Happy Rebel Mystery Boxes – Better Than Black Friday 2017!

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Edgy lifestyle subscription box Happy Rebel has new mystery boxes available for $50! Grab one here before they sell out!

UPDATE: Happy Rebel let us know that they’ve taken the customization form down for new orders after 11/21, but boxes are still available!

Here are the full details:

Cost: $50 (includes S&H)

Guaranteed minimum value of $138 per box

Mystery boxes may include items from any of our past 7 quarterly boxes.

Order confirmation number is required on request form (see confirmation email).

Customers who purchase multiple boxes will receive no repeat items where possible, unless multiples of certain items are specifically requested.

Inventory is limited, so requested items are not guaranteed.

Preference will be given to active subscribers (subscriber reference number will be requested on the form, and verified) and those that purchase multiple boxes.

All orders will be shipped by December 15th

Check out all of our Happy Rebel Reviews to learn more about the types of products available from this box!

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  1. Burned! No more mystery boxes for me. Not bery happy with Happy Rebel. I submitted a request and got something nowhere close to it. Sure it’s a mystery box so ther’s a risk but they guaranteed a minimum value and there is no way these things hit the mark. A headband, a bracelet with a tie, prints and a pair of tea towels. How can that be $138.

    • It was one Kitchen Print, 2 towels, Bracelet with Tie and Headband. Even on RV I don’t think it comes close to $138 and on sale it won’t come close to $50. So misleading- they misled us with accepting requests and guaranteed minimum and delivering below guaranteed minimum and there’s nothing we can do about it because it’s final sale and a mystery box. The first and last time I will purchase frim Happy Rebel and the last time I will succumb to mystery box FOMO. Lesson learned! Expensive lesson learned! I should have gotten a second FabFitFun box instead which would be cheaper!!!

      • Hi Olga! If you received the kitchen prints, it should have been a set of three, not a single print. If you think you may have an item missing from your box, please contact us directly so that we can correct the issue. Thanks!

  2. I am mega bummed out. I am not a subscriber but purchased a mystery box. It arrived today and I don’t like/won’t use a single item in it. 😢 It seemed like I definitely got the bottom of the barrel items. I am not sure why they offered to let us send our wishlists – I didn’t receive one item from mine. I don’t think the rv matches up to what they stated either. I get that you’re taking a gamble with a mystery box, but I was really hoping the mystery box would be awesome and it’d inspire me to pull the trigger on a sub. But alas, I’ll just save my money I guess.

    • I just received my first Happy Rebel box, the mystery box. It is my own fault. Lesson learned. Unless we are given full spoilers never again. So disappointed but again it is my fault for purchasing a mystery box, I had just heard such wonderful things from others. Again, lesson learned the hard way.

      • Yup. I feel like this is my wallet’s way of telling me to chill.

    • Same here. I knew it was going to be bad when I opened my mailbox and saw such a tiny box. I am not a subscriber either but have always been intrigued by this box so I gave them a shot with the mystery box. I received: matches, magnets, weird stationary, the hair tie bracelet, the ugly headband, and the squishy cups. I may *possibly* wear the bracelet but everything else is useless to me and way too random to gift. I haven’t taken the time to add it all up but either way I feel like I was scammed out of $50. This even makes the Popsugar mystery boxes look good lol.

      • Same box! Sooo disappointing.

        • I just calculated the “Retail Value” as stated by them and it adds up to $132.50 if you got the same box as me. It’s not worth my time to argue over a discrepancy of $5.50 in the big picture, but it is super shady that they did not stand up to their word of a “minimum retail value of $138.”

          I am going to email them just out of principal (though I don’t have expectations of anything they should at least hear the feedback of how their customers feel!)

          • We look forward to hearing from you, Tessa! If you did not receive the full value in error, we would like the opportunity to correct it. Thanks!

          • I received a quick and detailed response from Customer Service. However they provided values for the box contents that are *higher* than the values listed on the MSA website when the items were originally placed in the seasonal boxes. Very interesting. Not sure how that could be. Either way I’m all set with Happy Rebel from here on out and will not be purchasing from them in the future.

            Happy holidays everyone 🙂 !

      • That is how I felt too. I said to myself maybe expensive things come in small packages. But as I stated earlier I jumped on the mystery bandwagon and will never do that again. Shame on me for poor judgement. I had just been so intrugued by boxes in the past and the good customer reviews.

      • Same box exactly and what a disappointment. Was considering subbing but my decisions been made. Feel super misled.

