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GlossyBox Limited Edition Holiday 2017 Box $5 Coupon + More Brand Spoilers

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GlossyBox Holiday 2017 Limited Edition Box

We have a coupon and more brand spoilers for the Limited Edition Holiday 2017 GlossyBox. (Thanks, Starlet, Lizzie, and Randi, for the heads up!)

The Box: Glossybox Limited Edition Holiday Box

The Cost: $40

COUPON: Subscribers can use coupon code H17SAVE to save $5! (FYI – you may have to use the link from your email from GlossyBox to get this to work.)

The Products: 7 full-size products worth over $204. Brands included:

  • Sunday Riley
  • Skinn Cosmetics
  • NEST Fragrances Candle
  • NCLA
  • Buxom
  • DHC
Are you going to grab a box? 
(Tip from MSA readers: Make sure to check your GlossyBox account for credit you can apply to the cost of the box!)

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I have received an email from Glissybox about the Rituals box. They apologized for the error. And that’s it.

    • I also finally got an email. It said they were sooo sorry they had to cancel the order but if I still wanted to reorder it I could go back and buy it for $30.

      And imho, the reason many of us are posting here is because the Rituals fiasco has nothing to do with the contents of the box, and so doesn’t need to be restricted to the Rituals post. It has to do with the company itself. If there is a Glossybox post, then Glossybox complaints are welcome. I sincerely hope that the Holiday boxes are stress free and delightful for those who order, but as for me (and my repeated unhappy encounters with GB), I have finally learned my lesson. If all the shared negative experiences can save someone some money and/or frustration, then the time spent writing this out (and wading through negative comments harshing the Holiday buzz) will be worth it.

      I for one am glad for this community and for Liz’s work here, and I’m glad for people who offer warning to those of us who value good deals AND responsible companies.

  2. Glossybox confirmed on Instagram that Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum will be in the box!

  3. Glossybox posted a picture of Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum on their Instagram. I’m wondering if that is the Sunday Riley in the Limited Edition box?

  4. Re the Rituals box, Glossybox posted a response to me on Instagram stating that they are working on fixing a “technical issue” and we will receive an email soon. And they apologized. Maybe this will get resolved.

    • Same on my Instagram post. We’ll see what happens…if anything.

  5. There have been a lot of comments, and I just wanted to add something. I was on Glossybox’s website yesterday morning and saw the holiday box and the Rituals boxes. The original ad for the Rituals box was a preorder box which cost $40.00 . When I clicked it, it said $13.30 and I thought it was a deposit to order the box. Then later, I read on MSA the box was $13.30, so I called Glossybox to make sure $13.30 was the correct price. The customer service rep told me that it was but that shipping was additional. I ordered one, was charged ten cents more because I used my Paypal Credit and received an order confirmation in my emails. Then later when everyone said their orders were cancelled, I checked, it was no where in my Paypal, as though I never ordered it. The thing that gets me is- I called first! So I guess their emplyees don’t know what’s going on either! Anyway, Tatcha is having a friends/family sale with 20% off EVERYTHING! The code is FF2017. After this fiasco, I bought myself a nice sampler type product from them to make me feel better! LOL- I don’t intend to buy the Holiday Box unless they reveal some spoilers. I don’t feel they treated any of us as valued customers. There are too many other places offering big discounts like Tatcha, Sephora and SpaceNK. Too bad Glossybox, I really liked your packaging and products, But I’m fickle and can and have gone ELSEWHERE! Especially, since the Rituals box is now available for $30.00! I think it was a way to get attention for the Holiday Box…Yes, I posted on their Facebook page, no I don’t want to pursue legal action.

    • Wow. That’s another interesting twist to the story. They really just needed to admit to the error and apologize yesterday….that would have gone a long way.

    • I received an email regarding the cancellation and they explained it was due to the wrong price being posted on their website. Sometimes errors do happen. It’s unfortunate, but they apologized and owned up to the mistake. I am still ordering my holiday box and using my credit – which I initially used for the ritual box and has been credited back to my account.

  6. I bought this box and I am excited for it. Full sized Sunday Riley and Glamglow?? Yes please! I hope spoilers come out soon. And I double hope that they won’t be ruined by a massive amount of negative comments over something that does not pertain to the Holiday box.

    • Really? You have problems with people warning others that they might get scammed by this company?

      I am thankful to the ladies that told me about the other issue. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known my order was cancelled. The company sure didn’t contact me to tell me.

    • These comments do pertain to the Holiday box since they are about people’s experiences with the same company (Glossybox) in regards to the Rituals box. I, for one, appreciate being informed on who I support with my money and how the companies handle their business dealings and how they treat their customers. If that doesn’t matter to you, you can skip over the comments and warnings. Good luck.

