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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box Spoiler #4!

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Boxycharm Limited Edition Box

We have another spoiler for the Boxycharm Limited Edition box!

FYI –  This box has sold out, but Boxycharm posted on Facebook that they are looking into restocking and that for future Limited Edition boxes they will make sure there is a limit on how many a customer can buy.

Each limited edition box will include:

Pur Cosmetics Big Look Mascara Full Size – Value $21

Makeup Geek Eyeliner (one of four colors)

Bare Minerals Lip Gloss (one of two shades) – Value $18

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Blossom – $42

What do you think of the spoilers?

The box is $44.95 and will feature products from Ofra, Becca, bare minerals, Tarte, Sigma, and Pur, CoverFx, and Makeup Geek!

If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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  1. Just saw full reveal on facebook….I can’t wait to get this box!!! Boxycharm always delivers!

    • Where on FB?? Please share!

      • On their facebook. It was on FB live

  2. I am really hoping they’re able to restock these!! Everyone is all happy about the items they’ve released thus far not causing FOMO… but BC always includes a palate of some sort. I have a feeling they’re leaving the best for last!!!! Hopefully to buy them time to restock?!

    • I too am sure they’re leaving the best reveals for last. So, so excited

  3. Liz! they just announced the whole box on instagram. Signma brush, Becca Primer, Offra vitamin c cream, and a tarte palette!

    • Which Tarte, do you remember?

    • Also the tarte palette is one of two variations they showed the limited-edition miracles from the Amazon eye & cheek palette.

      • Lol, as it happens I’ve been eyeing those Tarte palettes on the Macy’s site for months now. 🙂
        Fingers crossed I get the Miracles of the Amazon one, I need cool tones. Then I’ll definitely be happy with the box, because even if I don’t use anything else in the box, the price of the palette already covers it.

  4. they revealed the whole box in facebook live :O

  5. I am having zero FOMO on this box. Glad I wasn’t able to purchase it. I love BoxyCharm normally though.

    • Agree!! Not sad about missing this box; only the November box lol. I think I already have that Tarte palette, and I never use it.

  6. I got this box, but I don’t like it. Actually, I really don’t like it. I want to be with the crown who was unable to get it 🙁

    • It’s okay, you can easily sell it. On this site and others I see people commenting that they still want one. Also, most of the items are full size and will be easy to swap ☺

  7. Thanks, Now I can now quit stalking their Instagram like a creepy guy with a pencil mustache.

  8. I am just hoping it’s not another tarte blush, I have a feeling it will be since they have been going around a lot lately. They are nice blushes I just have too many.

  9. Got the Limited Edition box, and I rarely use eyeliner unless it’s brown. That plum colored one they showed didn’t look appealing at all. The box looks underwhelming so far, the total retail value is at 90 so the next ones should put it over that 200 price point(Hopefully). I am excited about the full size Cover FX enhancer drops, I have always wanted to try that out. I always like getting Mascara, but I already have enough and with next month having another mascara I should have enough to last through most of next year alone!

  10. Hoping that the Becca item is the palette on sale at Sephora.

    • That would be pretty nice. Any ideas on what the Tarte product or Ofra might be?

    • That would be great – I’ve been thinking it may be that item as well but i am not sure how far ahead they plan the box items

  11. I guess a lot of us lucked out on missing this LE. My husband heard my dismay for two days straight now he gets to hear how happy I am for missing it 😀
    I ordered the GB LE instead very happy so far.

    • Yeah, Boxycharm actually made Glossybox look good. That’s a feat in itself.

  12. The more spoilers that come out, the more I feel better about not getting one lmao. I thought that mascara was discontinued a while ago??

  13. We’ll probably most likely get 8 products total, but it would make more sense if we got 10. It is a slightly more than double the price of a regular Boxycharm box, which we typically get around 5 products right?

    • Yes I hope so!

  14. How many items are supposed to be in the box?

    • 8 items

  15. I looked back through all of the spoilers and Boxy didn’t tell us the RV of the box. So far, these four items add up to $90 RV. They usually reveal some of the better items early in the spoilers to attract interest. Since this box is sold out, I don’t know why they are keeping the last 4 items a secret. They haven’t even told us when this box will ship.

