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5th Avenue Style Limited Edition Holiday Box Spoiler #5 + Coupons!

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We have the fifth spoiler for the 2017 Limited Edition Box from 5th Avenue Style!

The Box: 5th Avenue Limited Edition Holiday Box

The Cost: $270

COUPON: Use coupon code HOLIDAY1750 to save $50 off this box. Or, current 5th Avenue Style Membership Club subscribers can use HOLIDAY17MEMBER100 and save $100 off until Saturday, November 25th.

The Products: “Each box features one of a kind set of 4-5 customized Jewelry & Accessories, including new collections. All of it is shipped in individual giftable packaging so that any of these items can be used as a gift itself. Valued at a minimum of $700+, this box would make a great gift for yourself or for the loved ones in your life.”

Good to Know: “Limited quantities available. Order it now and specify a delivery date in your order’s note (the shipping date is at least 15 business days from the order date).We start shipping Holiday Boxes after November 15th, 2017“. This is a one-time purchase and not a subscription.

Check out our past 5th Avenue Style reviews to see items from their past boxes.

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements or opt out by following the link below.  For those who select this spoiler, it will be sent in addition to your jewelry. We will choose styles and colors based on your order preferences:
Please click here to fill out the form

Your information remains private.

In case you missed the previous spoilers:

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements or opt out by following the link below. If we already sent you any Inden products, we will make sure to avoid duplicates. For those who select this spoiler, it will be sent in addition to your jewelry. We will choose styles and colors based on your order preferences:
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements or opt out by following the link below:
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

Please fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate if you want to receive or opt out of Les Georgettes spoiler by following the link below. For those who select this spoiler, we will choose Metal Finish and the Leather Color of the band based on your order preferences:
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

Please choose the color of the watch that you like and fill out on-line form (all orders) to indicate your spoiler requirements by following the link below:
Please click here to fill out the form
Your information remains private.

What do you think of the spoilers?

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  1. Did anyone get this Holiday box at all? I received the latest update on the 13th…but 10 days later, still I have nothing.

    • Hi, I sent an email to their customer service group yesterday and haven’t gotten any response back yet. I am totall frustrated with this group because the 10 days after Christmas has turned into a nightmare after Christmas!

    • Hi – Just seeing if anyone has received the box yet? I’ve emailed w/5th avenue several times but I get the same response – Next week. I’m hoping someone received the box with the additional items. I’m going to give them through the end of this week before taking next steps.

      • I got an email reply back from them earlier this week stating that I would receive a tracking number this week. I have not received anything from them yet. I figure at 5:00 pm tomorrow is when I finally take action. As far as I’m concerned they’ve had ample time to recover from their major snowstorm. I ordered this box at the end of September, agreed to receive it 10 days late, and now we’re pushing 40+ days late.

      • I finally received a tracking number from them today. Hope this long wait is not going to be a big disappointment. Waiting an additional 40 days from Christmas was not my cup of tea., even with the additional gifts. I hope I’m wrong.

    • Ami came to me today and it was really disappointing what I received. I felt that I threw my money into the toilet

      • I think you can write them and ask for an exchange if they didn’t follow your notes.

  2. Very sneaky!! At first 10 days of delayed shipping, then they’re saying 10 days AFTER Christmas, now it’s 10 business days???

  3. Has anyone received their 5th Ave Holiday box yet? Or a tracking number??? I am getting worried that I allowed this company to take my money and now I haven’t received anything from them. I agreed to let them ship my box 10 days late, but the other boxes were guaranteed to arrive before Christmas.

    • I’m in the same boat … when I inquired back in November (!) I was told that “stylists were working on my box”. Then in early December they gave me the option to postpone delivery until after Christmas … no update or shipment notification since. Considering the significant cost and the fact that I ordered in September, I am worried too!

      • Hi Andrea, I sent an email to 5th Ave Limited Edition and they were quick to respond to my 2nd email. The reply stated that the boxes would go out by the end of the week, 10 business days AFTER Christmas for arrival next week, along with the promised gift. So I did feel a lot better after getting a reply from their customer service department.

        • Thank you — I’m breathing again now! 🙂

          • I haven’t gotten a personal response from them via email.

            No one is answering the phone number posted on the website.

          • This is an email I received today from 5th Ave Limited Edition;

            Sent from my iPhone

            Begin forwarded message:

            From: 5th Avenue Style
            Date: January 4, 2018 at 5:45:14 PM MST
            Subject: Holiday Box – Important Delivery Update
            Reply-To: 5th Avenue Style

            Holiday Box – Important Delivery Update

            Dear Deborah,

            As per our last communication, we committed to shipping your box ten days after Christmas with a nice gift. You will receive it next week.

            Our office is closed today and tomorrow due to inclement weather (major snowstorm in the region).

            Happy New Year to you and your family!
            We are doing our best to make sure that you will love your Box.

            Thank you,
            5th Avenue Style

    • I haven’t gotten the box either. I am very disappointed in this company. I do understand that they had issues, but from further inquiry it seems that they tend to have a lot of issues and shipping delays.

  4. I don’t know anything about watches so I’m wondering if the +/- 45 seconds/day means that this watch can gain or lose 45 seconds per day. If so, that doesn’t sound super accurate to me. Aren’t most watches more accurate? This sounds like it could gain or lose over 20 minutes a month. Am I reading that wrong?

