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Play! By Sephora November 2017 Box FULL Spoilers!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have the FULL spoilers for one variation of the November Play! By Sephora box! (Thanks for the heads up, Danielle!)

One box variation will include the following items (we’ll update as soon as we know the box number!):

Source: Instagram user yasminelzomor

In case you missed it, all subscribers will receive:

MARC JACOBS BEAUTY Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. It’s My Burberry Blush perfume

  2. My box is 005… I’m dying to see what it is.

  3. Box 013 anyone have any spoilers yet for this one?

    • That’s also my box number… I wonder what comes in it? I was highly disappointed with my box last month, because on my profile it said I was going to receive certain items (all the awesome ones), and I got a box that was completely different. I hope they make it up to me this month, otherwise I’m thinking of canceling.

    • Saaaame! Blonde/brown eyes, combo skin and fine/damaged hair… fingers crossed for this one

      • Ha, that’s my profile exactly!! But my box # is 005.

        • Yikes….I have such dark hair it’s nearly black, dark, dark brown eyes, medium skin, and long damaged hair, and I’m getting 005 as well. Hmm….seems like Sephora isn’t matching our profiles very well…

    • I’m 013 also, I hope it’s not the spoiler with no item#.

      • I’m brown hair with highlights..damaged, green/hazel eyes and fair skin. Not impressed so far.

  4. Posted in a comment above, but this is box #973. It’s my box, and I saw someone who got this on Instagram post the box number as 1992973, which is also my box #.

    • My box number is 957

      • How do you find that out

        • Go on the Sephora webpage (not the app) Go to your order and it’s the Last 3 digits of your item #

          • So, if my order number for Play November is 7743292304 , my box is 304?

          • Oh, finally understood, item 1992957, so box 957 🙂 thanks.

      • My mother, two sisters, and I ALL show we’re getting 957. This is concerning because we all have very different profiles.

      • me too, and I always get the crappy leftover box, never the featured box. do you?

        • Im 957 and I got the really stellar one last month!

          • yay, there’s hope yet! 🙂

          • I’m 957 to this month, just hope it’s decent

        • I got a good box last month, but not the products I wanted, so I swapped. But we’re an oily skin, combination, normal, and dry all getting the same box. Plus different skin tones and hair types. Weird.

      • me too, hoping for a better month! I had good products last month just not ones I really could use but my foundation sample was spot on

  5. My November sub got canceled because they are out of stock! This has never happened to me before, anyone else?

    • It also happened to me too… just saw the notice that my order was postponed for now. I think this may be my last month subscribing. In a past box, i did not get all the items i was supposed to receive, had to call Sephora customer service to get the other items sent out to me.

    • same here. just got the email. has never happened before. not happy about it.

      • They sent a lot of ppl that email Bc you were billed twice. Your still getting your nov box. Check your bank statement. I bet you were billed twice

    • Mine got cancelled too! Ugh! I was excited for this one too. 🙁

    • Yes, I got an email saying the same thing! 🙁 I looked up my account and it showed what actually happened was that I was charged twice for November. So they cancelled one. What I don’t understand is did they just make a mistake and charge me twice or did they run out of stock and have to get me a new one?

      • Same here charged twice on both my daughters and my account!! So one was cancelled and I was refunded!!

    • Check your orders. I got an email saying due to a technical error, I was charged twice and two Play! box orders were processed, but that they were fixing the problem and would cancel one of the orders and refund the other. Three other family members got the same email.

  6. The purfume sample I seen on another site is My Burberry Burberry Blush

    • Yes!!!! I’ve been wanting to try that one. Of course with my luck it’ll be a different sample in my box..

  7. Just unsubscribed and kinda glad lol

  8. Ugh another bag of stuff where I’ll only use one thing I’m canceling after Dec too many misses every month it’s only $10 but still at least send me stuff I’ll use I’m tired of the masks and primers in every box I got bix#973 I hope it’s better than the one shown here and why show that cute bag if we are only going to get the usual cheap cotton draw string bag? Would it kill Sephora to give us a cute little make up bag now and then?

    • This is box #973. Someone on Instagram posted the number, and I checked my order and this is my box. I’m happy with it though. (Maybe until I see what other variations have, but for me, this is nice).

