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Rituals Limited Edition GlossyBox on Clearance for $13.30!

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UPDATE: Looks like the pricing has increased to $30 as of 2:10 PM ET

The GlossyBox Rituals Limited Edition Box is on sale for $13.30! (Thanks, Esther and Tami, for the heads up!)

Check out our review of the GlossyBox x Rituals Limited Edition box to see exactly what’s in the box!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I ordered this yesterday and went through and today I got an email of cancelation without any reason. Shame….

    • Okay, I suppose now I don’t feel so bad about missing the sale, but this is just so weird! Even weirder than the flash sale seemed in the first place.

    • I just looked at my account and it shows both my orders a canceled no email no explanation. Paid through paypal no refund as of now.

      • The PayPal email for payment states
        “Thanks for your order at GLOSSYBOX. Money won’t leave your account until GLOSSYBOX processes your order.”

        So those of us who paid through PayPal weren’t actually billed but the points/credit I used isn’t showing up.

    • I didn’t even get an email…just noticed my order showed cancelled when I was ordering Holiday box. I sent them an email asking for an explanation. Can’t wait to see if I get a response. Lol.

      • I didn’t get an email either. That is so tacky. They should honor the sales they made. Especially since they’ve had those boxes for awhile. Is it worth charging more money to upset and lose loyal customers? I was considering buying the Holiday box. Not now.

        • I got a cancellation email on the 3 I ordered. Total crap, here is the message. Also, I thought if a price was listed they had to sell it to you at that price. I’ll never buy anything from them again:

          Unfortunately we have had to cancel this order. This is due to a pricing error on our website. We pride ourselves on having accurate information on our website, but on this occasion there has been an error which has subsequently been amended.

          We understand this could be very frustrating for you and apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

          If a charge has been taken for the order, then a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your account within 3-5 working days.

          If the item is still of interest to you, it can now be ordered at the correct price on site.

          If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

          Kind regards,
          GLOSSYBOX Customer Service Team

      • Same here. I was going to buy the holiday box and possibly sub for a while as well. Decided NOT to since they couldn’t be bothered to honor the Rituals order. SMH

    • I didn’t get an email but my order for the Rituals box was cancelled too.

    • Same thing here, no email, but order shows cancelled on the site.
      The “good” thing is that the money never left my Paypal account, so at least I don’t have to wait for a refund or anything like that.

      • Same here, I was glad to see that I wasn’t billed! I’m not sure what happened with them, but I’m glad they never billed me.

    • Thought I had a few Christmas gifts locked. They cancelled my Rituals boxes as well, no email, no reason, no apology. Considering that was my first purchase, as I was hesitant to order from GlossyBox due to reported customer service issues, I am really disappointed, and the overall experience left a bad taste in my mouth. I had also ordered the LE box as a Christmas gift to myself. Just cancelled that. Funny that I had to give a reason why I was cancelling.

      • Good point!

      • Omg sammmmmeeeee. No email, no notice, just canceled. This is a joke. Thank goodness for MSA so we can all see what yhe neck is going on. I was very open minded with the limited edition box snafu, but now the CEOs comments male me think he doesn’t have the right people in charge of their ecommerce.

        I contacted them too. If anyone hears back, can you please update the group?

        • Right?! I would have had no clue it was cancelled if it were not for MSA.

        • I have reported them to the bbb and to the FTC, that’s how pissed off I am. I’m also canceling my subscription. This has left a very bad taste in my mouth.

        • Can you please tell me where to find the CEO’s comments on this issue? I am very interested in what he/she has to say for themselves about this ordeal. Thanks so much for the info on advance!

          • Where is the CEO statement people keep mentioning??

