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Happy Rebel Mystery Boxes – Better Than Black Friday 2017!

Early access for My Subscription Addiction readers!

Edgy lifestyle subscription box Happy Rebel has new mystery boxes available for $50! Grab one here before they sell out!

UPDATE: Happy Rebel let us know that they’ve taken the customization form down for new orders after 11/21, but boxes are still available!

Here are the full details:

Cost: $50 (includes S&H)

Guaranteed minimum value of $138 per box

Mystery boxes may include items from any of our past 7 quarterly boxes.

Order confirmation number is required on request form (see confirmation email).

Customers who purchase multiple boxes will receive no repeat items where possible, unless multiples of certain items are specifically requested.

Inventory is limited, so requested items are not guaranteed.

Preference will be given to active subscribers (subscriber reference number will be requested on the form, and verified) and those that purchase multiple boxes.

All orders will be shipped by December 15th

Check out all of our Happy Rebel Reviews to learn more about the types of products available from this box!

Happy Rebel Box

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Comments (237)

  1. There might be others, but I didn’t see another subscription or retailer offer the opportunity to fill out a “WISH” list. Thank you, Happy Rebel, for the chance to get the chance to be a child again and send a list to Santa.

    • I mean no disrespect, as I was quite charmed by the wish list idea, and it lured me into buying my first box from them. But it in all honesty didn’t work. Maybe it would have been better for them to limit that truly to subscribers only and keep the expectations real for the rest of us.
      May I ask if you are a subscriber and if you received what you wished for?

  2. We were just informed by a customer that it appears our online contact form is currently not functioning correctly, and not all messages are getting to us. We have replied to any emails we have received, so if we have not responded to you, we did not receive your email. We are working on getting the form turned off as soon as possible. In the interim, do not use the form function, and email us directly via the email address on our contact page. Thank you!

  3. My comment from yesterday still hasn’t show up???

    I didn’t use links, inappropriate language or be mean. Not sure what’s up. 🙁

  4. My original comment never posted, so I’ll shared again now. I received the same items everyone else did. The note cards, hair tie, matchs, magnets, hair band, and cups. I’m disappointed. This box was supposed to be my deciding factor in beginning a happy rebel subscription. After this, I definitely won’t subscribe. My Popsugar winter box arrived yester, with more items than this box and with a higher value and better items overall, and it cost me $10 LESS than the happy rebel box. I have never been so disappointed in a mystery box as I am with this one. ( Which is saying something because I have order TONS of subscription and mystery boxes over the last few years.) People kept saying they had amazing customer service, but given all of the responses I’ve seen from HR on here….I would have to disagree. They were clearing just getting rid of inventory and there was no intention to give people a satisfactory box. People who got what they requested just so happened to ask for something they were trying to get rid of. Oh well. Another box off my wishlist.

  5. I actually want to order the winter box but after spending $50 on this box I’d only do so if it were 50% off.

  6. Warning: I did not proofread this, nor use proper grammer. Reader discretion is advised!


    signed up for a quarterly sub with Happy Rebel prior to the Black Friday mystery box deal. As far as Winter box, I love the robe and the huge candle. I swapped away the beauty stuff since I don’t need anymore of that, that’s why I signed up for a Lifestyle box. Their previous boxes didn’t seem to have beauty much at all, so I’m sure it was just this box. So, for my 1st sub box with them I’m happy (would have preferred less beauty though). I’m not going to cancel my new subscription with them because the mystery boxes sucked, they still do wonderful boxes and that’s why I finally signed up.

    As for the mystery boxes, I can understand why everyone is so upset. Personally, this was my 1st mystery box purchase and my last. Not just with Happy Rebel, I won’t buy any at all now.

    I am happy with some of the things I got and Johanna was wonderful about sending replacements for the item that was broken and the tea towels that had threads coming apart. While they were out of the bowls, she did let me choose a replacement or a refund. I already received a tracking number, so I’m sure they’re making sending out a replacements a priority.

    The biggest issue here, in my opinion, was expectations. Happy Rebel seems to have a reputation for being awesome and having amazing customer service and that’s just come to be expected of them now. But where this got all screwed up is the option to request our items by filling in a blank form with no idea what was even in stock.

