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BoxyCharm December 2017 Box Variation #2 – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for another variation of the December 2017 BoxyCharm thanks to SydneySmallsBeauty!

In case you missed the previous variation spoilers:

Pretty Vulgar My Lips Are Sealed Liquid Lipstick Value – $24 OR Makeup Geek Showstopper Creme Stain – Value $12

Real Her Blush Kit – Value $32  (In all boxes)

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – Value $23 (In all boxes)

And here are the last two items and the complete box reveal thanks to Edgarsmakeup:

Crown WH035 PRO BLUSH BRUSH – Value $12

Beaute Basics Item – Any guesses? (It looks like the Bronze Essentials size to me, but also could be an exclusive launch item for Boxycharm.)

What do you think of the Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more.

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  1. hey Boxycharm my love, i never complain even if some of my items received are not suitable for my skin tone.

    I am hoping for that Bronzer palette only because i dont normally use color correctors that are cream on my oily combination skin tone.

    how cool it will be and much appreciated.

    BTW: my box is on its way!! muchas Gracias ::::::)

  2. For $21 this box is a steal no matter what

  3. After watching a few unboxings I’m excited to get this box. Hoping for the pink metallic lip shade and bronzer palette. My only complaint with boxy is that I get a lot of unusable lip colors. I can’t wear orange or brown.
    My LE box is arriving today, cant wait to see whicj palette i got.

    • Way to go auto correct

  4. Beaute Basics is the Bronze Essentials, confirmed on another unboxing. I love brushes and the LE box came with a great blending brush, I could always use more brushes. As far as the bronzer I would be happy with either and love the blush, I wanted the Tartist mascara it retails $23 I figure everything else is free, so definitely worth it for me.

  5. I was sad at first when I had to cancel for this month to save some money after all the gift shopping, but these spoilers are making me feel much better about it. Neither lip color looks flattering for me, I have far more color correctors and mascaras than I need, and I’ve never heard anything good about the company that makes the blush palette. I was worried at first about missing it, since usually I’d expect the holiday season box to be above and beyond, and Boxy has been amazing otherwise. Hopefully they’ll be back on their game by the time I can start ordering them again.

  6. I’m hoping for the concealer palette! I do agree with everyone though, this box is lacking compared to the last few months. Hopefully just a temporary thing.

  7. Not a fan at all of this box glad my card was denied this time around lol.

    • From Boxycharm’s website
      “If your account is currently active and the payment for your renewal is declined, your account will be placed in a past due state. Our system will automatically continue attempting to charge your card to collect payment, while supplies last. In order to stop the billing attempts, you must cancel the account before the payment is successfully processed. ”

      I know my bank processes charges for all of my accounts with recurring charges when my card was stolen they still let Allure & other companies bill me for my regular subs.

      • You can take your card number off of your account.

  8. I actually like this box. It’s full of staples that I use and am continually buying during wedding and prom seasons. I do makeup as a side hustle and Boxycharm saves me a lot of money. I’m hoping for the color corrector as I go through a ton of it. Getting some basically free would be awesome.

  9. I’m actually happy that Boxycharm included a color correcting concealer palette, I’ve used the Bellapierre banana setting powder and like it. I try and keep in mind that I pay $6 more a month for this box than my Sephora Play sub and the value is there.

    • Sephora Play is $10.

      • I’m constantly doing that lately, I confuse what they cost and what I say they cost to my So confused. I think he thinks that subs for Allure, Ipsy, Birchbox, Glossybox, Boxycharm, Petit Vour all together cost $75.

  10. I guess I’m hoping for the color correction palette just because I’ve never used one and I might like it. The bronzer looks pretty but I have a ton of bronzer already and a girl as pale as me only needs so much bronzer. So a new to me product to try is definitely ideal in this month’s box.

  11. I like that the color correcting palette is something a little different but I have zero use for it. I don’t really use bronzer but im hoping for the bronzer. I’m planning on unsubscribing unless the spoilers for January are amazing lol.

    • I agree with everything you said. I’m thinking a skin care sub might be better since I have a better chance of using up those products. I am trying to limit myself to one beauty sub per month, but it’s so hard.

  12. Oh no, it looks like the first ingredient for the color correcting palette is mineral oil!!! YUCK!!! That is not good for skin, and is something that goes in cheap dollar store makeup!!! BOO for that one!! If I get that, it’s going right in the garbage!

    • Mineral oil is fine for skin. There is a lot of misinformation lately when it comes to cosmetics.

      And parabens, btw (saw someone else mention them) are better than no parabens in a cosmetic product, because they are non-sensitizing, but are beneficial in that they thwart the growth of mold, fungi, and harmful pathogens. And btw, they are naturally derived from plants, which is rare for a preservative.

      It’s really disheartening to see this all this hysteria over these ingredients.

  13. The thing about that color correcting palette is that I have no redness or sallowness to cover up, which leaves only one usable color (the orange) and I am not too sure about that shade… The bronzing palette would probably be more useful to me.

  14. I would have to agree that I am not all that impressed with how Boxy is ending the season. They had sooo many good boxes this year that I am almost saddened by how blah I find the December box and the LE box to be. I am glad that I decided not to get a LE box. I had one in the cart, was ready to check out, and decided against it. I don’t know why our expectations as consumers is that they should ‘save the best for last’ and for whatever reason we feel the month of December is ‘last’, but it is. I suppose because it is the holiday time of year and many of us buy these subs for ourselves as gifts, but still. I think the reason I am really disappointed is that they failed to deliver an outstanding box during a high-profile month after seeing them time and time again knock it out of the park. I’m not upset by any means and I still love BC. I just wish I was Ho, Ho, Ho over this box. Not Ho-hum.