    • Hi Linzeee! If you did not receive the $138 vale as promised, please contact us directly so that we can correct the situation. We look forward to speaking with you!

  3. For me its not so much about not liking the items I received (which i don’t) that is really bothering me because I understand signing up for a mystery box is taking a risk, but its feeling mislead by a company that promised a min high retail value per box and then under delivered on their promise across the board. I am surprised because they seemed like such a customer focused brand. Maybe something happened.

    • Hi Cheryl, if you received less than the $138 promised, please contact us directly so that we can correct the situation. I look forward to speaking with you!

      • My understanding is that the issue is not that the items don’t add up to $138 based on your valuation, but rather your valuation is inconsistent with published prices (on the box cards) and the price of similar items. For example, Happy Rebel has deemed the value of the hair tie bracelet to be $38. A search on the brand’s website reveals it was originally $35 with free shipping, and now on sale for $19.

        Of course, subscription boxes always inflate the retail value of the items, but advertising the boxes as customizable was unfair. I realized that they were not guaranteed, but you had to know that was a selling point. Why not say only subscribers could customize? I understand it’s party of the mystery in mystery box to get things you don’t like, but I can’t even gift half of my items. The $36 luxory hand towels were casually thrown into my bag, wrinkled and unpacked. The cord holder is just an unbranded, unpackaged piece of plastic.

        To review:
        Hair Tie Bracelet: $38 (HR), $19 (brand website) —->(100% markup)
        Unpackaged, unbranded piece of plastic ——-> $18 (exclusive)
        Wrinkled hand towels——-> $18 each (exclusive, I think)
        Kitchen Prints—> just card stock—–> circa $50

        If there is a 100% markup on a non-exclusive item, I can only imagine for exclusive items.

        • Hi Jessica, I appreciate you sharing your concerns.

          I can assure that our prices have not changed since they were published on the brochure inserts we included in each of the quarterly boxes. We still have copies of each of the brochures and would be happy to send them to you if you would like to verify that personally.

          Our vendor partners may change their prices or list products on sale/with free shipping at any time, in which case their prices could differ from that on our website. We only discount our items in mystery boxes, and of course as part of our quarterly collection our subscribers receive. The mystery box breakdown price on the hair tie bracelet you mentioned is under $14 in our mystery box, which is still less than the vendor sale price currently offered on their website.

          The acrylic bowl and cord stand were products from the same Etsy shop, and I will agree that she has very simple and unbranded packaging, but she is a new business owner who crafts fun and unique pieces, so we were excited to include her creations in a couple of our quarterly collections. The kitchen prints were a special collaboration with the artist where we created custom letter-pressed and foil stamped prints of her hand drawn artwork. She now sells them online via Society 6. They are a similar quality, but not exactly like ours. She sells them for $20.99 per print (which would be $62.97 for 3), but currently has them listed on sale for $16.79 each. Our mystery box sale price for our set is roughly $17, so about the same cost as one directly from the vendor at her current sale price.

          Offering the option to customize the mystery boxes was something that we got great feedback on last year, and wanted to do again this year. Our intent was to be able to give customers the items they would most appreciate to receive if at all possible. We tried to make it clear that requests were not guaranteed, but I agree several people were excited to request exactly what they expected to receive in their mystery box, and ended disappointed when their wishlist was not met. We have learned this is a feature we have outgrown, and will not plan on offering again. We were happy to grant the wishes of as many customers as we could.

          I hope you find these additional details helpful. I would be happy to chat more via email if you have any more questions. Please do not hesitate to reach out.

          Happy holidays to you!

          • Part of everyone’s frustration here and in the forum is that in the MSA reviews, certain items’ prices are lower than the brochure price because (I assume) the MSA price lists the then-current vendor’s retail value.

            In the seasonal boxes this is more easily overlooked because there are high-value items included as well.

            I can’t speak for everyone, but I definitely didn’t want duplicates of the kitchen print set, hair tie bracelet, and headband. Definitely not for $50, and not even for a lower price point than that. For my part I shouldn’t have assumed you had adequate stock left from your 2016 boxes – but then you also could have made that clear instead of soliciting a wish list from purchasers.

  4. Having actually ordered the mystery box and followed the forum and reviews and now the customer service and being forced to look closely at claimed RV (by the way Retail Value generally means the value a product retails for so if a brand site sells a product like candles for $68 or matches for $7.50 without them being on sale, it actually is not ok to balloon that, when we speak of inflated RV we generally mean a product isn’t worth what it sells for… this is just lying about the cost of products) I’ve been on the fence for a long time and loved the idea of the box, the name, the skull motif on the box at least and I have to say happy rebel thank you for making it so easy for me to let go of the FOMO when it comes to this sub.