    If instead we were told to choose from a,b,c,x,y and z; then we would not have gone into this thinking perhaps we have a shot at getting d,e,f,u,v and w. Or told us what items were definitely not available so we didn’t get our hopes up.

    I only bought 2 boxes because I requested: geometric blanket (all my daughter requested for Christmas), tea towels (I did get these), clutch, lace kimono and the black gym bag. I never would have spent $50 on 1 box, let alone 2 boxes if I had known that the only item they had in stock for these mystery boxes were the tea towels. I could have just bought my daughter the blanket and swapped with somebody for the tea towels.

    The second place I think they went wrong was the pricing of the box. Even though some of the prices are ridiculous (I would never pay 50 bucks for 12 cards—wedding invitations are cheaper than that customized) and the kitchen prints (maybe if they came in a frame). Sure some of the items are cool, but people generally expect more value/use from a $50 mystery box.

    To wrap that up, mistake #1 letting us think we have a shot at getting anything and only having mostly filler items #2 Charging too much for the mystery boxes ($25 or $30 tops for these kinds of contents).

    I’m not angry with Happy Rebel, I just wish they would have made it clear what we might expect. Otherwise, I wouldn’t feel so foolish and might have gotten my daughter the 1 thing she wanted most. Since I was a current subscriber, ordered more than 1 box and ordered in like the first couple minutes after MSA posted, I figured I would definitely get many of the items on my list. I probably would have if they had actually had them.

    I don’t know what else to say except as neat as those matches are, I would never pay $7.50 (the real price), let alone the magic $12 price. lol

  7. I feel compelled to add myself to the chorus here. I received a box of junk and two items that I specifically stated I did not want. I contacted HR and they gave me an updated price list which doesn’t correspond with reality. I am so disappointed in what appeared to be a great sub. Live and learn!

  8. I have been cutting way back on boxes this year. This one was at the top of my list if I were to add one. It looked really interesting. Not anymore. They definitely lost a customer.

  9. I think I won some kinda lottery getting what I wanted from this box. I got 4 items, 3 of which I requested:
    White acrylic bowl
    Kitchen prints
    Usb plug
    Skull matches

  10. Is there any way Liz could reach out to find out if they plan on doing anything to correct this debacle?

    • Based on posted response here by Happy Rebel and on the forum of their customer service responses they feel they have adequately held up their end of the contract. If it lost them current and potential subscribers they seem to think it was worth it to overcharge for warehouse leftovers.

  11. I was one of the last people to get boxes they didn’t ship until probably exactly the 15th and I had to check this post because they never responded and I got super nervous after reading the comments and rightfully so. I haven’t seen any articles on mysubscription about this tremendous inflation of prices by claiming exclusivity for a bunch of crap or other claims if there is one can someone point me to it. Clearly it is left overs but it even feels like they split the merch. I was on the fence about getting this box but not only will I not get it a sub but I will certainly be spreading the word and potentially filing a complaint with the correct agency. I ordered 2 “boxes” received my 2 day priority shipping at 5 days opened up to crap and real value probably would be $50 and yea i would be pissed but expecting some misc with some great items I was livid. So I paid $100 which means my minimum value should be $278. This was the first time I ever doubled up on things like this but their subs looked eclectic and somewhat valuable but I am def echoing majority here!

    • I don’t think it mattered when we ordered. I think if you were a non subscriber, they packed your box full of junk and ‘shipped’ on the 15th, even though they didn’t actually (per my own shipping info) ship out until the evening of the 16th.

    • I originally was not even going to add a comment when I saw how many there are. But I feel the need to. I got pretty much what everybody else got. I cannot tell you how upset I am that I wasted $50 on this.

      It appears as if only three of the comments were positive out of the approximately 170 vehemently negative ones. This was my first box with them and never again. Not only have they lost my business, I will caution other people against buying from them.

  12. Overall Comment: This “Mystery Box” from Happy Rebel was a complete debacle.

    Customer Service: Prompt to reply; but… there has not been single acknowledgment from HR re: the overall sentiment / issues experienced. As others have stated – sending more “junk/dollar store items just does not make this right”. Justification of inflated RV’s because “donate to charity” and “small business” is most ludicrous explanation I’ve ever heard! While there are subscriptions set up specifically to benefit artisans worldwide (GlobeIn Artisan) – where I’m ok with very unique handcrafted items coming in close to the value paid – this is not one of those…. I would hope that ALL “for profit” companies (small or otherwise) – choose to give portion of proceeds to charity! But that is not something I should be visibly subsidizing.

