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5th Avenue Style Limited Edition Spring Time Box Spoiler #1 + Coupons!

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5th Avenue Style has launched a new Limited Edition Box:

We present to you our Limited Edition Spring Time BoxThis box features our Spring Trend Collection where we made sure to find the right balance between Spring 2018 trends and classic sophisticated style.
Every Limited Edition Spring Time Box features a brand name trending spring colors handbag along with a customized selection of jewelry and accessories.
If you don’t want a bag, please use the Notes section to opt out. The bags will be selected according to your order’s preferences.
These 4-5 items will compliment and refresh your wardrobe perfectly for the coming season.
Valued at a minimum of $700+, LE Spring Time Box will start shipping the first week of Spring (after March 20).

The Box: 5th Avenue Limited Edition Spring Time Box

The Cost: $270

COUPON: Use coupon code SPRING1875 to save $75 off this box.5th Avenue Style Membership Club members can use coupon code SPRING18MEMBER100 to save $100 off until Saturday, January 27th.

The Products: 4-5 items will compliment and refresh your wardrobe perfectly for the coming season – features a brand name trending spring colors handbag along with a customized selection of jewelry and accessories.

Good to Know: LE Spring Time Box will start shipping the first week of Spring (after March 20).

Check out our past 5th Avenue Style reviews to see items from their past boxes.

Please select the style of the bag that you like and fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements by following the link below. We will choose colors for the styles you select based on your order’s preferences.
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

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  1. I posted my experience with my the Autumn 2017 Limited Edition in the January 22, 2018 post. I received my box on January 29, 2018. This box was supposed to be delivered in Sept 2017. For my delay troubles, I received a small votive candle and bangle bracelet. I chose a Mutsaers handbag that is NOT the quality of my LVs, but I got what I ordered and I am done.

    If some are okay with waiting, that is fine. But consider this, where would all of you be in life if the things that you were paid to do were 6 months late? When I pay for products plus a service with a date attached, I expect it to be completed by said date. If it is not, the expectation is that an updated ETA should occur. In my case (only after I posted here in all caps), I was told “we will contact you tomorrow” and I was. I was told “your box will be out for delivery this week” and it was.

    Just because people expect 5th Avenue to send things and be updated as promised, let’s not try to make them feel bad. Unless 5th Avenue is going to start offering refunds they need to deal with irritated customers from delays that are more than a one time thing.

    • Well put! I am with you!

    • Me too
      I was very disappointed in my company to wait 4 months. I consider it a scam. Throw the money to the bathroom.

  2. I bought 5th avenue holiday box,it is the first time,I knew it would take a long time ,well I figured and I was advised by friends in the forum .
    The reason: Everything is customized,high end imported products.
    To me is worth it.
    I had bought Fab fit fun ,I did like it,but to compare it with the what is the proposition of 5th avenue is absurd.
    To say that people that are not complaining or have positive feedback about 5th Ave are like “undercover”… seriously?
    Conspiracy theory now…

  3. Wow. Just WOW. Yet again. I’ve posted before about 5th Avenue stuff and will again. I have one of their Lancaster bags and it is beyond fabulous! It took three months for it to arrive, it was a one off order of a bag only from their site. Did the wait suck? Well YES it did! Was it worth it to ME? Yes it was worth it to ME. The bag has the same quality as my LV speedys that I love so much, it’s a thick and study but not too thick leather. My bag was I think like $160 ish and I couldn’t find anything online for less or even a comparable price.

    This all comes down to you and your needs. Some people buy something and expect it immediately which is NOT a bad thing to want. We have all wanted something yesterday at one time or another so I get it. BUT if you are up for the wait then this isn’t by any means a bad sub. I would hope that before spending this kinda coin people look at the reviews and if they did they would realize this is how it is with this particular company. I think the one main reason why people accept this is that their customer service is phenomenal. They send out free items and actually customize the box for you. They have always always responded to my emails super promptly, one response was at 7pm on a Sunday! I’ve subbed to almost every box out there, truly, and this place has one of the best CS I have encountered.

