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Play! By Sephora December 2017 Box #601 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have the full spoilers for the December Play! By Sephora box #601 thanks to Tanvi!

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #601 will include:

Play! by Sephora December 2017 Box #577 will include:

Here’s a look at all the products that may be in your December box:


Sephora has let us know that every box this month will include 3 makeup items!

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. Finally got my Dec box and don’t care for anything in it. Boring. I’ll give this a couple more months then I’m out. (I’m down from 12 boxes two years ago to just 2, so the addiction is finally waning…!) 🙂

  2. I don’t understand. If you aren’t happy with what you’re getting, can’t you change information in your Play profile so you get different items? Like if I change my hair concerns to the opposite of what they are now, wouldn’t I be more likely to get a different box?

  3. I am getting 601 and not thrilled. Anyone wanna trade this for 577 let me know!

  4. I’m 601 and also not really loving this box. I thought for December they would have some really good items such as a sparkly shadow or throw in a nice blush. I was hoping to avoid the Smashbox shadow but alas, end up being stuck with it. I’ll probably just hand it off to someone else who likes orangey/gold tones more than I do. Would have much preferred getting the laura mercier shadow stick or even the ABH gloss or the TF mascara. The MUFE lipstick doesn’t look bad and suits the holidays/new years and it’s a good formula. Out of the 2 hair items I’m glad I’m getting the triple sec even though I have a few samples of that already. Also happy to be getting the Clinique eyeliner pen because even though eyeliner can be quite boring I really only wear black eyeliner and on the occasion brown or purple. It will be interesting to see if it can compete with my physicians formula liner or stila liner. The Dr Jart looks interesting and it’s a new product I haven’t tried before. Lastly, the Atelier cologne seems nice, but I wish they would have their perfume samples in a regular vial with a spray nozzle, it makes it so hard to use when it can just spill out, the same post card packaging is cute but even if I like the scent I never use it because of the packaging of the vial. So the only real misses with me is the smashbox shadow and the perfume. But overall this box isn’t that exciting and I can see what people are saying with the repeats and it is noticeable a lot of the items may be leftovers from point perks, promo codes, past boxes. I remember seeing the smashbox shadow as a promo code I think, the drybar triple sec has been in past boxes I believe as well as a point perk and promo code and the coverfx drops in the other box was in my box a month or two ago and was part of a promocode. I guess it’s the end of the year and they are trying to clear out stock for new stuff, as long as the stuff is good/useable i’m ok with it as long as the whole box isn’t repeats.

    • Im 601 as well and I too am not excited about this box.
      I dont do reds/ dont care for the normal shadow colors, heard all bad things about the triple sec and the other 3 are worth a try but they arnt making me horny! lol

  5. I’m 577 and Very Happy with All the Products. I read reviews and the reviews for all of them are outstanding 🦄 For once my box contents were listed in the first round 💥

  6. This is my box, and like many of you I recognize a lot of repeats. play! Is on its last legs with me. What are your recommendations for makeup heavy boxes? I don’t want hair or skin care and I already do Ipsy and Lip Monthly

    • Boxycharm

      • Boxycharm is fabulous!!

    • I hear Boxycharm is amazing.

    • Boxy is good. But December was awful. Each variation pretty much sucked across the board and I unfortunately got the worst of the lot 🙁

      Other months have been great but there are only so many eye shadow pallets one needs and I’ve gotten 3 lip sticks different brands but virtually the same shade each.

      For the most part it is an excellent value overall though!

  7. I keep telling myself that I’m going to cancel this box if I get one more that I don’t like. This isn’t the worst box I’ve gotten – I’m actually excited to try the Cicapair cream. But red lipstick and black eyeliner? Come on! Plus warm toned eyeshadows, which I personally don’t care for, and another freaking Atelier cologne. I think I’ve tried all their other scents at this point, and I don’t like any of them. So I think I’m done with this sub. If they make some changes, I would absolutely be willing to try them again. But as it is, I’m just not happy.

    • Love Cicapair cream! Hate red lipstick! Hate black eyeliner. SO boring!!! This is on the was out!! Fragrance sample- waste of space.

      • I agree. This is the second time in a row I will be getting this red lipstick and have very fair skin and look horrible in red lipstick. Thinking this will be my last box.

      • I 2nd this!

  8. If anyone wants to trade box 601 for box 577, let me know!

    • I will!!! mizztooth yahoo

      • Do you still
        Want to trade? I’m getting 601

        • Yes! I finally am on the swap site! Iggy’sRock. My bag hasn’t arrived yet. Has your?

    • I will! That’s the one I was really wanting! U can contact me on Facebook at Renee Dishman or on Instagram at reneedishman901 or respond hear with ur email I’ll check back. I’d love to trade with u!!

