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BoxyCharm November 2017 Theme Reveal!

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We’re still waiting on full November spoilers, but today we have the theme for the November 2017 BoxyCharm!

Sweater Weather!

In case you missed the spoilers, the November box will include:


BoxyCharm x Luxie Quad Eye Travel Set Brushes! CONFIRMED SPOILER

In case you missed it, we have a possible November 2017 Boxycharm spoiler thanks to boxycharm_monthly! (This lines up with our earlier possible Boxycharm spoiler post, too.)The November box may include:

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – Value $23 POSSIBLE SPOILER

(FYI – This hasn’t been officially confirmed by Boxycharm, but it has been hinted at. If this isn’t in the November box, it will be in the December box.)

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

Winky Luxe Kitten Palette – Value $25 CONFIRMED SPOILER

CoverFX illuminating setting spray – Value $31 CONFIRMED SPOILER

What do you think of the Boxycharm spoilers?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more. (And sign up asap if you want November’s box – there’s a waitlist!)

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  1. i signed up sept 25th and was off the waitlist by oct 3rd i was billed and sent confirmation my box was shipped by the 5th and box was to me by the 14th of oct. its only the 7th idk how they work but i have been billed but have not got a shipping confirmation yet/ boy I must of got lucky

  2. I used to think I was pretty creatively-minded, but I don’t understand the theme. Do they just declare a theme for fun, or is it actually supposed to give a general idea of what the contents are? How do these items relate to sweater weather?

    (I am genuinely curious and tired – maybe I’m totally missing something!)

    • @Elle Em I am wondering the same thing….maybe they will be tossing in a scarf with makeups and sweaters on it? Or Because cats have fur that signifies cozy????

      Yeah I am lost with their themes too

  3. These comments are scaring me! I signed up 2 weeks ago and now I’m freaking out that I won’t get off the waitlist 🙁 Can I buy someone’s palette?!? 😩😅

    • I’m listing the pallet on Poshmark you’re welcome to buy! Will be priced below market value.

      @gvontungeln is my handle ♥️

  4. I’M Definitely looking forward to this box that eye shadow palette looks so adorable,

  5. what to do if Boxy tried to charge me today, but I had problem with my card. Will they do it again?

    • Mine tried to charge this morning but wad declined bc I had canceled my card and got a new one. They sent me an e mail saying to “update my info before I lose my spot”. I went into my acct and updated it and it charged n renewed right away.

    • They should if not i would try to talk to CS about it ,

    • They keep trying until the money shows up-they always try to charge me in the 2nd but I don’t get paid til the 3rd. Or you can manually put the charge thru when your money is there.

    • It happened to me today also just go into your account and update your card info and they will take the payment out.

  6. Yikes, I bit the bullet and subscribed Oct. 11. Seeing that some of you all had been in the waitlist since Sept makes me nervous I won’t get this one (the whole reason I signed up). The coverfx spray really sold me.

    This box looks amazing and would love to get it.

    • Same! I signed up Oct 13. I really want this box, I’m running out of my Mac Fix+, so it’d be great to postpone buying it for a while

  7. I guess I don’t understand the “theme”. I also didn’t really get “spellbound” from the last box though.

  8. I really hope they give their current, faithful subscribers first dibs.

    • I am not sure what you mean by first dibs?

      • They are doing a limited edition box here soon. Yosef confirmed it on facebook yesterday.

  9. Ughhh I hope I get off the waitlist soon; this box looks killer.

    • I got off today!

      • LOL! I’m sure that your comment was not meant as I read it.

        • Haha! Best comments ever.

        • Omg! Too funny!!!!

      • When did you sign up?

      • Just curious, but when did you sign up for the box? I’m trying to figure out when my waitlist might be lifted. Thanks!

        • I signed up October 4th and received an email this morning (from late last night I think) that I’m off the list!

    • I signed up September 28th and was just taken off the waitlist literally just now!!!

      • I signed up on 30th l hope , I get off from waitlist soon

        • I signed up September 24 and got off the wait list yesterday. Looks like they only take people off the wait list on the first of the month.

  10. Anyone else think it doesn’t make sense for the tarte mascara to be in November’s box? Just think, it’s the last product from the rest of the year spoilers that are supposed to last until December. That makes me feel like it has to be in December’s box, right? What do you guys think? Why would they say the spoilers are from August to December if they’re going to run out before then?