    I also had been subbing to Oui Please which is another box that gets a lot of grief but they actually deserve it. Crappy CS that lies for months and months and items that lately have been questionable. So you know what I did? I cancelled. End of story. It wasn’t for me so problem solved. I will still relay my story about OP though so others know what they are in for. So while I can appreciate the stories about 5th Ave cause after all it is your opinion/experience I just can’t grasp the hostility, urging people to do a charge back and accusing the people who are OK with this sub of being “plants” from the company.

    I am most definitely NOT an employee, I’ve got more than 500 swaps under my belt and have been around for awhile so yeah, not a shill for 5TH ave.

    One last thing, I LOVE that the box actually comes here and reads and responds to people. How any people over the years have said it would be great if the box companies knew what we were thinking and what we wanted and was responsive?

    I super apologize for this manifesto of a response but I guess I just felt I had to say what I thought.

    • Carey — the absolute funniest was the person who said it is just like FabFitFun. They may accuse us of working for 5th Avenue (I don’t) but it is pretty clear that at least some of them have never even thought of buying this box if they think it is like FFF. How bored does someone have to be to troll about a box they know nothing about?

      5th Avenue is slow. I order over and over and over again with full awareness that they will ship when the item arrives, which will be far later than I think it will be. It’s not ideal and I really hope they can shorten delays in the future.

      However, the box is ALWAYS worth the wait. They customize for me. No one else does that. Sure FFF lets you pick fake silver or fake gold. 5th Avenue knows which designers I like, what kind of styles I like, what size I need, what I already have, and what I need. It’s luxury service and beautiful products at a discount price.

      Remember the old saying — “Price, speed, quality, pick any two?” I pick quality and price. I sacrifice speed. My choice. I’ll have my collection of Lancaster and Mutsaers bags for years.

      Further, I chose NOT to wait for my holiday box – and I got it in time. If I had accepted the gift for 10 day extension, I would have assumed it was coming second week of January. They contacted people and explained the infrastructure damage, loss of packaging, etc. So, yeah, it is really unfortunate that it happened to them and came after they already delayed the box. But, sounds like they will be adding a SECOND gift. I mean, what else can they do on this box?

      Re promoting future boxes: Seems pretty likely that the marketing people are different than the warehouse people. So, they are doing their jobs — promoting future boxes — while the stylists and warehouse people fulfill past boxes.

      • That’s great this works for you.

  4. I would recommend to anyone that does not get a tracking number from 5th Avenue by the end of this week, which takes us into February, that you file a dispute with your credit card company. I for one plan to do exactly that and have informed 5th Avenue of my intentions today. Their reply was that they would provide a PRIORITY tracking number in a couple days. We will see if that happens.

    • I received a tracking number a few hours ago.

    • That’s awesome! I’m still waiting for a tracking number, but the week isn’t over yet.

  5. Today is 29 January…still waiting for the holiday box to ship. Last I heard from them was 22 January and they promised shipping in the week of 22 January with delivery in the week of 29 January. I’m getting tired of the “bad weather and infrastructure damage” excuses. I sent shipping inquiry on 25 January and haven’t heard back yet. I’m really curious about the “gift” they are sending as an apology.. last time when they sent this “apology” gift, it was a bracelet so small that my small hand couldn’t fit through. FYI, my ring size is 4.5.

    • A lot of us feel your pain…If this company continues to operate this way, the company won’t be around in the long run.

      Also, I’m not buying the bull from customers that they are ok with the wait – it’s ridiculous. And Jennifer @ 5th Avenue chiming in with half truths bug me too.

      • It’s fine if you care about the wait, when I don’t. I don’t check tracking, I often forget what I’ve ordered. Unless it’s been a really long time, with no communication, which this isn’t. By email, on this forum, I’m aware I’m in for a longer wait. It’s just not a big deal to me.