    • They will go out of business Mark my words. You can’t inflate values and send people who ordered it the first day the sale opened like this.

      The PS swan floats look better than this!

      • Based on these comments that might just be true. At least they made popsugar boxes look awesome in comparison! Granted I love popsugar’s 25$ mystery boxes! Even when I don’t love the things inside I can always gift at least one thing and I cut down on coffee for a week to even it out. This box makes me feel like I’ll actually need to spend a few bucks to drown those rebel box blues.

    • Good point. “Retail value” in this case means the imaginary number Happy Rebel has pulled out of thin air. So glad I already cancelled.

  5. I just paid $50 for a box of matches. Everything else is getting donated. It’s not even gift worthy. 🤦🏻‍♀️ This mystery box is making me pull the plug on the sub and I’m going to look into deeply at cancelling others because now I’m traumatized.

    • I posted this junk on my Instagram.

      I feel Happy Rebel was deliberately ripping me off.

      I have never ever in my life wasted money!

    • I understand! I loved getting a box full of paper. That stationary is hideous and I did not request it. That phone case is awful! I would be embarrassed to pull it out of my purse. It l looks like Neil Armstrong circa 1969!

      I will stick to Fab Fit Fun for now! At least my $50 is full of great things!

    • Right? I got succered! Never again!

    • If (by chance) you got the pyramid grey towels, let me know if you want to swap instead of donate! I requested them but doubt I’ll get them, the way this is going….

      • CMB – I just opened mine – matches, the hair tie, 22 thank you cards…. AND 2 of those grey pyramid tea towels – I don’t do grey anything – I will put them up for swap tomorrow – i don’t know how to give you a link to that – ms2spyder at hot mail 🙂

  6. I received my boxes today, and am absolutely thrilled with them. I got the items I requested, and everything arrived in good shape. I appreciate the effort that went into putting these mystery boxes together per each customer’s request.

    • What did you get?

      • A box full of paper. Three cheesy tiny Kitchen prints hideous stationary matches and a cheap ugly phone case.

        Actual value: Maybe $4 at Dollar Tree. Yes the quality was that bad. The retail values are inflated 3,000% markups.

        Lesson learned!

  7. I just received a box full of paper!

    Note Cards
    Pathetic kitchen prints
    Hideous Phone Case
    Book of Matches

    4 items
    Did request marches

    Worst Box Ever from any Subscription boxes

    • Here is Johanna’s Response I did NOT request any of this. What a lie!

      Hi Amy,

      You received the stationery in addition to the matches since you requested items from the fall 2016 box, and the stationery was in that box. I am sorry you did not enjoy the additional items.

      I have taken care of cancelling your subscription for you per your request, so you will not renew for another box.

      Best wishes and happy holidays to you!

      So much for customer service!

      • And I requested things from the Worked to the Bone things like paper clips, stapler or skull prints.

        • I have the paperclips.

  8. I am FURIOUS!

    Note Freaking Cards I will never use
    3 paper kitchen prints
    Book of Matches (Requested)
    A Space Man Phone Case!

    Will donate all to Goodwill less the book of matches!

    Way to waste $50

    I bought this the first day it came out and requested things other people got and was ignored!


    I will never ever buy another :Happy Rebel anything. Way to Go, Happy Rebel! NEVER EVER AGAIN!

    I have never been so insulted in my life. First Reaction I threw it all across the room!

  9. I received the kitchen prints ($48), hair tie bracelet ($35), 2 silicone cups ($18), headband ($15), skull matches ($12), and paper clips ($6).

    That’s $134 total. Pretty close to the promised minimum, but what’s such a bummer is that RV for the two “high value” items (the prints and hair tie bracelet) and so inflated.

    I wish I’d known how limited the stock was, rather than make up this “wish list” and send it off for no reason at all. I wasted my time and $50.

    I see that OuiPlease clears its excess stock by selling à la carte boxes. I think Happy Rebel would do better by following that model.

    • I’ve trusted the posted RV – and…. looking up these exact vendors online:
      * Kitchen prints (5 x 7″) sell for $8.02 each (so RV doubled). Note this is NOT sale price – always $8.02 each.
      * Hair Tie Bracelet on sale for $19 (orig $35)
      * Matches are $7.50 on vendors site (regular price – never been $12)
      * Headbands are selling for $7.99 to $12.99 (sale prices)

      Waiting on response from Customer Service. I’m sure that this can be resolved.