    • Erin I would love to trade! Contact me at Facebook Renee Dishman or on here I’ll keep checking back

      • Hi, are you on the swap site?

        • I signed up but have never been on it let are you? If so I can find you on it

        • Hey Erin I’m up there now I listed box 601 from Sephora Play to swap I’ll check back on here in a little while to see if you found me

  9. Ughhhhh!!!!! We’ve gotten MUFE lipsticks, we’ve gotten Atelier Perfume, we’ve gotten a BILLION black eye liners, we’ve gotten the Smashbox eye shadows… box 601 is like the Sephora 2017 closet clean out. Yuck!

    • IKR ;/

  10. What baffles me is this is my teenage daughter’s box, and why would a teenager need a “lift and firm” cream? Yes, the curation leaves a little to be desired.

    And why so stingy with the spoilers, Sephora?

    Still nothing on my own box number, so maybe I’ll swap something with her for the PTR item (I’ll be 37 this weekend and can use any extra lifting and firming!).

  11. I wish I was getting this box. I’m getting 585 and someone on the Sephora community just posted this:

    Box 585#

    – [ ] Miss Dior – The New Eau de Parfum
    – [ ] Makeup forever artist rouge c211
    – [ ] Smashbox cover shot eyeshadow
    – [ ] Too faced better than sex mascara
    – [ ] Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume Hairspray
    – [ ] It cosmetics confidence in a cream

    Not bad, but I’d much rather had a red lippie and the tiger grass cream. Still, happy to get the Smashbox eyeshadow.

  12. Getting box 601… If anyone wants to swap let me know, I probably wont use any of it. I was really hoping for the ABH gloss & PTR!

    • ditto!

  13. This is my first Sephora Play box and I actually kind of like it! I’m getting 601 and excited to try out the hair product, eyeliner, and Dr. Jart cream. Sorry to everyone else who hates it!

  14. I can’t see my box number even if I followed the path… how do you guys find out the number?

    “If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.”

    I can’t even see my ‘account details’

  15. Has anyone else noted that there is a 6 th skincare item that is in the picture and video and no one has mentioned? Hmmmm

    Can someone tell me if it was an error or if it will be a surprise in someone’s box?

  16. I’m 154. And they are being weird with curation and spoilers. I’m suspicious about what’s going on?!? Glad neither of these are mine. Sorry for those who got that Tom Ford. That stuff literally made me gag and I do a wide variety of scents. It’s grandma in the worst way. And black liner or red lips? Yippee 🤦🏻‍♀️ Box 154 better be the holy grail or I’m out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Allure, Boxy charm, and Scentbird for me!

  17. Bah, I wish I was getting this box! It has most of the things I wanted. I’m getting #635 and eagerly waiting for updates…

  18. What a let down! I’m out, this is the last straw for me. There are to many what looks like good boxes to try out. For example, look fantastic. Bye Sephora…..

    • I agree! This box is not good- I keep holding on each month waiting for the box to not make me cancel…this box is not it…..not sure this has been worth the $120 I spend a year on this….

  19. Box 601, this is sad. I was just convincing myself not to cancel Sephora because it gives me a bit of makeup to try versus my other boxes that are skincare. And they were promoting including more makeup this month. Then of course none of this makeup interests me or moreso I already have a ton of the same stuff. At least I like the other 3 items.

    • I’m the same way. I would love to get the Custom FX enhancer drops but I don’t know why, my box always seems like its made up of left overs. They’re not curated well and like you, I’ve also been contemplating cancelling and this box might be the one to push me to do it. Just doesn’t compare with boxycharm.

      • I would have loved to get this box ! I’m box 585 and don’t know what I am getting yet , but I know I DO NOT want the Custom Fx enhancer drops ! I can’t stand that stuff ! But I desperately want to try this tiger grass cream ! I am definitely willing to trade if I do get the drops !

  20. One of my issues with play is lately they are doing repeats. A couple months ago they gave me a red lipstick and two months ago I got a red liquid one. Those halo drops were in another recent box, the eyeshadow was a gwp which is fine because some people didn’t get to redeem it but I know they have a habit of doing dry shampoo which is a waste because a lot of us can’t or don’t use it. My hairdresser said it’s awful for your hair. Repeats can be fine if they are going to someone who didn’t get it in a previous box. I wouldn’t mind another red yet there are other color options this month. So far this has been the second box that I’ve been disappointed in which is good. I just hope they listen and step it up. It would also be nice if they could monitor what they send us like these people got red lips and eye liner this year twice let’s change it up

    • I totally agree. The fact that I’ve had two red lipsticks from them one literally last month shows a huge lack of any kind of curation to our profiles and previous boxes. Stinks. I’m getting the red lipstick too if you couldn’t tell haha.