        • Is this Jennifer 5th Avenue?

          • @@ Nope, it sure isn’t. Because I have a different opinion, I must be trolling? Yeah, no. Name’s not Jennifer, nor do I work for 5ave. I don’t work for anyone, as a matter of fact, as I’m on disability. I’m sure that does happen, but in this case, it’s not. But, think what you like.

          • I think that you could be someone other than 5th Avenue, but I also think multiple comments on these threads could be from 5th Avenue posing as customers. I’m glad this is a good subscription to you and that you don’t mind waiting for however long you must wait. A lot of us do mind, and won’t be subscribing anymore. 5th Avenue is lucky to have you as a customer.

    • I agree! So tired of their excuses!

  6. Anyone else think some of these positive reviews are written by 5th Avenue? Just seems that way to me.

    • Definitely.

      • I love my boxes..I dont care about waiting half a year…Please!!!

    • I was thinking the same exact thing this morning and almost posted asking if others thought so too.

    • Yep, pretty sure of that. Most people that have paid nearly $300 and are now waiting 35+ days for merchandise would be a bit upset. “Oh, that’s ok dear, don’t worry about the delay, you can take all year if needed.” Sure, {dripping with sarcasm}

      • I waited 5 months…and it mattered to me. Way too long to wait.

    • Although my name IS Jennifer, there are about a million of us, and I am not the same Jennifer who works for 5th Avenue Style. Before I ordered my box, I talked to lots of customers on the forum who told me that this is a great box, with nice products and a lot of customization, and also that they are very slow to ship. I ordered a box with full knowledge of all those facts. In December, I accepted a voluntary delay in order to get a bonus gift, and I am still just fine with that decision. It actually worked out better for me to get this box later, because a lot of the quarterly subs came in December, and I appreciate having something to look forward to now, when I’m not on product overload. That may not be your experience, and that’s fine. It bums me out to come on here and read that anyone expressing my opinion must be a shill or a Spambot. We all have different wants and needs.

      • Na Jennifer. If you like the box, than that’s great. We can have different opinions. I’d say not to let people’s opinion bring you down, or don’t read these threads.

        From my experience, I wouldn’t buy another box, but that’s what’s great about these boxes…find the one (ones) you like and enjoy!

  7. I love my boxes. I don’t care about the wait and appreciate that they respond to comments. I am never in any hurry so waiting for me is not a bid deal. Can’t wait for the next spoiler!

  8. 5th Ave is my favorite sub. Considering the value, customization and the items they send there is no comparison with any other box.
    I can live with slow shipping knowing that I am getting great stuff.

  9. Anyone notice that 5th Avenue hasn’t provided a clear answer as to when they intend to ship out the remaining holiday boxes? I sent an email the other day requesting an update as to the ETA, and so far I haven’t received a response.

    • On 1/22 they emailed me that it would ship this week and I would receive next week. Well, it’s Friday and haven’t seen shipping info yet.

      • Last email I got was from the 13th.

  10. My experience with 5th Ave is rather positive. I received very nice boxes from them. Sometimes they are late but they customize every box for us, no other sub box company does it.
    No complaints about CS at all. Definitely recommend it to others.

    • Almost all my other boxes have been better.

      • all other boxes have been better…would not recommend.

        • Which boxes do you have in mind? Please suggest the ones that customize it the way 5th Ave does. Thank you.

          • Fabfitfun…and inexpensive add ons makes this box better than 5th Avenue IMO. It may not have the handbag, but I can find similar quality of handbags for much less $.

