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GlossyBox Limited Edition Holiday 2017 Box Spoiler #1

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GlossyBox Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Box

We have the first spoiler for the Limited Edition Holiday 2017 GlossyBox. More on this box:

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Holiday Box

The Cost: $40

The Products: 7 full-size products worth over $204. Brands included:

  • Sunday Riley
  • Skinn Cosmetics
  • NEST Fragrances Candle
  • NCLA
  • Buxom
  • DHC

And here is the Sunday Riley product:

Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum

What do you think of the first product spoiler? Are you going to grab a box? 

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Ugh, a lip pot? That’s the Glamglow product and 2nd spoiler. That’s the last thing I wanted from Glamglow.

    • Where did you find the second spoiler, Julie?

      • Instagram

  2. I’d really like to get this box, but I was a former GB subscriber for two years and always got the short end of the stick with variations, broken items, customer service takes two weeks to respond, etc. I’ll hold out for more spoilers.

  3. Glossybox has sent en email apologizing for the error about the Rituals box. That’s it.

    • They didn’t do anything to “fix it” like they promised. I’m happy about the LE box though. Instead of spending $30 on the Rituals box worth $84, I would rather have the LE box for $35, with a retail value over $200. I’m done thinking and talking about the Rituals box. I will just remember how they are for the future and only get the ones I really want.

      • Yes I received only a token email as well. I joined on a deal, but will not be keeping the subscription after January.
        I don’t like getting excited about a deal and then having it snatched away, this was way too BAIT AND SWITCH for me.

    • Yea they don’t do anything about it. They really have horrible customer service. *grrrr*

      • Yes, I got that token email too. It was very insulting. And I agree with someone else who made the comment, I don’t think companies who treat their customers with such tactics are companies that I even want to hear about. I will not purchase anything else Glossybox or Look Beautiful related. And I just hope that anybody who does purchase from them will read the posts from this weekend and their great solution which was basically sorry, but if you want the box we adjusted the price. This is not a subscription box company that I want to be subjected to and to anybody who purchases Buyer beware. That email they sent that took over three days was absolutely insulting. I will be filing a complaint not for monetary purposes but to make sure that others who do business with them know possibly what they are getting into to. But, that just tells me that it doesn’t matter what they do to the consumer we will keep taking it. Not this customer, or I should say former customer.

  4. Thank you ladies for all the great skincare tips in the comments. Very helpful 😁

  5. Yay, I’m so happy to see this product in here! I’ve been dancing around this at Sephora since it came out, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the $$$ on this. Now, probably like most people who bought this box & used GB credits, I’m getting it virtually free! 🙂

    • I have placed an order for the monthly (November) box and the Limited Edition box (not the holiday or Rituals) and was informed twice now that GB has merged with another company in the UK their computer system is a complete mess, points are missing, subscription info isn’t showing, accounts are missing info, no info is available from the customer service reps either. I’ve been told on 2 separate calls to try back in 24-48 hrs and the system should be updated… They should have had this all worked out before going live with any updates.. When I try to get any account info or to see when my boxes will ship I see nothing, but they took the money out right away!!! Not at all happy. I’m thinking of cancelling with my paypal and getting my money back, this is crazy… by the time the November box arrives its going to be January..

    • Hi Luna, how did you use your GB credits for the box? I’ve been a subscriber for 5 years, when I logged in the system wouldn’t even allow me to use the 5.00 discount code. I never received an email about it (not in trash either). I emailed them last week to inquire but no response. Any help from anyone would be appreciated!

      • When you go to proceed in checkout, it will automatically pull up the amount you have in credits. Then you will type the amount you want to use in the box below and proceed on.

        • Hey Erin,

          Thank you so much! I didn’t get the email with the 5.00 coupon code so because it wouldn’t give me the discount I never went past that screen. Now I see it! I wrote to GlossyBox about my missing email so hopefully I’ll get that and now I know how to use the credits. Thanks again!

          • Hmmmm now I didn’t know anything about getting a $5 coupon? I was talking about my glossydot points. Is there another discount I should email them about?

          • Hey Erin, apparently current subscribers received an email, the coupon code for 5 off seems to be universal but in order for it to work the site must be accessed through an email. It would seem that a few of us subscribers didn’t receive the email. I sent an inquiry last week but have yet to hear back.

