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FYI – Luxor Box November 2017 Shipping Update

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Luxor Box

FYI – We have an update on the November 2017ย Luxor boxย shipping delay:

In case you missed the November spoilers:

Studio Vasa Bla White – Value $79

Halcyon Days Half Sparkle Black & Palladium Friendship Bangle –ย $135 Value

**This item will not be included in the Luxor Box Petite

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  1. I have a really lovely and informative email reply from Sudio Sweden. The wireless earbuds were shipped from Sudio Sweden to Luxor Box.
    They were held in a random Customs check ( apparently all shipped in one large shipment to the US).

    The good news is that Sudio Sweden is on top of this, and the Customs office has released the merchandise and it should arrive to Luxor Box offices today.

    I’m thrilled. We’ll have our boxes before Christmas, it seems. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also, this Swedish company is very nice and helpful. I am excited about trying their wireless earbuds now, as I don’t have any.

    Last time I will be Annie Mouse. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Annie, thank you for all your information. You’ve been a great help. This is great news!!! I, for one, am hugely relieved. After the shadiness of the travel voucher and comparing September’s box to previous boxes I feel it was reasonable for me to be concerned about the legitimacy of Luxor. So I am really excited to get my box. Let’s hope it’s awesome!!!

  2. I also receive the petite box and bought the regular box for this month. I have not received tracking for my petite box which should not be affected by the headphone delay.

  3. @Melanie711: I have noticed that when there is a delay for the regular Luxor box, the petite box would also be delayed. I am speaking up this time because the reason for the hold up is due to custom delays for an item that will not be included in the petite box. I dont know what to do. Do i email Luxor to ask them to send my items now even though the petite box will not have the earphones. Should I contact paypal to do a chargeback. Someone help please. Any suggestions will be kindly appreciated.

    • I emailed Luxor and asked them why the petite boxes hadn’t shipped if it was just a problem with the headphones. I haven’t heard back yet. But I got to thinking are the headphones maybe included in the petite box??? The HD bracelet is not but if you look at the disclaimer above ( in the spoilers) it doesn’t say anything about the headphones. Not sure about chargebacks using PayPal. I’ve never done that before and I don’t know how to go about it. I asked for a refund. I doubt that will happen!!!

  4. I haven;t gotten this email from them, so how am I supposed to advise?? What happens if they hear nothing from me, because I never received their email?!!

  5. Guess I am in the minority BUT while it is sucky about the delay it’s not the end of the world. lol

    This is the first HD bracelet that “should” for me and I am excited to get it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I in no way see this as a sign of bad things to come, These things happen and I think Luxor has been pretty proactive in keeping people informed.

    I still think this is one of the best boxes going right now.

  6. The earbuds we are supposed to receive, the model correctly named Sudio Vasa Bla White wireless, ( not ” Studio” Vasa Bla White model) are out of stock at SudioSweden, the manufacturer. However, I can see that the wireless earbuds ( or a similar style from the same company) are for sale at HSN, Amazon, Net- A- Porter, and a few other US retailers of good repute.

    I decided to contact the parent company, SudioSweden, and ask about intellectual property rights, US Customs difficulties with imports of their products to the US, and any info they might be able to provide, since the product, or very similar products, are in apparently wide distribution in the USA already.

    If it’s OK with Liz, I will post my reply from them when/ if I receive one.
    Liz, if you would like to handle this differently, you have my email. Contact me, please, if this is not satisfactory. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Still feel the need to protect my ID for just a bit on this.
    So, not Annie Mouse, but a customer who cares all the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Annie, I would be very interested in finding out what SudioSweden has to say. I can’t imagine why Liz would care if you posted their reply. I had looked up the earbuds on the website a couple days ago and they were in stock but were on sale for $59. I thought Maddie was asking about the petite boxes not that she had ordered one. But since she has not received hers I think we all have reason to be concerned. There should be no problem getting the petite boxes shipped.

  7. No shipping regarding petite box. I only subscribe to the petite box, but receive emails about the luxor box being delayed. I really dont understand what is going on bc I am not getting any of the big ticket items in the petite box. I have reached out to Liz and Luxor box.