      • They sure did not help me.

        I was mad for good reason.

        Who would pay $48 for kitchen prints

        Or $50 for a box of no name stationary.

        $30 for a hideous phone case?

      • Oof, they doubled the price of the prints. Nice. Only in sub box la la land would you be able to set $50-dollar prints on fire with a box of $12 matches.

        • Thanks for the idea Erin I can burn my stationary in my fire pit with the matches and at least they’ll have been used. I’ll let the kids make s’mores over 50$ cards that were never in a HR box.

          The cards being bent up and not even being a print that was in the box was disappointing. I received the same filler as everyone else sadly I had annual sub on Xmas gift list but not anymore.

      • They gave me a $2 refund for some reason after I complained..still didn’t make up for anything.

      • Erin – Thanks for the suggestion for future mystery boxes. We will look into it!

        CSTR – Can you please contact us directly with more information about the kitchen prints you found online? We had an exclusive collaboration with the artist in which we received special permission to produce the copper foil letterpress prints of her hand drawn artwork. If this is not the case, we would like to look into it further. Thanks!

    • Exact same box. I’m so not happy and feeling really rebellious….. definitely canceling too. Waste of money.

      • I received the exact same box and didn’t get anything I requested 🙁

    • I think the matches were $7.50 but yeah…I received this same box. It sucked! A box of crap.

    • Erin, I received the exact same box you did, and I feel the same way.

    • I was thinking of subbing to this box but decided to grab the mystery box instead. This was the WORST mystery box I’ve ever received. I received the same stuff you did. Sooo glad I didn’t sub and won’t be in the future.

  10. Received mine today. Very very disappointed. I was using this box to gauge whether or not to subscribe and after seeing what I would receive….I won’t subscribe. $50 was way too much for a headband, magnets, matches, silicone wine glasses, note cards, and a bracelet. Prices seem over inflated. They think note cards retail for $50? Yikes. Just yikes. They may have great customer service, but charging $50 for some office supplies is just wrong and doesn’t show caring about the customer. It tells me they’re just clearing inventory. Oh well. Lesson learned. No happy rebel subscription for me.

  11. I’m a subscriber and I ordered two mystery boxes: one right after the deal was posted and another several days later–when they didn’t sell out, I just couldn’t resist ordering another! I received both packaged together in one box, and it contained requested items along with non-requested items. I am very pleased with my purchase and I’m so sorry to hear that not everyone is happy with their mystery boxes. To me, it’s all part of the gamble, not just with mystery boxes, but sub boxes in general, although I do agree that promised RV should be met. From several comments here, it sounds like Happy Rebel is addressing any RV discrepancies by asking people to contact them, which is awesome that they are reaching out to those who did not get what was promised. I really appreciate Happy Rebel offering these boxes and offering us the opportunity to make requests. Although not a guarantee, it was refreshing that a sub box company cared enough about us to ask and try to honor requests as they could. Talk about time consuming on their end! And they shipped the boxes Priority Mail, which is so much better (and more expensive) than shipping methods used by other sub boxes. In my opinion, Happy Rebel is one of, if not the best, sub box in terms of customer service, shipping speed, and thoughtful curation. If you’re reading, keep us the good work, HR!

    • Happy Rebel is horrible! I am so ashamed of that mystery box I hid it from him until I could throw it all away! They were too bad for Goodwill!

  12. Just posted my box contents – and I received $73 RV! Ridiculous! I’m sure that I’d get the same response from their CS that “RV are now higher”! This was definitely huge ripoff and not the RV…. could have purchased these items for much, much less at discount store! Very disappointed.

    • Hello Carol. If you think you may have received an incomplete box, please reach out to us directly and we will correct the issue. We have never raised prices on a product after shipping. Our pricing is available on our website, or if the product is sold out, it can also be confirmed by reviewing the brochure mailed with each quarterly box. Please reach out to us regarding your situation. Thanks!

      • Thanks @HappyRebel for your response… I’ll reach out now. Note: My comment on raising prices was related to another post here – as well as the $’s on your website are now higher than what was listed as RV on the original MSA reviews (example – the matches were listed as $7.50 in review, now at $12 …. and that is extremely high price for matches!).

        • Higher than the company itself sells them on the site even! Almost double in fact….