          • This was on Facebook:

            Dear Bev Flowers Lisa Dupin Wilson Celi Marchena Esther Naholowaa Mary Warren Mari Hellriegel John Paul Richardson Jaime Zimmerman-Swalin Janine Zerbo Taylor Kristine Alene Schellypie Schellburgur Ana Monique Carvalho Hello everyone! We truly apologize for what happened with the Rituals box! We are fixing this technical problem right now and we hope that it will be solved asap! If you didn’t get an email yet, you will receive one that solves the problem! Again we truly apologize for the inconvenience we caused! We are on it and we don’t mean to ignore anyone! 💝

    • My ordered was cancelled as well, no notification I just happened to log into my account. I sent a note to their customer service department asking for an explanation. This is deal-breaker for me and will cancel my subscription if they don’t respond.

    • I just reported them to the BBB, everyone else should do the same as well. Report them to the FTC as well.

    • I ordered three boxes and they cancelled all three orders without explanation. I called this morning and they told me that there was glitch in their system and they were priced incorrectly. I told them if they didn’t do the right thing and reinstate my order at the price they listed, I would cancel the three Holiday Box orders that I placed, as well as my monthly subscription. I am waiting for them to call me back! Highly disappointed at how they are handling this.

    • I just logged into my account and both my orders were cancelled. No email either!

      I just emailed them, so let’s see if I get a response.

    • I got an email that my order has been cancelled. This is what the email says.

      Unfortunately we have had to cancel this order. This is due to a pricing error on our website. We pride ourselves on having accurate information on our website, but on this occasion there has been an error which has subsequently been amended.

      We understand this could be very frustrating for you and apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

      If a charge has been taken for the order, then a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your account within 3-5 working days.

      If the item is still of interest to you, it can now be ordered at the correct price on site.

    • My order cancellation email said the pricing was an error, and “If the item is still of interest to you, it can now be ordered at the correct price on site.” I guess the sale was never even real, just a mistake.

  2. My order was cancelled 🙄 And they didn’t even email me about it.

  3. Darn! So bummed I missed that!

    • ME TOO!

  4. Dang! Sorry I missed it! Bought this box last time, but would have loved to get a new one at this price. Oh well, can’t win them all.

  5. Wow that’s a pretty crazy price jumpin a few hours. I thought they’d be good gifts for the holidays so I bought two asap, so glad I did. Slightly bummed I didn’t get more!

  6. At $13.30 I went crazy and bought 5. Going to use them as Christmas gifts 🎁.

  7. Why would they do a flash sale like that for only a few hours?
    That’s so weird for Glossybox!

    Oh well, I can’t claim that it’s something I can’t do without anyway…

    • I know! The one time I don’t check msa on the constant I miss this!!

  8. Hopefully anyone who ordered the box really gets it. I logged into my account because I still have not received my Oct. box. There was nothing there, my account was gone. It was asking me to subscribe. I called Glossybox because of both problems and the girl said the are have a lot of issues today because the site is being switch over and would not really be fully functioning till Wednesday.

    • I have not received my Oct/Nov Box yet. I like their products, but not customer service.

      • I received my October box November 2nd and my November box yesterday. I was surprised to get this months so fast.

        • The same thing happened with my October and November boxes. I wondered why they came so close together?

  9. Could the $13.30 have been a typo before? It seems like such an odd price for a box.

    • I wondered the same thing! Stranger things have happened lol

    • I thought the same thing when I ordered (3 of them – haha!!), and now that the price is $30, the possibility that it was a typo makes sense. If that’s the case I hope they honor the orders anyway.

  10. Oooof…now I regret only ordering one at $13.30. I don’t need it for myself, but I thought it might be a handy gift in case I need one for a rando come Christmas.

    • Same. I was considering ordering a second until I saw all the $30 comments. It’s lucky I check this site compulsively or I would’ve missed the discount too.

      • Yeah, I ordered one real quick before I ran out the door to watch a parade and was thinking about ordering more when I got back. Oh, well.

        With Black Friday approaching, I am checking this website the moment I wake-up, about a hundred times during the day, and right in bed before I close my eyes. I mean, you have to be quick if you want to get some of these deals. I’m trying to limit myself to the super cheap/clearance ones just because I know I have 2 months of shopping ahead of me. Don’t even get me started on the after Christmas sales. I hit that stuff HARD for gifts for ME to help me recover from the holidays.

        • Glad I’m not the only one. Lol.