    Quarterly Subscription: In looking at past offerings – HR does not compare to its competition in value provided. From Box of Style ($450 RV winter edition) to PSMH Holiday Editions ($414 RV women’s edition) – all these quarterly boxes are nicely curated and offer approximately double the retail value versus what is sent from HR (Fall HR edition – $226)! That is huge difference…. And although they all play games with the RV – I’ve never seen single one of these other subscription boxes inflating the RV OVER what the manufacturers/vendors state as RV. As well – there is no comparison on quality of items sent. The other quarterly boxes win hands down.

    Mystery Boxes: While I certainly can’t speak for all – my guess is that most people choose to purchase mystery boxes for the value! If the value isn’t there – why would anyone choose to get a hodgepodge of dollar store findings thrown into a box as “mystery” purchase?

    Conclusion: $’s best spent on other subscription boxes (mystery and quarterly) – and not on HR.

    • I agree and disagree….

      The comment I saw about the reason for their pricing was not just that they are a small business and donate to charity, they said more than that. I appreciate that they support the brands that they work with and encourage people to buy directly from them. I like that they offer free shipping. I hate getting to checkout to see additional shipping fees, but maybe that is just me. I also get that being a small business is a factor. The family hardware store on the corner is going to cost more than Home Depot.

      I agree they don’t have as high value boxes as PS and FFF, but whether that’s acceptable or not is in the eye of the subscriber. I would never sign up for PS (maybe FFF but I have yet to) because their items are so generic. I don’t want more “stuff”, I would rather get fewer items that I would actually use. HR stuff is much more unique and usable in my opinion. I would rather get $226 of stuff I like rather than $450 of stuff I don’t.

  13. Yep I got matches, skull pins, squishy ugly cups, thank you cards, and hair the. Feel very duped for 50 bucks. Will not subscribe ever to them.

    • Hi Milly! It sounds like you may have received an incomplete box. Please contact us regarding your situation so that we can ensure nothing is missing. Thanks!

    • I see they keep repeatedly stating the same things over and over to customer complaints on here that all received the box of nothing and are telling everyone their box was incomplete?!? If that many people received the same box of trash then it was intentional.

      Then when customers do reach out they say they can give you another one of the items that you are already complaining about??

      • Hi KM! If a customer believes they received an incomplete box, we would like to correct the error. Any missing items can be replaced or they can receive a partial refund for the missing items. Please feel free to reach out directly if you have any additional questions about your box. We hope to hear from you!

      • Actually no they give you a breakdown of the magic pricing that only HR sells things for which is higher than the manufacturer actually sells it for to prove the box is just exactly as promised. At least that’s every response I’ve seen when it’s a horrible box. By their prices I believe I’m just above the promised “value” with matches, kitchen towels, the kitchen prints, the hair tie bracelet, and some tin of tolly’s balm that has not been in a single box as far as I know.

    • I got the same garbage box. They should be ashamed of themselves for this whole thing. Why even give ppl the option of a wish list, when they knew good and well they weren’t going to actually try and fulfill it? They obviously had a standard box they gave out, to get rid of their unpopular junk. So upset that I wasted Christmas money on this box!

      • Those thank you cards were in poor taste. I would never send anybody such vulgar and obnoxious things!

        I got that junk, a Buzz Aldrin phone case, 3 hideously ugly tiny kitchen prints and a book of matches for $50?

        Fab Fit Fun will get my money from now on.

        I always did feel a lot of cheese in Happy Rebel. That robe is hideous.

      • Oh, I thought I’m the only one who thinks that this robe is quite ugly. Everyone else like ‘it’s gorgeous!!!’. Lol.

  14. Yeah, mine is due to be delivered today, but my hopes aren’t very high. They shipped later than promised, so there’s that, plus the anticipation of a box of overpriced junk. I really wanted to sub to this box, but why waste more money on a company that obviously cares nothing for their customers.

  15. Wow. Some of you really need to cool it. I never comment on threads here, but this is getting ridiculous. If you think HR products are “trash” and don’t agree with the way they price their items, why did you order their mystery box?? They are the same company last week as they are today. Nothing has changed. I am honestly really confused by this.