  13. Just received my “Mystery Box” – and… worst mystery box ever! And not even close to the RV of $138 that was promised:(

    I received: Headband ($15), Matches ($7.50), Wrist Hair Tie Bracelet ($35), Paper Clips ($6), 2 Silicone Glasses ($10 – guessed on this price / these are horrible quality…)

    To say that this is just ridiculous for $50 is understatement!!!!!

    Hope that someone has better luck that this…. $’s thrown away.

    • I think the later the ship dates on these, the more random and lower value the boxes became….. mine will be here tomorrow and any excitement is long gone – next year, there will be NO mystery boxes at all – lessons learned this year, if not full spoilers, DON’T BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙁 ……. so much money wasted – sad for those who have been posting such disappointment…………

      • Hi Judy. All mystery boxes were shipped by the deadline, and regardless of ship date, received the guaranteed minimum value. If anyone receives less, it is an error, and they should contact us immediately to correct the issue. Thanks!

        • Not to chime in to another post, but my box was decidedly NOT shipped by the “deadline” of 12/15. A label was created after 4pm and the package was not dropped off until 12/16 after 8pm. After reading what everyone else got, I’m not even excited about this box anymore.

          Direct from USPS.com:

          December 16, 2017, 8:25 pm
          Accepted at USPS Origin Facility
          LITTLE ROCK, AR 72205

          December 15, 2017, 4:14 pm
          Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
          LITTLE ROCK, AR 72205

          • Hi CMB! I can confirm that all packages were picked up by the 15th. Delays in in transit are fairly common this time of year, and it can take a day (or even 2!) at times for packages to be scanned in, based on the volume the USPS is dealing with at the time. I am so sorry your package was affected.

    • At least you did not end up like me!

      Paper????? Note Cards????? Hideous Kiitchen Prints? A phone case that is a piece of junk and a book of matches

      I am livid! I wasted $50 on a box full of junk! This is both insulting and pathetic!

    • Seems like this is a standard ‘mystery’ box – I got the same things (and see that others have too) But, I got the kitchen prints too. Still, not the guaranteed $138 retail value!

      • Hi Julie! If you did not receive the promised value, please contact us directly so that we can address your situation. Thank you!

    • This is my box, too. Just awful. I feel like such a sucker. I’ll keep the matches and paper clips (when matches and paper clips are the highlights, ugh…) and nothing else. Never again, happy rebel.

  14. I received my box on Saturday and it was not the $138 value. I think it came in at about $128 and it was mostly junk. A headband, hair tie, wine glasses, paper clips and some matches.

    • Hi Monica. If you believe there might be something missing from your box, please contact us directly and we will address your situation. Thanks!

      • I did and you addressed my situation by giving me a $2 refund?? because you said you had nothing else around that would equal the amount of value of what I was missing. I don’t know but if I was a company that messed up on they promised..maybe send something that would make the customer happy even if it’s over value since the advertisement was “at least $138 in value”.

  15. A little disappointed in th is so far. They said everything was shipping by the 15th, but so far, this evening, I received a tracking number that says it is in pre-shipment. I know they didn’t guarantee before Christmas, but would have been nice to get it before then anyway.

    • I’ve been waiting to get that “shipped email” ……… not happening…. that’s disappointing…. 🙁

      • I just got the shipped email and I’m happy………. it has to have been a huge huge huge amount of work to try and fulfill people’s wish list……. even to get them one request….. Kudos to their customer service!!! Happy Holidays to all!! Thanks for the remarkable effort… 🙂

        • Thanks for the kind words, Judy!

        • Let me know what you think when your box of junk gets to you!

    • Hi Jess! Due to the holiday season, we have seen the USPS scanning in packages a little slower than usual. Barring any delays, you should receive before Christmas, as we ship USPS Priority. Please let us know if you have any other questions!

  16. I’m losing confidence in this box now.

    After scoping out the forum it sounds like people are getting filler items, with no focus on their requested pieces (even people who are members and were supposed to be given top pick).

    • I totally lost confidence when I realized most of the boxes had already shipped and here it is the 13th …………. I can’t imagine that what’s left would be anything but filler….. next year, mystery box money will be spent at Macys or Nordies instead…. 🙂

      • Hello Allison and Judy! Each of our boxes are hand packed with consideration to each request submitted. As stated above, requests are prioritized higher for subscribers and and customers who purchased multiple boxes. Whether a customer receives an item they requested or not depends on the items they requested, our stock availability, and what items were requested by people higher on the priority list. Reviewing each request is very time intensive, but it is something we wanted to offer because we are happy to provide our customers with the specific items they would like to receive if at all possible. I would also say there is not a correlation between boxes containing requested items and the timing of the shipment. The majority of boxes will be shipped over the next three days.

