1. They’ve added more add ons (today, I think)…some nice bundles and more Trestique! Can’t go wrong with Trestique!!

  2. I just found the ZOE AYLA UNICORN STYLE 10 PIECE BRUSH SET on Hautelook for $19 (free shipping at $100). That is $5 less than the add-on price!

  3. Always the same complaints each add on time. Give me a break. Annual subscribers get the add on access early because they pay the money up front and don’t have the option to get out of a box they may not like, like a seasonal member can. As a one time seasonal member, I was able to get a box, cancel and get a new box for $10.00 of each time, just using a new email. As an annual subscriber, I cannot do that. I think FFF would lose a lot of annual subscribers if they change how the add ons are done. Early access to add ons was the only reason I upgraded, and if they take that away or make it to where I can only get one of each item, it is no longer worth paying all of that money up front.

    • Thank you for stating what others don’t want to admit.

    • To all of the people complaining about early access for annual subscribers: I am an annual subscriber, and although my selections eventually were often “sold out”, it is now the final day and EVERYTHING that I was ever interested in has become available again. Yes, many people have a cart that is massive for most of the add-on period…only to dump most stuff on the last day to reduce the damage to their bank accounts.

  4. This sale is definitely a free for all and can take some time…and a LOT of page refreshes…to snag items. Annual subscribers will pick up things for seasonal girls and designate a drop time. I learned in my last go around that a lot of things will become available as it gets closer to the end of the sale. People grab thing that they might want and then ditch everything they decide against or what won’t fit in their budget. One thing I will complain about is people listing items for swap when the sale is still open. Multiples even…like a blanket in each color to trade for 4x the amount of stuff. I don’t think it’s fair to grab the max of an item just to keep one and swap 2. That makes it impossible sometimes for others to even have a chance at things. I can understand picking up a bundle but not liking everything in it. I just think it should be a rule that there are no add on swaps allowed prior to the sale closing. There are a lot of ticked off women on the FFF forum speaking out about it to the company and I can completely understand why.

    • There is one real downside to purchasing additional items just to swap them…you pay real cash. If I buy a blanket for $29 (RV $89) that is the kind of value that I would expect when receiving something in a normal subscription (except Luxe Provence…that is not a “value” subscription.
      So I have this blanket, and I have no guarantee that I am going to swap it for a unicorn, and I am out of pocket. That’s great if you have cash to spare, but I still can’t work because of a surgery-gone-wrong, so that is not me.
      However, I spent the money up front (annual subscription) so that I can customize my box, and so that I have first access to the add-ons. I have maxed out on a couple of items that I will use, such as toothpaste and shampoo, and at this time of the year I have also bought Christmas gifts for almost everyone.
      I could be wrong, but I seem to think that the maximum number of each item has been reduced. Also, I have always had luck getting anything that I wanted on the last day (people usually assess their crazy add-on totals at the last minute).
      You have the right to complain, but you also have the right to buy an annual membership as well.

  5. What do you guys think of the add-ons this season? What are the best ones, and what are you most looking forward to? I’m getting the grey hat, red scarf, and yoga mat spray!

    • I am getting enough nice shampoo to last me six months! And enough fluoride-free toothpaste for a year. It’s nice to get these at a discount, as I will be buying them anyway. I am an annual subscriber…they get my money up-front for a reason.

  6. Has anyone gotten a mystery bundle? I’m curious as to what is in it and if it’s even worth it.

    • i had it in my cart but then ditched it after reading reviews from last year. i peeked at the full box review then was disappointed in myself and thought the mystery bundle would help. guess i’m not up for the risk!!!

  7. I’m seasonal. I kept checking several times throughout the day and now I have on my cart all the add ons I wanted and two of the sponsored items.

