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BoxyCharm December 2017 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for one of the December 2017 Boxycharm variations – thanks for the heads up, Jackie and Samantha!

The December box will include:

Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick Value – $24 OR Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain – Value $12

Real Her Blush Kit – Value $32  (In all boxes)

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – Value $23 (In all boxes)

And here are the last two items and the complete box reveal thanks to Edgarsmakeup:

Crown WH035 PRO BLUSH BRUSH – Value $12

Beaute Basics Item – Any guesses? (It looks like the Bronze Essentials size to me, but also could be an exclusive launch item for Boxycharm.)

What do you think of the Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Oh joy of all joys… I got the color corrector… happy happy dance.. this box slays…

  2. I thought we was get and glam glow what happened to that? I did saw a sneak peek of the glam glow mud mask in a white bottle

    • I think that was glossybox if im not wrong, not boxycharm

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one not excited for this box

  4. When people say “I literally throw XYZ away” because they don’t like nudes or the palettes they get…..please tell me this is a figure of speech. I mean I get tossing it after 20 uses and hating it but opening it up and looking at it and 🤢 or swapping it on your wrist and going 🤢 I would still think it could still sell on Ebay or folks like who only just started 4 months ago would still swap it ….. 🤔🙄 lol just curious

    • Whenever I get something that i dont use, if I cant find a friend or family member who would use it, I collect a few things and then put a little basket out in the restroom at my job, with a little note to take what you want and that stuff is GONE in a day. Some people really dont have the money to treat themselves, so something that I think is useless would make someone who doesn’t have much very happy.

    • No, not for me. I haven’t said I’ve thrown any recent sub makeup away, but it’s not that special. I hate neutrals and earth tones, as a true cool palette who needs pastels and icy shades, not warm colors.

      I throw them away with glee. I am not allowed to donate anything like this to our local women’s shelter, the Goodwill here won’t take makeup, so in the trash it goes if my cleaning lady doesn’t want it.

      Why does this bother you? Not everyone stockpiles makeup like a makeup artist. Not everyone has makeup loving friends who appreciate a second hand gift.

      You likely don’t understand why I throw away earth tones and red lipsticks and I don’t understand why it bothers you. I do not choose to ” make money” off my discards on eBay either. Selling is totally NOT my thing.
      Happy holidays. 🙂

    • Instead of throwing it away it can be donated. Just as long as it is not damaged or obviously used there are women’s shelters and places like my church’s Dream Center that are happy to take it and give it to women that will use it. If it is just swatched they are still happy to take it.
      I do this with both my personal makeup & kits every 6 months. I get products all the time that seem awesome in store but I try them out and don’t really care for them. I’m really glad that I can give them to people that will love and use them.

  5. This is an ok box. I won’t use the color corrector. I think that boxycharm is still by far the best box for the value. Not all boxes can be winners for everyone. It seems to be hard to please everyone. The thing is, its so easy to cancel if you are unhappy.

    • What color corrector?

      • Color corrector is colored concealer meant to address specific problems like dark circles and spots, redness, sallowness, etc. If used correctly it can make a world of difference.

        • There is not a color corrector in this box.

          • There was a color corrector. I received one in mine, but have no use for it. Many people don’t even need color correctors and its just another layer of makeup.

  6. I think two palettes in one box would be really cool to get, and that’s considering that my first thought when we started getting the Boxycharm spoilers for this month was “why didn’t I cancel this when I still had the chance?”

    This is a tremendous value. When people say they don’t need [more of] this or that item – well, that’s not how subscription boxes work.

  7. I am new to BC and this will be my 3rd box, seems like they are hot and cold with their boxes…may keep this sub for a few more months then cancel.

  8. Ugh, so tired of nude lip products, cannot use them, none of my friends can use them, am literally having to throw them away as they make me look like I have dirty chalk on my lips.

    • Hey man, I’ll totally take them off your hands and give them a new home! <3

    • I hate nude lip products on my – I look dead or sickly.

  9. Ewww No way I can swap anybody anything. You never know what you are going to get. It’s only $21, not worth bacteria. I let mine stack. Toss what sits too long, which is basically everything I get, except for like 4-5 in the past two years. Works for me. I haven’t used not one palette we’ve gotten. I love to get brushes, they don’t go bad.

    • You could sell on eBay. I’m trying to pick up the November Winkylux palette for a friend who is stuck on the waitlist. I’m also planning on packing up a bunch of my extras for a local transitional shelter for homeless families. They let kids “buy” presents for their parents with points they earn by doing chores and I have some great stuff just sitting around wasting away.

      • This is a WONDERFUL idea, especially at this time of year. Anytime really! I have a box of items that were misses for me but this would make me super happy to give it to someone who may love it! Thanks ❤️

      • I donate stuff to a local shelter as well. I have about 2 boxes worth of stuff I need to take before the end of the year. I also bought the Winky Lux palette for my sister. She saw mine during Thanksgiving and really liked it so I decided to make it one of her bday presents.