        Feel free to contact us directly if you have any additional questions!

        • Hi HR! I love it when you guys weigh in!

          I think it’s quite evident that your team works very hard and puts a lot of energy into making your customers happy. We all know the risks involved with mystery boxes, and willingly accept them when we make the purchase.

          I’m looking forward to seeing what I get (regardless of the contents), and I’m hoping that you guys will offer this kind of “bonus” box again from time to time.

          • Nicely put Allison!!! Totally agree with everything….

        • When do these ship? I ordered and still haven’t received anything but an email that my order was placed

          • They did respond yesterday (see above) that the majority of the boxes would be shipped within the next 3 days…. assume 13th-15th….

        • So obviously not true given how many of us received the same box. I requested one thing, didn’t get it, and also requested no jewelry but got the hair tie bracelet that virtually everyone in this thread received. Please stop pretending that these boxes were customized for anyone not a subscriber. I see two or three people in this thread who aren’t disappointed and I kind of suspect that they’re plants.

          • Yes – planted! 🙌🏻

  17. Has anyone heard about shipping?

    I ordered 2 mystery boxes on the 22nd and received emails that gave me order numbers and my payment details.

    It’s been crickets since then….

    I just logged in and see nothing about mymystery boxorders… Just my payment info saved and account created. (I’m not a subscriber, so this was a one time purchase)

    Everything else I ordered on black Friday has been shipped, I received or I’m awaiting for shipment, with updates sent…

    Any updates from the community are appreciated!

    • The description says that so orders will be shipped by Dec 15. 🙂

    • I ordered 2 boxes on the 21st. No shipping details so far, and I’m counting the days until the 15th. If I get them in time, I still may be able to get some Xmas gifts out of it.

      Btw, this was the only BTBF deal I succumbed to. Just couldn’t resist! Hooray for Happy Rebel!!!

  18. Where did it give you the option to make a list?

  19. Hello MSA readers! It has been an exciting BTBF event so far. I hope y’all are having as much fun as we are 😀

    I wanted to let everyone know that we still have some mystery boxes, however the customization form has been closed. We still have a nice assortment of products available and will not be repeating items for customers purchasing multiple boxes.

    Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

    • I really would like to get one of these in “high” hopes of the blackout bag set, Minka throw blanket, and candle….but it clearly states that the minimum value is $138 and the blackout bag set is $168 rv by itself….

    • When will we get shipping confirmation emails? I checked my account and there is no record of my order there. Thank you.

      • Hi Lia! All mystery boxes will ship by December 15th. Feel free to contact us directly for questions regarding you order.

  20. The mystery boxes are still available but the wish list form is no longer online. I bought one box since I saw the wishlist feature and was hoping I could ask for the gray throw, the candle, and the faceted bowl, but am a little bummed I won’t be able to make any requests at all now.

    • Thanks for the heads up.. I was about to buy, but not sure I want to without the customization option.

      • I would email them. I messed up my online form yesterday and didn’t add any items. They told me to just select the items that I wanted by the end of the day.

        I took my time and went through all the MSA reviews, found what I wanted and passed the list along.

  21. Hello MSA readers! It has been an exciting BTBF event so far. I hope y’all are having as much fun as we are 😀

    I wanted to let everyone know that we still have some mystery boxes, however the customization form has been closed. We still have a nice assortment of products available and will not be repeating products for customers purchasing multiple boxes.

    Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions.

    Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday!

  22. I got a little too excited to order one of these and AFTER I ordered it I read that they will ship “by December 15th.” I was hoping to use the contents as Xmas gifts but I doubt it will be here before I travel for the holidays. Oh well. :/

  23. Got one and not a subscriber, so I am trying to manage expectations, but if they pull through on my one request I will be over the moon!

  24. Hands down Best Box and Customer Service! I’m an annual subscriber to 5 of the main boxes (FFF,BOS,Popsugar,etc). Had to use customer service with each. Happy Rebel is the best! Received a hand written note welcoming me in my first box. Also the items are great quality and nicely curated. Get this box, it’s worth it.

  25. Excited for the mystery! Purchased two and hoping for the kimono or mocha Minka throw more than anything. Would also love the print bag with leather handles from a while back. So nice to be asked what we would like. Shows consideration of the customer as an individual 🙂

  26. I just ordered one. I really like the idea of being able to send requests and that preference goes to subscribers(which I am not).
    That being said, it took me a while to decide because there are a couple boxes that were not my taste at all(kitchen and tech ones).
    But it’s a great price and I can always gift or trade.
    I am curious to see how this will work out for all of us and our wish lists 😊

  27. Ummm…I’m going to need a home after I’ve bought so many things. I’ll have lots of subscriptions and mystery boxes, cut up credit cards, clothes, and a “don’t return her” sign.