      • YES! I’ve only had the subscription for 5 months and I’ve already had 2 red lipsticks and 2 black liquid eyeliners. I do not look good in red lipstick, it makes my mouth look very tiny. I am running out of friends to give my lipsticks to! Nobody wants the reds. Please Sephora, stop with the red lipsticks and black liquid eyeliners!

        • I agree as well–I got a dry shampoo and red lipstick in my November box. However, there were lots of products I haven’t tried that are in the other boxes. The products themselves are great, but I’m a bit sick of repeats and this is only my 4th month with the subscription

        • we must be getting the same boxes cause I’ve been with them the same amount of time. And am also getting repeats (red lip, black Liner) You would think in 5 months there would be no repeats…

      • I agree about the red lipsticks. I am fair and I cannot use them… why give fair people super bold colors? I had a red sephora lipstick last month too. I’m super disappointed this month.

        • I’ve never gotten a lip color gloss or stick that I liked after almost 2 years of subscription. I got at least 15 of them. Then I figured they would never give a color that suit most people cause the purpose of play box is to sell full size products at sephora. They give you an ugly color and maybe let you try out the textures so you could return to store to buy the colors you like……

  21. Box 577, I’m happy with it! I haven’t tried any of these products. I have used drybar, but not this one. Not sure how the eyeshadow colors will look on me with fair skin, blonde hair, & greenish-grey eyes, but looking forward to trying it! If it doesn’t work, I have several friends that would like it! Love the shade of the Anastasia Lip Gloss!! And I’m always up for new perfume!!

  22. I’m usually not a complainer with Sephora okay but this isn’t a very exciting box for me, definitely would’ve preferred 577. I have been looking to try the tiger grass cream though!! I’m sure I’ll use the eyeliner eventually, and the eyeshadow looks like nice colors. I’ll never use the lipstick ever, am not sure the volumizing spray would work well for me and ever get any use, and I usually don’t like that brand of perfume, though this one does sound okay, I will try it obviously.

    It’s not like a “bad” box, I’m just not excited…. and seeing the other box got cute abh lipgloss instead of regular bright red lipstick (and a Laura mercier product, and a fancy looking gold cream) didn’t help lol. That box just looks more “luxe”

  23. Dammit! This is my box =( Ugh! I wish I were getting #577 instead, I really want to try that Peter Thomas Roth 24k Cream! There is not one thing in my box that I’m looking forward to. This sucks.

  24. #601… I don’t want anything in my box, what the heck man!

  25. Hmmm. 601 is not doing it for me. I’m not a red lip kinda girl and I have enough black eyeliner for a goth festival lol. Still, I’ll try the products and often find I like something I had thought I wouldn’t. I will find the bright side! …I think the wait for spoilers got me imagining something AMAZING for December was going to emerge. It felt like it took forever to get the spoilers this month!

  26. I’m getting 601. I would have preferred the eye basics to the eyeliner; and would have liked the mauve-y lipstick instead of yet another super bright color, but I can make this work. I really wanted to try the tiger grass cream, so that’s cool.

  27. I am getting box 601 and would love to get box 577 instead .. if anyone is interested find me on the swap site as RK or email rakshandakhanathotmail

  28. These both look good. My box is 585. I hope it’s just as good.

  29. What is Box 627?? I hope they pay attention to my profile. 🤨🤔

  30. I am too light skinned for any red lipstick and I hate that eyeshadow. Just subscribed to Medusa’s Makeup for the gorgeous blues, purples, and pinks.

    Maybe the skin care in Sephora Play! will somehow make up for the earth tones they keep sending but I’m not at all sure.

  31. EVERY TIME I complain about a box not curating to those of us with very fair skin and cool tones such as light blonde hair and gray eyes, my comments don’t go through.

    What would be the name of this filtering?
    I have a word in mind, and if true, this is seriously wrong on the part of your filters/ censors/ moderators.

    • Oh shut up Mandy. No one is intentionally curating bad boxes for all you pale princesses. Oh and there is no such thing as being too pale to wear red or bold lipstick. Clearly you don’t think you’re too pale for the tacky eyeshadows from Medusa’s Makeup

      • Do you think if enough people return their #601 they’ll get the hint about how crappy this box was put together for us? Are we even allowed to return Play boxes?

      • Wow, um… I realize Mandy posted several times (and made an *unusual* comment about pale discrimination) but I’m assuming her comments didn’t show up right away which has happened to me on MSA lately – I double posted thinking it was iPad’s fault.
        Regardless, there is no need to tell someone here to shut up, call them names, or disparage a colorful makeup brand just because it isn’t your taste.

      • Omg I’m sorry but that is funny. I get called pasty because I’m so white, but now I want to be a pale princess!!