    A regular box is $21 and often is worth $130, or about a six times premium. This box was $45 and so far, halfway through the spoilers, is worth 2 times the price. This doesn’t look good… Even Glossybox told us the RV of their LE box ($204 for a cost of $35).

    • They did say it would ship 11/20. They also said the RV will be around $200. Can’t recall if it was right at $200 or at least $200, but that was the number given.

    • They will start to ship on November 20 and the RV is over $200 as stated on their website. The other four items will be revealed tomorrow and the day after, two at a time. Hope it helps!

    • They said this box would be valued at over $200. Since we got over $100 worth of product value to go, do you think there’s a good chance it’ll include a full size eyeshadow palette possibly? Maybe Tarte?

      • I wonder if it will be the Tartlette Toasted Palette!! That would be amazing!

    • Although I wasn’t able to get a box that day… I wouldn’t thumbs down this box… there’s a moment coming where those of us who missed out are really going to feel we missed out!!! BC got something major in this box!!!! I am a mascara fiend so that would work and lipoid. I don’t know what drops do so … new product but I kniw there is a showstopper!!

  16. I was hoping that the Makeup Geek or Pur item would be a palette. Since the Makeup Geek Nude Palette was on HauteLook recently, I thought that might be a possibility. Oh well, I am someone who loves colored eyeliner so I’ll have fun with that. Not too excited about the mascara, I’m stocked up on my current favorite but my sisters love getting mascara from me so that’s ok.

  17. I’m thinking the Becca item might be the Après Ski palette. Sephora and Ulta both have it listed on sale. But this is purely speculation!

    • Ooh I hope you’re right, seems like a reasonable guess.

    • I’m really, really hoping that you’re right about the Becca item cuz these last two spoilers aren’t wowing me very much at all.. I love the Bare Minerals lippies and I’ve never tried the Cover FX drops before so those should be fun.. Come on Boxy! Don’t let me down on Becca and Tarte… I’d LOVE to get a Tartelette pallette too 😉 ❤️ 🤗

  18. Wow I was so upset that I wasn’t able to get the box being a long time member but I don’t seem to mind now. Not impressed with the selection of items in the box hoping it gets better! Wonder when they are going to makeup the mistake they did by not offering it first to members? Waiting and hoping!!!!

  19. Well…good I couldn’t get it, not excited about these spoiler…just ordered Glossybox LE…but I still love you BC

  20. That’s a pretty color eye pencil. The Color FX has great reviews. Would of loved to try that. Besides the gloss, I haven’t had a chance to experience the other three in any of my other sub boxes. I think it’ll be a great treat for the ones who got to purchase this LE Box.
    I hope I get lucky during Black Friday. Lol. I want to see more men Boxes too. I have 5 grown boys and only one girl. My daughter is lucky because I usually get two boxes of everything. One for her and one for me. ❤️ And then for Christmas she gets a big bag of make-up to play with. She loves it.

  21. Literally just got that exact purple makeup geek eyeliner in my Boxycharm last December…I’m hoping I at least get a different color. I don’t really care for Bare minerals and Pur anyway so I wasn’t expecting anything great from them. I’m hoping the products from Sigma, Tarte, and Becca are better.

  22. Wow I was so peeved that I couldn’t get the box. Lol thank goodness… the best item is the coverfx drops but the color on my dark skin(woc) that’s not the color I would have wanted. I foresee a lot of resale on ebay. Hmmm would I dare say GB might have a better limited edition box especially if the Sunday Riley serum is full size. I like the purple eyeliner the best but I can get that on my own directly from MUG. Plus we are getting a better mascara in the dec box. So I guess I lucked up not getting the box.

  23. Wondering if we’re getting a full size eyeshadow palette, possibly from Tarte?? Can’t wait to see full spoilers. Do wish they had provided at least a couple spoilers at the start.

  24. I regret trusting boxycharm that this would be a limited edition box. Looks like a plain old boxycharm box but with even more unusable colors. It’s obvious the products these brands can’t sell.