      • Kelly I have an extra one I can sell you. If youd like.

      • Is it safe to buy the Winky lux kitten palette or anything from previous Boxycharm boxes on Ebay? I REALLY wanted the winky lux but didnt get off the wait list til now.

        • Join one of the Facebook Boxy Charm groups. Many people sell them there for good prices and they have safe lists of sellers. I purchased one for $15 shipped.

    • You only used 4-5 items out of everything you received in the past two years? That’s only one box’s worth. Why even subscribe? You’d be better off just buying the items you want.

    • I wish you were my neighbor; I would love to root through your trash 😝

    • You “throw away basically everthing you get” besides brushes? Why even waste your time and money subscribing and just go buy a brush instead? All of that stuff going into a landfill- seems slightly ignorant to me? Its your coin, spend it as you wish, but why not donate unused items to shelters/less fortunate?

    • i will pay shipping for anything you don’t want!!!!!!!

  10. It definitely does look like the bronzing palette by the picture..hoping somehow it’s an exclusive shadow palette though!

  11. Super happy to get a mascara! I gifted my holiday Glossybox one to my niece. Everything in this box looks like it would be used or gifted, so that is a plus!

  12. I just watched a December Boxycharm unboxing on youtube and they didn’t get the bronzers but got a very interesting color corrector instead. Actually, at this point those items (bronzer and/or color corrector) will be my favorite thing in the box as the rest of the items don’t interest me in the least. Looks like I will have lots to give away for Xmas.

  13. I just cancelled, but I go off and on with BC and have been for a few years now and honestly am just on so much product overload – I have to reel it in.

    However, this particular box didn’t make it hard for me to cancel. I definitely don’t need another mascara (I have several full sized and sample sizes in my stock to use). Real Her seems to be a sub box brand and I don’t generally have positive feelings about those, but I love blushes so I’ll give it a try. I hope I get to try the Pretty Vulgar lippie and I love getting brushes so I’m happy about that. I definitely think I’ll get my $21 worth, but I’m just not as excited about it as I once was.

  14. hoping i do not get a color corrector .. i do not like any red/green concealers

  15. I forgot to take my card off of my account and got charged for the box this morning. It’s definitely not as good as the last two boxes which is disappointing but hopefully I will enjoy the box once it gets here.

  16. I hope I get the color correction palette. I’ve been meaning to pick another one up but haven’t gotten to Sephora. That would save me a trip & I would be grateful. I tend to overspend when I go there by a lot….you know how it is, you run in for 1 item and leave with 5….

  17. I loved September to November, which I did the 3 month subscription for. I cancelled it after that. I knew I was going to buy things on BF and CM, so I had to save money somewhere.

    I’ll see what the January spoiler is and think about re-subbing.

  18. The last 2 items will probably vary because a lot of people came off the waitlist. They have bad customer service. Emails not answered. Hoping for a different variation.

    • Terrible cs I agree!!

      • Yeah their CS leaves something to be desired. I love love love Boxycharm but if I ran my companies like that I would be out of business. I would hate to see them taken out by something so simple to fix.

      • Yeah their CS leaves something to be desired and that’s a real shame. I love love love Boxycharm but if I ran my companies like that I would be out of business. It would be tragic if such a wonderful company went down over something so easily fixable. It’s an easy fix too!

    • Boxycharm was the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I went back and forth with them for nearly a week about the limited edition box. They couldn’t tell me when it would ship and ignored my repeated requests for a refund. I finally gave them a deadline and said if they did not ship my box or refund me by the end of the business day, I would file a chargeback with my credit card company. They promptly gave me a number that belonged to someone else. Showed a box going across the country. I was literally on the phone with my credit card company when I got the email with the correct tracking number showing it had just shipped. It’s amazing how quick they can be to respond and actually get something done when you talk chargebacks. Chargebacks are very costly for companies and can result in loss of merchant agreements with credit card companies. I think I’ll cancel after I get my limited edition box and December box. December is a pretty lackluster box imo. I wonder if they put together a few amazing boxes to build up hype and if they will go back to brands that mainly only exist in tjmaxx or in subscription boxes.

      • Wow that’s pretty ridiculous. It seems to me like:
        1. Their CS staff needs more thorough training.

        2. They need to rework how customers can contact CS to get a prompt response. Social media just doesn’t cut it. They need to be more old school here.

        3. Their CS team is probably short staffed. I know on Facebook & Twitter I see girls trying to get an answer about whatever their inquiry is and it seems to be ignored. It looks like their questions are getting lost in the shuffle because the pages aren’t being properly monitered.

        All of this is so very easy to remedy. If they could just get their CS up to par Boxycharm could easily be a multimillion dollar a year company. Running their CS on social media wont cut it though….

      • They did this to me too about something I ordered from the charm shop and my regular box. They emailed back like “Here’s your box” and it was going to LA when I live in NYC. Almost literally as far as possible in terms of where they ship.

