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GlossyBox December 2017 Spoiler #4

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We have a new spoiler for the December 2017 Glossybox! (Thanks for the heads up, Mayra!)

Filled with beauty must-haves to make you shine bright from now through to New Year’s eve.

Receive 5 beauty products, 4 of them full-size, valued at over $123.

Each GlossyBox will include:

Show Beauty Riche Grooming Balm OR Show Beauty Riche Couture Curl Enhancing Lotion

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

MakeupDrop Original

Laura Geller Easy Illuminating Stick (colors will vary)

Beauty For Real I-Line 24-7 Eyeliner in Platinum Blonde

What do you think of the spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for GlossyBox yet:

Your first box will be the December GlossyBox. Check out our GlossyBox reviews and GlossyBox spoilers to see what you can expect from this subscription!

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  1. I like these spoilers so far. Hope they send it soon though. They tried charging me for the January box already last week, but I stopped it, as it was full price and I HATE being charged for the next month before receiving a current months’ box. I find it shady and it’s aleays at full price too.

    • I finally got them to cancel in oct and I’ve never been happier!! Of course they’re gonna try to charge you as much as they can get away with because they know people gonna cancel as soon as they realize Glossy is a shade pot

  2. The last spoiler is out on Instagram. Multiple products.

  3. I don’t understand why people find it so difficult to dispute a charge with their credit card company. It’s very easy and a simple thing to do. Number one once you file that dispute it is the obligation of the credit card company to return those funds back to your card immediately until the dispute has been resolved. I used to work in the credit card industry for over 25 years and know that the card companies typically side with the consumer until resolution is completed! Not only that but it definitely lights a fire under the businesses feet.

  4. I hope that this canceled in time. These aren’t items that intrest me.

    I don’t even know what this stuff is? What on earth is Grooming Balm, or the drop thing? I hate stick facemake up, (even though I love Laura geller) and platmium blonde eye liner probably isn’t my color… 🙁 I wish there were some safe items in the boxes. Like something that most people will like and know what to do with it.

  5. So glad I unsubscribed because I loved November box . But hate this box! All these things have already been in allure box, which I have , FabFitFun, which I have and it just isn’t worth it this month. I was excited for this box until I saw the reveals and it just doesn’t blow me away like November’s box at all! They need to bring the price down if they’re gonna do repeats that everyone else has already had before. I don’t need 2 of the same exact thing. Thanks but no thanks . 👎🏻

    • None of these spoilers have been in FFF nor allure so what items are u saying we’re in them??

    • You are so wrong! I subscribe to Allure and FFF and these are not repeats. This months box has a value is $123 and monthly subscribers pay $21. I purchase a six month sub each time which has a reduced price point and I purchase with a 25% discount so my monthly payment amounts to $14.67. There are other subscribers that are able to purchase this sub at $10 a month and get a three month deal. I think Glossy offers a pretty good bang for my buck even when the box value is $70! I pay less for my Glossy subscription than my Allure sub!

      • Actually, the Makeup Drop was offered as an add on for Winter FFF, and it also made an appearance in Beautycon. And a Beauty For Real eyeliner was included in Allure’s October box, although in a different (much more wearable for most of us) shade. I don’t think it’s fair or accurate to say “You are so wrong!”

        If you really want to compare GB to Allure, Allure often offers coupons for a $10 box, and there is no six-month commitment to get their box for $15 a month. GB’s advertised “$123” value is completely dependent on which of the (at least 7) variations you receive. And I would caution banking on that amount anyway, since what GB advertises and what they actually deliver can vary WIDELY, as has been very vocally documented. And the clincher? Allure’s customer service is top notch. NOT the headache and hassle that GB has been for much of the sub community.

        • Oh my look at what you are stating! GB has either a one month, 3, 6, or 12 month commitment. Allure has the same time commitments. Allure is 6 bucks cheaper but most of the product are travel or deluxe size. Seriously can’t compare apples to oranges. They both have their faults and I sub to both. I actually sub to 20 different companies at this time and all of them have good and bad traits. I would not say that Allure has the best is customer service, I think they rather lag behind, but it all depends on who you talk with!

          • Actually, to be accurate, Allure only offers monthly or yearly subs. You may purchase gift subscriptions in those other options, but that is only as a non renewable gift. If you would like to compare apples to apples, it would probably be a closer comparison to say GB’s monthly cost is 21 (plus tax for some states) and Allure’s is 15. GB’s 6-month autorenewing sub is 18.50 a box and Allure’s non-renewing 6-month gift sub is 14.16. (This of course doesn’t include promotions or coupons that either side occasionally offers.) Mysubscriptionaddiction users rate GB 3.2 and Allure 3.5.