  8. This is certainly not the first box that has had issues with customs, I’m not sure why some people feel panicky that they are going under. At least they are communicating and now giving an option on shipping (which personally I think should be customized for EACH customer).

    MSA please continue to promote and review this box, it is one of my favorites!

  9. I am so bummed about this…Luxor box has always been my favorite subscription box. Lately, their special edition boxes are just getting too expensive, and there is less variety. I used to love that it was a Luxury version of Popsugar…there was always a home item, a beauty item, an accessory, and other fun things. There were always new brands to try, and it was really fun. I think they have jumped on the cookie cutter Luxe box bandwagon and now we see the same brands, super inflated RV of products, and lame promotions for every box. ๐Ÿ™

    • I have yet to see inflated RV with Luxor.

  10. @Liz Cadman: did Luxor forget about petite box subscribers? If the big box is delayed bc of the earphones and the petite box doesnt have the earphones, would you please reach out and ask them about the petite box? Thanks

    • Oh, my goodness, not the Petite box too! Have you contacted them about your Petite box?
      I am not trying to be nosey but I am asking because I used to get both ( it’s complicated).. The Petite box is left out in everything. It is not discussed, it is not reviewed, and Luxor Box rarely mentions it except to state what’s excluded, which is likely a PayPal regulation. ( PayPal being their only accepted payment source, now that I think about it).

      This lack of shipping anything right at Christmas, after 2 large customer cost SE/ LE box sales, is starting to scare the heck out of me as a long time subscriber to their regular boxes. They used to be so dependable until mid- 2017. I REALLY wanted the bracelet and the earbuds, and don’t know if I will ever see either one.

      • So do you think they haven’t shipped out the petite boxes either? Because those don’t have the headphones in them and there should be no reason those haven’t shipped!!’ That’s scary if that’s the case.

        • If a poster here says they don’t have the shipping info on their Petite box, yes, I believe them.
          I especially believe it’s true that NO box has shipped from Luxor Box for November in light of the November box and the lack of curating another really great product in lieu of the ear buds AND saying they will include a special nice gift for us for the unshipped earbuds ( wherever they may be- or not).

  11. I think I must be the target demographic for Luxor. While Iโ€™m completely disappointed with the travel certificates (& Iโ€™m going to have 3!), Luxor has introduced me to some of my favorite brands: Rose Et Marius, Halcyon Days, Eddie Borgo, Evocateur, Tilo & CircCell. Even when an item isnโ€™t my style (Halcyon Days animal print trinket tray), I can swap it almost instantly for full RV.
    I selected ship box now/ headphones later & agree that they should send us a gift for the inconvenience.

    • I didn’t get caught up in the travel vouchers because ” intangibles” are a category I stay away from totally, but I do understand why people believed them.
      I, too, have a very long history with them and have trusted them to deliver what they promise, and they have.

      Until the September box, I have been extremely happy with the Rose et Marius, the Halcyon Days, CircCell ( sorry I misspelled it earlier- It’s an unusual brand name to spell for me, anyway) and, one of my favorites, the Brandon Blackwood leather items, which I miss.

      I want to see them recover from whatever is going on, absolutely!
      This could be my opinion only, but it’s time they did some ” goodwill giving” while this November/ December, possibly January box is in limbo.

      I really do hope we get the ear buds, but I don’t believe we will after re-reading their second email. I can live without them, but they really do need to go out of their way to source something with great appeal and added value to the box, either this box or the next box ( for those who were subscribed to the November box. )

      Also, they really should preface their emails with ” I ( or we) __________ ( name/ names stated ) sincerely apologize that you do not have your November box. ”

      Luxor Box does not have any transparency with the PayPal payment system. We have NO idea who is the owner, the curator, nothing. That is starting to bother me after thinking back on the Maison ” clutch” which was a leopard print hair calf coin purse and the BellePierre eyeshadow and makeup brush disappointments, which is a drop in the bucket compared to the prices some of you have paid for the newer LE/ SE boxes.

      Where is the money going that prevents them from curating their regular subscriber boxes on time? To substitute a higher value product if one is ” held by customs”?
      To add a lovely gift to the box with the missing item?

