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Order POPSUGAR Boxes by the 14th for 12/24 Delivery!

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POPSUGAR has extended their Holiday shipping deadline! All orders for Limited Edition boxes and/or December boxes placed by December 14th are guaranteed to arrive by December 24th!


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I posted a comment about this Limited Winter box and wanted to make note of it here too.

    Interesting that Popsugar “guaranteed” delivery by Christmas if ordered before a certain date and then didn’t live up to the promise. No message or reason for the delay. Would have been nice to be able to opt out if they couldnt follow through.

    It is now the evening of the 28th and still my order hasn’t moved or even made it to the Post office. No word as to why or when or if even it will ever get here.

    Its incredulous that they are now offering the same box at a big discount and haven’t bothered to fulfill their promises to those of us who paid full price. Beware you guys.

  2. Okay, I am in the same boat as a lot of others. I ordered before the cutoff date and expected to get delivered before Christmas as the box was a CHRISTMAS GIFT!!! Just got the notification my box will be delivered the 26th!!! Now I don’t have a gift for my sister. Really disappointed and feeling taken because they said it would be delivered. I love everything about the Popsugar boxes but they really have to get their delivery problems fixed. I have read many people have canceled their subs because of this. If you can’t keep your delivery dates, don’t say you can! Now I am off to brave the stores and try to find my sister a gift.

  3. I ordered all of my boxes way before the 14th and was feeling assured that we had no worries. At first the new shipper looked cute as the truck blinked but it is 12-22 and my limited edition boxes have not moved. I am not cool with this because a promise is a promise…and it is Christmas……Between this and the Box of Style now delivering after Christmas, way not cool. And I don’t want to even go into the HR fail……but the reps need to get this moving. One person said they had not received the Neiman Marcus box. No excuse for that!!!

  4. Shipping promise is up in smoke, I ordered my boxes on 12-5 and USPS still has not received. Contacted CS what a joke, they are working with their “shippers” and will get back to me. Unfortunately I ordered as Christmas gifts on a short visit and its not going to happen. Very sad new I cancelled with PS before NO CUSTOMER SERVICE AND LIES LIES LIES Buyer beware

  5. I am really upset with PopSugar right now. How could they guarantee delivery by 12/24 if you ordered on the 14th and they can’t even get the boxes ordered prior to that delivered before Christmas?! I ordered mine 11/30 and now the tracking says I will not get it until 26-27th!! The last shipping details shows it was in Gilroy, CA – on the 15th! 6 days later and it hasn’t moved. I also ordered a couple of the special boxes they had on sale – September & October. October box shipped out later than September, but still haven’t received September box. Estimated deliver for September box was 12/5 or 6. It’s been in Atlanta since the 6th! Both of these were for Christmas and now I’m left scrambling. VERY disappointed in PopSugar. I have contacted them about the September box 3 times and basically all they do is recap what I can read on the the tracking info. I mean if they had that many extra boxes and selling them for such a discount, to keep a customer happy I would have thought they would have sent a replacement. Maybe they just have too many unhappy customers this holiday season. Will definitely be rethinking this when my commitment is up.

  6. Ugh I received a tracking email the 13th and the box still hasn’t moved at all! It’s in NJ and I live in TN. I doubt it will be here before Christmas. 😡

    • Same. I have 2 on the way. One is moving at a snail’s pace and likely won’t be here before I go out of town for Christmas and the other has said “shipping label created” since the 13th with no actual movement whatsoever. I ordered both a while ago. I’m really bummed that I won’t be able to pack that necklace or the scarf. 🙁

      • Tessa – so sorry they aren’t going to reach you in time. I will buy one off of you, I don’t care if it’s after Christmas or what. Popsugar allowed me to order a December box and pick out a silver necklace, and now they are saying they are sold out. I even have a screenshot of it saying December is my first box. Please email at Hotrodsis @ iCloud . Com if you’re interested.

    • I just received my box today.

  7. Okay guys, I’m actually crying. I don’t have funds to purchase monthly boxes. I actually got a prepaid card and put $ on it just to get this box. I ordered the December box on 12/15, started a new subscription. The button on the website said December and the rep on FB also confirmed I would get December as my first box through FB messenger. My account now says January. When contacting them thru email, I was told that they would look into it, and again confirmed all new orders were supposed to start with December. Then, just a few hours later I have an email from “the team” saying January would be my first. I am heartbroken. I want to be able to call someone, but I can’t find a number. I just want the December box, and I did everything in my power to confirm I would indeed get it. And I don’t care at all if it shows up after Christmas. I would not have went to all this trouble with getting a card just to purchase this. And I would not have spent almost $40 on a box I have no clue what is in it.

    • I just looked and I even have the screenshot where I picked the silver necklace!

  8. Has anyone who paid for the Holiday box in November not yet received either the box or tracking info?

    I ordered mine on the 29th, paid full price for it, no discounts for anything, as I am stupid, and it still says ” Processing”.

