D.L. & Co. Candle Subscription Box Review – Winter 2017

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D.L. & Co. is a candle company that recently launched two quarterly candle subscriptions. (You might have seen their candles in Box of Style and Breo Box.) This is the review of their $59, Modern Alchemy Box.

The box arrives in a gorgeous reusable box with a magnetic flap lid. (The gold foil text on the lid is classy, too!)

This box was sent to us for review purposes. (Check out our review process post to learn more about how we review boxes).

The Subscription Box: D.L. & Co. Modern Alchemy Box

The Cost: $59 a box + $8.95 shipping (ships quarterly)

The Products: A collection of candles, home fragrance, and other home goods.

Ships to: Worldwide. (Outside of the US, the shipping cost is $55)

Glistening Emerald Pine Candle – Retail Value $40

One theme you will notice with this subscription is the gorgeous packaging. Everything could be gifted individually if you like! This candle comes in a velvet flocked box with gold accents. Inside, the candle is in a green glass vessel with a gold foil label:

The candle is 8 ounces with a burn time of about 40 hours. The scent is described as:

Fresh cut branched of vivid fir, green mistletoe and bright holly embellished with spicy clove bud and cinnamon nestled on a fragrant bed of fresh evergreen.

It’s a little sweeter than some pine candles, but it’s a unique scent and I like it!

Burn Peruvian Flowering Tobacco Scented Reed Diffuser – Retail Value $36

This set includes a square glass bottle and reed diffuser sticks:

I’m having a hard time describing this scent, so I’ll let D.L. & Co. do it for me:

The fragrance of Tobacco Flower and leaf are actually lovely, soft and creamy and could never be mistaken for a late night in a smoke filled bar. Paired with warm Vanilla and Tonka Beans, velvety Cashmere accords, mellow golden Amber, White Musk and a base of rich balsamic notes, sweet dry pipe tobacco and a touch of earthy Elderwood this scent is the essence of sensual smoothness.

To me, this fragrance has a bit of a soapy-scent, which I don’t love, but it’s a good fit for our powder room!

Sparkling Champagne Set of 3 Candles – Retail Value $23

Again with this fabulous packaging! Gold foil fans rejoice!

These votive glass vessels are gorgeous and look even better when the candles are lit and flickering!

Each candle is 2.5 oz with a burn time of 15 hours. The scent reminds me of my favorite sweet champagne, too!

Lady Rhubarb Scented Medallion & Refresher Oil – Retail Value $25

This ceramic medallion is designed to hang in a closet. Just add a few drops of the refresher oil to add scent.

The scent is a sweet, fruity blend of Red Mandarin, Sandalwood, and Grapefruit.

Shoot for the Moon Journal + Candle Set – Retail Value $30

This journal measures 6″ by 8″ and includes 80 lined pages.

I love the tiny star print, too!

And it is paired with a matching candle.

This candle is a little smaller than the ones in the votive set – it’s 2 oz.

The scent is a blend of Prickly Pear, Thorn Apple, Anjou Pear, Caribbean Vetiver, South Sea Patchouli, and Oakmoss. It might be my favorite scent in the box – and my husband Eric loves this one, too!

Thorn Apple Mini Room Spray – Retail Value $15

And it’s a good thing we love this scent, because we get it in room spray version, too!

I’m guessing this is about 2 ounces. The scent is very concentrated, so you only need one quick spray to scent a room – it should last for a while!

Verdict: This box has a retail value of $169! I think that’s amazing for a home goods box that cost $67.95. ($59 + $8.95 shipping). Everything in this box is impressive, too – the packaging and scents are all stunning, and this could be a great box to gift, or to split up into multiple gifts.

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get this box if you sign up today? Yes!

Coupon – Use coupon code BOX5 to save 5%!

