Pusheen Box Winter 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoilers for the Winter 2017 Pusheen Box!

Each box will include:

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  • Sweater
  • Plush
  • Pins?
  • Figure
  • Mug
  • Mug Warmer
  • Head Massager
  • Note pads / gift tags?
  • Light up charger?

Here is a closer look at two of the items:


What do you think of the spoilers for the Winter 2017 Pusheen Box? FYI – you can still get this box if you sign up today!

Pusheen Box is $43.95 + $6 Shipping to the US.

Check out Pusheen Box reviews to see what you can expect from the cutest subscription box ever!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Here’s what is included. It’s all holiday themed:

    Winter mug
    USB Mug warmer
    Set of 4 pins
    Set of 4 sticky notes
    Phone charging cable with Pusheen string lights
    Head massager
    Pusheen plush
    Pusheen vinyl

  2. I just got mine and I’m so happy! It is so cute. The sweater is so soft! I love everything. The mug and the warmer!!! And the charger with lights!! The pins! Fabulous box!

  3. Mine just shipped priority mail, which is two business days. Looks like they are trying to get everyone’s to them before Christmas! What a great company!

  4. Just received tracking for my box, scheduled to be deliver on Saturday 🙂

  5. This was the reply I got:

    Dec 18, 3:28 PM EST

    Hi There!
    Thank you for reaching out!

    We are set to ship everything out the week of 12/18, with priority shipping so that it can arrive in time for Holidays.
    Please note, that we cannot guarantee Holiday shipping for customers outside the U.S. for new orders placed.


  6. This was the shipping response I just got:

    Dec 18, 3:28 PM EST

    Hi There!
    Thank you for reaching out!

    We are set to ship everything out the week of 12/18, with priority shipping so that it can arrive in time for Holidays.
    Please note, that we cannot guarantee Holiday shipping for customers outside the U.S. for new orders placed.

    Pusheen Box Team

  7. One week til Christmas, still no shipping notification. Last year’s box had better items. Live and learn, I won’t be gifting this again.

  8. It’s December 18th and there’s no shipping information for my order. The Fall box took seven days to arrive, guess we’re not getting it by the 25th. The head massager seems like filler.

    • Edit to my comment. I did receive a shipping email with tracking on December 19th. The label was created 12/16, picked up by USPS on 12/18. It is currently at my local post office out or delivery as of 12/20. Shipping from CA to NY.

  9. If we buy the box do we cat the cat in the photo? If so I will take them all! : )

    • My thoughts exactly…We’re getting actual cats!? Awesome!

      • Now I’m gonna have to rewatch Christmas Vacation to see the scene when they realize that Aunt Bethany has wrapped the cat in a gift box. 🤣

  10. This seems a little light. I was hoping for something a little more.

  11. Pretty annoyed about getting a head massager. Who the hell would use that thing? This is starting to feel like a collectibles subscription. Damn you pusheen for being so cute! They better step up the spring box or I’m out.

    • I love my head massager!

  12. Did anyone else’s mug come with half of the image stretched out as though it was misprinted? My plush also has glue on her face and her collar is sewn all wrong in front. 🙁

  13. I want to love this subscription. Summer was good. I waited patiently but never received Fall. Filled out their paperwork to ensure i get a replacement and they sent me another summer box. Frustrating in December.

  14. Just read that the charger is for iPhones. As an Android user this is a no go for me. 🙁

    • Bummer 🙁

    • The charger is both micro usb and iPhone, it has both plugs 🙂

      • Oh really yay I was bummed about that too im happy now

        • That’s not gonna help with micro usb. Phones now uses usb c.
          bumped for real.

  15. My Pusheen Box account is showing no future shipments until March 2018. Could this be right? I’m hesitant to contact customer service because their CS is pretty unresponsive.

    • They ship every quarter so mid December then again in March.

    • I contacted CS before ordering cause I want this for a Xmas gift. They answered very quickly and said box ships dec 15 and I would have by Christmas.
      I think they no people want this for Xmas gifts. 😀

  16. Christmas themed items that don’t arrive in time for Christmas? Just no.

  17. Sure, there’s a head scratcher, but it isn’t a Real headscratcher (TM) with 32 patent pending nogginizers that gently massage your scalp in a soothing purr of motorized delight.

    • 😂

  18. I really love Stormy, so I’m especially excited that there’s a Stormy pin in this one. I think my favorites (besides the Stormy pin) are the phone charger, mug, and mug warmer. I’m happy but I’ll be far less happy if I get it after Christmas.

  19. Last year I was planning to sign up for a winter box as a birthday present to myself but then talked myself out of it… and very much regretted it. I loved the items included in last year’s box. (And the winter box the year before.)

    So yesterday, I signed up for this year’s winter box and seeing the full spoilers today… I very much regret it. Everything’s cute but nothing I actually want. Now I’m a little disappointed in my first Pusheen box and kind of feel like I wasted $53 dollars.

    Next year I will definitely wait for the full spoilers first. I was just worried that the box would sell out before the spoilers posted so I subscribed.

    • That’s exactly what I was thinking too. The last two winter boxes were great and when the 2nd spoiler (the sweatshirt) came out I almost subscribed to the box. I managed to hold off a little bit until the full spoiler came out, only to find out that the sweatshirt is the only item I want in this year’s winter box.

      Again, the box is good, but I just got a mug from another winter sub box and my coffee don’t really last long enough to need the use of a mug warmer.