    I emailed them, got a non- answer, ” We’ll check on it” canned reply.

    This and the RZ BOS were going to be the majority of my personally chosen Christmas presents. I think I just struck out with both. So sad.

    • I ordered on Nov 20th and received my box this morning. I don’t think I got a shipping email, it just showed up. Good luck!

    • Last year, I think I got the limited edition men’s box on christmas eve. It may seem unlikely but your boxes could still make it to you on time. Hope you get them in time.

  9. I received tracking for the December box last night. I ordered on 12-10. Also I don’t recognize the tracking #. It doesn’t look like the sequence that USPS , UPS, or FedEx use. I’m in GA & mine shipped from NY.

    • It turns into a USPS tracking once it starts moving.

  10. Be aware! I ordered both the LE and the December box the other day. I got an email that the LE box had shipped (really it only meant a label was created). Worse, I checked further and saw that it is being shipped from the Gilroy, CA warehouse (over 3 thousand miles away) rather than the New York warehouse four hundred miles away.

    So, honestly I have my doubts about this promise as they do not seem to be shipping by a faster method at all.

  11. I recived Dec today, I order on Cyber Monday with the 30% coupon. Also I got thr freebies that were offered on better than Friday, not complaining.

    Also the box it’s so nice that even waiting it is worth it. Now I wished I ordered 2, the items are so ready to be gifttable.

    • It’s this kind of thing that drives me crazy about Popsugar.

      I ordered better than Black Friday deal and still haven’t gotten my box. I also remember Liz saying they had run out of the freebies while people were still ordering. So how are they mailing boxes for later orders first and sending items they don’t have extras of to people who didn’t sign up for it?! They have a habit of then saying oh well – we don’t have any more in stock.

      Glad you have your box though. Enjoy!

      • Right…it’s a nice surprise bonus if they had extras. But the fact that they were acting like all of the freebies were gone on BTBF and people potentially missed out on them is not right. Seems a bit chaotic….

  12. I had forgotten how much I hate dealing with PopSugar because of their terrible shipping.

    • Right? It’s like “Hey, loyal subscribers that have spent hundreds if not thousands with us over the years…you maybe sorta might possibly get your box by Christmas!…..but hey! new subscribers check out our discounted deals and January add ons even though you didn’t receive December’s box yet whooo hoo xoxo love PSMH” …..I’m not bitter lol. I’ve emailed my feedback. Andy D better come through for me!

    • Exactly, never again.

  13. Well I bought a box on the 4th and it hasn’t shipped yet.

    • Me, too.

  14. I received a notice that mine was shipped on December 7th however tracking says they just received it for delivery on December 11th. I am afraid that after my credits run out this will be a cancelled subscription. There are many other boxes out there that have similar products with accurate shipping info.

  15. My box easily takes two weeks to arrive, are they changing shipping methods?

  16. … Will they guarantee holiday shipping for the boxes we’ve already bought? O.o

  17. Popsugar – please, please focus on sending out the December boxes you already sold! Half of the month is practically gone and still not shipped. Mail is slow right now because of the Christmas overload – they honestly need to ship now. Waiting until the last minute (which your current announcement suggests) will only end with sad customers who have no box but do have broken promises of Christmas delivery.

    • I messaged them a few days ago and they mailed today.

  18. How about they send out the ones they already sold….

  19. I’m wondering why my December box still hasn’t shipped… I’m a regular subscriber.

    • Mine hasn’t either. I bought a second one-time box yesterday with the discount code and I’m curious to see which shows up first…

      • I just now received the email that my box shipped.

        • I got an email tonight too! We must be in the same shipping wave. Lol

  20. Mines still waiting for shipping at warehouse. 🙄 Always get tracking info with a package that never shows movement.. til I question and email them a ton of times about it. 😔

  21. I got my box this morning and they threw in the gift with the Oribe texturizing spray, washi tape and star toothpicks.

    • That’s nice of them 🙂

    • I got mine today and got those extras, too.

    • I believe the extras were a part of the BF or BTBF deal. The deal was for the one time purchase box not the subscription box.

      My one time purchase box shipped last week but I just received shipping for my sub box yesterday.

      • The free gifts were part of the Better than Black Friday deal coordinated with MSA for subscription upgrades to 3 months (plus 30% off) not a one-time purchase.

        • Oh yeah..i think you are right.

        • No it applied to 1 time purchases too. Im not a subscriber and i bought a BF december box and got the free gifts.

    • It was part of the better than Black Friday deal if you purchased in time yo get the extras that day.

      • Did that came inside the pink box or did it came in a bigger box? I got my boxes but I wanted to open on Christmas Day.

  22. Is the promo code live yet? It’s not working. Thanks Liz!

    • I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that coupon expired yesterday. Removing it from the post – sorry again!

      • Aw crud, wish I’d seen this yesterday hahaha

    • Did you try to put the box you want in your shopping cart from the “gift shop” page of the website? I was having problems yesterday until I figured that out….

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