    • Agree.rhink mascara will be December but maybe they have previous brand product for December. Either way I am happy.

    • I was thinking the same thing. I’m expecting it in December, but this month would be fine, too!

  11. Ughh another Palette yet the CATS on it are adorable =v= — Mascara in every box must be the newest trend – 1 mascara lasts me a year.

    • mascara expires very quickly, it’s only good for 3 months or so :-0 be careful with stuff near your eyes

    • Mine only last around 3 months, and I use it almost every day.

    • Whoa, please throw your mascara away every 3-4 months! Keeping it a year is highly unsanitary.

  12. Boxycharm you’re killing me! PLEASE take me off the waiting list! Let me give you money! I want all of your things!

    • Same! I’ve been on the waitlist for two weeks and am hoping to get off in time for November’s box 🙁

    • I got off the waitlist today!

      • How long have you been on for?

  13. Ugh. I don’t like tarte mascara and I have so many from sub boxes. Once a month I get this item. Enough already.

    • Why,,,, I am so looking forward to it though no guarantee in this box

  14. I can’t wait for this months boxycharm! I hope December is even better. Hopefully they go out with a bang for the end of the year. And start strong at the beginning of next year! So happy I finally bit the bullet and joined! I should have done it when the cool toned palette from studio makeup. Oh well, still hoping I can swap for it!

    • Ashley I have the palette up for swap! Click on my name to go to my listings

    • Right there with you Ashley

  15. I’ve been on the waitlist since September 28, I feel like they’ve forgotten me! When you’re waitlisted, does it show on your account? There are no notes of it on mine.

    • September 28th is the EXACT same day I signed up and was waitlisted! I’m still on the waitlist too, and I’ve been concerned about the same thing, there’s nothing showimg anywhere that I’m signed up/waiting.
      I just have to hope and wait! My birthday is November 13th, so I’m sooo hoping I’ll get this as the best birthday present to myself ever! I’m so obsessed with the cat palette and nevermind the Luxie brushes!!!!!

    • If the waitlist works as a queue, I got waitlisted sept 23rd and got my email today saying I was off and billed for my first box. So hopefully yours will be in soon too 🙂

      • Aw man I signed up a whole month after you. I probably won’t get this month’s box.

  16. I don’t think that Boxycharm’s monthly themes are even a little bit relevant to the items. I’m not sure why they even bother with a monthly theme.

    • This is EXACTLY what I was just saying. I was so excited for “Spellbound” and don’t get me wrong, I loved what we received, but not one thing fit the theme. I just don’t get why they even bother

    • The boxes are great but the themes are basically meaningless.

  17. Just subscribed, I sooooo hope I get off the waitlist in time to get this months box!!

    • Let me off the waitlist, Boxy! 🙁 🙁 🙁

    • I’ve been on the waitlist since Sept. I really hope I get in for Nov!

    • Idzie – good luck getting off the wait list. I’ve been on it since September and I’m starting to totally resent it.

      • Anyone know if I’m currently on the waitlist and don’t want to subscribe anymore, how can I cancel?

        • Just email them to cancel.

          But – I had luck by subscribing at the start of the month when they announced no waitlist. I had to email with them to then ensure I wasn’t also on the waitlist – but I was able to get in faster than if I had waited! I got on the waitlist in August and subscribed at the start of September. Not sure whether they’ll do that again, but it’s worth keeping an eye out for it!

      • Since September?! Oh my goodness. That’s kind of ridiculous how long they leave us on. I’ve only been on the waitlist for two weeks and I’m already impatient.

        • I signed up October 1st or 2nd hoping for the October box , but, NO! Also, thinking I wont get the November box either. I even emailed them a few times. One of the times I tried to play on their emotions with a ” Its my birthday month” email , lol. They didnt care at all .
          I better get Decembers box , at the very least .

          • Well seeing as you signed up at the first of the month, unless there was no waitlist, that’s the day they take payments. It should’ve been pretty obvious that you’d be waitlisted

          • To: Captain Obvious^ ,
            Today is Novemer 7th , I got off the wailist AND they took my money ! WOOT! So, my hope for October WAS relivant 😉.

      • When did you sign up in September- beginning or end of the month?

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