          • I love FFF, and PS and subscribe to both, but to me it’s not even a close comparison. FFF will let you choose silver or gold, and a color between 2-3 color choices of a scarf. This sub gives you a choice of 8-10 bags, and each of those in different colors. If they’re offering a necklace/pendant, there could be 15 different options. You can opt in or out on anything. I’d love to know where I could have purchased a briefcase as gorgeous as the Italian leather Manufactus they sent me on the cheap. It’s fine that you don’t like this sub, but some of us do. I knew going in I was in for a wait, it’ll get here eventually. FFF has a place in the sub world, and so does 5ave.
            And no Jan/Ian (sorry I couldn’t tell which) I don’t work for the company @@

          • I can buy a fabulous bag on sale. The exact one that I want. I waited 5 months for what I thought would be my first selection-nope. I’m sticking to the better for me boxes. I’m so looking forward to Sugarbash-now that’s a quality box.

  11. The first & third bags are gorgeous! But after reading all the negative feedback regarding CS & shipping, I’m terrified!

    • You should be. Save your $.

    • I’m a huge fan of 5th Avenue boxes! I have always received a beautiful curation. You just have to know and accept that they ship VERY slowly! One of my boxes was 3 months late, but I was very happy with what I received and I loved the beautiful candle they included as an extra in my box to make up for the delay. I can accept the delays because of the quality items I receive. You just have to ask yourself it the waiting is worth it to you.

    • CS is great. Their shipping is often slow though, I don’t mind that since they make up for shipping delays with either extra pieces or other bonuses, so it’s basically a box upgrade. 🙂 Sometimes there will be an option to put a “ship by” note in the note section of your order, and they are pretty good about hitting those so long as you tell them.

  12. Hi, I’m a new customer who ordered the New Year New Me box. The only communication I received was a receipt of purchase. Is that normal? The only reason I know about the spoilers is from this website (which I appreciated). Does anyone know more about the process? I’d like to know more before I consider another box. I ordered in late December. Thanks in advance!

    • Make sure you sign up for the newsletter on their website.

    • Dear Tanya,

      Please make sure to subscribe to our Newsletter to receive all the updates and promotions.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

    • Yes that’s all you will get unless the shipping will be late, they’ll notify you. There are no shipping details though, no tracking. For a box that costs so much I am not sure why tracking is not incuded, even if delays are expected or understandable.

      • When my autumn box was sent, I got a shipping confirmation and a tracking number.

  13. I’m not sure what bag I like more, probably 3, I love blue anything. This will be my third box from 5ave. I haven’t recieved my holiday box yet, and I really don’t care. I read up on them, and knew I was in for a wait. It’ll get to me when it gets to me, and it will be totally worth it. I don’t really get all the angst against this company. They’re importing these luxury items and that can take time. Giving everyone a chance to choose the exact bag or piece of jewelry is amazing. They customise every box for everyone. What other box does that?

    • I just wonder why they don’t have imported items on hand in country before adding them to the expected items for boxes.

      • I would guess because they don’t know who wants what from all the spoilers. They order according to demand. Each box is customized for every order.

      • Right? That’s the question I have too. There are tons of other boxes (thinking Korean skincare & make up subs) that import things from abroad & they don’t have waits like this. It’s inexcusable.

        • It makes sense that they wouldn’t put the order in until they new the approximate demand of an item. Most boxes with skincare are not customized (everyone gets the same item.) Yet if there are multiple different items that customers can opt in or out of, it makes sense that they wouldn’t want to pre-order everything and risk losing all their profit if one item isn’t wanted very much, so is just sitting there unsent, while another product they have to order more of.

  14. They are all beautiful bags, but #1 and #2 are my favorites.

  15. It would be preferable to also show the inside of all handbags.

    • If you go to the Lancaster website, it shows the inside of the handbags. I was on the website this morning trying to figure out the measurements because they seemed huge to me, but they posted later that the measurements are in cm not inches so now it makes more sense!!

  16. 5th Ave boxes are great for me. They are shipping nice stuff and definitely worth the wait if a delay happens. CS is quite responsive.

