Luxor Box Limited Edition Luxurious Travel Box Review

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In addition to their bi-monthly subscription box, Luxor box also does Limited Edition boxes. This review is for their Special Edition Travel Box. (No longer available).

There are so many items in this box that we have a box within a box situation!

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

FYI this box is no longer available for sale, but here are the box details:

The Box: Limited Edition Luxor Travel Box

The Cost: $450 (USA) or $500 (Canada)

The Products: “Travel in LUXOR style this holiday season. This box will be jam packed with 12 luxurious items for ALL your travel needs. This box contains all NEW items – not repeat items from past boxes.”

The box comes with individual cards for each item included. First up:

Halcyon Days Honeycomb Bangle in Palladium – Value $215

This bangle is plated Palladium with black enamel detail in the honeycomb design.

The hinge design is so slick! You just press down on one side of the button to release the hinge, and it slides into place and locks on its own.

I think it looks lovely on its own, but would be great to mix with other pieces for a mutli-bracelet look. Here it is on:

Tilo Mosiac Cashmere Scarf in Brown – Value $195

(Customers either received this brown or a plum version.)

I’ve received Tilo scarves a few times in subscription boxes over the years, and they are such a treat! This fabric feels so light and soft! Here it is on:

Kiko 5-Piece Travel Set:

(Each piece comes in its own bag, too!)

Kiko Fold n Hold Black Leather Tote – Value $150

This might just be my favorite Luxor Box item of all time! I love the design, it’s super practical, and the leather and construction are impressive, too!

In addition to the outside pockets, you have a zippered interior pocket.

And I love the plaid lining, too.

Here it is on:

It’s definitely roomy enough to hold everything I need in a carry-on bag, too. And the handle length is perfect – very comfortable!

Kiko Leather Cord Wrap – Value $27

This cord case has three different sections for cords:

And a pocket to store any extras!

Kiko Accessory Pouch – Value $45

This drawstring pouch measures 7 ¼” x 9” and is perfect for corralling your phone and a few other essentials:

Also, in general, I’m so impressed with the quality of the leather and construction of this entire set!


Kiko Black Leather Journal – Value $50


This leather outer case comes with a blank notepad to fit inside:


Is travel journaling a thing? If you’ve ever done it and recommend it, let me know!

Kiko Leather Assortment Pack – Value $65

Fanciest pencil case ever? This measures 8″ x 3½” x 3½”, and it has gold hardware and a plaid lining:

I might end up using this for makeup brushes.

Pura Botanica Black Faux Ostrich Jewelry Travel Case – Value $175

Wow! This is the nicest jewelry travel case I have ever seen! It has a faux Ostrich leather exterior, with a soft suede-like fabric interior:

It includes two small zippered pouches, one large zippered pouch, a section for rings, places for 8 sets of earrings, and holders for 12 necklaces/bracelets:

The case is firm, too, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting damaged.

And you even get fancy zipper pulls!

Pura Botanica Black Faux Ostrich Luggage Tag – Value $13

And we get a matching luggage tag!

Circ Cell Fresh Eyes Eye Care Travel Set – Value $155

Here’s everything in the kit:

Circ Cell Insight Collagen Eye Treatment – Set of 2 masks

To use these, you press into the fluid chamber until the liquid is dispersed into the eye masks. These are a cloth-like material, and much lighter (and easier to wear) than gel eye masks – I’m a fan!

Circ Cell ABO Eye Oxygenating Serum

This serum is designed to counteract signs of aging and reduces puffiness and dark circles. I applied this, let it absorb, then put on the eye masks – I love how refreshed my skin felt after!

This set also came with a circulation massage tool to help your serum better absorb. As someone who has bought quite a few skincare tools over the years, I can tell you that this didn’t really feel like a quality piece. (I couldn’t get the battery case to stay on and also couldn’t figure out how to turn it on.)

Circ Cell Extraordinary Face Oil – Value $160

This rich skin oil is designed to repair and restore aging skin. It’s super hydrating and feels lightweight, but it took a few minutes to fully absorb into my skin. It’s all-natural and ingredient conscious, too.

Circ Cell recommends using it as the final step of your evening skincare regimen, to create an overnight mask that seals in maximizes each product’s efficacy. (And you can add a drop to your liquid foundation, too!)