        • lol 100% agreed. I’m mostly looking for male gifts at this point, which are harder to come by on here so I’m constantly checking. So far I’ve just gotten a couple of Sprezzaboxes. I’m really hoping there will be some Black Friday sales for the guy subscription boxes as well.

          • Yes! So desperate for some gifts for the guys right now. Although I joke and say, “Well, you already have your white male privilege which is the gift that keeps on giving…” I’m terrible.

          • Ann – Lol 😄😄😄😄 You win comment of the day!!

      • Me too. I check this sight about every half hour.

  11. Wow! Can’t even walk away for a couple of hours, miss out on a deal like this! I remember the reviews when it was first available. I would have gotten, well, at least one… Great gifts!

    • And the irony is, that it’s probably due to interest sparked by MSA which has led to the run on boxes!

  12. I see the box has gone back up to $30; but I thought it was a great box. I already bought two at full price when it came out. I just bought two more on sale, the scent is amazing!!

  13. Basically there was no interest in this box so they lowered the price. Then all of the sudden there’s a bunch of interest so they raised the price back to what it was. Shady!!!

    • I know I so wanted this at the discounted price…..but not for $30

    • Sadly, I agree. I got it for $13.30 but I’m keeping an eye on my credit card to see if they charge me $30.
      This was the first time I’ve purchased from Glossy Box. I’ve never had a subscription. If they charge me $30, I will never purchase another thing from them.
      Very shady business practice.

      • I doubt they would do that. I got a confirmation email with the $13.30 price listed as paid.

    • Exactly. And they’ll have to lower it again. I’m so mad. I wanted it BUT only at $13 grrrr

    • This was probably a typo. Coming from someone who has worked in advertising on sites like this- it happens. We are human, and we make mistakes. If a mistake was made there isn’t any reason to get mad.

      This box is a great value at $30. The sizes are great! $13 is an insane price on this!

      • But if you were able to order it for $13, then they should honor the price.

        • Yes and no. Via contract case law they are supposed to honor the price even if they are at a disadvantage (minimal profit, break even, etc.) – however, if the price was set actually lower than their cost to order the box, then they do not have to honor the price because they couldn’t reasonably fulfill the order.

          I’m not sure how contract law would deal with past inventory though vs. new orders, or with genuine website glitches and not human error.

          Regardless, I think everyone would have been more willing to cut them some slack if a) they had notified everyone immediately of the cancellations b) apologized and explained and c) pulled the product from sale at least for a few hours until all the emails could be sent.

  14. Is there a code? It’s coming up at $30 🙁

  15. Shows up at $30 now 🙁

  16. Mines still coming up at the full $30 price, am I missing something?

  17. Am I doing something wrong? Mine is not showing any discount. It is preorder for $30.

    • Same thing happening to me 😫

      • When you get to checkout it will show you amount in credits you have available right below the price. You type in the amount you want to use on the order and hit apply.

        • I think they mean the $13.30 price isn’t coming up anymore

          • Yep that’s what I meant. Must have missed it!

          • I think I’ll start adding “I’m on Marinol (thc pills)”to all my comments so my mind seems like duh all the time after I read something I’ve commented on.

    • It will not do it for me either?

  18. FYI Ladies you can use dots/credit to preorder holiday 2017 glossybox.

  19. For anyone who missed it…

    3 of the Allure boxes are back on sale at Costco

    • Thanks, Julie!

    • and… it sold out again. That was fast. Costco seems to be restocking it every few days.

  20. Got two.

  21. Thank you MSA and GB! I bought one for my mom, for Christmas. Great deal! I was charged tax, which I thought was weird but it was still a good price, for these items.

    I’ve only bought from them one other time, which didn’t go so well. I really hope I don’t have any problems with this. I’d rather not have to deal with their horrible CS. *crossing fingers*

    • I live in Georgia and have had to pay taxes on all my subscription boxes.

      • I live on GEORGIA and it didn’t charge me taxes

        • I live in Columbia County Ga and only on rare order here and there I don’t pay tax. When we claimed TN as our home state we didn’t pay it but my billing address was a TN address.