      • That’s really nasty and unnecessary.

      • IF you celebrate Christmas or any other holiday this season, I have a feeling you might get a lot of Kohl.
        ( See what I did there? :))

        Bless your heart.

    • I would email sephora about it if you want them to hear you out. This website has nothing to do with sephora. They just give us sneak peeks.

      • I have had very good experiences with Sephora customer service. They always respond right away and resolve my issues in a very professional and efficient way. Constructive feedback is always good, so I ditto the suggestion to send feedback to Sephora.

    • I’m pretty much vampire on the skintone scale and cool toned as well. I enjoy using a little warm toned shadow to add a little warmth to my skin. Overdoing the cool tones wash me out. I’m not one for bright and bold lips but that’s just style choice and not because I can’t pull them off. It’s never a bad idea to try out new things cause you never know when you’ll find that stepping out of your comfort zone can have positive effects.

  32. Forgot to check the “notify me box”

  33. If they are curating to our Beauty Profiles, then they can’t read. How on earth did I get those eye shadows and lip stick with this very very pale cool Beauty Profile?
    Hair- pale blonde.
    Eyes- Gray
    Skin- Fair
    Skin type- Dry
    Hair type- Long, color treated, thick straight, use no styling products and air dry.

    Just wasted $10 PLUS tax. Not sure about the rest of you, but I’m charged close to 10% tax.

    • OOPS, 10% tax. Slip of the fingers there. So sorry

    • I’m also box 601 and I’m a redhead extremely pale blue eyes, this red lipstick is probably the 3rd or 4th one I’ve received in the past few months. I can wear a good cool toned bold red on special occasions but not every day, come on Sephora, especially since I just got one from them last month 😟

    • Tax is based on the tax rate where you live. They’re legally required to collect it if they have any “physical presence” in the state. Physical presence can be a Store, a warehouse, or even remote workers located in that state. I get charged the same tax rate I’m charged for any other store purchase in my state. If what they’re charging you does not match the tax rate for your state/county/city they you should contact them to let them know they’re charging the wrong rate.

  34. I’m getting 601. I’ll probably use the lipstick and cologne, and eventually the eyeliner. I’ll have to see the eyeshadow in person. Definitely won’t use the Drybar or the Dr. Jart — I never use hair products like that and don’t have troubled skin.

  35. Are full sized products ever included, like they are with ipsy?

    • No they are always deluxe. It’s in the play facts. That would be cool though

  36. Oh dear, I am NOT digging this box. That eyeshadow and hair product are completely wrong for my coloring and needs. And I can’t deal with yet another harsh red lipstick. It’s like they ignored the profile completely 🙁

  37. Looks like I’m getting #601. My December boxes are letting me down. First Boxycharm now this. 2 repeat items: red lipstick and eye liner. Not excited about the shadow. I hope Birchbox doesn’t let me down. I’m getting two from them this month. *fingers crossed*

    • So: You might want to try ALLURE. Tehir boxes have been knockout crazy good of late and the January box makes me cry. check out their items in mysubscriptionaddiction’s page for itemized results, but one item in January that is amazing is a FULL SIZE Sunday Riley CEO Serum that retails for $85. I have tried this serum and wonderful, but I couldn’t afford to keep buying it, but this next month, Allure is gifting the full size to ALL who subscribe!

      That said, I have found this box to be consistently good these days and every now and them (like January) killing it with some designer item. Try them, they are only $15 a month OR there is a coupon out there that let’s you order 3 months for $10 a month. Can’t beat it, save for Boxycharm.

      • I’ve been reading both Ipsy and allure reviews for the past month.

        I’m thinking of cancelling boxy and going with ones of those, i haven’t been able to make up my mind.

        I did one offs this month of glossy and birch and have since cancelled both.

        I’m so afraid of cancelling boxy cause of the wait list and I just know a good box will come up and I’ll be mad at myself

        • I cancelled!! I feel free!!

  38. So glad I canceled last month!

  39. This is like the fourth hot red lipstick I’ve gotten in a row, and I’m good on red with two full size lipsticks which I never wear anyways! Not a great box for me since I already have the Philosophy sample AND the perfume samples twice over and have plenty of black eyeliner not to mention I don’t use liquid, and I somehow have THREE Diorshow’s already from boxes lol! That makes the drybar the only thing I might use sigh…but most of the time my play! boxes are awesome so it’s all good.

  40. I am significantly more excited about 601 vs 577, alas neither are my box 🙁

    • Which box number is yours?

    • If you end up wanting to trade, let me know! I have 601 and I already have the smashbox shadow and can’t use the drybar on my curly hair.

    • I’m open to trade if you want!

      • What box are you getting?

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