And now time for the most controversial item in this box:

Bonus Item: 1 Round-Trip Airline Ticket + Accommodation for 2 Adults for 3 Days + 2 Nights

This voucher is from Vacation Adventures International:

Vacation Adventures International (VAI) sells vacation travel incentive certificates that are to be used as giveaways by businesses for the purpose of increasing traffic, building customer loyalty and rewarding employees. The certificates utilize unsold inventory of airline tickets, hotel rooms and cabins aboard cruise ships.

From everything I can tell, this company has been around for decades and is legit, but the process of redeeming your voucher is through postal mail only, you have to send an additional $50 deposit that gets returned to you post-trip (in addition to your $39 processing fee), and flights are usually on Tuesdays (when there are the most empty seats). Also, two people can’t travel together using multiple vouchers.

So, if you are flexible with your travel schedule, and don’t mind back and forth snail mail, and are OK not having much control in general of your flight/hotel, you could get a vacation for $39. Personally, I find travel already stressful enough, and currently, don’t have date flexibility, so this isn’t for me.

I think this would have been a nice surprise to find in your box, but I wish that Luxor Box hadn’t advertised this was in the box. (To be fair, they always called it a bonus, but since they couldn’t give full details on what to expect from it, understandably, people who bought the box had different impressions of what they would receive.)

 Verdict: This box has a value of about $1035. I think that value is good for a $450 box, and this is probably one of my favorite Luxor boxes in terms of the items matching my style. I will use everything in this box (minus the travel voucher). And I think the high-quality skincare items are fab, too!

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? No, this is sold out.

Value Breakdown: At $450 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Scarf: $84.78
  • Kiko Leather Set: $146.52
  • Halcyon Days Bracelet: $93.48
  • Pura Botanica Jewelry Travel Case: $76.09
  • Pura Botanica Luggage Tag: $5.65
  • Circ Cell Fresh Eyes Set: $67.39
  • Circ Cell Face Oil: $69.57

What do you think of the Limited Edition Luxor Travel Box?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Has anyone successfully use the travel voucher yet? I am just sending a completed form in certified mail and just wondering how the trip might have went for somebody who cashed in on the voucher.

  2. Would someone be able to send me a snapshot of the restrictions for the cruise travel voucher? I would like to review them before I swap. Thank you

  3. The math in the value break down is wrong, if you add add values together, it’s more than $450. Will someone fix this?

    • Not that I care much about the value breakdown, but just comment for the post’s sake.

  4. Has anyone successfully filed a dispute with PayPal and gotten a refund? If so, how did you do so?

  5. For anyone planning to use the travel voucher, be aware that for those of us who live east of the Mississippi the travel reservations form states that there are only three destinations available – NYC, DC and Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. This was certainly not clear to me when I bought the box.

    • I don’t understand what you mean…? Are you saying we’re not allowed to travel to the other destinations listed????

      • The back of the form says “Departure Cities east of the Mississippi River may travel to NY, DC, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale. Departure cities west of the Mississippi may travel to New Orleans, San Francisco, and San Antonio area”. On the front of the form it says that for the New Orleans, San Antonio and San Francisco destinations, the departure cities are all west of the Mississippi and that travel from airports east of the Mississippi may incur added surcharge. It is definitely confusing. I bought the box hoping to travel from the East Coast to San Francisco.

        • Wow!! Same here!!! This is absolutely awful. Has anyone successfully filed a dispute with PayPal and gotten a refund?

  6. Also, wtf is plated palladium???

  7. I have an completely open schedule and I’m single so I’d love that voucher!

    • Please let me know if you’d like to swap for or otherwise trade for this certificate. My job does not allow me flexibility like this, to only confirm 21 days before if I am taking a vacation! Email me at avonjen1000 at aol dot com.

  8. Wow! This box looks fabulous! I sooo wish I had gotten on the bandwagon before now! Beautiful items. The tote and all the leather accessories were probably my favorite….. as well as the bangle. I would say the cost of the box is a wonderful deal. Even without using the voucher? But I can def see how those of you that were counting on a vaca would be disappointed with the details for sure.

  9. I LOVE the bracelet and the Kiko tote bag. Snagged a bangle on eBay.

    I’m looking for the tote at a more or less reasonable price. Is this going to be an impossibility, do you all think?

  10. We bought 2 boxes just for those certificates, and now we can not use both of them because we live in the same house??? Why they did not mention this??? What should I do with this boxes now?!

    • If you sell let me know a price as I would be interested in the box if it comes with everything bangle and voucher included 🙂

      • I’d be happy to sell you my entire box. Let me know if you’re interested!