    If your box was missing items(s) that’s another thing. But just contact them! I was missing an item and they let me choose if I wanted a replacement or refund for the missing piece. I am getting a set of towels sent to me. Easy peasy. I don’t think HR was trying to swindle me or “ruin my Christmas”, I think they made a simple mistake, and then corrected it. It’s not a big deal!

    I (we) paid 1/3 of the price for the box, so I told myself if I like half of it, it’s a win… and I like about half! That’s about how every subscription box I get turns out for me, honestly. The rest us up for swap. It is far from the end of the world! I’m not “done” with them just because I didn’t get a perfect box of every HR product I ever dreamed of. It just makes no sense…..

  16. I think to add salt the fact that some people received items that were sealed and some were open, it sort of looked like someone cleaned out their kitchen junk drawer into a box.

  17. The canned “customer service” responses from Happy Rebel in this comment section are ticking me off more than the junk I received in my box. Granted, I’m not a subscriber and I didn’t order more than one box, so it probably isn’t surprising that I received the bargain-basement items, but it seems as though HR isn’t really responding to customers’ disappointment in a substantive way. With the number of prints, cards, and matches being sent out, the company knew that a majority of boxes would contain these ridiculously overpriced items. The “request form” now seems like a ploy to convince customers to hit that “Purchase” button by implying they’d have a snowball’s chance in heck of getting anything slightly desirable. Why risk customer goodwill and future subscriptions for a quick $50?

    Technically, yes, I received “retail value” (such as it is) and I realize it’s a final-sale situation, so I’m not expecting a refund. But the whole thing just feels disingenuous…I guess based on previous glowing reviews, I expected HR to be more considerate of the customer experience. I’ve been considering a HR subscription and was going to jump in for the spring shipment, but after this fiasco, I’m out.

  18. This is the first time I am leaving a comment on MSA since I started following the site 4 years ago!! I’ve taken many risks with mystery boxes and first time subscriptions over the past few years and I’ve NEVER been so disappointed, until I received my Happy Rebel mystery box yesterday.

    MY BOX: Hair tie bracelet ($35), 2 silicone “squishy” cups ($18), headband ($15), skull matches ($12), and paper clips ($6)…TOTAL $86 RV

    I think I was mentally chanting “you fool” for the rest of the day. I made myself feel better, went over to Tradesy and bought the last available lace Sorei Kimono for $38. Yep, I spent more. 🤑 Ugh.

    Today my jets have cooled of a bit, so I thought I’d check in to see what others received and as I suspected the disappointment seems vast in regards to quality of items and retail value. I truly sympathize with all of you who feel fooled. 😩

    Prior to this box, I was considering a full subscription since they had impressed me with a one time purchase of their Blackwood gym bag edition, but unfortunately not now…Not EVER.

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. 🤨

    • Hi Lea, if you received an incomplete box, please contact us directly so that we can correct the issue. We look forward to speaking with you!

  19. I have to stand up for Happy Rebel. The mystery boxes sent out all had items from previous boxes. That shouldn’t be a surprise. I think maybe it’s an esthetic thing. I received the so called “hideous” kitchen prints, which I requested. Can’t wait to get them framed. The ” cheap” squishy wine cups, which I requested. Great for travel. The skull matches, also requested. Fun midi rings and the thank you notes. The note cards are branded, DL&Co. and although may not be the most exciting thing are extremely good quality and fit the Rebel vibe. All in all it’s $10 an item which is a good deal. Loved my box. Guess I’m a rebel.

    • I received a small Tolly’s Vapor balm which to my knowledge has not been in a previous box. I’m happy you actually got what you wanted! It’s nice to see at least one person that this didn’t disappoint. I think for the rest of us it was just really disappointing because we paid ore for this mystery box than I generally pay for an entire sub box like FFF, Popsugar, or sugarbash… almost everyone received the kitchen prints which were one third of the value and with a price that they arbitrarily assigned as they saw fit because they only paid for the digital download and the printing was up to them or that they didn’t constantly claim the matches are more expensive than they actually sell for in order to meet their $138 mark.

      • Julie, did you contact them and ask why they sent you a different Tolly’s product? HR has been selling the matches for $12 since last year, nothing has changed.