      These are my thoughts and questions about Luxor Box, and I DO HOPE someone from there reads here. We need to know what’s going on, who is in charge of our boxes and our money, and who might be ” not truly honest”. No one can hide from Google searches now.. but no names are ever forthcoming.

      The reason this is important to me is because that’s how LLB started unraveling. We found out collectively that 3 girls were NOT behind the box at all. A man and his wife with connections to a national wholesale quick sale site were, and the man apparently didn’t like his female customer base at all.
      The girls (young women) were the front people for the true owners, their parents.

  12. A group of us were talking about the LLB fiasco, and now all this from Luxor Box. We have decided to asked them to please add one item to the box, regardless of when they actually do ship it.

    They have offered Circell products for every reason under the sun lately. It is believed that the cosmetic company is located close to the Luxor Box HQ, in Georgia. How hard would it be for them to put a nice bottle of facial serum or other product in the boxes for the total inconvenience they’ve caused?

    Also, as friends of mine, and people here have stated, it’s obvious they are curating after the boxes should be ready to ship. They got caught this time.

    I don’t see good things ahead for Luxor after the September very lackluster box with the recipe cards, the teeny one velvet pumpkin thing, and the bracelet that isn’t even 7 inches long when fastened. I can’t wear mine despite not having large wrists, and the rest of the box was a mess.

    Also, some to many of the people who got the Travel Box ( I didn’t buy one) are doing chargebacks. I don’t think this is all going in a positive direction, do you?
    They are making shady statements and shoddy decisions and not even really saying ” We are sorry”.

    I think they need to put something really nice and unexpected in he boxes before they ship them, regardless of the earbud situation. Not happy with their ability to manage problems at all. The lack of a true apology and making the inconvenience up to the customer is elitist in a back- handed way ( as I do not truly consider them to be ” elite”) and it is also rude not to compensate people for the inconveniences for a paid box.
    Paid 2 months ago, as a matter of fact.

    Just my two pennies rattling around. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Signing this differently at this time for obvious reasons ( they plant their office personnel here to post positive statements)

    • Thank you for posting!! When So Choix disappeared I suspect I was one of the very few who did not get burned. And this Wishon is beginning to look a lot like that one did!
      I chose the option to have the box shipped to me but also suggested something else be put in to compensate for my patience.
      I hope they live up to the standard they gave themselves!

    • What ratinale are people using for the chargebacks for the Travel Box? Because I am thoroughly disgusted with that fiasco, and would love to get my money back. I have NEVER spent that on a box before, and trusted Luxor box with this… and they screwed me. Any info you could provide would be so appreciated!

      • It’s my understanding that the reasons given and accepted by PayPal for MOST quick refunds are for: 1) Inaccurate product descriptions. Many people didn’t feel they got the high quality bags they paid for or bags which were not sized or counted in the total number as advertised. I cannot comment on this as I’ve not seen them. 2) The terms and conditions of the travel vouchers are said to have changed after the boxes shipped. While Luxor Box states this was a ” free gift”, there was monetary value attached to each travel voucher sent in the boxes, as I understand it. Therefore, this is also a misrepresentation of what was promised vs. what was received because the terms changed. Since the vouchers were put into the boxes by Luxor Box, and they advertised them as a gift for the purchase of the expensive SE box, they are responsible for making certain ahead of time that the travel agents/ companies were legit and honest beforehand. ( Vetting)..

        PayPal takes these 2 types of consumer complaints regarding merchandise paid for but not received as advertised, and then the second separate problem of the price hikes in the travel vouchers after the sales of the boxes as seriously as they do when it is an eBay auction and a seller misrepresents the merchandise for sale.

        I haven’t had to invoke these two main reasons for claims against any sub. box, but I did with another type of merchandise I paid for through PayPal using a credit card. It turned out to be the exact right thing to do, going through PayPal.
        and not a credit card company.. In my experiences, PayPal always refunds the customer if there are photos or screen captures of things which change in the sales page copy from the time of order to the time of delivery.
        Good luck to all who are not happy. I think you have strong cases if what you ordered wasn’t what you received.

        Hope to be able to use my real name soon.