  11. Beautiful review and gorgeous box. I would love this box if i could afford.

  12. I love luxor boxes and wish I could afford to drop cash like that someday. Sweet review Liz. So can change the mood in the post….I mean if you didn’t buy the box why get all worked up.

  13. Liz, your review says 12 luxe items.. and claims the travel voucher as a bonus. There are only 11 items and a travel voucher (counting the kiko as 5 items). So is the travel voucher actually a bonus? I’m very confused. Or was there only supposed to be 11 items?

    • Luxor box counted the eyecare set as multiple items.

  14. Liz, your review says 12 luxe items.. and claims the travel voucher as a bonus. There are only 11 items and a travel voucher (counting the kiko as 5 items). So is the travel voucher actually a bonus?

  15. Liz, did you happen to miss the bangle when adding up the RV of the box? I’m getting $1,250, not $1,035 so my breakdown cost is different than yours.

    • Yep, the bangle is missing in RV.

  16. I’m with you, this was a great box, and I’ll use almost all of items. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the tote, but it’s really well made, and I’ve come to love it. I carry it on my left shoulder with an easy-access place for my keys in the top pocket, and my lipstick in the bottom.

    I actually want another mini dopp kit since my husband quickly absconded with mine.

  17. I have done travel journaling in the past and apparently it is becoming a thing again. It is a nice way to remember small details you might not otherwise.

  18. That is a lot of money…for that. I guess I’m not a luxurious person.

    • I have expensive taste, but I can’t afford expensive things at their full price, therefore eBay, sales and good old saving do the trick for me. So precisely because I am poor, I am highly picky as to where my money goes. I’d rather pay a bit more and get exactly what I want than compromise and make do, therefore these boxes are not for me.

    • Yikes! I knew it was sketchy but this takes the cake. The travel/cruise vouchers are worthless and make Luxor look very very bad.

  19. Travel journaling is a thing! For years my family has written down the places we have gone, activities, places we have ate. Almost like mini scrapbooking.

    • I do that too only I write down everything I spend each day at restaurants and incidentals. It has really helped me with budgeting for future travel plus its fun to go back and see what I bought.

  20. From the scarf colour to the bangle design to the leather goods I think this box is geared towards a more mature audience. $450 USD is a lot of money, and for the amount you’re spending you can purchase individual pieces that you love rather than taking a gamble. This is definitely an easy pass for me.

  21. I want the jewelry case. Let me know if you are selling it. $20 sounds like a deal! Onlyadoreme aol com

    • Search on amazon for travel jewelry cases. There are a bunch of almost identical ones for $10-$20, both in leather and vegan leather. And even a very similar “ostrich” one. These all seem to be made in china so the markup is huge.

    • Selling or purchasing items through this site is not allowed

  22. Travel voucher issues aside, I would not have been happy to pay these prices for the items. The scarf is not pure cashmere, and you can get a gorgeous real cashmere scarf for $85. Is there any store that sells Tilo scarfs? They just seem like a wholesale distributor, so thus the pricing is arbitrary. Nice Silk/wool pashimas can be bought easily for $30. The jewelry box is sold on aliexpress-type sites for pennies and then resold for $40-$50 on amazon. And this company is reselling it for $175? Again, would never pay $76 for a fake leather jewelry case. Would pay $20 tops. I do like circcell products and know that they are quality, but just could not have taken a $450 gamble on this. I think the travel voucher really got people to pull the plug last minute, so even if it is an extra, I can understand why people would be upset. I’m happy I resisted and spent the money on FFF Ad-ons. I hope people who got the box found value in the items, but if I’m paying so much money I want to know what I’m getting. Thanks for the review, and as always the value breakdown is super helpful!!

    • I agree. Nothing in this box is “Luxury” to me in terms of brand. While they are nice items, the brands are ho hum. I can’t say I ever heard of some of the brands they dig up and make deals over seas with. Not worth the price. My favorite piece was the hd bracelet (the one brand I have heard of in this box).

      Circcel? hahaha How about some La Mer or something truly comparable? I wonder how many people will have skin placebo effects just because this stuff showed up in a box they over paid for.

      Finally, $450 and no aspirin to deal with the voucher-induced headaches?

    • Uh, I am sorry but these are real companies and these are real prices. The quality on everything Luxor has ever sent is excellent. Have you even looked up what a Halcyon Days bangle actually is? No way you are getting that on Ali Express. They are made by 150 year old company in Britain.

      Tilo scarves are available all over the place. They are expensive because of the patterning and what they do to the fabrics.

      I was not interested in this box but I have subbed to Luxor in the past. All the brands and items are for real and the RV is not inflated.