      • Just because they sell a product at a ludicrous mark up doesn’t mean that is actually the RV. RV is retail value which is usually what a manufacturer recommends and sells the product for. I’m not going to email them because every response i’ve seen has been dismissive and I looked up the balm it’s supposedly worth $10 which puts me just above the promised minimum. I guess I should just be happy I didn’t get the squashed silicone cups which everyone on the forum is trying to breathe life back into.

  20. Saddest box ever. I’m so disappointed that I wasted $50 dollars on this grab bag of leftovers.

  21. I still have not received mine. The label was created on the 15th but it didn’t ship until the 16th. Now it says there is a delay with this message:
    The package is delayed and will not be delivered by the expected delivery date. An updated delivery date will be provided when available.
    😕 hope I’m not going through all of this for matches & paperclips.

    • So I received it today and NEVER again. Paper clips, hair tie, kitchen prints, squishy glasses(which by the way sell at a dollar store near me 2 for a $1, no lie) and the hair band. Nothing I requested.
      I bought this box because I had been interested in subscribing and thought it would be a good way to test it out. Failure.
      Misleading and not any where near the value promised. I could have spent the $50 on a box that delivered the value and for less, like FFF.

      • Hi Michele! If please contact us directly and send us a list of the items you received so that we can make sure nothing is missing. Look forward to hearing from you!

      • More and more people are posting about the epic FAIL HR mystery box – I did not, but mine was as well….. simply because it had already been said over and over – the response is the same every time – please contact us directly so that we can see if something is missing – what’s missing here is “the point” – $138. guaranteed value – a wishlist which truly brought everyone’s hopes way up for what could have been a “dream mystery box”…. I think that was the biggest FAIL of all – not many, if any, received a special request – most of the items are bad filler at best – there’s nothing more to be done here – if you had wanted to save face, save customers, then a partial (not 2$) refund should have been offered – make the lesson be a 25$ lesson learned – a 50$ lesson learned is a BURN for most of us – in the long run, we are not who will lose from this – “we” actually will gain – I doubt most of us will ever again be so carefree with money for “mysteries” going forward…….

      • I was going to sub for a year, depending on how good this box was, so they lost one more customer. Why would any potential customer ever risk a sub from them?

      • Well said. They def did not deliver and canned responses don’t fix an epic failure.

      • How can HR stay in business with so many furious people? I am convinced they are deeply in debt and liquidating their junk. Suddenly they have really made a mess of themselves!

      • All of this and now your form doesn’t work. So I have to waste more of my time to email you again. Not cool. I was already upset.

      • Hi HR, I did contact you, twice and never received a response. 🙁 I received the kitchen prints and a box of air. After days if no response, I’m out, no longer a customer. It’s sad because I was super excited when I ordered.

      • I sent a direct email yesterday after they said their customer service form wasn’t working. I haven’t received a reply either way.

      • @hildol Ack! I am so sorry your messages didn’t get through. We definitely weren’t ignoring you. Please try us again! We look forward to speaking with you.

  22. I know the mentality going in must have been lets offload this warehouse of filler (really carefully wording this to not add expletives) and turn a profit off it too! But once the backlash was evident from subscribers and possible subscribers was it really worth it in the end? I don’t know what possible thing they can do now to satisfy their subscribers that got sent junk and are canceling due to this plus I’m pretty sure they turned off any of us that were on the fence to begin with (because it is a hundred dollar box completing with FFF and popsugar with a lower RV to boot! )from ever giving them our money again.

    Amazingly disappointed but I guess it’s a relief. I’ve been wanting this box for ages and had finally canceled the cheaper ones and was going to sub so it’s a savings of $400 for the year. Whatever you guys made off this mystery deal you really lost a lot more in the long run. Popsugar at least acknowledges when they screw up and tries to calm the storms with extras and apologies but the response from customer service of “we get to make up prices so haha” is most likely going to but you in the butt. From customer base and any company that wants to partner with you that does their research.

  23. And to think that this box was on my list of subs for 2018. That’s why it’s always better to stick with the devil (PSMH Mystery box) you know!

    Happy Rebel – you should be ashamed of yourself for sending this junk! I feel like we were all scammed! You knew you were sending “$138” worth of junk from the beginning. The whole “customization/request” form was nothing but a bait and switch!