  8. Basically nothing is sold out until the sale closes. It’s a matter of whether you’re willing to stalk the site waiting for your item to become available. I just casually looked and 5 sold out items were available.. so it’s a matter of who wants spend the time.. or complain

  9. I understand frustration but annual subscribers should get a perk. Those who are not use alternate emails and get the $10 off promotion each quarter as well as other promotions. This is one of the few benefits to paying your money upfront and committing. Plus everyone has the option so there’s really no room to complain

  10. I don’t mean to upset anyone, but the only reason I finally bit the bullet and paid upfront for annual is for the early access to add-ons. I would be very upset if they changed that. I know it’s been said that seasonal members pay more, so if that is the argument- then upgrade to the annual and get early access.
    It’s too bad that people have so many complaints about this, as I feel like we are all adults and we know how this system works and why it is done the way it is. FFF wants annual subscribers- they are a financial contract that allows them to better forecast earnings, pay staff and helps if they try to get investment capital. It’s how the subscription model thrives. So in order to do that it makes sense to give the annual members some perks.

    • Yes! I totally agree!

    • Well said

    • I third this notion…well said. Thank you for being rational.

  11. All the sub boxes should do special boxes or add ons like a lottery! First subscriber that’s still active to the last, give them a special time to pick. Give each person 5 minutes, from like 9a to 8p or something. Send each person a time that they are to log on for their 5 minutes, that way no one is mad. And if you miss your time, log on to shop when you can with whatever is left. That’s my suggestion anyways…

  12. I think they should definitely limit the quantity to just one per customer so that people don’t hoard stuff. Within minutes the free stuff was out of stock so even though I’m an annual subscriber – I didn’t get my hands on it. I tried to limit my add ons to$100 so I could still get the Rachel Zoe Box of Style and the Popsugar Winter Limited – that’s a little over $300 already and then Black Friday is coming up. My wallet is so dried up right now, it’s killing me. I have memorized my card number – not a good sign. Thank you Liz for all the heads up.

    • I think there was a limit of one each for the free sponsored items. They likely only had a limited quantity – what the sponsors were willing to supply.

      • Yes the limit on the free items was 1 each

  13. I really don’t mean to be negative but the way that fff handles on always reminds me of the worst parts of black Friday, everyone hoarding things until they decide if they want them or not and the people who aren’t at the very front of the line are left with shreds and scraps. It has always made me not want to participate in it regardless of the fact that it is a bit of savings. I hope they come up with a more friendly system that doesn’t crash their website and make everyone but a small few feel frustrated.

  14. I am an annual subscriber for few years now, and have never been too much into Add-ons, but over these few years, my two daughters grew up to their teenage years and are now obsessing with add-ons. I probably made a mistake by giving them login to my FFF account and letting them pick whatever add-ons they want and only asked them to pick few items for me that I really really wanted… at the end, only 2 items from my list are in my cart now, and both of my daughters swear that they were on add-ons the second they launched and my requested items were out if stock in less than a minute (hard for me to believe, but I would give my girls benefot of a doubt). Ling story short, I just checked the cart and my two teenagers picked over 15 items worth some material $$$. Unfortunately, I do not have time to go through all items during the week (job, 2 teenage girls, 2 toddler boys, oh right, and the hubby), but I will be dropping a lot off during the weekend. So, please, seasonal subscribers, do not be too upset and keep checking the web site, a lot of items will be dropped by us “annual subscribers”.

  15. For those upset that a lot of things are out of stock because of annual subscribers – I’m an annual subscriber and haven’t been able to get the things I want most either. I checked within an hour of going live and I’ve checked at least 10 times a day every day since, and have not been able to grab them. I think those better items are also really low in stock. So even if you were an annual subscriber, you wouldn’t necessarily have any better luck. :-/

    • Probably because people are ordering the maximum number for each item and then are going to turn around and sell it for retail value or put it on the swap site. They should definitely put a limit on each item if they were sold out of the good stuff after 10 minutes.