    • I got the watch with my box and I’ve had to reset it a few times for being a few minutes off. Nothing as bad as 20 minutes a month (more like 5 minutes every two months) but it isn’t the most accurate, unfortunately. However it is very nice looking, doesn’t need wound, and it has a small circular window in the face that shows off the inner workings of the mechanism which is neat. Overall I really like it, and adjusting it every couple of months isn’t too much of a hassle.

  5. I’m getting nervous about this box. The only item I’ve chosen is the watch, so unless more spoilers come out all the other chosen items will be blind. Given that the items seem so unique to taste this is a bit worrisome. I keep wondering if I should cancel it, the boxes supposedly started shipping Nov 15. and I’ve opted out of all the spoilers except the watch. Errgh!

  6. They do sell those watches at Wallmart for $639.00 same style various colors. So the current retail value is def inflated. BUT having said that, a very nice box of highly giftable merch for this price!

    • I think they base RV on original retail, not sale prices or decline in price over time due to no longer being in its first season.

  7. How do the spoilers work? Are they items we could receive? Or items we will receive (but in a “surprise” color/design/model)?

    • Dear Sarah,

      It is not a surprise; we send you one item of your choice per spoiler category, i.e., Jewelry, Handbags, etc.
      In most cases, our stylists choose colors based on your order’s preferences.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

  8. This is my first time really noticing this box. So how it works is…. you give your color and item preferences and then you receive one item from each of the spoiler categories shown? So like, one bag, one bracelet, one necklace, 1 watch, etc? If you didn’t select an item category, like earrings, then you would not receive any earrings for sure? And instead you might receive 2 necklaces? or what/how does this work?

    • Dear Jenn,

      You select your preferences while placing the order.
      We send spoilers via Newsletters/MSA and guarantee to ship you one item per category, such as Jewelry, Handbags, etc. (Watch belongs to Jewelry category.)

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

  9. Question, are we guaranteed to receive a watch? The value of the watch is unbelievable for the box.

    • Dear Sue,

      Yes, if you select it. It belongs to Jewelry category, and we guarantee to ship one item per category.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

  10. I have been waiting for this spoiler to come! Just got the email so I popped over here.

    Since we have the “ear” of customer support at the box themselves I have a couple questions. 🙂

    I was intending to subscribe to the warehouse club BUT I thought it was less than it shows online. Will there be any Black Friday specials on the club itself? Or any additional discounts on currently available boxes? I expect to order more boxes in the upcoming year and the club would be ideal, just seems silly for me to pay $220 with no club and the code OR pay $170 with the club. See what I am getting at?

    Hope you can help! I have been gifted two bags from 5th Avenue, a Lancaster and a Mustsaers and and want more.

    Thanks so much!

    • Dear Carey,

      Thank you for your interest in 5th Avenue Style. There will be Black Friday deals but not for the Holiday Box and not for Membership Club.

      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Thank you very much Jennifer. 🙂 One last question, is there a deadline for the Holiday box? Is email the best way to contact you with further questions or would social media of some kind be better?

        • Dear Carey,

          We are planning to stop accepting orders for the Holiday Box in a few days.
          Email is the best way to contact us.

          Thank you,
          5th Avenue Style Team

  11. I see that 5th Avenue Style is responding to questions so I’ll try mine.

    I ordered the box a few weeks ago but other than an order confirmation, I haven’t received any emails regarding spoilers. How do I access these spoiler forms?

    • Dear Leah,

      Please make sure that you are subscribed to our Newsletter, to receive all spoilers info.
      Spoiler forms links are sent via Newsletters and can be also found on MSA.

      You can contact us directly with your info, and we will double check it.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

  12. Just saw the spoiler in my email, yay! These evening bags look very pretty. I hope there will be a black Friday special…

  13. Can someone please explain how these boxes work? There are five spoilers – but presumably you don’t get all five of the items. How many items are in the box and how many do you get to choose? And can you opt out of any? For example I like most of the spoilers but would not want to receive the watch. Thanks.

    • Dear Beth,

      You can select as many spoiler items as you like but we guarantee to send you one item per category, i.e., Jewelry, Handbags, etc.
      You can also opt out of any of these spoilers. There will be 4-5 items in the box.

      Thank you,
      5th Avenue Style Team

      • Thanks!

      • What are all the categories that are included?

  14. Is this the last spoiler for this box?

    • I’m interested in knowing this too! I’d rather a satchel or handbag type option in this category.

  15. Is it just me or does that silver cuff look like something from Spiderman?
    (Oddly, that makes me really like it…but can’t afford this box anyways haha!)

    • The way I am excusing this is that I was planning on spending $100 on a watch anyway, and I can have it mailed to arrive in late December when my birthday is. (He didn’t get me a birthday present or Valentine’s this year or last since mine is so close to Christmas, so I told him I would start picking my own presents and getting them and he was OK with that. So the watch plus two presents equals $200 – if this goes on a really good deal again, I’m getting it. Not that it isn’t a good deal as is! Just $200 is my budget.

      • Wow, I wish I had that kinda budget!
        My high budget is a 50 dollar box, but I still enjoy seeing the spoilers in all price brackets ;D

        • It’s not something I could do every month! But I’m normally a penny-pincher, so tend to have a lot of unused budget towards the end of the year. And I buy my gifts/presents for everyone early when I find sales, so I don’t have any gifts left to buy for this year/early next year.

          Plus, if there is anything in this box I end up disliking, it can become a gift.

      • Just ordered. 🙂 I might have to buy less deals tomorrow than I planned though! Worth it – I’ve been obsessing over whether or not to get this box for a month now.

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