      • Mistakes happen. This Rituals thing is ridiculous for whatever reason brought it about. Liz is reaching out to Glossybox and will make a post once she hears back. There is the original Rituals post. Those are great places to lament. It would be nice for those of us who did buy the Holiday Box and are excited about it to have a place to chat about it without having to wade through over a 100 negative comments about a different box, same company or not. And I feel strongly enough about that being a valid enough point to reiterate it.

        • I completely agree with you katy😉 I’m just as angry as everyone else about the Rituals box but I also pre-ordered the Holiday box and I am excited about it. It would be nice to hear some nice things about that box and not have to hear about how awful the company is on BOTH of the threads…same company or not… ❤️ 🤗 ❤️ I’ve had enough stress over this one and just need to get back to my happy place 😊

        • Katy, mistakes do happen, but we are all supposedly responsible adults who own their mistakes. Supposedly.

  7. I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt but I can’t believe it’s been 24 hours since cancellations and still no email notification or response to questions.
    Sephora: wow that was a poorly executed and chaotic LE box fiasco with sub par customer service response.
    Boxycharm: hold my beer
    Glossybox: hold my beer and shot.
    I’m beginning to think I’m just jinxed. Sorry guys. Lol

  8. The thing that makes this Rituals box cancellation even more upsetting is that it’s an old Box from this spring that they then sold on Gilt for a discount! I think I got the box discounted months ago so it’s super annoying that they’re trying to act like they have to preorder and charge $30 again for it. $13 was a great price and made sense since it’s been discounted already!

  9. All of this anger should be expressed on Facebook and Instagram.

    • I was thinking they sent an e-mail special offer here to present for the Rituals box and it was that price on their site yesterday when folks ordered. Maybe I am mistaken (?)…. Anyways it’s odd if so cause the box has been $30 dollars since the first of the year and is now back to that price. Don’t know how they could oversight something like that.

  10. Boo, Glossybox. I’ve been burned by you before, and yet I was foolish enough to try ordering from you again. No really, it’s totally my bad. I should have known from past experience that you will screw me over, repeatedly, without remorse. And then you will send me some token apology, like “We’re sorry we jacked you. Here’s a $5 buck coupon that will take effect when you um, go spend more money on our junk. That totally makes us even, right? Right.”

    My fault, GB, my fault.

  11. What do we think the GLAMGLOW product will be? I have my eye on the supermud mask….

  12. I can’t believe they canceled it without sending an email stating it. I didn’t even know about it until I looked at this site comments section. That is not how a company should be doing their business. What a disappointment!

  13. I doubt it will be a full size 40.00 Nest candle. Most likely it will be the 16.00 votive mini.

    • They did advertise FULL sizes though….

    • Should b candle. If it was a votive they would have mentioned votive not candle. Love candles so either or I’m okay with.

  14. Liz-

    Were you able to get any explanation on the Rituals Sale order cancellations?

    Legally are can they do this?

    Thank you.

    • I haven’t received a response yet. I will post as soon as I hear back. Sorry about this!

    • Thank you.

      Greatly appreciated.

      • Star:

        Thanks for asking that. I have been wondering about that too.

        • Yours was the best comment, Jeanette.

          I was shocked they cancelled the orders.

          Seems they are alienating the customer base that have been there long before they took over.

          Wonder if they will run the company into the ground.

          Legally I’m not sure they can do this.

          Such a disappointment.

    • I’m not sure since I’m not a lawyer, but I’m pretty sure they can’t do that short of a website glitch or honest miscalculation where the price was set less than their order cost (which wouldn’t apply to old inventory I would think)

      Case law for contracts since 1953 (pharmaceutical society vs. boots) has a reasonable contract set when the buyer accepts the price and the company accepts payment at checkout.

      Some internet companies try to slip ‘this isn’t really a contract until we mail’ clauses into their terms of service or confirmation emails, but there is no real legal standing for them. They are considered ‘unfair terms’ (unfair contract terms act 1977) and there is no precedent of them holding up in court.

      I’d be a lot more willing to cut them some slack though if they had apologized immediately rather than just cancelling without notice and selling at a higher price, which just seems fishy.

      • I am a contracts lawyer and there isn’t any chance of prevailing against them in an action. There isn’t the basis for a class because we are all readily identifiable, and the damages are WAY too small to pursue. They would probably win in any event by arguing that they made a mistake and there was no meeting of the minds. The only real recourse is to not do business with them anymore. I’ve had kind of a bad week and it is in large part because of spending three hours chasing the Boxy LE box, followed by the actions of Glossybox and the Rituals box. I love a deal as much as the next guy but if they can’t do better than this, they can try to sell their boxes to someone other than me.