  24. @happyrebel can you please enlighten us why your RV for the matches is $12 while the manufacturer has always sold them at $7.50? Not to mention you get them wholesale or free with the mass order of candles so shipping markup and such really is a joke. Not going to question the Kitchen prints since Pixel Print sells only the JPEG or file of the image so hard to say how much you think your paper is worth vs actuality.

    • It truly is sad to get burned especially during the holiday season…..people are tight on money and trying to buy gifts for loved ones.

      I almost bought one of these….I went and looked at as many past reviews as I could and seen some items I liked but I decided the risk was to big and I was afraid that I might end up with the items that everyone it talking about. They have to be going out of business to do this.

    • All –

      Received response from HR regarding the higher RV’s that they list on their website versus the manufacturers… See below for their direct response. Bottom line – they are arbitrarily setting the RV’s of items higher than manufacturers based on the below logic.

      – We are a small business that donates to non-profit organizations, so our pricing is possibly higher than other larger companies

      – We ship all of our single items from our shop for free. Other retailers would charge additional shipping or require a larger purchase to earn free shipping.

      – It is important to us to support our brand partners and artisans that we work with. If one of our members wants to grab and extra of one of the items in their box, they will probably get it cheapest ordering from us, but if they really like a brand from our box and would like to try more of their products, they are better off ordering from them directly, and that’s great!

      • What? So, they are trying to make those who complain feel guilty bc they donate to charities? That’s an excuse to jack up prices? So, they want to donate to charities without hurting their bottom line, by passing on the extra cost to their customers? Generous.

      • “– We are a small business that donates to non-profit organizations, so our pricing is possibly higher than other larger companies”

        And we write off all those donations on our tax form and pass it on the happy feelings to our customers free of charge!

        I honestly can’t believe that’s their justification. I work in a small business we pass our savings on to clients and that’s how we keep them for years. I’m tempted to email D&L and let them know that HR’s crazy price markup has actually kept me from checking out their site and purchasing from them because I actually believed they were crazy enough to sell matches for $12 so no way would I be able to afford a candle but as it turns out their prices are so much better than HRs.

  25. I am a new subscriber who also purchased a mystery box. I have been subscribing to a variety of boxes for years and yes there have been disappointments, but I have NEVER felt so completely cheated and saddened by anything I’ve received- until now. This box feels like a slap in the face. I will be unsubscribing from Happy Rebel. What’s worse is that I saw the box my sister got and it’s even worse than mine. I can see charging $10 for these boxes, but $50!!!! I just feel that’s unethical.

    • Just out of curiosity what did y’all get?

      • Matches, a headband, three pinky or midi rings that appear to be from a gumball machine, a tea towel, and note cards that say SLOTH, VANITY, LUST, GREED and whatever the other seven deadly sins are. Horrible!!!!! Its not like I would send ANYONE any of these cards. Wow. And, like I said compared to my sister I got the “good” box

      • Received a very prompt reply from Happy Rebel’s CS. Unfortunately – they are still quoting the “inflated/new” RV’s for items – even after we have all pointed out that these RV’s have increased only on Happy Rebel and not from any of the orig product vendors. Sad…

        Additionally – although they offered to make up the missing RV – the ONLY products they offered were the notecards (really – these are horrible and definitely not worth $50!); tea towels; matches; headband or hair tie bracelet. So there is nothing of value to be sent…. And – I’d already received the headband, bracelet and matches in this “mystery” box. Why would I want more of the same over valued, poor quality products?

        Based on the flood of comments here (only some of the Pop Sugar debacles have rivaled in sheer #!) – I’d tend to agree that will not be surprised to see this sub box out of business in 2018. Sad….

  26. They must be going out of business or something, bc there is no way a box would do this to its customers and not do anything about it, and expect to keep going with a good reputation. They don’t seem to care one bit unhappy their customers are.

  27. Wow, this really blew up in HR’s faces, huh. I seriously doubt they will ever go down this road again. Not only are they losing NEW customers (because many people essentially were using this mystery box as a litmus test of whether or not to sub) but also to have EXISTING customers cancel their subs from disgust and disappointment. Holy moly!!!

    I am a non-subscriber, who ordered two boxes. I figured by ordering 2 I would be given deference and ramp up my odds of getting a hero item. I got no such thing. Perhaps we were all very, very wrong in anticipating any sort of hero.