      • To get the code to work, you have to open the link in the email, not log directly into the website. Then add the code. That’s how they are limiting the use to subscribers. It says it right in the email.

        • Thanks Barb, I didn’t get the email even though I’m a subscriber, I’ll have to wait to hear back from them. Frustrating.

          • Same here.

    • The credits were given to people that had glossydots for filled out surveys that they never redeemed. If that helps.

      • Yes that’s what I meant. I used them at the end of my checkout.

      • Thanks for your help Julie, I actually have enough to get the box! I’ve been a subscriber for a long time and have never used them. This new way is easier.

  6. Looks good to me! And I save up all of the candles I get in my boxes and use them as hostess gifts for holidays, so the candle is excellent too.
    Can’t wait to get more potential spoilers!

  7. Are these confirmed full-sized items? Nowhere is it listed under the Glossybox description that they will be?

    “We often refer to GLOSSYBOX memberships as “beauty gifts that keep on giving”. But a few times each year, we purpose to wow you even more than usual, curating Limited Edition finds that don’t just liven up the season… but take its spirit to a whole new level. This year, it all comes together in a box that’s topping our gift and wish lists! Get into the season with a party-perfect NEST Fragrances candle, and must-haves from Sunday Riley, GLAMGLOW and more.”


    • It says right in the box description that these are 7 full size products.

    • The Products: 7 full-size products worth over $204. Brands included:
      Sunday Riley
      Skinn Cosmetics
      NEST Fragrances Candle

      I copied that from the box description. I didn’t believe they would be. But when I saw your question I actually read word for word and wow looks like they may be. Or atleast that is what they have clearly put in writing!!! Yay!

  8. Apologies in advance if this is dumb question: do you ALWAYS layer serum first on your skin, and then moisturizer? Can you use the serum alone? I am never sure.

    • You should layer products from thinner to thicker consistency and water-based before oil-based. You don’t have to use a moisturizer if you don’t feel like you need one but vitamin C increases your sun sensitivity so you do need to use SPF when you use it.

    • This isn’t a dumb question at all. But yes, for skincare you use the thinnest to thickest products. Since serum is usually thinner than a moisturizer, you’d use it first. Also, I’ve heard that if your skin isn’t used to vitamin C serum, you can mix the serum with your moisturizer for the first couple of weeks so that it is less irritating to your skin. As for your second question, you can use some serums alone if the directions for that serum say you can (usually they are moisturizing serums), but for a vitamin C serum, I wouldn’t.

    • I’ve heard many people in the skincare industry say that moisturizer is always the last product you put on your skin – after toner, serum, etc. It supposedly seals in all the other products you put on your skin beforehand.

    • Anything with vitamin C, AHA or BHA, given it’s liquidy goes on bare face. And then follow up with a hydrating toner. And moisturizer so on.

      • Thank you, ladies, so helpful! You’re the best!

  9. Wow I hope this is full sized! This serum is incredible. I use it every night (I’m on my second or third bottle!). Layering this with Good Genes is a GAMECHANGER. Also, I’ve been using this over niacinamide (glossier super pure) every night for months and my skin has never been better so I’m not sure what one of the above posters is talking about….

    • Update: looked up the vitamin C-niacinimide combo myth and it’s just that, a myth. The study that came to the conclusion that the two should not be mixed is seriously outdated and methodologically flawed. Actually, the combo is thought to produce better results than just one alone. The more you know!

  10. I’m not a glossy box subscriber but I’m thinking of pre ordering the holiday box. I see on their site it says dispatch date is Dec. 1 2018??

    • I saw that too and hope and believe it is an error!!!

  11. SR anything, I’m happy to try!!!

  12. I got this in October’s Sephora Play bag, I have sensitive skin and have had no problems with this product. I know some people were mixing vitamin c serums and niacinamide but you’re not supposed to use at same time. If you do it causes redness and can cause breakouts. If you use this at night and then the niacinamide like Paula’s Choice Resist in the morning you shouldn’t have any issues.

    I’m very excited to see this in the LE box. I’ve already ordered so I look 👀 forward to getting it.

    • Actually, it’s a myth that vitamin C and niacinimide shouldn’t be combined or else they will cause breakouts and redness etc . The study that came to the conclusion that the two should not be mixed is seriously outdated and methodologically flawed. Actually, the combo is thought to produce better results than just one alone. Just so you know.

