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Rachel Zoe Box of Style Winter 2017 Review + $20 Coupon

The Rachel Zoe Box of Style from The Zoe Report is a subscription box from Rachel Zoe. Each box includes a hero item which is revealed before boxes ship, and other fashionable items and accessories, plus a few beauty products and styling tools, too. I am a huge fan and love her taste, so this is one of my favorite style subscription boxes!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The packaging on these boxes is always amazing! (Each item is individually wrapped in tissue paper.)

The Subscription Box: Box of Style by The Zoe Report

The Cost: $99.99

DEAL –  Use coupon code WINTER20 to save $10! 

The Products: “Every season Rachel and our TZR editors will hand-curate more than $300 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.”

Ships to: US, Canada, the UK, and Australia

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The box comes with an info booklet with Rachel’s styling tips, and a letter from her introducing the box.

And this booklet also includes coupon codes for some of the brands featured in the box:

Now, on to the items!

Rachel Zoe for Box of Style Clutch, retail value: $125

This clutch is an exclusive design from Rachel Zoe for the box!

(Subscribers could pick this black version or the white pearl version.)

This is a hard-shell case with silver metal accents. It has a removable chain strap, so you can use it as a clutch or wear it over the shoulder.

It measures 4 by 7 inches, and has 2 inches of depth.

Inside is large enough to carry any size phone, plus money and a few beauty essentials!

Here is the pearl version as well:

(Box of Style sent us both versions so we could show you both in the review, but subscribers will only receive one variation.)

I can’t pick a favorite – both are so chic and versatile!

House of Harlow 1960 Mesa Earrings, retail value: $115

These earrings are another exclusive collaboration for this box!

These earrings are so sparkly and fabulous! My only fear when I first saw them is that they would feel heavy, but I’m happy to report they were easy to wear!

Unreal Fur Faux Fur Stole, retail value: $85

Rachel recommends wearing this as an alternative to a winter scarf. You can leave it open and put it on the collar of your coat.

Or you can wear it as a thread-through scarf!

The faux fur is super soft, and I like the size, too. (I used to wear big faux fur vests all the time, but now I’m liking this as a more subtle faux fur accessory.)

Hm, how do we make this fancier? With faux fur!


Osea Essential Hydrating Oil, retail value: $68

OSEA is a great natural beauty brand, and this face oil is lovely! It’s hydrating, lightweight, gentle, and I love the lavender scent. It’s designed to moisturize skin, help reduce the appearance of fine lines and give your skin a dewy, radiant finish.

Tarte Sex Kitten Liquid Liner, retail value: $20

First and foremost, how cute is this eye liner pen cap?

And it just happens to be one of my favorite makeup brands, tarte! The eyeliner goes on smoothly and is super inky and pigmented – exactly what you would expect from a great liquid eyeliner. And it doesn’t budge once it sets!

Here it is on:

Sugar Paper The Agenda, retail value: $48

This planner is so classy! The text is a gorgeous gold foil, and it matches the polka dot interior:

Each tab features an inspirational quote from a famous woman, with Rachel’s quote for December 2018:

Style is what one creates… glamour is a state of mind.

The agenda includes weekly and monthly layouts, a section to track birthdays and thank you notes, note pages, and a catch-all pocket at the back.

As someone who spends most of her day in front of a screen, I love using a planner to actually write out my to-dos and then cross them out. This is perfect for me!

Verdict: I feel like every Box of Style becomes my new favorite all-time Box of Style! I love the glam vibes this season – the pieces are fabulous but still really wearable. I’m already planning on using wearing them to a wedding this weekend! And I think the Box of Style team does such a great job of curating beauty products – they seem to always include some of my favorite brands!

And putting a high-quality planner in this box is perfect for me. And I think it would make such a thoughtful gift if it’s not for you.

And this box has a retail value of $451!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes, as of publication, this box was still available!

Coupon – Use coupon code WINTER20 to save $20!

