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FabFitFun Winter 2017 Box Add-Ons – Available Now!

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FabFitFun Winter 2017 Add-Ons are available now!

If you aren’t familiar, Add-Ons are discounted products you can add to your box with free shipping. (Annual members get early access to Add-Ons today. You can still upgrade your existing subscription to annual to get early access, too!)

Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!

Here are all the Add-Ons:

Which add-ons are you grabbing?

And here’s the calendar of important FabFitFun Winter Box dates to remember:

The FabFitFun Winter box is coming soon! Here are all the dates you need to know:

  • November 2nd – Select members (annual subscribers) will have early access to Add-Ons!
  • November 3rd – Third spoiler!
  • November 7th – Choice and Select options will be available!
  • November 9th – Add-On access for all subscribers!

All times are at 9 AM PST/noon EST!

If you haven’t signed up for FabFitFun you can still subscribe and get access to Add-Ons! Use coupon code MSA10 to save $10. (FabFitFun is regularly $49.99 a box. If you sign up now, your first box will be the Winter Box!)

(Check out our FabFitFun reviews to see what you can expect with this quarterly subscription box for women!)

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  1. ***For those who want the unicorn brushes, if you do a google search on the product name, you might find them somewhere else cheaper (hint, hint).

  2. Yikes! My cart total is high! Most things are gifts. I was able to get 3 of the 4 sponsored gifts. The bag is sold out. Oh well. There are already several things that have sold out. Hopefully people are able to get most of what they want over the next couple weeks. I make a point to only put items in my cart that I am quite certain I will purchase. I think it’s fair for select members, including myself, to be able to shop first but it’s not much fun for others if the select members “hoard” all the items.

    • This isn’t fair. Nothing will be left for anyone who gets to buy after this morning.

  3. I love how hangover pills sold out LOL

    • Really?? I bought these as a joke for my 28 year old son. Stocking stuffer.

    • Awwww, yeah. You are my people!

  4. I keep debating if I should just ride it out & wait for a better discount than $10…?

  5. Well boo, I really need that NUME curling wand that is already sold out! Let me know if someone decides to remove it from their cart!

  6. Can’t even get to their website. Anyone else having issues?

    • Yes…they had problems a couple of hours ago, it seemed to be better for awhile and now it’s hung up again. I think they still adding items and people keep logging on and making changes or adding the new stuff available and it’s overloading the system….frustrating. But you aren’t alone.

    • I can’t log on either

  7. How do we access the FFF sponsored add-ons? Nothing shows up for me when I click on it.

    • I couldn’t see them before but someone commented below about them so I logged back in and they were there….sandwiched in between the add-ons and the sold out add-ons. It’s a Phililps SceneSwitch LED bulb, the Digestive Probiotic chews, a tote, and an “Organic Doctor beauty item.” But of course as soon as I added them on and hit refresh now the website isn’t loading again. Ugggh. Sorry….I guess just keep reloading???

    • I just added the 4 items to my cart. Once you add $15 worth of items your cart, 4 sponsor items can be seen at bottom of the page or just click on the free sponsored link before the sort button.

      Sponsored Add-Ons — Our amazing sponsors have decided to give you free goodies! Once you have $15 in your add-ons cart, you’ll be able to add 1 of each item. To secure sponsored items, your cart total before any add-ons credit must remain above $15 for the duration of the sale. Supplies are limited so shop fast!

      Philips SceneSwitch LED Light Bulb

      Singapore Passion Made Possible Tote

      Digestive Advantage Probiotic Bites

      Organic Doctor Beauty Product

  8. Wow! I just love FFF. Yeah, the website was down a bit this morning but man, what great deals and the FREE SPONSORED ITEMS!! That free tote bag with the book, candle, coasters, tea, etc… WHAT??? How cool is that! I mean, the light-bulb, pro-biotics and beauty product that were listed are cool but I am super impressed with that tote situation! Do I need any of the free items or things I put in my cart as add-ons…no…but it is so much fun to have the opportunity to score some fun things! Keep it up FFF! You make this work-from-home-teacher-mama super happy! 😉

  9. Yeah, what is the deal with the “sponsored add-ons”? I was on the site as soon as it went live, even though I had to keep reloading, and never saw them!

    • I didn’t see the sponsored items earlier and was a little upset but checked a few minutes ago and was able to see and add them to my cart

  10. I’m just working on accepting that I’ll probably miss out on the unicorn brushes but I’m just not ready to go to an annual sub.

    • Don’t lose all hope. If you want them that bad, “stalk” the website as others mention below because as it gets close to billing time, alot of people will cut back on what they have in their cart and make things available again. But you have to check often. Also, sometimes FFF will release more items themselves mid-month. And if an item is popular enough, they may offer it again next season. I heard alot of people upset that those “if you can read this bring me a glass of wine” socks were out of stock so quickly for Fall and they are back again now.

    • So far the unicorn brushes haven’t sold out, at least not from what I have seen in the almost 2 hours I have been hawking the site. 🙂

    • I’m one of those people who add everything to their cart and then over the next few days, I’ll restart to remove those items, but I can’t afford to just drop $200, but like $50 is responsible. So just keep an eye out, because a lot of people do the same and then things will come back or new items will be added. I already noticed a few new items that weren’t there at noon.