  13. I’m not excited for this except the fact I can get a lot in resell. I have olive complexion and don’t really have dark spots that need Brightening

  14. I am super excited to try this!

  15. Fyi both vitamin c and retinol can cause breakouts at first because it’s deep cleaning your pores and pulling gunk out. Stick it out and you will be amazed at how great your skin looks within a few months.

  16. If it’s $85 it’s the full size. It just debuted not even six months ago so I doubt it’ll be expired or close to it.
    With products like these some people overuse and it causes breakouts. I got redness with the SR Luna and learned that I can’t use retinol everyday. Just every few days. I am obsessed with SR.

  17. I’ve been wanting to try a good vita c serum to try to get her rid of some of my old acne scars and some redness that I’ve been seeing recently but the good ones are soooooo expensive! I’m really excited to see this in the box and very hopeful that even though I still get some hormonal acne, I’ve been using Kate Somerville’s Eradikate for about a month now and it’s done fabulous things to my face! Definitely my new holy grail cleanser 😍 adding a little brightener would be a good thing ☺️

  18. I ordered the box earlier today & look forward to more spoilers.

    IMO I’m a little surprised at the venomous anger over the Rituals box. The lack of email notification is definitely not excusable but there’s still hope they will get something out on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve had Bloomindales cancel sale purchases before with notification coming out over a week later. Annoying yes but…

    • Nobody let’s anything go here. There’s women here that still complain on a regular basis about some sub box injustices they suffered years ago.

      • Haha!!! That’s exactly my point. It’s like “come on guys”!

      • First world problems. 😂

    • Totally agree with you! I’d be a little annoyed but not boycotting the company mad about it though either.

    • To each their own on everyone’s opinion, but I don’t think it is surprising for people to be upset thinking they purchased something, getting an order confirmation, and then finding out from a third party all orders are cancelled. Especially with the holidays, and people needing to ship items customer service is key. So this is where we will agree to disagree. Especially, when the company was approached and just now made a comment when customers decided to take it to a higher level due to no communication.

      • Jeanette, I totally agree! The fact that they didn’t honor the advertised price and now have the box listed for $30 is disgusting. Glossy deserves all the venom sent their way.

    • Agree. It was just an error, and they credited our charges and reward credits. Maybe a little disappointing, but not a big deal in the grand scheme.

    • It’s a problem because it was probably an illegal move, and they didn’t address it swiftly with an email, post on facebook, or any other communication. While they have a term you see *after* you order in the order confirmation that they don’t consider it a ‘contract’ until they mail the package, that term is an ‘unfair term’ under current contract law and wouldn’t be considered valid. A reasonable contract exists once the buyer agrees to buy at the listed price and the seller ‘accepts’ the buyers request to purchase by putting the order through.

      However, there are a couple cases where it would be acceptable for the seller to renege on the contract – but they need to communicate and in a timely manner. One is if due to some gross but honest miscalculation they priced the boxes at a cost below what it would actually cost to order them, and so cannot reasonably fulfill the contract. (If its old inventory they are selling off though, I don’t think this would apply since they already have the items.) Another exception might be a massive website glitch, such as happened to Walmart a few years back where TVs were suddenly ‘discounted’ to $8.50 and there was a run – they caught the error quickly and canceled the orders, sending an apology email and a coupon.

      I think most people would be willing to cut them slack for an honest human error or a massive website glitch, but there has been no explanation yet – people weren’t even sent a notice that the order had been canceled! Furthermore, they didn’t even pull the product until an explanation could be given – just upped the list price. Because they didn’t pull the product and there has been no explanation, the higher price could be considered a type of bait and switch where the person is lured in with a discount, but then persuaded to buy at a higher price.

      • Well said. And, just like some feel some are taking it too seriously, I personally feel the company did not take the customer’s view serious enough.

        They handled it very wrong and still have yet to correct the situation. And, companies that promote those practices are not companies that I want to spend my money with.

      • It was not illegal. Annoying, yes. Bad CS, certainly.

        • It does seem to be illegal per standing contract law since 1953 (pharmaceutical company vs. boots) – once the seller accepts the buyers request to buy the item, a contract exits and the seller cannot cancel without permission. (This goes the other way to. A buyer can’t just cancel and ask for a refund unless the seller allows it – a seller is well within rights bit to offer returns or cancellations, with some exceptions.)

          There are a number of exceptions that might make it acceptable, but the company has yet to explain the circumstances. And since the product is still available albeit at a higher price, that is shady.