  22. I snagged several for teacher Christmas gifts for my son’s amazing group of teachers. Can’t beat the price and I think they will love it! Thanks Liz!

    • Me too!

    • awe that is so thoughtful for those teachers!

  23. The cancellation process seems to be different too. I need to cancel by the 15th of Nov in order for December to be my last box…right? But now it says if you cancel you won’t get any more boxes. I bought a 3 month deal (Oct, Nov, Dec) and I want to cancel at the right time so I am not charged again, but I also want to receive all 3 boxes. Does anyone know? Thank you in advance. 🙂

    • I know! I logged in and the screen is completely different now. I don’t even see the balance of my glossydots anymore and if I wanted to cancel now, it states it will cancel the December box too. Like you, I bought the 3month deal.

      • Good luck to both of us! I’m going to go with what Julie suggested. I would be SO sad if I missed the Dec box. 🙂

    • I’m not sure where you read that.

      I just checked, seemed to be the same as before. You have to cancel by Dec 15 to not be charged for January.

      I did the same $10 and am skeptical about them now being paired with lookfantastic. I’ve had terrible experiences with that company and it’s customer service.

      • OK, I’ll wait until next month then. I’m sure the Dec box will be gorgeous! Thank you so much!!

    • Look in the terms and conditions section. It still says it’s the month before, just like before and it does have updated glossydot info so I’m not sure why that part wouldn’t have it if it had changed, but I could be wrong.

  24. OK, ,SOOO SOOO Awesome! I got two for $6 and change! lol I had $20 in dots, I had no idea you could spend them like this. lol

    Thanks so much everyone!!

    • How did you do this it isn’t taking it off at checkout for me. Please help!

      • So on the payment page, to the far right, it shows how much credit you have and asks to input how much of it you want to use for the order.

        It should definitely work.

        • Thanks you said that way better than my add brain could.

        • Thanks so much. I applied it to the holiday box and got it for $18! So excited!

          • I used mine towards the holiday box too.

      • It will show credit amount you type in amount you want to use into the blank box.

    • I didn’t know either! I’m not subscribed to Glossybox anymore and didn’t realize I had $10.50 in credit from Glossydots so I pd $2.80 for 1 box. I’m real excited for this box!

    • thank you for mentioning the points! I got 2 for twnety cents and this was my favorite box of all times

  25. Are you not able to ship these to someone else as a gift? I tried to order one and ship it to my Mom but it wouldn’t go through but when I changed the shipping info to me it did.

  26. So it says account credits can be used on look fantastic and gives you as option to link glossybox with look fantastic? Anyone else know about this

    • Glossybox was purchased by the Hut Group which also owns Look Fantastic. This is why

  27. Such a great deal! I hope I won’t get an email saying they sold out.

    • I was wondering about that when I saw it is listed as “pre-order”…

      • But I just realized my credit card wasn’t charged yet or pending either. :/

  28. Do you think it will arrive by Christmas? They say this is just a preorder…

  29. Thank you for the tips about the glossy dots. I used to subscribed to GlossyBox but I completely forgot about the glossy dots. I checked my account and I have still have leftover glossy dots, only had to pay $0.69. This will be a great gift!

  30. Did anyone notice – they have the Holiday box from 2016 listed as available as well. I seriously hope these are not 1 year old products they had just hanging around. And it’s not discounted, it’s $40. Weird.

    • If you click on a lot of those boxes that look available, they are sold out.

      • I did add one of those to my cart to see if the price would change like the Rituals box. I didn’t complete the checkout because I’m not paying $40 for year-old products, but it didn’t say sold out when I added it.

        • I was thinking the exact same thing in Oct when I noticed they still had the BCA box for full price! Those little pink boxing gloves though… so cute!

          • I’m so. Disappointed they no longer have that box available I. So. Much. Wanted. To get it for those. Gloves!

          • What are you guys talking about? Which box had the gloves?