      • I was just on and noticed a few brand new items (like FFF is still adding some), a few “back” that showed out of stock before (I even grabbed a Bum Bum!!!), and finally saw the sponsored items too. But then the website hung on me…AGAIN. So I think they are still having problems.

    • I’m not sure if you are wanting those because unicorn or because unicorn and the specific brand, but just an FYI Amazon has an arsenal of various sets of unicorn brushes that range in price (some cheaper than the FFF)

    • Someone mentioned on another post that the unicorn brushes are available on Groupon, and for a cheaper price I believe.

  11. There are so many I would like to purchase for this season. Now, I have 13 items in my cart, but may eventually drop most of them.

  12. what the heck is the deal w/ Sponsored Add-Ons?? the website has been down since 12:02 EST when i tried to access- and finally when i could get on all of these “Sponsored Add-Ons” are sold out?!?! BOGUS!!!

    • Right…what struck me as odd is that some are worth $9 (ok) but some were really expensive. There was a wide range of values. So you’re telling me you can just have $15 worth of stuff in your shopping cart and add on however many sponsored items worth hundreds of dollars too? I don’t get it…not that we have to since apparently no one actually got to add any on. LOL.

      • There were 4 free sponsored items…the items below that were the items that have already sold out from the add ons

        • Ooooohhhh…OK. That makes a heck of alot more sense. Thank you! I just logged back in and now I see what you are talking about and the sponsored items were there so I could add them! Like other people commented, I must have not been able to see them before so it said “sponsored items” and then listed the sold out stuff only….which of course included some things that I already saw above because of the quirk of the system where sometimes things appear to be available but they are also listed as sold out (and cannot be added to your cart). So I didn’t realize those were not the sponsored items. Anyways…enough rambling…if you couldn’t see the sponsored items before check them out now! The website seems to be working better.

  13. This is ridiculous. It’s not like it’s Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Get your act together FFF. Oh well, I didn’t need to spend the money anyway.

  14. I’m on hour two — site is still not loading. Super glad I signed up for this “perk”.

  15. Website can’t load, nothing is added to my cart.

  16. An hour in and I still can’t get the website to load. :/

  17. Can’t even login after 10 minutes trying. Oh well. Guess my credit card is breathing a sigh of relief….for now….

  18. Hope I get at least something when it opens up to everyone!!

    By the way, anyone know if your box still ships with Priority status if your add on is a donation? Or does it have to be an actual physical item?

    • yes it does.

  19. FFF continually add things throughout the day/weeks. Don’t panic — there’s a fast grab in the first hours, but then people (like me) see how much they’ve got in their cart and start releasing things. If you don’t see something you want now or it’s “sold out” just wait a bit and come back later!

    • Totally agree. Last time I added items worth $350 but at the end released most of them and spent only $30

    • Very true. I’ve learned to grab anything and everything that even think I might want, as fast as I can, so I won’t miss out on the few items that I know I will keep. After the initial mad rush is over, I go back and carefully look at each item and decide what I really want to keep, then let the rest go. It’s a shame that it’s so frantic that it has to happen like that!

      This time around there are only a couple of things that I want for myself. The rest are for Christmas gifts, so I need the chance to look at those more closely and then decide.

    • The last cpl days everyone starts dumping the carts juat hang tight folks u can get everything u want.

  20. No mystery bundles – so sad

    • I was just on and there is a mystery bundle

    • I had a mystery bundle for my “new” account.

  21. This sucks fff! 40 minutes and I can’t even get past the first 8 items. Some perk

    • They heard me. It mostly works now!

  22. The site is impossible to load.

  23. Took me 17 mins to get on and the Sol de
    janiero and living proof are already sold out!!!!! Booooo!! Makes me so mad cuz I know people bought multiples when I just wanted one! FFF needs to put limits on how many of one item each person can buy! So not fair!

    • To make you feel better. The Sol de Janiero was a travel size, not a full size.

      • I know

    • I was upset about these items being sold on out too . But I know when it gets closer to when we get charged for the items hopefully some will become available

    • I know- did people go in and add like 10 of them? Hopefully they’ll have regrets and release them so more people can get a chance….

      • I think that all items have a limit of 3.

  24. Website is down 🙁

    • Keep reloading! I managed to get everything I wanted eventually. Except these sponsored add ons…still don’t know what those are.

      • I don’t either – What are these sponsored add-ons? Does anyone know?

        • I was able to snag some sponsored add-ons just now. A really random assortment of stuff! There was a Philips lightbulb, an Organic Doctor beauty product, Digestive Advantage priobiotic bites, and the “Singapore Passion Made Possible” tote, which apparently includes the tote bag, a candle, tea, printed coasters, and a novel by a Singapore author!

          So random but thrilled that I was able to grab them, especially the Singapore tote!!

        • They’re like the sponsored box items–promotional freebies from sponsor companies. As long as you keep your add-on total over $15, you’re eligible for one of each. I was just able to add them to my cart. There is a Philips LED lightbulb, a Singapore swag bag with candle, coasters, and a book (promoting tourism?), probiotic supplement candies, and an organic beauty product.

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