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BeautyFIX November 2017 FULL SPOILERS + Coupon

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We have the exclusive full spoilers for the November 2017 BeautyFIX subscription box! 

What do you think of the November BeautyFIX spoilers?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. If you sign up now, your first box will be this box.

FYI – there are no coupons currently, and a limited amount of November subscription spots open.

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I wonder if Beautyfix is going to do an LE Box or something special extra? After missing BoxyCharm’s LE I’ve really kinda just been holding off hoping Beautyfix does something special. I think BF is my favorite sub. Nothing feels better on than great skin.

    • I’m hope that BF has a LE box too. I’m really enjoying BF

      • Me too. I’m sure after so many months I will e on beautyfix over load lol but I share with my sisters. So it’s truly a win win for me (so far)

  2. Did anyone see an expiration date on the Juice Beauty peel? I couldn’t find one and thought it might be a shorter lasting type of product. This is my second month with BeautyFix and I’m loving it! I would have loved this month more though if I wouldn’t have immediately broken my Ren sample 🙁 It slipped right out of the card and smashed on my floor.

    • Oh no. BeautyFix has great customer service. I’m sure they’ll replace it.

      • It was really my fault, it was fine in the box but I didn’t realize that it wasn’t really attached to the card, so when I removed it the vial just slid out.

  3. Does anyone love the Juice Beauty mask? Is it truly gentle? I have red skin but I’d like to try it. I thought citrus was an irritant. Thx for any advice/input 😊

    • I tried it a couple of nights back. It did nothing but irritate my skin, plus it smells stale and old, like rotten fruit. Likea cantaloupe that’s been out on the counter for days. The color is brown, just like the cleanser that was sent a month or so ago. This is the third item from Juice Beauty in these BeautyFix boxes, and to be honest, I’m very ready for something much much better.

    • I have used mine twice now and I like it. I consider my skin as dry/sensitive and I was able to use it for the full prescribed time without issue. During the treatment the areas with the masque reddened and I felt moderate tingling but nothing uncomfortable or unbearable. After I washed it off my skin felt soft and smoothed with no residual irritation. I did have to moisturize after but my skin is always thirsty after I cleanse it. Like I said I liked it. The scent didn’t bother me or the clear light brown color; I mean it does say apple and apples brown so not unexpected. It didn’t produce some dramatic effect but it’s a nice addition to my skin care rotation, glad to have gotten it. Hope that helps.

  4. I just got my box! I managed to avoid spoilers somehow and thought they didn’t send me the DE mask but it was just hidden at the bottom of the box. I do wish it was bigger, but I’ve used it before and a little goes a long way. And you’re only really supposed to use it every 2 weeks.

    This is my 4th Box from them so I’m a happy subscriber. It’s not my favorite box but still a GREAT box. BeautyFix never disappoints. I’ll definitely be putting a few items up for swap but I’m still happy.

  5. I got my box today, but it was missing the Glow Renew Serum! I was so sad, as I really wanted to try it. I ended up calling their customer service though and they are sending it out. They were so nice! I’m happy they are sending me one out! Great customer service!

  6. I’m so overloaded on skin care! The entire box is going up for swap.

    • OMG! REALLY! I will take it all 🙂 I belong to many boxes – even Cohorted so I may have some stuff u might like.

      • Let me know how to reach you!

  7. So happy to get serums! I use them daily and have run out!

    • Amen on the serums. Ran out of full sized vitamin c serum I had. So this is great for me. The next day after needler and serum amazing,,, and just tried drunken elephant sample. Hopefully can get two more uses out of it. It’s 80 bucks. I need a full grand to get my dermstore wish list,,, lol

  8. Hi guys. For the ones living in colder climates, have you ever had a issue with your products being frozen upon delivery? I never did subs last winter

    • Nope, I live in Wisconsin and haven’t had a single issue

    • Yes, I live in Maine, and I’ve had toners and facial sprays freeze on me.

      • I live in North Dakota now (from Montana) I’ve emailed & asked if they could insulate or if I could pay for faster shipping. I emailed boxycharm the other day too but haven’t heard back. Ugh winter lol

    • I’m in NY. I have not had any that came frozen but I have had ones that heated than cooled or cooled than heated which made the tops contract & expand and then I had leaking items.

    • I live in Colorado and that has never happened

    • I live in the northeast. I can’t say I’ve ever had any products freeze. However, I have had very many products in glass bottles break after going from the cold temperatures outside to the warmth inside my house. Not too sure how this can be avoided though.