Value Breakdown: At $67.95 for this box, here’s what you are paying approximately per item:

  • Emerald Pine Candle: $16.09
  • Diffuser: $14.47
  • Votive Trio: $9.25
  • Scented Medallion: $10.05
  • Journal + Candle: $12.06
  • Room Spray: $6,03

What do you think of this new subscription from D. L. & Co?

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Just a note to anyone purchasing a sub…keep in mind that they DO substitute items, so you may not receive what is listed! I really wanted the Lady Rhubarb medallion…which was kind of what put me over the edge to sub…and instead received the small red candle in Lady Rhubarb…which is a color that just doesn’t work in my home. Also instead of the Shoot the Moon candle that matches the journal, they sent me the purple Note to Self candle instead…so my matching set that I’d hoped to give as a gift, is not longer a set. I probably should have paid more attention to the website note that said they may substitute…had I know what my substitutions were going to be, I wouldn’t have signed up.

    • I got these same substitutions! I was a little disappointed that the votive doesn’t match the journal, but the small red scalloped candle is gorgeous and came in such beautiful packaging.

      • this is a substitution that really made no sense and we would be more then happy in the next box to get you the matching candle and journal, at our cost..we are so sorry.

        I happen to be the owner so please accept our apologies

        • Hi Jan,
          Thanks for the response, and the matching set would be great! I did send an email about this to customer service 4 days ago, but have yet to get a response. I know it’s a very busy shopping season so I figured CS was just busy, but I’m hoping they’ll respond soon. I love your products!

          • Please tell me you address so we may replace it and yes this is our most craziest of times, everyone waits until the last week??? Why???? Just tell me which item you need replaced the candle or JOURNAL..we mean to please, please tell your friends and when 5 buy you get a free one.
            Yours truly

    • Please tell me which candle you have and we will try and get you the correct JOURNAL as we are trying to get more from the factory. And please send us you address to mail it to and your e mail.

  2. This is the annoying thing about RV – the manufacturer can claim any amount and make it look like such a fab deal. In this case, it’s not – they are paraffin candles made in China, by and large. Some scents are made in the US but that’s the exception. The reason I know is that our local Winners (TJ Maxx) always has them in stock and even at their discounted prices they only sell when they hit the clearance shelf. I agree the packaging is gorgeous, but if I’m spending money on candles I’d rather choose my own scent and get a really luxurious, spoil myself candle from Cire Trudon, Malone etc.

    • I am sorry for how you feel, have you looked at other subscription boxes where you have no clue what your getting…some are just terrible. i would say being in the candle business we make NO Paraffin candles and yes you have good taste but if you can buy a CireTrudon candle at the price of our entire box then you should buy it , but have you seen our D.L.Box ?? I will put that up against any of the candles you like, try one and if you dont like it we will take yours back.
      Jan Rosen the owner

      • Jan, your own website shows paraffin as an ingredient in your candles. Most descriptions do not list the ingredients at all, which personally I find very shady – but two of the scents that I looked at (Opium Den and Modern Alchemy) lists paraffin as an ingredient. So… happy for everyone who loves your product and feels ok with the practice of being misled. I am most certainly not ok with being told one thing and actually seeing another – again, on your own website. Same with the products I found at my local Winners – ALL the DL candles I found, and there were many scents and sizes, were made in China and included paraffin. So please, if you will come on this website and make statements about your brand, ensure they are correct.

        Also, if you want to put it solely on the value proposition – for the $55 shipping cost to Canada, plus the cost of the box itself, I purchased a lovely trio of Jo Malone candles at my local Holt Renfrew. No need to guess, wait for delivery, wonder what ingredients are in the items and I got to choose the scents. I can also get Cire Trudon for LESS than the cost of your sub plus shipping locally, in Canada. Funny how that works… yes, I get only one large candle, at full price (unless I choose a discounted, previous collection item) – but it’s the large, 60 hour burn candle, and I get quality.

        I hate leaving negative comments like these, but I get really upset when a business tries to portray itself and its products as more than they are.

