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BoxyCharm January 2018 Possible SPOILER #2!

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We have the possible second January 2018 Boxycharm spoiler thanks to Yosef on Boxy Baddies and Boxycharm Beauties!

The January box will likely include:

DR. BRANDT SKINCARE pores no more® Luminizer Primer

In case you missed the previous spoiler:

Crown Glam Metals Palette

AND a face palette!

You’ll be receiving two palettes. This eyeshadow palette is one of them, and the second one is a face palette. We’re launching the palette with Crown pro by “Crown”.

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. I wish Dr Brandt didn’t test on animals. 🙁

  2. I do not understand why BOXYCHARM is sending me emails inviting me to resubscribe just for them to put me on a waitlist. No thank you I do not want to be on a waitlist. I Canceled the waitlist.

  3. I received my December box on Friday and the bronzer was obliterated. It was so destroyed that the powder was on the outside of the box. It was a mess all over the inside of the box on everything. I took a pic and emailed Boxy, haven’t heard a word hack yet (now it’s been 2 business days). 🙁

  4. I’m reaaally hoping these spoilers end up being the real deal. After December’s stinker of a box these would be more than welcome.

    • Agreed, these boxes seem to be getting worse. I signed up a year ago and have received about 6 things i actually like and use. Im starting to think about canceling its not worth it i can just spend my 20 bucks and buying something i actually will use.

  5. I am so hoping I get off the waitlist for the new year!

    • I was just on their waitlist and I was off of it within a week… hope you get it soon too!!

  6. So excited to finally try this primer! I have received boxes where they never give me that and I get so mad about it. But this makes me feel better knowing that boxycharm will have this in their boxes yay finally 😍 and I just got off the waiting list so this will be my second box so i can’t wait anything from boxycharm is a slam dunk for me I’m not complaining.

  7. Wish we could get some mat face stuff and shimmery lips..instead ov vice versa..would be nice ,but,I’ll take what ever I get and be happy. Anyone sles Charms go MIA? I’ve never used mine and they’re gone..nit just the Charm points but the entire area that used to say “Redeem” is gone..Boxy has a terrible website and customer service. .for too many ppl have serious issues with them. But they also have the best subscription boxes. Win some loose some.

  8. I am excited for the primer! I just ran out of the Dr. Brandt one, and was getting ready to buy it. Yay for not having to buy it! And that metals palette looks kind of fun. If I hate it, my kid will love it.

  9. But why buy something “not too bad” when you can buy something really good?

    • Exactly! Their products are always the not really good ones that are up for sale every where. I stopped my subscription and saving money for actual good stuff instead of these.

  10. May be a good time to try waitlist I got on two weeks ago and got my “you’re in” email today! So excited!

  11. I find it amazing that every time I’m running low on something that item turns up in a Boxycharm. I’m about out of both primer and mascara so this works out great.

    I did some math and in the 4 months I’ve been with boxy I’ve saved about $200 on stuff I use and it’s probably actually way more then that because I’m making fewer trips to Sephora and can’t impulse buy. I ordered this sub for both of my nieces for Christmas. They’re on the waitlist but they’re prepaid for the next year. They’re so excited.

    • That’s an awesome gift you gave your nieces-You are definitely Aunt of the Year!!

  12. Yessss I knew it! Although I prefer matte, I’m excited to try this! January might be the best box yet.

    • on the Sephora site a lot of people said that it filled their pores really well but they still had that natural glow. I’m super excited for it!

      • I struggle with large pores and oiliness. So when I hear things like illuminating, I automatically think oil slick lol. But it might be good for the winter months and if its a good pore filler im all for it!

  13. Thrilled for palette in January but not getting excited about possible spoiler…though we are finally getting the Tarte mascara after it being a possible variant for a couple of months. These boxes make it hard to quit. No wonder Liz calls this a subscription addiction. I am back up to three monthly boxes… really… I am giving myself a two month extension… so now I can stay until February on all three. Keep telling myself that…uh huh.