      I’m sorry the first box fell short for you but I’m hoping the Spring box will be more to your liking.

      • Thank you for your kind thoughts. I’m hoping I like it a lot more when I actually get the box. 🙂
        I only plan to get winter boxes so I’ll cancel after receiving this box and subscribe again next year depending on the full spoiler.

        I collect too many things to get every single box. So I decided to get only my favorite season of winter for Pusheen.
        Here’s hoping for that throw, blanket, or fuzzy slippers next year!

  20. This box is so cute and my daughter loves it BUT-
    Dear Pusheen Box,
    Considering it has a Christmas themed sweatshirt it would have been great if they could have gotten them all shipped out in time to actually put under the tree. This is the second Xmas it will arrive after the holidays and it is just so frustrating. I guess I print up a Pusheen IOU for my daughter? It’s not like I can save it for Valentines with the themed sweatshirt. Sigh.

    • l bought the box as a gift for my daughter as well. l haven’t even received a shipping notification. Beyond frustrating.

      • They’re promising the Supernatural box will arrive for Christmas but I haven’t received shipping info for it. Glad it’s a gift for me because if it hasn’t shipped yet, it seems like it’ll be dicey!

        • Did you contact them? Just wondering where you heard we should receive the box before Christmas. Fingers crossed!

          • I contacted customer service in early December and asked if I would get the pusheen box in time for Christmas if I ordered it today. She replied on December 4 and told me yes, so I ordered it immediately. Now I’m nervous but holding out hope! I don’t have a shipping notification yet though.

          • I had ordered in November, in time for the fall box. I’m hoping that that was early enough to get this one for the holidays. No notifications yet, though.

    • A bright light of hope…On their Facebook page they commented that they’re sending all the boxes 2-day delivery, so if they get it out by Tuesday, there is a very, very good chance it’ll be there in time. Fingers crossed

      • Yay!!!

      • That is awesome news!! Thank you

  21. I was going to purchase a cute donut shaped mug warmer but now this one is just so cuuute & I can’t wait to try it out… it works as a coaster too 😀 , Wish the box was more winter-snowflake themed instead of xmas since this one is going to arrive in January for most of people. I was hoping to get it before my birthday like last year but unfortunately they haven’t even shipped mine. I think they should start shipping on the first working day in December. Would like to see the full design of the sweater but again it’s not winter themed. Wish if they added warm socks or a throw blanket instead of sticky notes or that head massager that looks like a whisk lol. The USB charging cable is only for iPhone or iPad not for android & I’m fine with it but some people who hate Apple products would be mad I guess. The figure is adorable, pins are cute & for me the winter 2016 box wins over this one.

    • The charger is both micro usb and iPhone, it has both plugs 🙂

  22. that head scratcher would end up so tangled in my hair, leaving a permanent pusheen on top of my head. that would be fun to explain to both sides of the family for x-mas. “WHAT did she say that cat’s name is??”

  23. Can’t wait to see it all in person!

  24. I cancelled my annual subscription trying to save money but Pusheen is just too cute. Comes down to $40 a box.

  25. A Pusheen head scratcher? My life is now complete! 😉

    • Have you ever tried one of those? They hit on all the pressure points in your scalp and it feels so relaxing. I was suspicious too before I tried one, but one massage and I was a convert.

  26. Head scratcher?? That’s just weird. Everything else ranges from okay to super-cute – love the mug!

  27. It says “update your sweater or bag for the holidays with these pins” so I guess those are indeed pins. Then the other one says “stay organized with this set of Pusheen holiday sticky notes”. Other one is “charge your phone with this fun charging cable that lights up when plugged in”.

  28. Been wanting a mug warmer, but if usb is short it can spill on my laptop. Not a fan of the blue green color on the shirt…and everything else looks useless…*head scratcher*

    • The cable is 1 meter long, pretty good length to keep it out of the way.

  29. Head massager is pretty random. Def would have swapped the pins, head massager, stickers, vinyl, cat lights for a blanket even a beanie/scarf. Happy with the mug, plush and sweatshirt.

  30. Ive been wanting a cup warmer…but id hate for it to have a short usb for laptop only bc im scared of a spill. And since im not a huge fan of that weird blue green color, im going to pass. The mug is cute, but i have plenty and all the other items are useless.

    • Also been wanting a mug warmer so I am very happy with those. For the usb part, just buy an adapter, it solves the problem and you plug on the eletrical outlet. Head scratcher sux tho. And I am getting two boxes….

  31. I was hoping for a blanket or throw too! But good items, except the head scratcher??

    I don’t see a mug warmer? is that the USB item? but it looks like there are some string lights again, around the cat there.

    • ah, nevermind. I see the product card lists the mug warmer and the “lights” are indeed a charging cable.

    • The mug warmer is pictured in it’s box behind the mug. I agree that the head massager is perplexing.

  32. Does not seem as good as last winter :/

  33. I dodged the bullet this time. Not a bad box in anyway, but I’m glad I waited for the spoilers.

    • yeH, and I’m glad I only ordered one. The winter box last year was great so I ordered two and used one for gifts. 🙂 this one would have been a lot harder to do that with!

  34. LOVE LOVE LOVE everything!

  35. Hmm. I’m glad to see a mug and plush but was hoping for a blanket and more cozy items

  36. It’ll be interesting to see the actual color of the shirt as these photos seem to show two different shades. A head massager? WHY?!

  37. It’ll be interesting to see the color of the shirt when my friend receives it as these photos seem to show a different color. A head massager? WHY?!

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