      • There is a limit, you can only get 3 of each item. I was trying to get some gifts for everyone and was only allowed to get 3 of each item. I don’t take extra stuff to sell or swap. I have only swapped one add-on I purchased and that is because I had got a spongelle in popsugar and liked it, when I got the trio from FFF it irritated my skin so I swapped my second trio set and gave away the other 2 spongelles. Seasonal subscribers have to remember that they have the option to cancel a box if they don’t like the contents, where annual subscribers are stuck with the box they don’t like. Unfortunately, if you think you may like something whether a seasonal or annual subscriber you have to place it in your cart until you can check it out so it is not just annual subscribers putting things they don’t want in their carts.

    • It’s true- as an annual subscriber, I’m always shocked to see how quickly some items run out (some seem to run out within minutes, like that Brazilian Bum Bum cream does every season).

      While it’s good that they’re including more items this season than last (and I love the new sponsored item feature), I do think the current set-up is a bit unfair toward seasonal subscribers. FFF should consider reducing the window of time between annual subscriber access and seasonal subscriber access, as well as adding the items into the shop in increments instead of (mostly) all at once. But that’s just my opinion.

      • Yeah, some change would be good. I think limiting the item number to 1 until the last day would be good.

  16. To the seasonal subscribers who are upset about things being out of stock: continue checking back over the next few days! Remember that annual subscribers are going to start eliminating stuff from their carts as billing day draws closer. I can say this as an annual subscriber myself- I have way more items saved in my cart than what I’ll actually end up with, and I’m planning on narrowing things down and eliminating the overwhelming majority of it this weekend. So don’t fret! Hopefully the stuff I end up letting go of ends up in all of your carts instead of the carts of those who are just hoarding stuff for add-ons (trust me, I don’t like those people either).

    • Let me know if you have the Whish Blueberry set, Apple Cider Dry Shampoo, Trestique lip crayon, or any Kate Spade stuff you are going to let go of and I will certainly snatch it up. Lol.

      • I’m definitely planning on letting go of the Kate Spade stuff. Not sure about the rest just yet. I hope you end up with everything you want! 🙂

  17. Aaaaaaand everything good is already out of stock. Great -_- I feel like past boxes weren’t this limited with their add ones…

  18. The way FFF handles ad ons seems unfair to me. I think they need to place a limit on 1 ad on per person for each item instead of 3 for each item, because people are hording ad ons and listing them up for swap before they get them.

    • I agree. Swap site is already being flooded with item, have seen 3 of same item listed by same person. So they got 3 just to list. It’s not fair to people who actually want the items for themselves.

  19. Does anyone know if FFF will re-stock any of the free add-ons? I’m guessing no, but I’m sure I’m not the only one with that question 🙂

  20. Hello! This is my first box, when do they start shipping?

    • I think I that if you have add ons or are annual you will be billed on the 17th and the box should ship out 10 days max after that. If you didn’t add any add ons and aren’t an annual subscriber then you are billed on the 25th and box ships out 10 days max after that. Don’t quote me on that though, trying to go by memory of what I saw.

      • Thank you for the info!

  21. Hello! This is my first box. When do they normally start shipping?

    • They’ll start shipping the first week of December.

    • Gotcha! Thanks!

  22. Not very happy that over half of the add ins were out of stock. I get they try and cater to those that do the annual but in reality sometimes the person paying more for the box is the monthly person they should more options.

    • Right? Just open them up the same time for everyone. They want subscribers to upgrade to pay LESS money in the long run? Doesn’t make much sense, but I guess that way they are guaranteed the $179 upfront versus someone cancelling after a few boxes.

      • Correct – I’m pretty sure it’s nice to have the money upfront to secure the products, overhead, pay staff etc.

      • Exactly and give like a credit for ad ons to the annual members.

      • Actually, in the long-run, subscribers will pay more. It is only in the short-term that non-subscribers pay more. Subscribers are guaranteed to buy, while non-subscribers’ money is not guaranteed. Subscribers, therefore, act as a secured source of income for Fabfitfun to buy products such as add-ons at a discounted rate.

  23. Got a few things, but most of the items I really wanted are out of stock. Hopefully they pop back up as it gets closer to the bill date. Wishful thinking!

    • Keep checking bc some things will come back in stock 🙂

    • I know.. Most of the stuff I want is gone…

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