    • I agree! I still love them but there have been so many awesome boxes (especially in the last couple of months) so it seems like a very bizarre decision to end the year on such a blah note. Especially since you are right, this is the time of year people are shopping for gifts – I would not subscribe or buy this as a gift based on this months box.

    • This months box is reminiscent of boxycharm before July 2017. Boxycharm started getting real good then with September, October, and November being outstanding boxes. I’m wondering if they were putting all the good stuff in for a few months to build hype. If they go back to being mainly a subscription box of items that only exist in subscription boxes or TJ Maxx, I’m out. They values of those items are inflated. Nobody is paying $30 for a measurable difference concealer palette that sells for $6.99 at tjmaxx.

  15. Did anyone of you received their tracking information on email?

    • I didn’t get a tracking email but it showed up in my fedex app yesterday.
      Weighing .8lbs

      • Is yours got shipped already?

        • Yes, it left Kennesaw,GA yesterday

  16. Did anyone received their tracking no. Email?

    • None so far. Have you gotten yours?

  17. I really love Boxycharm but I’m not really impressed with the Dec box… It looks a bit random.

  18. Not every box is going to be perfectly pleasing to everyone, and that’s okay. I’m hoping for the Pretty Vulgar lippie, as I have been wanting to try their products.

  19. Disappointed with this box. Since it’s December I thought our box would be awesome. why didn’t they do something christmasy like red lipstick and a festive eye shadow pallet.. The only thing that I like in this box is tarte mascara and that’s just because I literally ran out of mascara 😞

  20. Yikes, looks like I did well by cancelling before the Dec box. I would not have been impressed!! They were on a roll…were.

    • I agree actually… past boxes were awesome idk what’s going on now.😩

    • Same. I’m so glad my 3 month sub ended before december. Hopefully boxy will be better again next year

  21. Oh good Lord, I hope I don’t get that color correction palette.

    • Me, too. I’m excited to try everything but that! Hoping for the bronzer instead, then it would be a nice glowy holiday box for me….

  22. God I hope I get the blush and not the color correcting thing!

    • I believe that the everyone is getting the blush. The concealer palette is another variant item. You get either the color corrector palette or bronzer palette.

  23. Please no more Real Her. I don’t know how they and Manna Kadar got into every sub box, but the quality is back in the day Wet N Wild (before their new and really awesome revamp of late) with luxury MSRP.

    • Real her and Bella Pierre in one box is like a slap in the face.

      • I would take Bella Pierre before Real Her, by a mile. They’re still like discount Marshall 5 dollar palette quality for sure, but I have a Bella Pierre bronzer palette that was actually decent quality though I haven’t used it ever and the lipstick they sent a few months ago was sticky af but stayed on forever. I’ve never used one real her product that I had ANYTHING good to say about and I try to amicable about everything and find something good.

      • Lol

      • I’m surprised they didn’t add some manna kadar and doucce to really spice up the holidays… 👎👎👎

        • 😂 I have a niece who asked me for “pink, peach, and brown blush” for Christmas; she is young enough to not care about the brand, so I got lucky there.

        • I forgot about doucce. *shudders*

          I will shut my mouth about Bella Pierre.

          Remember that horrible mascara that boxycharm sent? MGM flow or something. They had to send out directions how to use it because it was so awful. Us long time subscribers have gotten a lot of bad products from boxycharm. We deserve those good boxes through the fall for sticking around through some of that.

        • Lol!

    • I have been honestly amazed by some Wet N Wild products lately. Why people spend many times more on prestige brands for the same items is beyond me.

      • The PhotoFocus foundation is better than a lot of high end brands out there that cost more than ten times the price. I was skeptical then amazed once I tried it and went straight back to CVS to pick up a few other items. They always run extra care bucks specials so they cost even less.

        • Yep, it’s my favorite foundation by far.
          As their slogan goes, “Your skin, only better”. 🙂

          • Couldn’t think of a more perfect slogan.

    • Ooo see, I actually love manna lip products! Not so sure about this month though…

      • Me too, love the manna kadar lipstain I got in my Nov ipsy bag. I wear it everyday to work, such a beautiful cross between soft mauve and rose colour, and this is after I just bought the holiday lip kit from Sephora with 14 lipsticks! I will take manna over real her any day, still have the eye palette and lippies from previous boxy, I have made up my mind to donate them along with other products this month.

  24. I love boxy but this month is just…underwhelming. Definitely worth 21 and I would pay that for a few months where I got nothing usable just to stay an active subscriber, but everything is a hard pass. Real Her is one of the worst makeup lines I’ve every tried and they’ve got their hands in every sub box.

  25. I hope I get the first variation! I was just thinking that i’m not very happy with my blush brush so I’m happy about that but I don’t color correct so I have no interest in that, hope I get the bronzer.

    It’s a bit of a disappointing month for me – I love boxycharm usually but I thought that it would be awesome holiday products and this is just meh

    • Ugh! I just got off the waitlist for this box! After taking a break for a few months, this is not what I wanted to start with. 😫 I’m always seeing Bella Pierre at Ross not sure if I really care to try it.

  26. Is it just me or is it impossible to tell what the last two items are? Why not just say what they are? I can’t get any idea from Edgarsmakeup…

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