    • LOL!!

    • Same here! I’ve already started designing my next home, a two story home with a garage, all made from empty sub boxes. Obviously it won’t have a pool, but it will have plenty of pool swans! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  28. I’m curious what people are writing for their wish list 🙂 here’s mine:

    The cute kitchen prints from the spring 2017 box
    The usb outlet from the fall 2017 box
    The treat yo self mug from winter 2016
    The skull matches from winter 2016

    • My wish list was this: Schatzii Bullet Bluetooth 4.1 Earpiece + Charging Capsule and Phoozy Thermal Capsule. I hope I get them 🙂

      • I received my mystery box and requested the Shotzi bullet and I actually got it even though the retail value was more than the $138 it stated for mystery boxes! Thank you Happy Rebel for being so awesome!

        • I am not a subscriber and I wanted to get one but I wasn’t able to give a list so not knowing what I would receive I declined….I wanted the black bag set, throw, etc…

          I am happy for you I think anyone would enjoy that item as well!

          • Don’t forget that even the people who did submit requests do not know what they will receive 🙂 It’s a mystery box… HR was very clear requests were not guaranteed, and I totally get that. I submitted my requests and I’m just crossing my fingers! I am hoping for the matches and tea towels!

    • I still haven’t pulled the trigger… but I do like both the USB outlet and skull matches that you mention. I know a lot of people would love the black Brandon Blackwood bag from summer (but no one is really expecting to get it!).

      I would really like the Schatzii Bullet Bluetooth Earbud but that’s also a big ticket item. The Winter throw and candle from last year would be nice too. Or the round towel from summer 2016 or the clutch from their very first bag in spring 2016!!

      • I have the black bag from the summer box, it is so high quality and beautiful. I get compliments nonstop.

        I hope everyone can get what they’re requesting. This is pretty genius, let people pick one or 2 things then toss in some of the “inflatable swans” from overstock and everyone is happy.

        • You just made me laugh!

  29. I ordered this like two hours ago and still haven’t received a confirmation email… I wanted to pick two of my items. I tried using the order number that was on the page after check out. I didn’t get an email confirming my choices either. So idk

    • Check your junk box. Mine went there for some weird reason. They will take care of you. Seriously, Happy Rebel has the best customer service ever, along with Emma & Chloe. Amazing!

      Liz should do a “Best Customer Service” survey so we can give recognition to these companies that work so hard for their customers. Perhaps it would motivate those companies who shall remain unnamed. *COUGH*ouiplease*COUGH*glossybox*COUGH

      • I CHOKED ON THIS……….LOL ………… 😀 ……. perfect comment, great idea!!! I’ve only ever read good things about Happy Rebel………. can’t wait!!!

      • It’s not in spam folder either. The charge is on my card though. Weird..

        • Well customer service is amazing and replied super fast, confirming they received my order and wish list request. Yay 🙂

  30. Thanks Liz, I missed this one last time.

  31. Purchased 2 boxes and appreciate the wishlist. Happy Rebels customer care is something all boxes should strive for.

    • AGREED! How refreshing that a sub company isn’t just trying to combine random overstock into a “mystery”…. But they are actually STRIVING TO DELIVER AND LISTENING to their customers and prospects at the same time!!!

      This tells me this sub will only improve with time… I completely overlooked it prior to this post. Now I’m 2 boxes in and will purchase at least 2 more subscriptions!

      Thank you HAPPY REBEL and MSA!

  32. I also think I read that we may send the wish list within an hour after ordering. Did anyone else read that or did my brain make it up??

    • Yes you can! Link is above or on their item description page.

  33. Yay! Very excited about this. I bought one and sent in my wishlist. Fingers crossed they have some of the things I want available! Such a nice deal and super cool they are considering our requests. I’ve only been subbed a short time, but HR customer service and curation are top notch. Thanks for the deal!!

  34. It says the items could be from any of the past 7 boxes so no one will get anything from the winter box coming up?

    I looked at all 7 of the past reviews – I always enjoy reading them and think the curation looks excellent but there are only a few things that I’d REALLY want… I’m not a subscriber and wonder what my odds are to get even one of them?