Value Breakdown: At $99.99 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Purse: $25.50
  • Earrings: $25.50
  • Faux Fur: $18.85
  • Tarte Eyeliner: $4.43
  • OSEA Face Oil: $15.08
  • Agenda: $10.64

What do you think of the Winter Box of Style?


How do subscribers rate CURATEUR?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (203)

  1. I am canceling. I have subscribed for just over a year. The Christmas box last year was amazing, and then each box got progressively worse. I was always so excited for it to ship. This last box did it for me. The earrings are gaudy and don’t even hang well on my ears. The clutch is cute, but only for a holiday party. The scarf is a little small. I also don’t really want any facial products, as I have my regimen. I like to try on-trend fashions and was hoping this would help. FitFabFun seems to be a little better value.

  2. I’m getting nervous from the lack of spoilers for Spring ’18. I wouldn’t be suprised in the least if this box shut down, despite being my favorite. The lack of commitment to customers and the inability to scale have me worried, coupled with quality and shipping issues.

    The part that kills me is if the customer service was even remotely responsive, SO MANY PEOPLE here would still be annual subscribers. Alas.

    • This reminds me of something my new boss’ boss said at a meeting. You can have a wonderful product but if you have terrible communications and customer service, you kill it. Conversely, if you have a mediocre product and great customer service, people will sing your praises.”

      • I agree with both of you. The customer service has been abysmal, and I’ve cancelled my subscription, however reluctantly. With their shipping delays, poor packaging (Winter 2017 – TACKY!) and issues with package contents, I found it hard to justify the cost of the product. If they had shown any semblance of care for their customer base, I likely wouldn’t have cancelled.

        Unfortunately, the Box of Style doesn’t seem to reflect the brand image that Rachel Zoe wants to project. There’s no sophistication, little glamour (esp. when the package arrives WAAAYYY too late for the holiday party season). I had SUCH high hopes for this subscription, and I desperately wanted it to live up to the expectations (despite the bar being set lower and lower as I waited and read reviews from others who received their product before I did). The poor customer service and support really took the luxe and oomph out of whatever might have been exciting in the package.
        The price point would have been acceptable, if the items were as anticipated – sent on time and not poorly made.

        In the two boxes I received, the cosmetics and hair products were my favourites. The jewellery was poorly made: the rings from Fall 2017 were tarnished and of cheap quality and earrings from Winter 2017 were too big and the posts broke easily. The leather purse was okay, but the Winter 2017 one was poorly designed and produced. If it had lining, perhaps, it might have been more practical. The day timer (Winter) has illegible writing, and the tray (Fall) is tacky and looks cheap. I expected much better from Rachel Zoe. Much, much better. All this being said, the company achieved their objective and sold out the Winter BOS, so I’ll assume that any negative customer comments and complaints will be ignored, as they made their money. I don’t expect them to change.

        I will be keeping my eyes on this forum, and other Box of Style review sights, to learn what real subscribers – not just those who received the box for free – have to say. If I start reading positive reviews again, then I will consider renewing my subscription. I don’t have high hopes for this line based on my experience, but part of me really wants to be proven wrong.

  3. I pretty much loved everything in the box. It’s the box itself i have issues with. Mine was falling apart and everything fell out of it. It took away the joy of pulling item after item out and loving it. I cannot even show it to friends and family. Disappointed in that !!

  4. I have emailed to cancel and all I have received is the canned sorry will get to you email.
    They are going to automatically charge me in February – I am so irritated!

    • It’s frustrating they don’t have a better system for cancellations. I emailed them to cancel on Jan. 3 and received the same canned email saying someone would get back to me in 3-4 days. It took over a week!

  5. Hi, Liz! The clutch’s value is listed at $115 NOT $125. 🙂

  6. I’m very frustrated. It’s January 10th, and still no box. I paid for it in mid-November, received notice that it will be shipped on December 30th, PAID EXTRA for import duties tax etc on January 3rd, and yet STILL NO WORD as to when the box will arrive. So much for a “Holiday Box”. Debating whether or not to cancel. Reading the reviews, I’m starting to worry that I wasted my $130ish on something that might not live up to the hype. Is there anyone else who hasn’t received their box yet? Am I the only one still waiting?