    This is what I got:

    Stationary set ($50)
    Kitchen prints ($48)
    Hair tie bracelet ($35)
    A6 memo bottle ($28)
    USB Call charger ($20)
    Silicone wine glasses ($18)
    Mavi Bandz headband ($15)
    Vanilla Body Butter ($14)
    Arbotique Designs rings ($12)
    Cool Peppermint & Lemon Spray ($10)
    Skull Matches ($7.50)
    Raindrop paperclips ($6)

    Yes, it falls short of their promised RV. The only item I requested was the Matches. (A modest request, actually.) And I specifically requested not to get anything from the kitchen, office, or techie box. It turned out to be a big waste of my time to look through all the past boxes and fill out their request form. I think they already had these boxes put together and just threw a few people a bone here and there.

    Am I disappointed? No. I know it was my own decision to purchase a mystery box.
    I will keep the matches, but every single other thing will be put up for swap because it’s not what I wanted.

    I honestly had a way better unboxing with this December’s PS Must Have. Waaaaay better use and better value for just $40!!!

    • Very well said! I was one of the many using this as a litmus test and will def not be subbing. I too spent a lot of time reviewing past boxes and submitting the request form all for nothing. To get an assortment of random, unwanted, RV inflated items is such a slap in the face.

  28. Oh. My. God. Goodbye FOREVER happy rebel. This box looks like crap from the dollar store that people left behind. My box is so so sad. I got ugly pins, hair tie bracelet, squishy glasses a headband and matches. WTAF.

    • My husband just found the stuff from this box on the stairs and asked why I had “weird Halloween crap” out… 🤦‍♀️

      • My husband saw the “wine glasses” and thought they were sippie cups. If anyone’s super disappointed that they don’t have a full set Amazon has 4 packs for under $10 or if you’re sitting home envious of these cups we all were so lucky to get.

  29. The worst mystery box EVER! Total waste of my money, and I can’t work, I have had rotator cuff surgery and bicep tendon surgery! I am in a sling for 8 weeks! Will never sub to this company! The worst EVER

  30. I got the Bluetooth earpiece and it’s the only item I got. I’m neither disappointed nor thrilled but okay with it and hope I will use it. After my first winter box and mystery box, I notice that other boxes may deliver stronger value.

    • Wow. Glad you are okay with it. I feel like I would have been even more annoyed at receiving a single solitary item even though it meets the promised box value than I am about getting a random assortment of stuff I won’t really use. When I think mystery box I think at least 4-5 items.

    • The only thing I requested was the bluetooth and got dollar store crap instead.

      If you decide it’s not for you, please consider swapping with me.

  31. I keep refreshing the comments to see if anyone received a box with awesome contents lol.

    • I get mine tomorrow, according to tracking info. I ordered 2 and I am now terrified.

      • My prediction is you will have an adequate supply of matches and squishy glasses, but definitely let us know :/

        On another note I’m so so so glad I didn’t order one of these boxes as a gift for anyone! I thought about sending one to my friend that has a birthday this month but can you imagine?! “uh, thank you for the matches, note cards… Magnets….”. Yikes.

  32. I can’t believe I paid $50 for paper clips, 2 hair ties, rubber cups, a card and matches! I thought we were getting at least one item that we requested 🙁 I’m going to cancel this subscription. Having received this on the same day as the winter box, where I am allergic to every item except the robe and the hair wrap thing (which I don’t want) was too much of a disappointment.

    • We got the same mystery box. Im furious too. I was waffling to sub to this box… i would NEVER after this.

      • Hi Stephanie. If you received an incomplete box, please contact us regarding your situation. We look forward to speaking with you!

  33. Talk about disappointment!! I ordered two boxes, got one. I did not get a single item from their waste of time web form where you could “request” items from past boxes. What’s worse, as a subscriber for only 3 seasons of their boxes, I got mostly items from the boxes I subscribed to! Repeat items from boxes I received?? They couldn’t be bothered to send items from boxes I had not subscribed to??

    I was so bummed out by this “mystery box” that I went ahead and cancelled my subscription. Lesson learned- I will never buy a mystery box again. They seem to always be filled with the stuff that no one wants!

    • Hi there! Please contact us directly regarding your situation. Most orders of two boxes were packed together, but we would like to confirm you received everything you ordered! We look forward to speaking with you.

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