          Would it have been that difficult for them to pull the product for a few hours from sale while they posted an apology on Facebook and emailed notifications of the cancellation?

          • You keep conflating contract and criminal law. There is no evidence at all that they acted illegally.

      • It isn’t illegal if they’ve have notice on the site that they can cancel the order for any reason. Websites have to have that security because of mistakes. For example, if you walk into a store and a price is wrong on an item they can refuse it when they catch it at the register. There isn’t a way to catch it online prior to purchase if the pricing is wrong. Glossybox has a history of bait and switch so that wouldn’t have surprised me, but this one doesn’t fall under that category. It would if they advertised at $13.30 but changed the product when you went to buy it, like saying oh this box is only this price if you buy this or it’s all samples and the full sized version in the ad is $30. Regardless of legalities, all businesses require someone to buy their product or services to survive. That’s a little hard to do if you tick off your customer base. So while they have the right to cancel the orders, they owe those customers the common courtesy of an explanation and an apology. I agree that they should’ve taken the box down until they could explain the situation.

        • It’s still not cool. Take the hit instead of alienating so many customers.

          • Oh good lord people! Get over it!!! I cannot believe that you’re going on about of it was illegal!!! Wtf???

  19. Damn. Disappointment #1.

  20. They still have not updated their website to say that they will bill in 2017… It still says “product will not be dispatched until 1st December 2018. I wish they’d get it together. That should be easy to fix!! Unless they actually mean 2018…

    • Exactly what I’m thinking too

      • Finally updated the website, now it says December 2017. Good for GB.

  21. I just posted this under the Rituals box: Glossy wrote on their fb page about an hour ago that they are “fixing this technical problem right now” and that you will receive an email that “solves the problem”.

    • Why can’t I find them in Facebook. When I ho to their fb page, the most recent post is like 3 years ago..

      • GLOSSYBOX, all caps, one word.

        • Thanks!!

  22. Would have purchased if not for the shady business practices of canceling orders after purchase simply because they wanted to raise the price.

    • Agreed Whitney. And the issue is not officially resolved. But as I have said before in posts, everyone is free to purchase how they choose. There are just too many other companies with better service that I can spend my money with.

      • Agreed! Will spend one another company I know I can trust.

      • And I think y’all should. Because this is not that big of a deal. I tried to purchase it when there was no purchase box. I just got on with it. And if they cancelled my order after I ordered it I may have been irritated but I’m not going to get all upset and prattle on. I would probably just think to myself “good thing I probably shouldn’t have spent that money anyway”! Lol 😉 and life goes on. I’ve not had one problem from glossybox for the what 5-6 years I’ve been with them?? I had one issue where a product came broken. It was corrected immediately at GB own expense. When I’m actuality it was the USPS fault. This is why I’m saying attacking GB and their whole ethical being is a bit too staunch for this ONE mishap. Come on guys!!!!

        • You’ve posted and reposted your opinion. You seen pretty upset for someone that is so easy going. Just let other people post their opinions.

        • Agree to disagree Erin. Glossybox handled this poorly.

  23. I had ordered two of the rituals boxes, paying just $6 after points and it was cancelled along with everyone else. lol

    BUT I ordered this since they put the points back into my account. The sunday riley hoked me in.

    I can understand principle and all, god knows I have held that stance before but I’m not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. 🙂 The SR is worth enough to pay the $20 for the box alone so I’m in.

    I’m not saying they don’t suck for what they pulled BUT again I’m gonna get a nice box in the end so I can deal. lol

    • I just told my hubby word for word the same thing – LOL! Not gonna cut off my nose to spite my face. I too can hold my ground and have in the past, but I bought one because it’s gonna be a great box. I can’t say impressed I was with the CEW box- LOVE it.

    • I bought it too to use my credit.

      I was excited about this product until I read the comments…hope it works for me. I do have a history of liking products everyone else hated.

      • Have you tried the drunk elephant vitamin c serum? I have. The first few times it tingled a little- because of the Vitamin C- but I got used to it quickly. GOOD LUCK! I look more glowy since I became skin care focused instead of makeup/cover it up focused- and I just turned 53 last month. I also never did much before the last 6 months- wish I would’ve started years ago!

