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Bespoke Post Women’s Box Available Now + 25% Coupon Code!

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For the first time ever, Bespoke Post has designed a box for women! The Box is called Soothe. Here is the direct link to it.

Here’s everything in the Soothe box:

Total value about $129 + value of pen.

What do you think of Soothe? Would you like seeing more boxes like this from Bespoke Post in the future?

Remember if you haven’t signed up for Bespoke Post yet – use coupon code MYFIRST to save 25% off your first box! 

Here are the rest of the featured boxes this month:

And you can save $10 off every $50 you spend!

Here is a closer look at the boxes:


See to it that your couch — or bed, or wingback chair, or what have you — is as soft as humanly possible. And this one-two punch of comfort should certainly help. Set ’em out wherever you tend to kick back after a long day kicking ass, then settle in and indulge in some “me time.” You deserve it, dammit.

Den includes:

  • Haven Pillow Set (4 colors available)


That is, they shouldn’t be rushed — you’re gonna want to settle in to truly enjoy all the deep, nuanced flavors mingling on your palate. With that in mind, we’ve assembled this thorough lineup, complete with a pair of fine cigars plus the goods you need to set the mood and enjoy them properly. So the next time you spark up, you can show your smokes the respect they deserve.

Spark includes:

  • Platinum Series Cigars
  • Balloon Snifter Glasses
  • Garrison Incense Burner & Ashtray
  • Garrison Cigar Rests
  • Handmade Incense


Okay, the last one might be a bit of a stretch. But you get the point — given everything you face on the daily, subpar audio just isn’t going to cut it. What you’re looking for, instead, is a pair of earbuds that’ll offer up high-quality acoustics and look damn good doing it, even while taking a beating. Plus, they definitely shouldn’t have to plug into your device. Lucky you, we’ve got just the thing.

Sonic includes:

  • Tre In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones


Quick history lesson: in 1792, a guy in Switzerland named Pierre Ordinaire had an idea to distill a spirit from a blend of wormwood and other herbs, intending it to be a kind of cure-all medicine. Not long after, it skyrocketed in popularity across Switzerland, into neighboring France, and here to the States by way of New Orleans.

The green stuff has an interesting and purportedly dangerous history, and is now back amid cocktail bar shelves after nearly 100 years of being banned in the US. We like it because it tastes fantastic and opens up new doors in at-home cocktail making, but more importantly, is damn fun to drink on its own the old-school way. Which is what this box is all about.

Verte includes:

  • Absinthe Making Kit
  • Jura Absinthe Glass
  • Round Absinthe Grille
  • Absinthe Sucre Wrapped Sugar Cubes

But that doesn’t mean your style’s got to suffer — at least, not if we have anything to say about it. So, whether you’re heading out for a day of hitting the trail or simply taking on the urban jungle, strap this handsome, military-inspired timepiece onto your wrist, grab something to light the way, and face whatever’s waiting for you in the field.

Ceremony includes:

  • DX3 Field Watch
  • Konuslight-4 LED Flashlight


And sorry to say it, but you can’t just hibernate for the next couple months until spring arrives. So batten down the hatches, settle in, and build a roaring fire to warm yourself up. This lineup should be of assistance on that front, helping sustain your blaze and keep cozy until the snow finally starts to melt.

Timber includes:

  • Log Carrier
  • Double-Quilted Cotton Canvas Gloves
  • California White Sage Bundle

What do you think of the Bespoke Post December boxes? Which one are you picking?

Remember – use coupon code MYFIRST to save 25% off your first box! (Bespoke Post is regularly $45 a month.) FYI – If you are a new subscriber, you may not see all the boxes we’ve pictured here as an option for your first month.

(And check out our Bespoke Post reviews to learn more about this subscription box – it is one of our absolute favorites!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. If you buy something, MSA may earn an affiliate commission. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I agree with almost everyone who posted in commenting that Bespoke clearly didn’t survey the subset of women who wish Bespoke would offer stuff in their size. I for one would love smaller gloves in all categories (frost, oyster shucking, driving) for size 11 (baseball glove standard) hands. Smaller watches that fit adult women with 6 inch wrist diameters. Smaller socks that fit people with size 5 feet. Smaller every day carry tools with slimmer handles to fit their smaller hands. Smaller. Smaller but *exact same quality*.

    From just a skim of their marketing material, it seems like they bank on the concept of any and all accessories that would fit the lifestyle of the stylish affluent bachelor. The problem is they obviously don’t understand the stylish affluent bachelorette who maybe enjoys single malt scotch has unmet needs in the made-to-last goods/hardware department as opposed to the bath goods and fancy notebooks department. (Seriously who doesn’t already know about Lush and Leuchtturm?)

    For instance, what would a Bespoke curated menses survival kit look like? Maybe a molded leather tampon or menstrual cup case instead of a cigar case? What about an emergency workplace sexual harrassment response kit in a carved wood box?

    Get on it, Bespoke. For gentlewomen, not just gentlemen.