        • Not that I’d fathom any legal recourse, but it is interesting to see how a company is supposed to do business, from a legal standpoint. Good insight. And if “all I can do” is spend my money elsewhere… Consider it done! I guess sometimes legal and moral are different. They had this box down to 17$ on gilt city… A few bucks lower wouldn’t have cost them what this consumer backlash will- at least I hope us sub addicts all say bye bye Glossy over this!

          • I think we should all express our dissatisfaction on the Glossy AND the Skinstore AND the Lookfantastic Facebook and Instagram pages EVERY DAY until they do something or at least we feel better for calling them out.

          • I think this will be a permanent backlash…

        • I’m so glad I’m not the only one that spent THREE hours of my ONLY night off this week trying to get the boxycharm LE box. Luckily I did end up being able to purchase one though.

          • Me three 🙋lol

        • Thanks for the info Barb, I’m sorry you had a bad week and I’m sure that we’ve all kinda known that there’s not much we can do about this whole situation. Personally, I’m just frustrated because I’m disabled and being on a fixed income makes it harder for people like myself to afford nice Christmas gifts. When big corporations like these take advantage of their customers, especially at the holidays, AND since they only just took over you’d think that they would want to make a better impression than this. I’m fairly sure that they have angered and lost prolly half, if not more, of their customer base and it’s on them for not having better quality service, dare I say more class, than this.

      • Oh Good Lord….case law? Let it go.

        • Seems to be basic false advertising.

        • Hey without that comment you wouldn’t have been able to use your good lord comment!😛

        • The forums are open to everyone. I am choosing to not let it go since it has not been resolved yet. And I appreciate all comments, especially ones discussing legalities. If it is not your cup of tea, you can ignore the postings, etc. But there are many of us who felt these actions that were done by Glossybox were not professional and so far nothing has been done to officially correct the problem. And I personally understand everyone’s disappointment. Such business practices are not good for box subscribers.

    • Just recieved the following response from GLOSSYBOX

      Unfortunately we have had to cancel this order. This is due to a pricing error on our website. We pride ourselves on having accurate information on our website, but on this occasion there has been an error which has subsequently been amended.

      We understand this could be very frustrating for you and apologise for any inconvenience this might have caused.

      If a charge has been taken for the order, then a refund will be requested upon cancellation and the money returned to your account within 3-5 working days.

      If the item is still of interest to you, it can now be ordered at the correct price on site.

      If there is anything else that we can do, then please do not hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help.

      Kind regards,
      GLOSSYBOX Customer Service Team

  15. I logged into my Glossybox account for the first time in a while (haven’t subscribed in probably about a year) and somehow had $47 in credit! I’m willing to take a risk on getting this box for free :). I love Sunday Riley and Glamglow, and even if most or all the items are a bust, I’m sure I can get some great gifts out of them and the beautiful box too. PLUS I have always wanted a Nest fragrances candle.

    I guess filling out those surveys for several years and never using my Glossydots paid off 🙂

    Sorry to everyone who was excited to get that Rituals box for such a steep discount and then getting their orders canceled. Glossybox has been hit or miss from me over the years in terms of their Customer Service. Sometimes it’s outstanding and sometimes it’s just so-so. I always do get a response though and have never been appalled at their response.

    I’m still most mad about the time they spoiled that a full-size Huile Prodigieuse (a $48 value) would be in every monthly box and then I ended up with a $10 shaving cream in its place. That was some pretty shameworthy lying I’d say.

    • All right, I’ve been a faithful GlossyBox subscriber for a number of years now, and have been paying the full $21.00 per month, as ridiculous as that sounds. I just tried to pre-order the Christmas LE box, and it will not let me use the $5.00 discount code! How absolutely infuriating. Can anybody offer any suggestions as to how to make this discount work? Apparently, I am just plain clueless. Thanks all.

      • You have to use the link in the email they sent you and then use the discount code

      • I’m having the same problem and I didn’t receive an email from them. I wrote last week to ask why and no response. I’ve been a subscriber for 5 years…..ugh. Anyone else not receive the email?

    • GB has no shame!

    • Remember some people got a $2 one time use hotel shower gel or lotion in place of the Nuxe.

      • I was one of them and boy it stunk.

      • Wow….that’s insane.