    (The Fall box was meh, and the rings were HORRIBLE. Thankfully, other things balanced it out. Still not sure it was worth the money).

    • I am still waiting as well. I have been an annual subscriber for 1 1/2 years and shipping is always awful. Not sure why I stick around:( I am also in Canada and always pay the extra duty which is usually an extra $28. I am also a Fabfitfun subscriber and never get charged duty taxes. It’s so frustrating that some people who just order the box with a coupon or through Gilt are getting their boxes ahead of annual members!!

      • I’m sorry we’re in the same boat. I hope you get yours soon. I just hope it’s worth the wait.

      • My BOS FINALLY showed up today. Rather than the excitement of my initial box, I felt disappointed. The packaging was cheap and tacky – far different than the first package I received. However, despite being worried the products would be damaged, as others had indicated, the items were intact. I echo comments made by others about the daytime being difficult to read. I think the stuff would have been lovely for the holiday season, but now the entire package has been clouded by the poor customer service and sloppy delivery. Not sure if I’ll continue my subscription.

  7. I just received an email response from them 3 days after I complained on facebook and 2 days after they responded and said someone would get back to me. I was charged November 16th and there was no movement showing on my tracking – just label created. The response I got? My package is lost in transit via FedEx and they would send me a replacement.

    I asked for a refund instead, we’ll see what they say. I’ve been a quarterly subscriber since 2015.

    Curious whether anyone else has received the “sorry, your package is lost” response?

  8. Did anyone find the agenda hard to read?

    Also the stole won’t stay on me and I am a very petite person! It is too short and kept sliding off me.

    The oil was all over the box and the earrings are cheap and the clutch takes forever to open and feels cheap. Just cheap plastic like a child’s play bag.

    I do like the face oil and the eyeliner.

    This is such a sad box after last year’s holiday box. RZ is going downhill fast. Every box gets cheaper and cheaper.

    • my earring posts were crushed, clutch scratched up but the oil survived! I haven’t tried the stole on yet but I have a DD to give to and no response from RZBOS, so upset!

  9. I got my box promptly before Christmas….but it was completely empty!!! Could not believe it. Nothing at all in the black box. No apology at all but a replacement box was sent out and I just received it. All was intact. I think the quality is lacking and I can’t get the clutch open…..may have to cancel this one……

    • The difference in packaging between how this box was assembled and the past boxes is astonishing. It looked everything was thrown in there this time, resulting in the bent earrings and things breaking.

    • Just curious, are you an Annual subscriber? I am…and I still haven’t received my box yet and yet you have been shipped twice. I am pleased that you have been made whole…and you should be…but I am royally ticked at this terrible company. It’s my last box and I will never subscribe with them again. Not only is the service terrible but the product is shipped haphazardly and is underwhelming.

      • I would say to dispute with CC company but if you are annual and you paid more than 60/90 days ago I don’t think you can, still worth a call! I know with amex it much be with in certain time frame, another reason to not do annual! I used a visa gift card and don’t think I can!

  10. I’m a quarterly subscriber. Received my box December 23 – outside box was pristine, but the black BOS box was falling apart. No literature included. I had to come back to this post to confirm I got everything I was supposed to!

    I’ve commented here before about poor customer service responses that didn’t even remotely address any of my questions, and ended with an insulting “xoxo.” I just canceled and explained that customer service was my No. 1 issue, and I will no longer reward bad behavior – and I pointed out the insulting “xoxo.” Anyone want to place bets on whether I get an “xoxo” in the confirmation email?

    By the way, beware of the earring posts – I know I’m lucky that mine weren’t bent, but they were stabbed through the bag and tissue and stabbed the bejesus out of my fingers!