    • Is that an animal on cover of the face palette sitting on the side of the box? Cat? Elephant? something with a tail?

      • It’s a guitar.

        • Thank you and good eye! What brand has guitar for trademark? Hmmmn. Trying to figure out what this face palette may be?

          • It called a Metals Palette so I’m guessing the guitar is there because of heavy metal music.

          • They said the eyeshadow and face palette will both be from Crown however I havent seen either one on the website 🤔

          • Got it… its the eye shadow palette that I can’t wait for….I was trying to figure out what the second palette was. Thanks again. I am rocking the kitten palette today… along with a color from an Estee Laurder … plus so in love with Tarte … careful with wand of course.

    • Iv got Boxy,Glossybox,Sephora play,Ipsy and birchbox. .it is an addiction. .

  14. I am on the verge of canceling bc I’m on overload but this primer is making me rethink. I swear the detective work that goes into the spoilers and who gets which variants is more exciting than the boxes most of the time! Law & order:MSA edition

  15. I think I need to make a New Year’s resolution to stop being lazy and use primer every day. I have so many nice ones from subs just sitting in my stash.

  16. Stop trying to make use luminous and glowy. For some of us, matte is better than looking like a unicorn slapped us.

    • Oh gosh- that is so funny and true!

      • Oh god the bronzer they sent this month is a glitter bomb. Hope everyone likes looking like a disco ball.

        • Yeah that mixed with that glitter bomb setting spray from last month is a nightmare when you have oily skin like me.

          • Okay, but plenty of people LOVE looking luminous and dewy so just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean they should stop including it. I agree that looking like you got slapped in the face with glitter isn’t cute at all, but a lot of dewy/luminous products don’t have glitter. I have seen great reviews on this primer that say it isn’t glittery at all and dr. brandt is a hella expensive brand. Anyway, maybe they should do a mattifying primer one month for the oily ladies and men, but I don’t think they should completely stop with the luminous formulas either.

          • Woah I was not suggesting that they stop including dewy products. I was just saying that the glittery setting spray wasn’t my cup of tea, I never said to stop including certain items, because I have found 1 or 2 “luminous” items that do work well with my oily skin thanks to boxycharm. I don’t just look at a product and say “oo that says dewy I’m not touching that one”. I do give every product a fair shot and just because I dont like something doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it. I know Dr Brandt is very expensive and if it weren’t for these sub boxes, my broke ass never would have been able to try anything from them, but because of boxycharm, this will be the 3rd Dr Brandt item I’ll be able to try. I just wish they would have had a variation between the original Pores no More and the illuminating one that way we could all swap and everyone would be happy (well not EVERYONE but you catch my drift 😉 ) Anyway, sorry for the novel of a comment, but I didn’t want my previous comment to come off ungrateful or that I was disappointed or complaining, I guess I should have been more clear.

    • Yep. Anything highlighter/glow/etc gets put aside. Matte please.

  17. I can only wish…. i signed up October 2nd and still waiting. So i have box envy every month. On boxycharm people were taken off the waitlist that signed up in November. So this box is becoming a pipe dream for me.😥

    • That is strange! I think I signed up in October or November to re-sub and was put on the waitlist, but I was taken off for December. Maybe check with them to see what’s going on?

      • I must have been really luck. I got on waitlist in late September (slow month?) and was off in October..

    • My sister signed up on oct 19th And was still on waitlist so she emailed them last week & they took her off a few hrs later,so perhaps you can do the same

      • I emailed them last night nothing yet.

        • They email me and send payment did not go through check account so i did all was good. Called my credit card and they said no one tried billing me. Yikes i may never get a box.