      • Um, 99.9% sure that the above comment or was talking about the jewelry travel case, not the bangle.

        • Umm the poster mentions the “cheap” scarves in addition to the jewelry case. I took from it that she was meaning the whole box, not just the case.

          • actually my point is that I would never pay $85 for a scarf (I’ve found Gucci on sale for less!) for a brand I’ve never heard of outside of subscription boxes. HD is a wonderful brand, but again you can buy them on sale for a fraction of this price. even the one in the november box is currently on sale for %50 off, which means they’re charging full price on an item that should be discounted. And this one was also on sale during black friday for basically less than the price they’re selling it to you for on box split, on items they’re paying pennies on the dollar for. For me it is not worth it. If you got the box and are happy with it that’s wonderful! But I feel like a lot of people who maybe would not have spent $85 on a scarf bought it expecting a free vacation. And it’s clear that this company is not about giving out free vacations. For a $450 box I think it’s totally fair to expect more! I’m sticking with boxes with brands I recognize, where I would feel comfortable paying the advertised price.

          • I totally agree Alison. When I got into sub boxes, I did it with the thought that I would get items I wouldn’t necessarily buy myself and get them at a discounted price. No, I’m not cheap, I’m realistic! Sub boxes such as this one don’t work as personal shoppers in that they pick out items based on your likes: everyone gets the same (overstock in the majority of cases) items with a possible colour variant here and there. To top it off, these boxes purchase large quantities of each item, and benefit from massive discounting or sometimes even get the item for free as advertising. So I find it greedy that a box would charge $450 for an unpersonalized box with items for which most of us can find comparable items at a much cheaper cost. Because people go into this blindly putting faith into the company that their $450 will be well spent, I for one, expect more. Think about the discount we can get on Halcyon Days items from their site when items are on sale (and have coupons to stack on top of it). You can get a bangle for $40 in those instances, so how much do you really think Luxor pays for the hundreds they purchase in bulk? $20? Even if it’s $40, I guarantee the Tilo scarf was most likely purchased in the $15-$20 range at most by Luxor, And the Kiko, while they look like the best items in the box, are not a well known brand. I honestly don’t think this box cost the company more than $100, and at this price point, I think subscribers deserve better brands and/or more hard to find items to really feel like it’s a box that a regular person can’t curate for herself for $450!

        • You can be 100% sure 😀 Thanks! I’m very familiar with HD and have bought several for much less than this box split price. yes, it was the jewelry “case” I saw on Aliexpress. And I would not say Tilo scarves are all over the place. I’ve tried to search for them as I was curious about the brand, and I’ve only seen them actually sold on a couple of sites I’ve never heard of, and never for $200.
          I have seen them in a lot of sub boxes, which is how wholesale works. When I see that kind of RV, I expect a luxe brand that is in demand or something truly special. Luxe provence, for example is full of discovery brands, but I don’t believe they are made in China, so I would file those under something really special. If you love Tilo, great! I’m just speaking of my own personal shopping choices and what I look for in sub boxes. I agree that these products might be great for some, but just are not geared toward my demographic.

      • The scarf and jewelry case are made in China according to their tags.

        • That just screams luxury lol!

  23. Sending eye rolls in Luxor’s general direction.

  24. I wish I’d had the foresight to do a box split with someone. The only thing I want to keep from this box is most of the leather set.

    I also will be looking out to swap for the cruise certificate. Hopefully some people will want to swap them.

    • I would be willing to swap you the travel certificate! Where can I find you on the swap site?

      • I have the travel one from this box. I’m looking for the cruise one from the box I didn’t get. I initiated swap requests with both of the cruise ones currently listed in swaps.

  25. Oh man! That leather looks buttery. Beautiful.

  26. Fair review Liz. I know there are people who are miffed about the whole voucher thing. But as you said above, it was never a stated value so it was a kinda bonus, at least in my eyes. lol

    That being said, I have swapped for this particular voucher myself and a lovely forum lady sent in her snail mail request with the money order and I will go from there. I have a very very open schedule so this might work out for me.

    And also, I am in Florida and the other voucher for the cruise is on my wish list so if anyone would like swap that one to me let me know. 🙂

    • Carey, I will have it from the next box.

      • @nelliebellie Sweet, hope we can make a swap happen. 🙂

        • I can probably just send it to you.

  27. That scarf is gorgeous.

    • I have one available for swap if you are interested!

      • I have a tribe alive bag from BOS. Don’t know if you’d be interested in that.

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