        • Beatrice
          I have read your response and certainly it doesn’t make anyone happy that you were not pleased, we cant do anything about the freight but I would like to know where it states we use paraffin candles? and yes we fill some candles in China but it took us three years to perfect this process. Just so you know if there is any Paraffin in candles coming from China the penalty is a mere 108% of the value of the shipment so not only don’t we use paraffin candles we cant even use Paraffin within our blend. If we pour in the states or othe places then yes we can if we choose to put a very small amount of Paraffin in the wax so it stabilzes the burn process.
          when you see some goods in Winners or home goods most were candles we decided not to ship for various reasons to our other customers, maybe the box was broken, or the fragrance wasnt strong enough, in business nothing goes 100% smoothly so we must have an out let to move some goods but I can tell you that many brands sit on their shelves, its the cost of doing business. When you walk into these stores do you not see high end brands? i know the answer is yes as in clothing or Homegoods they buy Lalique should you not but Lalique because you found a piece or two in the store? its not just being negative that is surely your right its not having the correct information that is somewhat disturbing.
          yours truly

  3. I think I want this. Lol this site is bad! Problem is, I came here with a single, very manageable subscription box…and now I feel like I need to go to a support group.

  4. What a lovely box! Thanks for reviewing! I’m going to consider making room in my sub budget for this box next year. Appears to be a great value, especially with the annual pricing.

    • Bethany
      this box is a great box not only for yourself but as a gifting box as there are at least 6-7 items in each box and you certainly can gift anythng you might not want or need…its truly a great deal

  5. Does anyone know if these candles are paraffin or soy?

  6. I’ve never been to the DL&Co website before today, but I had such a nice time meandering around and looking at their stuff. Without even trying I spent $138, lol. It’s just as well. Never seem to luck out in the swaps with them – they are so dang heavy and fragile.

    If they ever offer a discount on their sub I would jump on it. Their curation is always nicely done.

    • FYI – I signed up for an annual sub and used the code GIFTING (someone kindly mentioned below) and it took 10% off my sub….

    • we also have sales on single items, if you were to tell us which item you like and what we might have been out of we will look and see what we can do, we are here to please you.

  7. I do not need more candles.
    I do not need more candles.
    I do not need more candles.
    (repeat ad infinitum)

    • yes you do
      yes you do
      yes you do

      they are great to have and make a statement in your home.

  8. Do the big labels/tags come off of the candles? I think they’d bug me a bit.

    • The label on the Honey Pumpkin candle I tried last month came off very easily and the container of such quality that I’ll definitely reuse it!

      • we are so happy that you liked our initial box, we will be introducing our Spring box in a few weeks and that is great, I know that you will love it.

    • yes all labels can be taken off, use some hot water and rub, if need be use a single edge razor to start the corners to lift and then pull slowly and your label should come off
      yours truly
      Jan Rosen

  9. Awww, so beautiful! I wish I had the money…

    • if you use our code you get a discount and if you get 5 friends to purchase you get your next one FREE now thats a deal.

  10. I might have to get their next box, but hopefully it won’t have any Patchouli scented items in it. I strongly dislike Patchouli. I would’ve made a terrible hippie.

    • we can change a fragrance you might not like and if you buy the four seasons we can try and make each season customized to you. our objective is to make all our customers happy

  11. The gift boxes are at 10% off right now on the website, including this box! Use code GIFTING. There’s a Green monday (new sale holiday idea?) for 40% off full price products too! Code: HOLIDAY40

  12. Oh WOW. This looks amazing. And the value…just impressive.

  13. Got one of their boxes last month and loved every single thing! I may have to subscribe 😉

    • Yay! Glad you loved their candles, too! 🙂

    • if you loved everything then your our customer and its cheaper if you subscribe for the year and we DONT make you prepay..Best deal out there.

  14. Thank you for a wonderful review! What an amazing box! Couldn’t resist!

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