  19. Not the best box ever but I am still happy to try out some new products. And if all else fails, the mascara that I know I like is worth the cost of the box. No complaints here.

    I got my friend a 3 month sub for her December birthday, I really, really hope she gets off the wait list soon!

  20. there is a unboxing video online for this box, the girl got a Pro Concealer Palette by Bellapierre instead of this bronzer. Why didn’t my 1st comment post?

  21. Well this sucks. Never complained about a box till now. But this is the December box? The xmas box? Very disappointed in this one. It’s a huge leap backwards for boxy when they’ve been bounding ahead so well.

  22. i really really do NOT want the color corrector .. i pray i get whatever the variant is

  23. This is more like their old 2016 boxes than their 2017 boxes.

    It is like they put the best December items in the limited edition box or had to take a step back from their usual quality in order to get the quantity to be able to take everyone off the waitlist this month.

    • Tbh I would’ve rather stayed on the wait list and wait a few months to let the quality stay good… whenever I subscribe I get off within a month when they charge for subs

  24. This is a pretty disappointing box considering how good they have been for the past 4 months or so. I’m happy with the mascara, brush, and either of the two lippies but the other products aren’t exciting for me. I saw an unboxing where someone got a bellapierre color correcting palette in place of the bronzer. Hope I don’t get that. I doubt I could even give that away.

    • It is very disappointing. I’ve been on the waitlist since October hoping I’d get taken off for the October box and get the November box. They were both really good boxes. And now they’ve put out a box not as good for all the people who tried to sub for good boxes. I hope they plan on starting 2018 off with a bang in January.

  25. I really love BoxyCharm, and have been subbed since March. I had to cancel in September/October (can’t remember) due to being a part time working college student, so I didn’t receive last month’s box, which was one I really, really wanted. I resubbed and I’m on the waitlist, but honestly I hope I don’t get brought on until January. This box is actually the first one that I haven’t wanted a single item in the box. It doesn’t inspire me, and I expected more for the December box. I hope whoever gets it enjoys it though, and I hope next month’s box is amazing.

    • I’m selling my (totally unopened) November box if you want it!

  26. They put sooo much effort into the LE box they forgot about the everyday monthly subscriptions. Please don’t do us any favors with another LE box just save those for a year round surprisal especially when alot of subscribers didn’t get a chance to get the LE box.

  27. Depending on the shades for the palettes, I’m most likely going to be swapping most of this box (and most of my Ipsy AND BoxyCharm LE) if I can ever get off the swap wait list.

  28. One of the products is a color correcting palette from bellapierre!

  29. Ughhh I really hope it’s not the bronze essentials. It’s full of parabens 🙁 disgusting. I don’t mind crap in my makeup lol but not known cancer causing parabens. I don’t understand why companies still use that sh*t or why it’s even allowed.

  30. I hope it’s eyeshadows!

  31. Beaute looks more like a shadow palette based on the aspect ratio. I’m really not happy that my requests to cancel were ignored and I’ve been charged for this box. I requested twice, both in plenty of time. BC is by far the worst sub company I’ve encountered

    • You can cancel directly on their website, hassel free. Just log into your account. No need to wait for their response. They’re one of the easiest to cancel.

    • All you have to do is go into your account and cancel no request needed. Should cancel the moment you click that box.

    • All you have to do is go to the website, sign in , go to settings, and click the button that says cancel subscription. Takes about a minute……… they’ve always taken a week ish to get back to people. Faster and easier to do it yourself.

      • When I tried to unsub I didn’t even see a button for it… pressed edit as well so I just assumed inactive meant like I could go active once I get off the wait list…

  32. I would think it odd to send a blush palette and a bronzer palette… maybe it’s shadows?

    • That’s what I thought. I’m bummed out.

    • Defintely over-doing it to send both. I felt the blush was more a spring palette as well, but maybe that’s just me.

  33. I thought since it is Christmas the box would be much better then this. This is such a disappointing box. I think I am finally done with Boxycharm!

    • I thought they might do something extra for the LE drama but I am happy with box. For me, boxy still an effective way to build my makeup stash! And I have FIVE boxes this month duebto black Friday sales. No complaints here. I hope I get corrector.

  34. Yay, I was hoping for another brush.

  35. I’m finally off the wait list after two months ! So happy that it was for this box I basically get my value of the box with the mascara alone !

  36. welp, everything but the mascara is going up for swap. no worries though, I needed mascara! 🙂

    • That’s exactly where I am with this one. I was going to cancel but talked myself out of it since I’m paying less than I would for the mascara. And, knowing my luck, next month would be awesome and I’d be stuck on the waitlist for two months.

      • My thoughts as well! Not digging the spoiler for January though. Decisions Decisions.

  37. A blush palette AND a bronze palette? Interesting… I got a shipping notice today, saying my box’s label is created. Now I just gotta wait!!!

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