    After my sub runs out I won’t renew. My.Nov pallette had finger prints in the shadows and had clearly had been used. Customer service is a joke and now these low end products

    • Mine appeared to have fingerprints, too. Ew.

    • What did they say about the finger prints? Mine came the same way!
      I emailed a pic to this earlier this afternoon, after it arrived.

    • My November pallet came broken! I emailed pics and they said it looks like it got broken in the mailing and gave me 1000 charms (I was kind of hoping to replace the broken pallet! Plus the spilled eye shadow ruined my shirt and comforter when I opened it!)… Only there is nothing to buy in the charm shop??? 🤔🤷

    • I just got my box today and sooo mad and disappointed the palette had smudges too! It’s the Purr, Romeo, Cateye and Boots shadows. That is so weird and gross! I took pics and emailed Boxycharm CS crossing my fingers they resolve this.

      • I received a reply this morning. They have added Charms to my account; no replacement is being sent. I really want to use this so guess I’ll sanitize it first. I’m frustrated that they said it looks like it happened during shipping. Doubtful!

  25. I have PLENTY of mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss, and highlighter the cover FX are okay but wish they were a neutral color even then I’m not a big fan of them! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the box. As of right now I’m not happy with getting the box. Big hoped for becca and tarte products.

  26. I don’t subscribe to Boxycharm or Glossybox, and I did not purchase either LE box; however, just based on spoilers so far, Glossybox would get my purchase for sure if I had the money to buy one. Not impressed.

  27. So is the mascara actually pink/red or is that just the color of the tube and applicator? I always find colored mascara (other then brown or black) to be so odd. I am so far excited about the box, but I also haven’t been subscribing to Boxy for very long, so I get how others are feeling underwhelmed.

    • If you follow the link, it’s black. I wondered the same thing! Just the tube and the brush are pink 🙂

      • Oh thank goodness! I will still probably gift this mascara since my favorite is Tarte’s Maneater, but it will be easier to gift if it is black.

    • I think a blue mascara would be pretty cool. I’ve been wanting to try that. But yeah, anything else would be kinda weird.

      • I would possibly try blue or purple, but I don’t tend to wear very many bright colors (maybe a lip) for makeup. My skin is a reddish tan and I just feel like certain colors clash.

  28. I don’t mean to sound negative but these first items don’t scream limited edition. They are going to have to step up the game.

  29. I haven’t tried these products from these brands, but it is hard to get too excited for a lip gloss, an eyeliner, and a mascara. I don’t care for highlighters so this box is a big miss for me so far, and I worked really hard to get one.

  30. Okay, like everyone else, I’m now super happy I couldn’t get through to buy this….

    • Agreed!! Though I would like to try the Makeup Geek eye liner, but very unexciting products. I think their monthly boxes are more exciting.

  31. It isn’t bad stuff but it isn’t screaming special either. Not yet anyway. For $50 there should be some high dollar skincare and palettes given that Boxycharm is the king of sending out palettes. I’m glad I ended up getting a different LE box that had a lower price point.

  32. I spent over an hour refreshing my page to get this box, now I’m a little bummed that I got it. This is what I would expect from the regular monthly Boxy… certainly not a limited edition.

  33. LOL! I actually managed to get this box. The value is there but the products…eeek.

  34. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to have mixed a LE box

  35. I don’t get what’s so limited edition about these products….

    • Limited suply I guess 🙂

  36. Like I said, I still hope that the higher-value items are yet to come.

    • I hope so much i really regrets …😭

  37. Yeah, super glad I wasn’t able to get this box. Sometimes things work out for a reason!

    • I am not interested in the first few spoilers i was mad i couldnt get a box but ive seen better stuff in a reg box

  38. Dodged a bullet! Thank goodness for the crash

    • Yeahhh 4 products in and no so exciting. Def worth the products but how often does one really wear purple eyeliner. And yes it could be different colours but you know most people are going to get the purple lol
      The items are super sought after products, probably more ones that weren’t selling or are being discontinued unfortunately\
      Kind of wish I didn’t get one, but we’ll see…there’s still a Tarte and Becca product so those are very hopeful 🙂

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