  13. I’m really disappointed in this company and frankly I’m not sure why it’s a majority decision. If people want to wait – great; if others (like me) want it shipped now then ship it.

    I resisted purchasing this box for the longest time but recently jumped in & feel like I’ve wasted a lot of money ($1,000+ btwn Sept, Nov & 2 special boxes). I really just want to get my 2 remaining boxes and never look back at this company.

    • Sorry for the duplicate – my comments weren’t showing.

  14. I chose option 2 as well but frankly I’m not sure why it has to be an all or nothing approach. If someone wants to wait – great; if others want it shipped now then ship it now.

    I’m really disappointed in this company. I resisted their boxes for the longest time but recently spent $1,000+ between the full priced September, November & 2 special boxes. Definitely my mistake & feel like I’ve thrown a lot of money away. I want my 2 remaining boxes and will not look back.

  15. This was my first and last box. I ordered specifically for the earbuds and bracelet. I was going to gift the earbuds to my daughter for Xmas. So upset. I guess I won’t be doing that. I don’t understand why they can’t give each person the option of getting it now or waiting. Also, I asked for a refund which they should do in my opinion. Obviously, they waited until the last minute to order them.

  16. I chose Option 2. Customs can hold their shipment well over 30 days and doesn’t have to provide any explanation. It could be months before we see the headsets.
    After the fiasco with the much-hyped “travel certificate” they should be shipping the November boxes overnight.
    I did not renew my subscription with Luxor, so this will be my last box. I found most items were going right to my swap stash so it just wasn’t worth continuing.

  17. I feel like if we choose to have the box ship now and wait for the earbuds to ship we may never receive them.

    • I fear getting nothing at all. Trying to be positive,looks like a lovely box, but this was my first (and now last) box with them. Stuff happens ,but my fear of LLB happening again makes me wary!

      • I have the same feeling about LLB!! I replied and chose option 2 to at least receive the rest of the box.

          • Little Lace Box

          • LLB was Little Lace Box , a sub box that ended abruptly. For me , I ordered an annual at the end of Feb, they took my money and cancelled their service in March. I never received a single thing from them. Many others also had similar experiences. While it might not be fair to other sub boxes who are NOT trying to rip me off, this experience sticks with me when I see a shipping delay as that’s how it started with LLB. To be fair to Luxor, I have NO sense this is what they are doing. I’m just paranoid now. Good luck Luxor ! You can do this!

          • Little Lace Box infamously went out of business, never fulfilled or refunded boxes they still to their subscribers, and to top it all off, challenged the claims people made with their credit card companies. They’re quite possibly the grossest people to ever run a subscription box. So after that fiasco people are understandably a bit leery when it comes to receiving their sub box items.

      • After listening to everyone’s horror stories, I have to agree that the better option is getting the box now just so we get something. From looking at the September box and the fiasco with the travel box, I doubt the rest of the box will be anything special. They are probably concerned about sending out the box without the headphones for that reason. I definitely ordered without researching when I saw the spoilers. Does anyone agree that Liz should stop promoting Luxor on MSA?

        • About Liz reviewing Luxor Box. I think we should give the company a chance here. My regular subscription boxes have been really good until the September box which was a bit lacking in products..

          I think Liz should tell exactly what she knows to us as long as Luxor Box is a viable subscription box taking subscriptions.

          I learn the truth from Liz before I can find most of it out myself.. the really GREAT things, and the bad * oops(* things that companies do ( an expired cosmetic item, one sheet mask when a box is said to be in the shipment, whatever it is that needs the attention of the box’s CS dept.).

          I trust her and depend on her sense of fairness in reviews and the FYI posts . If she wants to put a disclaimer about this one delay, as we all hope it is an isolated incident, or the problems with the travel voucher deal, she will, I’m sure. ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I totally agree with your comment about trusting Liz. I am just concerned about the outlook of this company. I think Liz does a fantastic job keeping us up to date on the latest info. However, she does get free boxes to review ( and discloses this) and I felt she went easy on them with the September and travel boxes. Just a thought. Maybe the November box will come and it will be fantastic!! Here’s hoping anyway๐Ÿ˜ฌ

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