  16. How do we use our glossy credits?! I’m trying, but it keeps sending me to look fantastic, and of course I have not got an email

    • okay, nevermind….duh haha

  17. The rituals box will be my first and last experience with glossy and look fantastic since they are run by the same company. I am not one to complain about anything like this but what really irritates me is they didn’t contact anyone to let them know. If I had gotten an email explaining a mix up I would have been disappointed but I wouldn’t be angry like I am now. It’s just horrible customer service to do something so shady. 🙄

    Back to the drawing board for gift ideas for my mom and mother in law. That was a great affordable gift for both of them. Fingers crossed for some good Black Friday deals 😅

  18. How do you get credits or glossy dots? I’ve ordered past boxes and am a regular subscriber but don’t find nay credits on my account

    • What was Glossydots is now credit to use on things like Limited editonbox or Look Fantastic, some points just come from having subscription and you also get them from reviews and referrals. I had a previous account that I logged into and discovered $10 in credit to use towards LE box.

    • Mostly through doing the monthly surveys I think. I never bothered to do them since I didn’t expect to have a long term sub and only had about $2 somehow.

      • Thanks! I was assuming it’s like BeautyFix where you get credit from orders. Now it makes sense that I don’t have any since I never did the surveys as well

      • Thanks! Now it makes sense that I don’t have any since I never did the surveys as well

  19. Can anyone give me a good reason to order this box after yesterday’s rituals box fiasco?

    • Sorry, I would be the wrong person to ask. I am co.pletely disgusted eith how they handled the rituals situation. I have let it go when emails weren’t returned in the past and when they were returned it was because I made a complaint on a blogging site. But what happened yesterday is just wrong. And they cannot use the excuse we should have noticed a decrease in price because the rituals box was discounted one time before to about 25 and that was closer to after it first came out. And yet, we still have no explanation or apology for the horrible mishap from Glossybox.

    • If you have dots, if you can access the code: you could get a box valued at $400* for $25 or less.

      (*That’s if the box lives up to the hype, there is no product bait & switch, GB doesn’t decide to arbitrarily cancel, it doesn’t sell out, all the products arrive intact….)

  20. My Rituals order has been cancelled, credits are back and not a peep from the company. I have not received the email with a discount code for the Holiday box, either.

    It is actually too funny that people constantly complain about Glossybox customer support or lack thereof. I have never experienced a single problem with them that they haven’t fixed promptly, but this is starting to irritate me.

    • I’m not understanding what’s so funny about it. I’m sincerely glad you’ve had a good experience with their CS, but that’s no reason to discount or laugh at others’ experiences.

      • I agree Sammee.

      • I think Emilia meant “too funny” like “odd”…I use “too funny” all the time and get misunderstood..!! 🙂

        Looks like she had a bad experience with GB now and can feel the CS pain other’s talk about.

        I almost ordered this Rituals but am on “overload.” And heard about the other Rituals Fiasco earlier this year…looks like Rituals is a curse for GB even tho I like the Rituals I have used.

        • What was the other Rituals fiasco?

          • From what I can tell in the past blogs, there was a huge delay on shipment of the LE box. It didn’t happen to me, just read about it. Many upset customers.

        • and WOW…cancelling everyone’s orders because they mis-priced it? Burn burn burn your customer base? They will never unload these boxes now.

          I have a naive question….how many customers do you think a company like Glossybox has?

    • Canceling all orders because they made an error in pricing is beyond unprofessional (and unacceptable). I personally didn’t even place any orders, and I still find it absolutely mind-boggling.

      What’s so funny about that?

      And I wonder how exactly can they possibly fix *this*?

      • Exactly what I want to know.. How do they plan to *fix*this? I went to their Instagram site just to see if anyone was saying anything & oh yeah! People went off on their ‘veterans day’ post. Their social media people were apologizing left and right & asking for people to DM them rather than to comment on their post..saying that they will “fix it right away” how? Are they going to reinstate all the orders they canceled? Personally? They should be sending us the boxes free of charge at this point for their inept business practices… Imo anyways… I worked customer service for 25+years before becoming disabled and there were many times when I had to give things for free due to my vendors not performing /delivering as promised for a holiday etc… It’s a write off for them and it keeps their customers happy… BUT, we all know that won’t happen here, too bad for them cuz they don’t have a clue how many customers & potential customers they just lost with this stunt. Sad 😔

        • Same here I worked in customer service for years and was taught the customer is always right (even it that is not always the case and there are other circumstances).

          It seems nobody is going to receive the Rituals from Glossy Box as it was presented. I aimed to purchase it and see how the service/product was but went to the site after reading this and find my order is cancelled also after getting a confirmation.

          I am new to this (except for ipsy and birchbox for two + years which I am okay with) and thought to venture out and explore …try a couple of different box companies. So far it’s been really sad service.

          Maybe on account of it’s the holiday season (?)…may not be the best time to try out newbies.