        • Chris – You are my spirit twin. I just turned 54 a couple of weeks ago and everything you said about your newfound focus on skin care and it’s effect is me to a tee. I haven’t tried the Drunk Elephant yet but I do love Ole’s Vitamin C Truth Serum.

      • I haven’t tried that one. Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

    • I didn’t know they canceled the orders!! I’m pretty mad about that, I ordered two boxes one free after credits. I previously bought two LE boxes at full price. I see now my account has my points back in it; but not going to even waste it on another LE box.

  24. I wonder if it is near expired.

    • Me too…

  25. Okay, this is enough for me to steer clear. My skin would definitely break out based on the reviews for this product. Hopefully this will be what they promise though! This looks like a great box!

  26. It is horrible what they did with Ritual box, but at the same time I am happy. I still have my Ritual box untouched, but I just could not pass the deal for $13. Now I am relieved that they canceled and I used my credit toward LE box.

  27. Every product in this box is advertised as full sized. The CEW Awards Box said the same thing and everything was perfect and full sized. The Sunday Riley in full size is near full price on Ebay- so, if you are interested, buy this now! It took my glossypoints but wouldn’t accept the code for $5 off. But the Sunday Riley is close to the $85 mark on Ebay- and don’t forget the NEST candle too! Even a votive from them is $16…

    • Thanks for the info!

  28. I think this is full size bc the skinn, ncla, dhc and buxom can all be full size items with low RV. Nail polish, mascara, lip gloss, oil cleanser. The nest candle could be a small votive. The $204 RV is very specific. We will see.

    • I’m hoping the NCLA item is the peppermint cuticle oil.

      • I hope that it is a cuticle oil too. And I’m hoping it’s not nail wraps.

      • Ncla makes nail polish too.

  29. No way in heck, especially after the Rituals debacle.

  30. Yes! I’ve been wanting to try this!

  31. I almost want to get the box just for the chance to try this. It’s an amazing price if it’s the full size. However, if the value of the box is $204 with 7 full size products, and this retails for $85, I don’t see it being a full size. Still on the fence with this one. I should probably just get it. I’m thinking regret that I bought it is better than regret of what I missed? I think that is the addiction talking….lol

  32. I was hoping for Good Genes by Sunday Riley, but this is still a great spoiler! I wonder if that’s the NCLA fingernail polish the woman in the photo is wearing. I have a feeling the Sunday Riley and the Glamglow will be the big ticket items, while the rest will be inexpensive(ish). I’m also guessing the Buxom product will be mascara.

    • Space NK has a best of hero bag that includes Holiday Heros: Sunday Riley Good Genes-0.5 oz-By Terry Crystalline baum de rose crystalline mini-Kevin Aucoin – the volume mascara-Eve Lom Cleanser 1.7 oz- Oribe dry texturizing spray 2.2 oz- Smith and Cult Shattered Souls Nail polish- Lipstick Queen Frog Prince- Plus a gold cosmetic bag. If you are a new customer and sign up- you receive a 20% discount- and they give cash back toward future purchases by money spent- now is 2x the points. I think the bag was $99 before discounts and taxes. I bought a couple other things and received $15 cash towards a future purchase Plus free shipping. Before the double points for cash. The good genes alone in that size is $50.00 on Ebay.

  33. I wonder if everything will really be full-sized. I can’t trust anything Glossybox says because they have a history of bait and switch.

  34. I received this as a sample in my play box and I’m still afraid to try it, there are a lot of reviews on Sephora that said this made them break out. But if you don’t have sensitive skin this looks a good product to try.

    • I don’t have sensitive skin and it made me break out 🙁

      • Oh no ! Thank you for me letting me know, I break out easily so I’m definitely going to skip this one.

    • I use it every morning and I haven’t had a single breakout and I don’t have sensitive skin.

  35. Liz, will Glossybox be participating in your Better than Black Friday event? I missed out on the Halloween deal.

  36. Hmmm thats almost half the total of the box I wonder if it’s really full size. Awesome spoiler but I’m worried about the rest of the box.

  37. This looks great and it let me order as a non-subscriber. I ordered before I heard about the rituals box disaster so here’s to hoping I actually get the box.

  38. Is it full size ?? That’s $85 of total box. I don’t know what to do I don’t trust them anymore

  39. YES! What a great spoiler- I was worried it might be from their makeup line.

  40. How totally charming! Now everything associated with Glossybox seems like an insult. I used to love this box so much! It is my only sub. Not for long, I am afraid…

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