          • Yikes I’m beginning to see a trend here. The same thing happened to my best friend and they told her they would try to bill her again in 24-48hrs and she emailed them back telling them nothing was wrong with her card and her bank said no one tried charging her and they wrote her back saying they cancelled her order as requested and she never once said she wanted to cancel and now she has to start the whole wait list crap all over again if she wants a box. Boxycharm needs to get their crap together

          • Tracy, I should be off wait list in October! But somehow they also couldn’t charge me! And I saw that other girls also complained about that. And this month finally I should get my first box.

          • Same thing happened to me. Then they sent a screenshot of a blank address field stating that I need to add my address. But when I log into my account, my address is listed TWICE. So clearly something is up with their system. I refuse to let them convince me that I’m the one that’s crazy LOL!

    • Keep trying to go into your boxycharm account then click “reactivate”. You won’t get charged multiple times… but i think it takes you back to the top of the waiting list. I think they forget about people that have been on the list for awhile. Also i know that if you sign up at the beginning of the month, you’ll have a better chance.

    • I signed up end of November. Received the December box. That is odd.

  18. I love the spoiler. Liz, I had my first nightmare last night about my sub addiction. I was dreaming all the boxes were a great deal for yearly subs. So I subbed to all the boxes for their yearly price. Then I woke up and thought I was broke. I was scared. lol

    • LOL. I completely understand. That is a terrifying dream.

    • Fell asleep at 6 for a few mins and drempt my husband set down the mail and we had a 6 grand tax return for some reason. I was getting ready to go shopping and my kid woke me depressing..

  19. Nice! I’ve heard great thinks I’ve been wanting to try that

  20. Shadows are amazing!! And a face palette? It’s a dream come true. I wonder what else is in there. I need lip scrub lol

  21. I love primer!!

  22. Oh, I hope that’s in the box. Palette isn’t for me but there’s always at least one item that makes the $ worth it and this would be it.

  23. I was going to cancel…but this is worth holding out for! I guess my nieces will be getting more eyeshadow; they’ll be happy with that.

  24. My problem with boxycharm: I only like every other box! Hoping I can pick up the palette on swaps because I can’t do this on again off again with boxy anymore.

    • I will check out your swap page. Maybe we can work something out. I am not interested in the palette.

      • Hmmm… Can you link your swap page! Your name isn’t linked like it often is…

  25. I love Dr Brandt’s poredermabrasion and I’d love to see a Mattifying primer but I’m still excited about this box! I can’t wait to see it in person and see my Dec box too 😉 ❤️ 🤗

  26. It looks like Christmas in January. So excited !

  27. So excited for two whole palettes in one box! Great job boxycharm! Hopefully it’s a good face palette. Can’t wait for this box! And hopefully I’ll receive my December box soon…. also has anyone heard about when they will be restocking the limited edition boxycharm box??? Thanks in advance. Liz do you know?)

    • I had to look at the date of this comment. They had it up again this morning. It’s sold back out again. There probably won’t be another re-stock of it.

    • It was today monday 12/11 sold out first hour.

  28. Super excited about this box!

  29. Dr. Brandt makes awesome primers and I would be thrilled to get this. But c’mon Boxy–how about a mattifying product once in a while?

    • I agree. I’d love to see more mattifying products. There isn’t a lot of love for them at the moment in the beauty world.

      • I agree as well. Some of us are shiny enough already. But as usual, value is there and shadows looks amazing!

        • Shiny sisters unite, lol. Even if I want to apply enough highlight to bling like the sun, as Boxycharm apparently wants me to, I still need a good base so my makeup doesn’t slide/melt off.

          • I use porefessional and it is amazing. I still get shiny but use blotting papers.

        • I was actually wondering if I could strain the glitter out of the cover fx illuminating setting spray I got. Like with a mesh strainer or cheesecloth. Any one know if this might help ?? I hate to waste it

      • Its funny the things that are matte shldnt be like lipsticks and the ones that shld be are glittery makes everyones skin look bad unless ur very young with absolutely no pores

  30. I hope they got hair mask this time. I love the devacurl and last call hair masque.

    • I love hair masks. I would love that too.

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