          I signed up for the Pure Vida bracelets this month. While others seem to have received theirs (but not all) I have not…I called and they said they were having “shipping issues”and it would be mailed next week. Another sub box company told me that also…even AFTER sending me a tracking number with notice my box had shipped….I noticed for a week it did not move (just had shipping label made). When I realized I e-mailed the company and was told sorry “shipping issues”…When I complained about it instead of maybe next week they sent it express and I got the box in two days.

          So far I have tried three new subscription boxes and all have had “shipping issues”. Or I wonder if it’s computer issues instead…hard to tell.

        • Did they delete the Veterans Day post ? I don’t see it.

        • When I was still an active subscriber, the only way I ever had success getting their attention was via IG.

          I can’t wait to watch them get dragged!

    • Same here I worked in customer service for years and was taught the customer is always right (even it that is not always the case and there are other circumstances).

      It seems nobody is going to receive the Rituals from Glossy Box as it was presented. I aimed to purchase it and see how the service/product was but went to the site after reading this and find my order is cancelled also after getting a confirmation.

      I am new to this (except for ipsy and birchbox for two + years which I am okay with) and thought to venture out and explore …try a couple of different box companies. So far it’s been really sad service.

      Maybe on account of it’s the holiday season (?)…may not be the best time to try out newbies.

      I signed up for the Pure Vida bracelets this month. While others seem to have received theirs (but not all) I have not…I called and they said they were having “shipping issues”and it would be mailed next week. Another sub box company told me that also…even AFTER sending me a tracking number with notice my box had shipped….I noticed for a week it did not move (just had shipping label made). When I realized I e-mailed the company and was told sorry “shipping issues”…When I complained about it instead of maybe next week they sent it express and I got the box in two days.

      So far I have tried three new subscription boxes and all have had “shipping issues”. Or I wonder if it’s computer issues instead…hard to tell.

  21. Hollar mystery beauty bags are available for $8!

    • Where?

  22. Okay I’ve had enough I stood up for GB all year long when my friends complained about the boxes and the infamous variations. Although when they went to the $10 price it was far to good of a deal to pass up so my sister-in-law and I stuck around. But this rituals fiasco is the worst business practices I have ever seen. There is no excuse for the way ( or I should say not the way) it was handled. No email explaining what happened I had to read about it on this website which by the way is wonderful. They should at the very least offer the holiday box at a extra special discount for the people who ordered the rituals box.

    • Yeah I still remember seeing the same email in the past from them we get a lot of calls we have limited staff. But enough is enough with their poor customer service and false advertisement. Again, no one is looking for perfection but to not even care that their customers ordered and had to find out their orders were cancelled on a blogging site is unacceptable.

    • I guess nobody it seems is going to receive the Rituals offer as it was presented. I am new to this (except for ipsy and birchbox for two + years) and thought to venture out and explore …try a couple of different box companies. So far it’s been really sad service. I had the same happen to me with the Rituals offer you all did…it seems I was not charged but I was not notified the order was cancelled either. Strange. Maybe the season that is may not be the best time to try out newbies. One of the ones I signed up for the bracelets others seem to have received theirs but i have not…I called and they said they were having shipping issues. That is what another one said too even after sending me a tracking number for a week it did not move so I called and they said shipping issues…and I don’t know…when I complained about it instead of maybe next week they send it I got it in two days.

  23. I was so bummed that I missed the big discount on the Rituals box!! Then I saw this thread. I did however use my meager glossy dots and the $5 off and get the LE box for $29 so I am happy about that. I also took off the auto renew on the subscription. I can’t handle getting billed for something I don’t want. I think I am safe now. I so rely on all of you for all of the great information and advice.

  24. What a bummer! I ordered 3 yesterday for Christmas gifts and my order was cancelled as well. My best friend didn’t log on until the price went back up to $30, her order is still active…

  25. I’m seriously angry I think I might be done with beauty boxes in general. So many are so shady and getting cancelled anyways. Been broke since I found this site might have to part ways.

  26. If we cancel to take advantage of the $5 discount – will we get our dots back (so we can immediately reapply?)

    • Yes, I cancelled my order and waited until Igot the email confirmation – the credits showed up shortly and I was able to apply it to the discounted price of $35. Hope that helps

      • God bless! Thank you for calming my nerves.

        • I just cancelled and will try to reset order… I never even got a promo code, my last Glossybox I just got came with the lipstick open and broken and there was lipstick on EVERYTHING in my box. Reached out to customer service. If they don’t answer me at all or at least don’t offer me a refund or new box, I’m cancelling. Glossybox is my least favorite subscription and I have a lot 🙁

          • Now it won’t let me use the $5 code to re-order 😢 yes I’m signed in

          • Jess, I placed my order last nite. Canceled this afternoon, got an immediate email confirmation. About 30 min later got my dots back, used the discount code & reordered.