  9. I wish this sub would be half makeup/beauty and half high end skin care…then I would sign up. I just can’t get through all of those skin care items without creating a stockpile. But…on the other hand, I’m tempted anyway. I would need to cancel either Boxy or Allure and I don’t want to do that…! Ah….decisions!

    • I let go of allure reluctantly … may pick up December box … but just boxy and beautyfix now.

  10. Can you suspend your subscription or do you have to cancel and then rejoin?? And if you can suspend it, how do you do that?

    • I’m pretty sure you can’t suspend your subscription, but only cancel then rejoin.

    • You can only cancel & rejoin. I’ve done this a fair amount this year & it is always really easy to cancel. I’ve canceled by email a couple of times & over the phone. I’ve had great experiences with their customer service.

    • Only cancel and rejoin, but it’s a quick call to customer service to say you want to cancel so you can do month to month. They’re very friendly about it (have done it half a dozen times myself). I always ask if they have plans in future to do a skip option etc. it might be coming soon I think.

  11. You can get an additional sample of the Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Restore by following the link above.

    • Awesome, thanks! Sent one to my mom as well!

    • Awesome. Grabbed one up!!

    • Thank you,,, another sample,,,

  12. All high end products – yay! I love Skinmedica and am looking forward to trying the cleanest. And all skincare items like we signed up for – another yay! I live trying new serums and can’t wait to try these out! The Drunk Rlephant Baby Facial is really good- so glad to get it! Winner!

    • I love this Drunken Elephant face mask but the sample is very small. So maybe 2 uses depending on how the tube is filled (air vs product).

  13. Wow! So excited to get this box. This is by far my favorite sub.

  14. The Glo Serum looks like it could be the full size, which is just 1 oz. Doesn’t seem like a lot of product at that price-point but the reviews are really good.

    • I got my box today. Glo is a standard deluxe size: 15mL/0.5 ounces (so still a value of about $20).

  15. On the one hand I don’t like all-skincare boxes, but on the other, I’ve been wanting to try that Drunk Elephant product for a while now…
    There are no coupons for BeautyFix anymore, are there?

  16. Glad I skipped this month since nothing looks interesting except the PCA serum. Would love to swap for it! Click on my name and it’ll take you to my swap site

  17. I’m not a fan of Juice Beauty but everything else looks great! I love high end skin care and regularly use Skinceuticals, Skinmedica and ZO Skin health so it will be fun to use these samples. I’m thrilled there’s not another mask in this box. I don’t know if I’m just too lazy but I can’t seem to get through all the masks we get in boxes.

  18. Watch me do a Happy Dance that I cancelled. This is a total miss for me.

    • Ditto!

  19. Wow!! This box is fantastic!!! Love the combination of peels and serums!

  20. If I was still subscribing, I’d be ecstatic. This is their first really solid offering in quite a while.

  21. first time the full size product is not my thing. usually I love that and the rest is meh. other way around this month.

  22. I went ahead and canceled this month. Still have a full bottle of that peel and I’m on overload with facial products especially since I found a great deal on Peter Thomas Roth products thru Qvc

  23. Good assortment of brands and new things to try. The only thing I have tried is the Drunk Elephant.

  24. Oh heck yeah! This looks like an awesome box!

  25. Solid box

  26. What I love about this box is that everything is 100% new to me 😀

    • Me too! The Glo serum looks interesting. It’s supposed to help aging skin and acne, which is a frustrating combination. An ounce is $46. This probably isn’t an ounce but it looks pretty good sized next to the one ounce Skinmedica. I’m happy!

    • I agree! The Glo serum looks interesting. It’s supposed to help aging skin and acne, which is a frustrating combination. An ounce is $46. This probably isn’t an ounce but it looks pretty good sized next to the one ounce Skinmedica. I’m happy!

      • If it helps, I started getting cystic acne in my early 30s. I started eliminating meats and sugars and it all went away! Try weeding things out (meats, sugar, wheat, nuts, shellfish) if you already haven’t. It can also be hormonal from imbalances or birth control if it seems to be around your chin/mouth. Anyway, I like telling people because maybe it will help solve their acne along with a good skin care system routine at night. Peels help greatly too!

  27. Not really feeling this box beautyfix! Except the drunk elephant, and pca, the rest not so much.

    • Oops and the glo!

  28. 3 different serums? Seems a little much to me, especially as a person who doesn’t use them.

  29. Love!!

    • Me too! Love skincare.
      Not a Juice Beauty fan, but I did like and use their serum from FitFsbFun box. So I’ll try the peel.

      • I don’t like the smell of the Juice Beauty product I have tried but I’ll try this one anyway.

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