    • Emergency workplace sexual harassment response kit in a carved wood box!! 😂

  2. I love that Bespoke made a box for women! But this a pretty cliche box in my opinion. A mask, bath stuff and a candle. Pretty but not for me. Go outside the beauty aspect Bespoke!

    • I agree, the curation reminds me of a recent LE box for men that looked like they didn’t ask any actual men what they liked.

      I think my 13 year old son would pick items like this for Mother’s Day gift. I’d appreciate them from him but as a treat for myself or a gift.

  3. Any one of these as the side item to a nice bath robe, PJs, or blanket would’ve been more to what I’d have expected from BP.

  4. Sigh. I love the Bespoke Post model and I agree with a previous commenter that many of their boxes are actually pretty gender neutral—I think this is why BP is so appealing to me, that their boxes contain items that I’m unlikely to find in other (women’s) boxes and that are really useful and interesting. I may sprain something rolling my eyes so hard at the fact that the first BP box specifically geared toward women is full of items that are stereotypically feminine, flowery and completely generic in the subscription box world. There are so many of their “themed boxes for guys who give a damn” that could have been skewed slightly to be less masculine—I really wish this was the approach they’d taken to expand their model into boxes for women. I’ll try to reserve judgment and keep an eye on this, but, you know, it’ll be side-eye.

    • Yes to all this.

    • +1000

    • Ohhh. I get it now. I finally clicked through to the box and I realized that this isn’t a box geared toward women. This is a box geared toward men who want to buy something for a woman. (And in that light, some of the other comments on this thread are completely spot on: “kinda like what men might think women would like, I think. (“Chicks like candles and bath stuff, right,?”)” and “I think my 13 year old son would pick items like this for Mother’s Day gift.”) Given that the box sold out in a couple of days it looks like Bespoke Post knows what their (male) customers want. I still feel like these items are cliche, but I suppose this box will probably be a step up from a lot of other gifts that may have been given in its place.

      That being said, I still hope Bespoke Post starts to offer boxes for women, not just boxes for men to give to women. (And I hope they have some idea about what women want.)

      • You took the words right out of my mouth and you quoted me too lol. You hit the nail on the head this was curated for men to buy for women.

  5. Another agree, here! Love the IDEA of a BP selection with women in mind but this is not unique or luxe, like their other sections. Smelly stuff. Flowery notebook. Nice, I guess, but not what I look for among BP selections.

  6. As a woman who is interested mainly in beauty boxes (+ lifestyle a little), I’ve never been interested in Bespoke. Yes, this box is a fairly generic beauty / bathish + notebook & candle… but they actually did a pretty good job IMO. They all look like very nice products and it’s a really good value – almost 3 x’s retail value at full price, and if you get the 25% off it’s worth over 3.5 x’s what you paid.
    I would be happy to receive this as a gift and am tempted to buy even though I’m on product overload! 🙂

  7. I love Bespoke Post for its originality and uniqueness and I hope they aren’t going to change anything, model-wise. I’m boxed out of the usual stuff geared toward women buyers. Bespoke is a refreshing change and I always have multiple boxes on my want list. This box is completely unappealing to me. The men’s boxes are way better (and pretty gender neutral IMHO)

  8. I, too, have been hoping BP would do a women’s box. But this is very generic… kinda like what men might think women would like, I think. (“Chicks like candles and bath stuff, right,?”)

    Really, though, so many of their boxes are gender neutral, I’m not terribly worried about it.

  9. What’s with the (multiple!) boxes for smokers? Promoting an unhealthy lifestyle makes for an upscale box? I don’t get it. Skipping this month. Nothing appeals to me….again.

    • I didn’t see multiple boxes for smokers where are these other boxes listed?

      • This is at least the second one I’ve seen about cigars and they introduced one just a few months ago that is about making your own cigarettes (I believe that was it – I didn’t look in depth since I don’t smoke). I don’t really get it since it seems a bit repetitive to have multiple in a row about cigars, with similar stuff in them.

        Maybe they have had requests for smoking related items.

    • And your comment would also mean that Robb Vices sub promotes alcoholism because they send booze!?! … No. People enjoy a drink, and somtimes a cigar. Its not promoting any sort of lifestyle. Theres a market for it obviously. (Insert eye roll here)

    • I can appreciate where you’re coming from, but all of these subscription boxes promote overconsumption and isn’t that a tad unhealthy as well?

  10. I was excited to see Soothe and went ahead and purchased. Hoping if they sell enough they will continue with a box for women.

  11. Does the myfirst code work for this box? It seems like it doesn’t….

    • It didn’t work for me and this would have been my first box with them…

  12. Agree with @BelleB 100%. I’m always looking for a good lifestyle box, but this isn’t it. Will stick with the “mens” boxes for now.

  13. I’ve been dying for Bespoke Post to have a women’s box but this is a disappointment. There are SO many beauty boxes, I’d way prefer they do a women’s lifestyle/tech box like they have for me.

    • I was so excited to see a women’s box but not as excited about the contents. I hope they keep at it though! Jewelry or accessories would have been nice… or more feminine versions of some of the existing boxes.

    • Agree. I love this idea, but am not thrilled about the particular contents of this one box. Watching with interest to see how this idea develops.

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