            I will be monitoring my bank account though VERY closely.

  27. After glossybox canceled my 2 ritual boxes – Now I am noticing that Glossybox still has the ritual box for sale at $30 on pre order – Maybe they made the mistake on the sale pricing therefor canceled everyones orders without explanation

    • When I logged in they had also cancelled my order and my credits are now back. No email explanations either.

    • I saw that too. One thing that really bothers me is this, we as customers didn’t put incorrect website pricing, their designated staff did. Just like, with the limited edition box being dispatched December 2018. At first, I am like that is a typo, but if they are so sloppy to not even know what they are putting out as content, that is sad. I really wanted a Limited Holiday Edition box but until they act like a professional company and take responsibility instead of cancelling orders with no explanation I can purchase my ritual products from Ulta without their assistance or just find another product that is out there. Also, as quickly as they cancelled everyone’s order, I want my refund to be just as quick. I would be fired at my job if I continued to give incorrect information on websites, and have mercy if I didn’t call or respond back to a customer, no matter what profession or volume. In the real world, that is what you are supposed to do. It’s getting a little old paying people to ignore me and give me bad service.

    • I get that mistakes are made, but all I want is an explanation … proper business etiquette. Kind of a deal-breaker for me as there are other subscription box options.

  28. This will teach me a lesson – big sigh. Not only didn’t the promo code work for the holiday box, I also just found out by reading this thread that my Rituals box was cancelled too.

    So much for giving this sub another chance. I had problems when I subscribed monthly, and now this.

    Their customer service and consideration of their customers is non-existent. I am now totally done. Sad so sad.

    • Same. The Rituals was my first and last Glossybox order. I understand mistakes happen, but when they do it’s up to the company to reach out and own it. As great as MSA and its community members are, I shouldn’t have to depend on them to hear updates like this.

  29. I checked my account 10 minutes ago to see if my credits were there, they weren’t. I sent them a message right after about them. I just now checked my account, and there they were. I’m considering canceling the LE box AGAIN to use them.

    • I did just that, using my credits. I’m less irritated now getting the LE box for $23.66, about my rituals box being canceled.

  30. After reading the comments I just looked at my account and found out both my Rituals boxes are canceled – No email stating it was canceled either — Ughhhh.

    Now I am not sure if I want the limited edition box.

    • Same here 🙋🏻 Box cancelled without explanation.

  31. My Rituals order was also cancelled, but I can report that the credits I had used to purchase it are back in my account.

  32. I didn’t see my first post. But I checked my account after seeing others (which is why I appreciate all comments) and my rituals order was cancelled with no explanation. So, first why did this happen? Second, how long is it going to take to refund our money and any credits that were used? Third, I tried calling the company today, because emailing is pointless except to have as a record, and they are closed because of bank holiday I assume. Liz, please reach out to this company. I really thought there were going to be changes because of the different company running it but this is worse! I really wanted one of these boxes but until I get an answer from Glossy on the Ritual situation I will take that money and use elsewhere on another company. If Glossy can cancel the same day, I will expect my refund in my account just as fast. Between Boxycharm’s craziness and Glossy’s lack of customer service, these two are on my list for possible cut out in terms of box subscription and special product buying.

  33. Liz:

    After reading comments from others about the Rituals, I checked my account and my order was also cancelled? What in the heck is going on? That is not right. Just when I thought the company was doing an about face, I am livid!! And, I am not about to invest any more money in this company, until we get a straight answer as to what happened on the Rituals offer.

    And, I am posting it under the holiday box because that is total BS. I received a confirmation and now out of nowhere order is cancelled. Between the Boxycharm fiasco and the Glossybox shadiness, this is uncalled for. And don’t bother emailing Glossy Box because they don’t respond to emails in a timely fashion I have found unless something is posted in one of these forums.

    • I’m reaching out to GlossyBox about this. I’ll do a post as soon as I hear back.

      • Thank you Liz. You may not realize how much we depend on you to cut through the red tape and get us answers. That is why we appreciate all you do!

      • Thank you so very much! I received an email confirming and it was on my account page confirmed, accepted and in “processing”. That is beyond the point of cancelling on a company’s part for an offer that they made to customers. THEY had that as a clearance price.

        You are a dear. Thank you for at least trying.

      • Thanks Liz, this is such a disappointment and really makes me question if I should continue my subscription after all.

      • My Oder got also cancelled I am super dissapionted. This was my first and last order from glossy box!