          • Oh yes, you are absolutely correct about the sub months. My bad, I did recently gift my daughter three different subs and one of the choices was Allure for 12 months and you are right spot on for regular subscribers we either do recurring month or a 12 month sub. The other 2 subs I got her were Boxycharm, which she finally got off the wait list since September 8th and I bought her a 3 month sub and I also have a renewable 3 month with BC and Glossy which I might change for FabFitFun for her for 2018. With her husband going over to Afghanistan at the end of this month for a full year, I think she would enjoy FFF.

        • Lolz, you couldn’t pay me 15 bucks to go back to Glossy they’re suuper shady

  6. Did anyone else get charged 23 dollars instead of 21?

    • $22.73. They must have tacked on sales tax to the box. Now that they are part of the Hut Group I bet they do business in California which triggers the sales tax.

  7. I canceled them. They charged my for my October box and 46.00 for the cew box. Then charged me for my November box. All I got was a November box and nothing else. I have tried to contact customer service and they told me that the cew box was canceled and I should not have been charged and I needed to screen shot the charge to them showing it. Then the next day someone else answers the same inquiry with it has been shipped. I have called numerous times and sent numerous messages. They have horrible customer service and now I have to dispute with my credit card

    • I agree. I canceled my three month trial for 10 bucks a month after I received the last box, plenty of time before it renewed, yet they renewed it for another three months at full price. When I emailed them about it, they said they sent out an email the week before, saying it would renew, which I never received. When I asked for a refund the day I saw it taken out of my bank account, they refused, and said it wouldn’t renew again after this three months. They refunded me 8 bucks. Horrible customer service, but I do like the boxes.

    • The same thing happened to me with the CEW box. They lost the order, then found it, then said it shipped (it never did), and then sent me some form to complete to try to get my money back. This after 5 phone calls and 4 messages. Ugh. So tiresome. Still unresolved!

  8. Hope I get the curly hair one. I wonder if they look at your profile. I’ll use 2 things in the box. Can’t complain since it was $10, just hope they don’t send a different version.

  9. I went to the Emma & Chloe website today and it looks like glossy box subscribers can get a free box from E & C! You claim in on the Emma and Chloe website. They are a French jewelry subscription that’s normally $35/month. Not sure how long this promo lasts.

    • How do you get the free box? I went to their site and didn’t see anything. Thanks

      • I got an email from Glossybox about this offer, and here’s all it says:

        “Be one of the first 500 Glossies to subscribe in December and get your first jewelry box from Emma & Chloe, including these earring, for free! Choose between gold or silver and pierced ears or clips.”

        Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link, but it just brought me to the subscription order page. I’m guessing they’d give you a code to redeem on Emma & Chloe’s site after subscribing to GB, but I’m not sure.

      • Oh! I just noticed someone else mentioned below that you will get a code for the free E&C box. 🙂

  10. I really like this spoiler. My hair is curly, but I could probably make either product work for me. I’ll be sad to cancel after this month, but I am quite spoiled by the $10/box deals and won’t pay more than $15/box for sure.

  11. I’m really hoping that I get the curl enhancing one cuz I have a great curly wave to my hair whenever I use curl enhancers 💕💖💓 ever since I cut off the back of my hair and let it grow back out its been growing out thicker and wavy and I love it so much! I have baby fine hair that’s always been stick straight & soooo thin that it looks like I have no hair at all unless I have a perm. I’m on so many meds now with my illness that perms fall out in 2 weeks or less so it’s been amazing to see the difference since I started over 🤗😉🤗😊😍😊

  12. The email I received for Champagne Campaign Box had this disclaimer:
    *Order by December 16th, 2017, to receive your December box before Christmas. The first 500 new GLOSSYBOX subscribers will receive a code for a free first month with Emma&Chloé. Limited to 500. Valid while supplies last or December 31st, 2017, 11:59 PM ET. Valid on the purchase of any new subscription plan (Monthly, 3, 6 or 12-Month). New plans will begin the date they are created and cannot be combined with an existing subscription/order.

  13. This is looking like an okay box, Glossybox really shocked me by sending the box from giving Tuesday via FedEx. I’m accustomed to my boxes from them shipping Smartpost.

  14. Did they just post a spoiler for Emma&Cloe’s December box?

    • I think they just might have! and I like it!

      • Ohh, where do you see it? Im curious too!

        • at the bottom of this post… says “finishing touch”

      • The Emma&chloe us Instagram feed has a new photo of a model wearing the earrings (although it’s a little difficult to see them). Signs are pointing to yes…

        • Thanks!!!

  15. The title says 4 & 5? But the Show Beauty items are one OR the other? Where’s the 5th product??

  16. Turning out to be a fantastic December box! I like it! And the box itself is quite lovely.

    • Yes indeed looking like a great one, I sure hope I don’t get the curly hair stuff,my hair is straight! I did get the show hairspray in another box and loved it. Also can’t beat the free month with the jewelry sub.

  17. Oh, I thought spoilers 4 and 5 would be for two different items, not for one variation.
    I guess we’ll have to wait a little longer! 🤞

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