the box I wanted but many are getting 2?

    • I wish I had been a December duplicate! It was a great box 🙂

  37. The sample of the fresh eye cream is the mystery new member gift according to the rep yesterday. Also check your accounts bc I was charged 3 times a few days apart for the Jan box and still have not received it.

    • Ah! That explains it. I didn’t think I would get a gift since customer gave me a break on the price but I want really considered a new subscriber! I like this eye cream!

      • Wasn’t really considered a new subscriber…. new glasses already?!

      • I’ve cancelled and resubscribed with the same email and still gotten the new subscriber gift, to my surprise. This was months ago though so I don’t know if all re-subscribers get new subscriber gifts as a given.

        • That happened to me as well last year when I re-subscribed. I received the welcome gift separately from the monthly box.

    • Call customer service and they will send you the Mystery Gift which was a separate gift from the bonus gift. You received the eye cream as the bonus gift so you are still owed the Mystery Gift. I had to call multiple times to get this to happen

    • I received a full size bit beauty multistick as my free gift

      • Hi did you get the mystery gift inside the box? Because I am a new subscriber and I was told I will be getting the mystery gift inside the box, but just got my January box and there are only 5 regular items in it. 😔

  38. I am always happy to try a Juice Beauty product. Some work for me very well, some don’t and end up in the trash. But I love the opportunities that Allure and BeautyFix have given me to try out Juice Beauty products, practically for nothing.

  39. I’ve always been curious about juice beauty

    • the lighter lip colors don’t work well for me! they just show as a lip gloss. so I’m hoping it is this darker color and I don’t like the burts bees lipsticks for the same reason as well. so we will see.

    • It’s okay. The only product I really enjoy is the Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer. I am currently using Blemish clearing toner pads and Blemish clearing serum and have not noticed a difference in helping with my acne. I have the peel which I am kinda afraid to try. If you belong to the FabFitFun box subscription they have a bunch of their products as add ons for 50-70% off retail value.

      • Love love love the green apple age-defy moisturizer. Got a full one in BeautyFix last year, then combined a sale and a coupon on Black Friday to get another one from Juice Beauty.

        I wrote a comment that the MSA website ate (why does that happen?) I simply wrote that I am always happy for the opportunity to try Juice Beauty products. Whether they work for me or end up in the trash, I am happy for the opportunity to try them for practically nothing.

  40. Guess it’s because we got the full sized Sunday Riley. Lol now we have a $52 value in this box. Not excited but still getting it because I haven’t tried all of these so I’m happy either way 😊

    • Right!! An $85 products. I was like WOW!

  41. Has anyone had trouble cancelling? I emailed over a week ago and my sub is still active.

    • yes, looks like I’ll have to call…

    • U can always call them . I have their phone number so u can speak with someone immediately so this doesn’t get charged. (800) 274-1603

    • I have yet to hear anything about my January box being shipped out yet, it took a week to get a response that it would be shipped by today (which it wasn’t, or at least I never received an email about it).
      I just sent an email now to cancel, I was thinking at first of keeping it, but I’m not much into the spoilers for February, and I’m not liking the customer service too much….

      • I would try calling. I was wondering where my January box was too, and after a brief period of holding I got an answer and the customer service rep was very pleasant.

    • Same here (Well, early this week, not a week ago.) I emailed to cancel, but no response. My account is still active. I just logged in to wipe out my card info, which I think might have worked. (I just reset the exp. date to ‘day’ and ‘year.’

  42. Looks like another great box! Hoping for the Juice Beauty lippy. 🤞

    • You and me both.

      But I would be okay with the Burts Bees lippie if it’s a dark color. I bought one and the quality is good.

      • I so hope to get the Burt’s Bee Lippie!!!

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