  17. I will steer clear of this box. If there is one thing I can’t deal with it’s consistently late shipping, multiple excuses and missed deadlines. The longest I’ve been held up by a snow storm is 1 day, 2 MAX, and that’s in the worst winter season, which has happened maybe twice in the last 15 years. Sheesh that’s a new excuse. We are almost in February and the HOLIDAY boxes haven’t shipped yet? Easy pass on this one for me. Same exact reason I’ve never subbed to Oui Please. Boxes look lovely but the late shipping, item switches and lack of CS are deal-killers for me.

    I hope those who still don’t have their HOLIDAY boxes receive them soon. It would kill the hype for me if a box was that late.

    • Dear Jl,

      It was not just a regular storm but a severe one with a State of Emergency issued in Eastern Long Island, NY where our facilities are. Extremely low temperatures caused some infrastructure damage. Our personnel worked two weekends in a raw to put things in order.
      We are adding an extra bonus to all delayed boxes as our apology for this inconvenience.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • This is taken from 5th Avenues advertisement regarding the LE Holiday Box. The Products: “Each box features one of a kind set of 4-5 customized Jewelry & Accessories, including new collections. All of it is shipped in individual giftable packaging so that any of these items can be used as a gift itself. Valued at a minimum of $700+, this box would make a great gift for yourself or for the loved ones in your life.

        I waited an additional 40 days after Christmas and the BONUS item was to PURCHASE something from their on line store and get a one time 30% discount on one single item. Ridiculous! I am not spending more money to benefit their company for my inconvenience! The items avaialable from their on line store cost $300+for one item. They advertised the customer would receive 4 to 5 items in their shipment. I received 2 pairs of cheap looking earrings, a necklace, a watch and a baby poop colored clutch. Not impressed at all. I have no idea who the earrings are from because there is no information attached, they are in a little bag. So BUYER BEWARE with this company.

        • NO! I am worried now – that seems so unlike them – at least when they offer an additional gift it is something lovely. I am also waiting, but no word or tracking info yet. I am getting so skittish about purchasing another one –
          hard to purchase them and then “forget” until it arrives like magic out of the blue one day.

    • I too will never purchase another box from fifth Avenue style. I was so excited for this box and cannot believe I actually allowed myself to wait an additional 10 days for shipping. It is now been a full month of waiting. We were supposed to have this box 10 days after Christmas. Christmas occurred exactly one month ago and still no box. It’s funny though how they can prepare for a new box i.e. the spring box yet they cannot fully engage prior boxes they blame it on the snow, the cold weather, and infrastructure problems. So my question is how can you prepare a new Yet you cannot fully send out the box that should’ve been sent out more than 20 days ago. It makes absolutely no sense to me. Yes they keep saying we’re going to send you an extra gift and you will love it. Right now what I would just love is to have my box and be done with it.

      • Same boat. I guess more clarity on what goes on would help relieve the waiting

    • I’m with you!

    • I don’t even understand their excuse. I live in Houston & my street was underwater for 10 days. None of my mail took longer than 3 additional days to get to me. And our highways were under 16 feet of water. A winter storm is no excuse for a month plus delay.

      • Wow! I can’t imagine living through such a disaster such as a hurricane. My daughter lived in Okinawa for 3 years when her husband was in the Air Force and they had typhoon season every year. Very scary. I hope you and your family are recovering from the devastation you experienced.

    • Fed Ex was emailing about storm delays due to severe weather around the same time.

      And what item switches/lack of CS are you referring to?

      Plus, as far as I have heard, they did get the box out by the deadline for everyone who didn’t opt to accept a delay in exchange for a bonus piece.