        • If not for everyone’s comments here, I would have had no IDEA that the Rituals boxes were cancelled! I’m so upset! I ordered 2 of them for Christmas gifts and now they are showing as cancelled in my account. No email, no notice, nothing at all from GlossyBox. I should have known better, as I had issues with my subscription from them two years ago with no resolution so I cancelled and never looked back. This is the first time I’ve ordered with them since that fiasco and here I am again, disappointed in them. NEVER again GlossyBox. You’ve lost me forever.

  34. Just a FYI for all of those who ordered the Rituals box for $13 it looks liked they have canceled all of the orders. I did not receive any email explaining why or a refund as of now.

    • Ditto on the cancel. I paid through Paypal, when I go to my account I don’t even see the transaction, though.

    • Same here. They do say that the order is not complete until they’ve sent an email confirming they’ve ‘dispatched’ the items…..That was such a beautiful box..the box itself.

      • I’m betting they “didn’t intend” to have it up at that price point. If they turn around and try to re-sell it again for 30$ I’d love to hear someone with a legal background weigh in on that.

        I’m also curious to see if our credits get applied properly on the LE. When I look at my account it just shows a total cost of 40$ with no notations about the credit I applied. I will straight-up initiate a chargeback if that happens. Or maybe those orders will all get cancelled, too.

        • Lauren – mine shows same but email confirming order has correct amount charged shown – after the rituals cancellation with no email explanation, if I am charged the full 43$, I will dispute with my CC –

      • Some companies do put that ‘order not complete until dispatch’ into their confirmation email, but it’s not actually a legal clause they can accurately make – they just hope that no one calls them on it. (Plus, it wasn’t even a term agreed upon up front by both parties, making it even less enforceable.)

        The courts usually consider the contract finalized at the point the seller ‘accepts’ the buyers request to purchase by charging the card. Unless the seller made an honest gross miscalculation and was accidentally selling them for less than it would cost to order, or some other understandable error like a brief website glitch, courts, then case law is on the side of the buyer here.

        If they want to use the ‘order is just processing, not finalized’ gimmick, they have to be very upfront about that -before- the order so the buyer agrees, and they shouldn’t charge the card until the order is finalized.

        And since the product is still up and for sale at a higher price, then they didn’t cancel for lack of inventory which would be a more reasonable excuse.

        Here’s the American bar associations explanation of contract laws and times the seller can (and can’t) go back on a contract:

        I think they need to get some better customer service (they should have emailed explanations and notifications and pulled the product while it was being sorted out, not just cancel all orders and raised the price) and probably some better lawyers who can inform them what sort of clauses are and are not enforceable in court in their order confirmation emails.

        • Let us know how it goes after you pay a lawyer to handle a $13 box and the mental anguish it caused.

          • Ajann, that was incredible! You almost sounded identical to the customer service rep from Glossy Box. However, your response came too quickly. We are still waiting to hear back from Glossy Box, so remember your delivery needs to be delayed a bit just like theirs. But keep practicing, you will have it down pat soon

    • My rituals box was canceled also. Though I haven’t gotten an email, I saw it under my account. I sent them a message as to when my credits would appear back in my account. I’m really bummed, I love the rituals box and was looking forward to having more of the products.

      • My credit is back on Glossybox account now

    • This is nuts. No surprise, mine was canceled too. I went ahead and got the holiday box using the subscriber discount and credit on my account that had originally used on the rituals order. I hope this gets fixed though because I still really want the rituals boxes I ordered as gifts. I’m pretty pissed.

    • Cancelled both of mine without any emails or reasons! Will never buy anything from this horrible company AGAIN!

  35. I happened to see the heads up about credits and had $24.36 in there! I did order a box after all.

    Can someone please share a link with the Glossybox credits/Look Fantastic update please? I totally missed that news.
    Also, when I post on any thread, follow up comments don’t make it to my inbox. Can anyone tell me how to restart them?

    • I’ve been having the same problem recently, not sure why it’s happening 😕

  36. Liz, can you find out what is going on with the $13.30 Glossy Box Rituals deal? I just read another comment that their order was cancelled. I logged into my account, and as it has it, my order was cancelled as well. Frustrated here. 🙁

    • They cancelled my Rituals order as well. 😡

  37. I was hoping for a subscriber deal so I just bought one and it worked thru the email. But in my account I noticed my Rituals box order from yesterday says cancelled. No email explanation or notice…but I wonder if they are cancelling all the $13 purchases. That would stink. The points I used were not back in my account either.

    • Same thing happened to me! My box shows cancelled and my points didn’t get put back in my account 🙁

    • Mine was cancelled too! WTF???? Truly frustrated.

    • Me too. Outrageous corporate behavior. I tried three times to contact customer service via the website, it errored out all three times.