    I’m not a risk taker so I think I’m going to pass on all these mystery boxes. Fun though!!

    • Shoot, I didn’t see that active subscriber /multiple boxes get preference until just now. I do not subscribe and only bought 1 box so I am for sure bottom of the list. Of course the one box I don’t subscribe to actually gives preference to their subscribers. Typically it’s just the new customers who get the perks. Ahh well, being the long time sub whore that I am I’m kinda use to throwing my money down the drain.

      • Meg – I didn’t see that either and would have bought 2 if I had – that said, pretty sure with Happy Rebel we won’t be throwing money down the drain – wish list is nice – and even if they can’t give you what you want, they have great customer service (they care) so I think these will be HAPPY BOXES!!! I’m taking them off my wish list come spring………………it’s long overdue!!! 🙂

  35. I have tried to order this since the post. Their site will accept my state choice in the drop down:0(

    • This was happening to me, too, and then I switched browsers and it went through fine. Good luck!

      • I went to the laptop instead of the tablet and it worked! Thanks an excited for my first happy rebel!

  36. I bought 2. I am hoping I will get the robe from this winter box but when I did the customization form I hit send before I put it my size. I emailed them the info though.

  37. Nice. So far this is the only BTBF deal I couldn’t resist.

    • Same here, love HR!

  38. Got one. What a nice offer! I really hope I get the MemoBottle. The Blackwood bag is gorgeous but lol. Unlikely.

    • Aaand I just went ahead and bought a second. Wow. But at least it says I’ll get preference in terms of requests. Fingers crossed.

  39. I just hope that I can get that blanket from last winter’s box for my daughter. I was going though the past reviews with her and she freaked out when she saw it. I know it would be the best Christmas gift ever, but I’m worried that it’s just not going to happen. 🙁

  40. Liz, you have to stop! You are making me go broke!

  41. Missed my chance last year with the mystery boxes, so I am excited to see this offer and to have caught it before they are all gone! Thanks Liz and Happy Rebel. 🙂

  42. Just got one ❤️ Does this sign us up for a subscription? Thanks Liz

    • Nope. This is separate from the subscription. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks Liz. Just asking bc I got a different email saying welcome to happy rebel box. Have a great and thanks for everything

  43. On their website the only boxes that didn’t sell out were the kitchen and tech boxes. Really hope the items aren’t from those since those are the only ones I probably wouldn’t use.

    • How did you see that? I’m going through MSA past box reviewsto see items…

      • Go to the happy rebel website and you can look at their past boxes there.

  44. I just ordered one box and am not a subscriber so I’ll probably be lowest priority in terms of my submitted wishlist but I’m looking forward to the surprise in the mail and am crossing my fingers for items on my wishlist 🙂

  45. Oh my goodness, I don’t even really remember going through the actions. I remember seeing this when I refreshed and 1 minute later I got a confirmation that I ordered 2 of them. I don’t even remember getting up to grab my card. Wow, that’s some crazy stuff there. lol

    • Same 😭😆

    • Ditto XD

    • I did the exact same thing! I am probably going to subscribe… I am just worried about whether robe will fit.

  46. There’s probably no shot at getting the Brandon Blackwood duffel, huh?

  47. I’M SO EXCITED about this one – I held off all day yesterday and squealed when I saw this today………… thank YOU Happy Rebel and MSA!!! 🙂

  48. Does anybody know if it will only be items currently in their shop, or is it any item ever featured?

    I LOVE the clutch and the necklace in the 1st box.

    • I emailed them and asked since there is no list of items. It’s a little confusing. There is no list. You have to write the items you want.

  49. I bought one without even reading the post. Last year they sold out so fast.

  50. Wow, didn’t even think about. Just ordered. LOL.

    • Me. Too.

    • Same!! They always sell out so fast!

    • For those that already ordered, was it a drop down menu of items you could select? Or do you just write what you want and hope it’s in stock?

      • After you order you can click on the link and go to a google form and submit your requests. It will ask your for you order number, and then anything you want to request.

        • So they sent most of their filler items out. Matches. Seriously I could buy $1 matches and use my old box from before. Paper clips?? The wine glasses can be bought for $8!! Seriously. No name brand on them to hike up the price. The photo things….. WTH?? Really. There are now words. I originally skipped the recent box and was going to go back and order but nope….. pretty easy to understand that I’m too poor or too intelligent to waste my money

      • You have to write. There is no drop down menu.

        • Thank you!

      • You fill out the google survey to state would you wish to get. There is no drop down selection when you order.

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