    • NOTE: Their autoresponse emails right now say they’re aware of the issues and working overtime over the holiday. However, on the contact form, the top points out that customer service responses will be delayed because the whole team is off for the holiday week. Maybe I’m misreading and they were only off on Christmas and New Year’s, and I’m not saying people shouldn’t be off over the holiday week, but don’t contradict yourself!

  11. Ordered this box as a gift and it ended up getting here too late to be gifted. Customer service offered no apologies for the ridiculous shipping delays and fulfillment issues. I opened the box up thinking that at least I would be able to use most of the items. Earring posts were stuck on the clutch box and were bent completely flat. Agenda paper had a hard crease from the very front page until the end of January (like something heavy had been sitting on it), and the paper also had weird bubbles that you get when paper gets wet and then dried. The clutch, which I was most excited about, looked horribly cheap and impractical. The scarf also looks cheap and is already shedding despite the fact it has and will never be worn. All of the retail value on these items seem like a horribly bad joke. My emails to customer service with photos of the damaged items have been unanswered since December 22. Last season it was the tarnished La Soula ring debacle (as well as the cheap looking leather clutch), the season before that there was something else that came damaged in transit… Obviously I’ve been giving BOS way too many chances than they deserve. Every season I am tempted and many a times misled by the spoilers. I stay optimistic and hope that they’ll redeem themselves but every season I get burned. Oh well, at least I only paid $99 (actually $107 with tax) for a facial oil I will actually use.

  12. My box came Christmas Eve. I had everything in box! The pearl clutch looks fun and I think after you put a cute mini wallet inside it or drawstring bag it won’t bang around. Will wait to see what complements I get at New Years party.the earrings look something like I would never buy but I’m going to try those tonight too! I think if Zoe put the earrings in a box they would not be bent. Mine are bent…. the scarf looks odd but it is showing up every where….i will try to wear it with turtleneck sweater and jeans. A fun broach could add life to it? The planner is fab! It looks elegant and I think I will get some gold initial stickers for the cover at the craft store. The liner is non irritating for my sensitive eyes and I just tried using it on the outside corners of my eyes . It was subtle that way. The oil has a strong scent and I have sensitivity so I used it as a body lotion and on my hair instead. Again this should be put inside the box so it doesn’t leak. I could see where the tissue wrapping had oil stains and I could smell it. All in all I was happy but I agree that long time sub gals should be the ones who get the first boxes sent and get perks.

  13. I couldn’t be more disappointed. The face oil had leaked out on to everything, the clutch feels like you are going to break it trying to open it, and the earring post were horribly bent up, and the box arrived after my holiday get togethers. I was unable to gift anything from the box not only because it came too late but I was embarrassed over how cheap everything is. With all that said I am going to stick with for one more season. Hopefully with all these awful reviews about the box and customer service the spring box will be that much better. She is going to lose so many good customers with this box.

    • You are brave to order another month. I would be concerned that with the amount of people not renewing that this sub could be in jeopardy. I am definitely not fronting them any more of my money. My box is enroute but I have missed the entire holiday season. It’s the last box in my annual subscription and I will no longer let them hold my money for a year, ship sale people and pretty much everyone else before me. I will order on sale in the future as I’m thinking most annual subscribers are frustrated and bailing out of the commitment.

    • I agree! They are going to have to step up their game big time. This box made me so sad. It was an insult to all of us who paid our money for it.

  14. I received an email notifying of delivery around the and received the box on Christmas Eve. What a lead balloon of a box. I’m ok with the planner, eye liner and beauty oil but there’s nothing fashion forward about any of those. The clutch, earrings and collar are ugly and look cheap. If anyone wants them I’m getting rid of them. Yuck. Oh…and canceling subscription.

  15. I received mine tonight..after Christmas. I had forgotten it was coming at all!
    The clutch is cute and different. Thinking it might be fun to bring to my wedding this year (I got the pearl). I was kind of excited to see the planner in here…I had actually forgotten it was going to be in this box and had just purchased a different one. The only thing…the printing on the pages seems so faded and is kind of hard to read. Is this how it’s supposed to be?