      • I did that too, but then realized there is a little box above the item you have to check. Then it went through. No response yet because I just sent it.

    • @LB what email are you referring to? I’m an active subscriber, and tried to go straight to their site to order the holiday LE box, but the H17save code didn’t work.

      • @Jenny same for me. I cancelled my order & tried to get it again with the code but it did not work. Ugh, I’ll wait to see what happens

      • I got an email from Glossybox this morning saying that for today subscribers could pre-order the box with $5 discount using that code at checkout. Since others said this link didn’t work for them, I linked straight from the email, logged in and used the code. If you are a subscriber and didn’t get the email, I’d say to contact CS but it sounds like that doesn’t work either….

  38. I was so disappointed missing the Rituals super deal yesterday, but getting this Holiday box for $16.23 today, sure makes up for it :).

    • How did you get it for 16.23?

      • I had credits in my account that I didn’t even realize that I had and applied them to my order. You can check on the Glossybox site and see how many you have. Good luck.

        • Thank you sooooo much!! I just used my credits and paid $14.54!! 😘😘😘

          • Between the $5 discount & my dots. I paid $50 for my 2 boxes.

            (I did purchase them separately to get $10 off total.)

    Just a warning – please do not waste your money on this company. Their customer service is exceptionally poor (see the many reviews across sites). They do not respond to inquires about missing boxes or damaged products. They will continue to charge you after cancellation. Several customers are investigating legal action against the company. Please, pamper yourself with another subscription box.

  40. Code just won’t work for me either – I’m no longer a monthly subscriber, but I signed in – and code is still invalid. Oh well.
    I’ll try again.

    • I have one account that’s active and one that isn’t. The code will only work on the active account.

    • Update :
      I have come to my senses and am now officially done with this sub.
      I had no idea my Rituals orders was so unceremoniously cancelled until I read the comments here. This is a very poor way to do business. They obviously don’t really care about their customers.
      Sad so sad but there are other boxes to choose from. They can keep their fake deals, and horrendous customer service. Disappointed but wiser now.

  41. Yeah, these don’t sway me, especially since NCLA means nail polish.

    Will wait for full spoilers before I decide.

    • I HOPE it means nail polish. It could mean nail wraps! 😱

    • Maybe it will be more of those polish remover pens that don’t work!


  42. So I got the code to work but had to use the link in my email not just use the code on the site Hope that helps

    • Thanks for the email link tip; mine worked too (though not through the MSA link).

  43. The box with pull out drawer is really neat I’m excited about the actual box too.

  44. Code didnt work for me either and I am also a subscriber

  45. I used all my credits last night if I cancel and then reorder will I get those credits back ??
    Should have just waited !!!

  46. Yes! I almost bought last night but was surprised there was no code so held off- success!

  47. I had pre-ordered yesterday and just got this email today and so I went back & canceled my 1st order and placed a new order with the discount code and they accepted both the cancelation and the new order. So very excited to get a lil bit of a discount and now I’m looking forward to getting the box at the beginning of December 😊😍😊😍😊😍😊 merry Christmas to me lol 😂

    • Me too. I ordered the separately at got each for $35 a piece. And like you I cancelled the 2 I had already ordered yesterday at $40

    • I didn’t the same thing. I Cancel the first order for $80 at $40 a piece and ordered them separately one at a time using the code and got them for $35 a piece

    • I did the same thing. I canceled my order I placed for two of them at $40 apiece. I need 2 separate orders use the code and got them for $35 each

    • I did the same, canceled yesterday’s order and reordered using the code. It’s funny that the email says that only subscribers can order starting today, and it’s open to all tomorrow Nov. 12th. Many of us put it our orders yesterday. I’m looking forward to this box, I’ve yet to be disappointed in any of GB’s LE boxes. But then I like GB, unlike many.

    • Did you get your points back?

      • Yes, I had used them for the Rituals box and when they canceled my order they gave me back my points… I’m still upset about it and sent them a message asking for an explanation for the cancelation… I’m not really expecting a response but at least I put it in writing so when I cancel for good they can refer to it & their own poor business practices as to why they lose their customers. Unbelievable!

  48. The code isn’t working. 🙁

    • And I am a subscriber

    • Try it again. Mine didn’t work at first and I copied the code again. H17SAVE

    • Try the code again. It didn’t work for me the first time H17SAVE

  49. Only glossies can order today, it opens to everyone on the 12th.

    • I preordered mine yesterday and I am not a subscriber.

      • The email with the code was only sent to current subscribers, I noticed when logged in yesterday I could preorder the holiday box so I ordered then. I got the email for $35 today but am not canceling an order I used converted dots to pay so I only spent $30.

        • I think the dots/credits will come back when you cancel.

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