  18. I opted out of this one. I hope there’s another spoiler I like better.

    • Dear Zo,

      Yes, there will be other handbag spoilers for this box.
      These Super Early Bird coupons are available only for a few more days though.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

  19. Gosh handbag #2 is stunning

  20. Love Lancaster

  21. I received 2 Lancaster bags from 5th Ave in my previous boxes. Love them.
    It seems never enough 🙂

  22. Are the measurements correct? That seems awfully large for handbags.

    • Dear Victoria,

      The dimensions are actually in centimeters not inches. Thank you for catching it.
      It was a mistake and we noticed the same error on Lancaster’s US site. We will notify them also.

      5th Avenue Style Team

      • That makes sense. It’s odd that the measurements on their website are in inches as well.

    • If you go to the website the measurements are correct. I wish we could see what they look like with a person holding them.

  23. Sorry, but until I actually get my Holiday box, I can’t bring myself to buy anything else from them. Little annoyed I guess, from having two other boxes advertised already.

    • Dear Aurn,

      We shipped all Holiday Boxes that we promised to send by the Holidays. The rest was rescheduled for clients who agreed to receive it after the Holidays with a gift. Unfortunately, we had a major storm after New Year that caused infrastructure issues and a delay. We notified all the clients on that and promised an extra bonus because of this.
      We are working to catch up with these shipments and are planning to deliver remaining boxes shortly.
      Please contact us directly if you have any particular questions.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • This post was addressed to fellow consumers who may want to know other customer’s experiences.

        There is a bit more to the story, however, than your post suggests with several missed deadlines. I’ll leave it at that.

        • I’m waiting on my box too. They’ve sent emails asking if we would agree or not to the delays and offered bonuses for the wait, etc. Nothing so far has been unseemly with this box – even Fed Ex and other retailers kept notifying me of storm delays.

          I’m ok with being patient for now, as I did accept the extension. 🙂

        • I appreciate the information! Shipping delays — especially repeated ones — are the reason I’m not subbing to this box, even though it looks great. I also have to admit it makes me uncomfortable when companies get on these comments and try to basically invalidate what the commenter says. The comment section should be a place where people can state their experiences and opinions freely — when the company gets on all negative or potentially negative comments right away it seems desperate on the company’s part.

          Years ago, the box called I-Ella was kind of similar to this — high end stuff, high dollar as well. I posted a comment on the old MakeupTalk website about their shipping delays and the owner of the company, Ella Gorgla, started emailing me (I guess my username somehow led her to my email) constantly as well as posting excuses and rebuttals on all negative comments on all I-Ella reviews. I finally responded to her and let her know that I was not removing my comments as they were my personal experience — and also that if she kept emailing me asking me to do so, I’d consider it harrassment. That finally stopped her. I believe the site banned her as well, and they did start enforcing a policy of site or box owners or reps not being able to post on comments.

          • What I understand is that everybody who wanted to have this box before Christmas received it on time.
            I was not in rush and agreed to the extension for the gift. Everything was communicated properly.
            I actually like that the company replies here. It’s good to know both sides.

          • Yes, there are two sides to everything and I appreciate 5th Avenue responding their side as well. They are not harassing anyone by doing so.
            I received my LE Autumn Time box late, but it was worth it. I’m considering a future box knowing that things could be the same. They are importing these items and sometimes that can get crazy so it is what it is. #firstworldproblems

    • I have sent 5th Ave several messages And get the same reply from them, that they’ve had to deal with Weather, infrastructure issues, but my problem is is since those issues have occurred they’ve had two additional boxes advertised. I agreed to a 10 day delay, not a 30 day delay. Each time they have replied to me I have had them state that the box was going out NEXT WEEK. Unfortunately next week never seems to come. And for those of you who are so happy about fifth Avenue, hooray for you so glad you’re happy. I’m just expressing my feelings, as well as other people, don’t discount them. When you pay almost $300 for a box that never gets delivered, it is a bit disheartening. This is my first and my last experience/purchase that I will ever have with fifth Avenue. And I’ll be more than happy to spread the news of my experience with them to anyone that wants to hear about it. I will be more than happy to save anyone else from a horrible Experience.

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