  31. Just got three – Christmas shopping for the adult women in my family is done! I’m money-crunched this year, so I was glad to see this come around. I thought briefly about whether I should wait til Black Friday to shop, but I don’t see too many deals beating this one. Thanks GB and MSA!

  32. It’s holiday time and this would make for awesome last minute gifts. Didn’t know about the glossy dot points. Had $23 so used those and got 3 of these for about $20!!!
    The day is starting out well!

    • Thanks so much for posting this! I got a box for under $3 with my points, I didn’t know about it, either!!

  33. Thank you!! I got 4 for my friends for Xmas. Great deal!

  34. Amazing deal–got one! Thanks!

  35. I gave in, how could you not at that price? And with the holidays right around the corner?? Shipping was free, that was a bonus.

  36. Thank you MSA/Liz and followers. Bought one so I can try the products.

  37. You can use your glossydots (now called account credit) to pay for this! I got two boxes for only $6.60 using my credits.

  38. I love this box! I use the products daily, I was trying to conserve as I was running low. Can’t beat it, I used my points and got one for $1.96. Thanks for heads up!

    • Me too! $1.96 what a deal! And I was a subscriber only for 5 month now (all for $10) and bought one or two LE boxes. It seems to be a great reward program.

  39. Thank you Liz! I recall the hand cream from an allure box and loved it! What a deal …

  40. So excited to see this- no tax or shipping. If you pay through Pay Pal you have to pay a 1% fee- 13 cents. A great deal- probably should get another one! Thank you for the tip. Thank you for the tip.

    • There is tax depending on where you live.

    • I paid with PayPal too but my confirmation email from Glossybox says.
      “Note: For Credit Card and Paypal orders payment is not taken until point of dispatch.”

      “To make sure you get your items as soon as possible, we may post each item separately. Please note, payment will be taken from your card or account within 48 hours.

      This email is an acknowledgement of receipt of your order. Your contract to purchase these items is not complete until we send you an email confirming that the items have been dispatched to you. “

      We hope to see you again soon.

      • It charges 1% extra for paypal payments

  41. Just ordered 3. Was just trying to decide what to get a friend for her birthday. Problem solved. The rest I’ll use as other random gifts.

  42. Yay!! I don’t quite get why it’s labeled as a pre-order, though.

  43. So FYI…I never received an announcement, but looks like Glossybox has converted their Glossydots program to an Account Credit program. On the payment page, it showed in the upper right an account credit total and allowed you to portion some of that credit off as payment for a purchase.

    If you now look under your account information, you will see the account credit and no sign of the Glossydots or Survey sections that existed previously.

    • I Just saw this too, when i was about to order. Apparently i had $20, so i was able to order this for free ! I haven’t been subscribed for over a year.

      • I had $39.90. Also have not subscribed in over a year. I got three of these for free.

      • I didn’t know I had credit, either. Got one for free!

        Thank you, Liz!

    • I still have a survey section under my account.

    • Darnit I just saw this after I ordered one, and then saw I have $19 in credits. Crap, might as well get another free one lol. I ordered two of these long ago they were my favorite.

      • You could use credit towards holiday box preorder.

  44. Great deal got 2!! Perfect for Xmas gifts! Loved the first one I got..great products!

  45. I just ordered another box. I got one when this box first came out. The products are so awesome that I couldn’t resist! Great deal!

  46. I got 2 – The items can easily be given as gifts. Looking forward to trying the shower oil, scrub and oil. – I am glad that these sales are coming out prior to the end date of ad ons to FFF box. Time to delete some ad ons

  47. Thanks Liz! I just ordered, loved my first box and needed another. Now I’m kinda wondering if I should have got two.

  48. Got it, you can use your glossydots as payment. Can’t resist for 3 dollars.

  49. I got two – my nice and sister will love me – I LOVED mine!! What a deal – thanks Liz!! 🙂

    • “my niece” – need coffee 🙂

  50. I got one. This could be a good gift for my stepmom. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Does anyone know if this creates a new subscription or is this just a one off box?

      • Just one off…

      • It’s just one. My account says no subs after the order went through and it never started a sub last time I bought it.

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