    • Yes, unfortunately it is too light. Just like the earring posts are all supposed to be bent, the purse is supposed to be missing a lining, and the boxes were supposed to be mailed a month ago. Regardless of the print, I can’t use the planner because it would make me angry. Every. Single. Day.

  16. So my box has been missing for a week now. UPS says the shipper has to make a claim. BOS customer service isn’t responding to a single email. The gods have spoken. Time to contact Amex.

  17. I too am underwhelmed by the Winter box. The earrings are especially large and cheap looking. Is it just me, or is the planner printed with such pale ink that it is difficult to see the lines on the pages? Unfortunately, I am stuck with the subscription for the year. I tried to cancel before it was shipped but was told that I could not.The boxes are less and less desirable and do not live up to the hype. This will definitely be my last year.
    Don’t waste your money.

    • call your CC co and just tell them the truth and dispute the rest of the year, it’s worth a shot!

  18. Just got my box. Pretty disappointed. My clutch came all scratched up and the earrings are heavy and the backs don’t even fit them properly… haven’t even bothered to unwrap the rest. This box is junk.

  19. I got my box today. I’m a little underwhelmed. It’s like everything is a great idea but there’s something missing to take it over the finish line. The posts of the earrings are cheap and bent, the hard acrylic purse is missing a liner to buffer anything carried in it, the faux stole has odd squared off ends.

    The biggest thing for me is the terrible fulfillment. Don’t promote something as things you can use at holiday parties, and miss the dates of 99 percent of holiday parties.

    I think this is my last box, Ms. Zoe. You don’t know how to scale, and it shows.

    • I think you hit the mark with that. Everything is fake high end and $115 earrings shouldn’t all come with bent posts! I want to love this but collaborations always feel so inflated in price and I like house of harlow but most of their earrings seem to retail in the 50-70 range so pricing these at almost double that because it’s a collaboration feels like Box of Style assumes we’re too grateful to know better. I bought this box on Gilt sans candle of course so I still feel like it’s not that bad of a box but the unlined purse made a very hard point.

      • I’m also sick and tired of getting black liquid eyeliner in every freaking box this winter. It will take me years to get through it all. She’s supposed to be giving us unexpected things. Black eyeliner is not unexpected.

        For the past two years, I usually have at least one piece on from my boxes. I get so many compliments on them. I’m just so disappointed about this.

      • Agree with both of your comments. Finally got my box today (I’m a long time subscriber), in time for zero of my holiday parties…earrings look cheap and the posts were really bent, out had leaked out into the box, purse just looks cheap to me. I won’t order again :/

      • I received my box today as well. When I opened it up, I was wondering why the tissue paper and the box the clutch is in has little dots like someone has been puncturing everything. Apparently you could pierce your ears with these earrings, the posts are so sharp they have literally pierced everything they could hit while being tossed around in the box. The posts are now smashed flat from all their adventures in shipping (including holes in the bag they came in). If this is House of Harlow quality, I won’t be purchasing in the future. The clutch was nicely packaged and thank goodness, escaped the earrings’ wrath. Inexplicably, the metal on the clasp of the clutch is scratched up. I’m just so worn out from waiting for this box and the disappointment from not having it for any holiday parties I can just laugh. Lesson learned and on to something else.

    • I’m sorry this happened to you. I just received the earrings – customer service is horrible w/this box. I do not recommend them at all. I did receive an email survey from them on the customer service email they sent me. I very politely explained to them that “canned” email templates don’t work and it’s a show of poor customer service. Especially when they send the wrong template (they sent me an email apologizing for the damage of the earrings – I told them the earrings weren’t damaged that I never received the earrings) – It’s a shame that this company is so lackadaisical w/customer service. This was the second box I received from them. The first had the LaSoula rings that were so messed up they had to send me another one. Now this. Totally not keeping this subscription service

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