      • How did you see what was in your box already? I thought Sephora only posted the number this early. I have seen instagram posts with comments asking if this is box #973 but I haven’t seen anyone confirm that.

    • Your asking for a lot and your only paying $10.🤦🤦🤦

  9. This is probably the “good” bag.

    • Lol, I totally agree! “Good bag” usually posts first!

  10. I have box #347! Its my birthday month so I hope its good 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. So excited!!! Last month I was on the fence about whether I should cancel or stay, but this just gave me hope again! Here’s to hoping I get a good box!

  12. I Love my Sephora play box always have items that I like or was waiting to try 😘😍🤗

  13. Good box. I just don’t really fancy the lip gloss shade, and I wish they gave bigger hair samples because many of them aren’t even enough for one use on my long hair.

  14. Love that Marc Jacobs mascara! Glad that it’s been confirmed for all bags.

  15. I got charged twice today and it’s showing two of the same boxes with same order number…. Urghh hope they refund me second box because they were not very helpful on the phone.

    • Same happened to me. I got an email saying it was a technical error on their end. They are refunding the second box…frankly I should get this month for free because of this issue!

    • I was charged double today and they refunded me and added 100 points to my account.

      • I also got double charged! But no extra 100 points. I’ll email them about that.

      • I got double charged and received the same email. No 100 points. How did you end up with the extra points? Did you talk to someone?

  16. Perfume sample looks my My Burberry Blush. 99% confident.

  17. I highly doubt that’s the bag I assume it’s the person who took the photos purse.

    Not a bad box tho. Looks like a good mascara I’m excited to try it. And I would be very hyped for perricone!!! Hope it’s in my box. And I love all fave masks. I definitely don’t want Sephora lip gloss (I wear lip gloss like once every six months lol and I didn’t really like the Sephora one I got awhile ago in a play box)… but besides that it looks like a good box. Also wouldn’t necessarily want the hair product, but wouldn’t be mad if I got it. I just feel like I’m on hair product sample overload. Looks like a good product tho.

  18. My November order isn’t available yet, it just shows me October.

    • You should see your November box around the 5th. 🙂

  19. Is the perfume the gucci bloom?

    • I don’t think so, I received a Bloom sample in October and it didn’t have black packaging.

  20. Is that the bag? Because it’s really cute. And these products all look pretty good.

  21. WOW WOW WOW! DOES IT COME WITH THAT BLACK CASE/BAG???? AWESOME SAMPLES! Makes up for the special Beauty Remedy Play! box debacle for a regular ol’ Beauty Insider like me.

    • I think the black bag is a purse. I think the bag will be the one that says “Let’s beauty together”. But I could be wrong.

      • The “let’s beauty together” bag is just the bag in MSA’s stock photo. I think it’s been previously sent to subscribers.

    • I’m pretty sure that’s the instagramer’s own bag ☺

  22. I love that lip color!

  23. Are we getting that bag too?! Lol

    • Haha… I was thinking the same thing too! That’d be pretty sweet. 🙂

  24. I’d say that the fragrance sample is My Burberry.

    • I agree, My Burberry Blush

  25. So glad i cancelled Play!

  26. I canceled my sub in September. The only item I would be REALLY interested is Perricone, but is it worth to re-sub? Probably not.

    • Svetlana, off topic, but I noticed The Beauty Expert’s calendar is now available. 🙂 Unfortunately, I won’t be getting this calendar, as I forgot (until I was going through the motions to get it), that I always get alerts stating that Beauty Expert’s site is not safe/protected. 🙁 I know I’ve ordered from them in the past with no issues, but ever since earlier this year I keep getting those messages regardless of the browser I use, so now I’m scared to purchase anything off their site, even though my gut’s telling me it’s safe. haha

      • Luna, thank you so much for warning me. I got an alert from this russian blogger but I decided to postpone the purchase. I convinced myself that I do not need half of the product and cannot justify $135. I did get Decleor advent calendar from feelunique and now eyeing Nuxe. Lookfanstastic already sold out it, only Feelunique and Beautyexpert has it. What drives me nuts is that this russian blogger works with these companies and they gave her special discount for her readers, but it does not work for people in US.

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