PLAY! by SEPHORA The Beauty Remedy Edition – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for both versions of the limited edition Play! by Sephora box thanks to OfficeBae, Jen, and gujingjing925!

Play Edition 1 and 2 boxes

Source: gujingjing925

Source: gujingjing925

The Box: PLAY! by SEPHORA The Beauty Remedy Edition

The Cost: $20 ($140 value) This box is now sold out in both versions.

The Products:

Edition 1:

  • La Mer Moisturizing Soft Creme
  • SK-II RNA Eye Cream
  • Tatcha Silk Cream
  • Atelier Cologne in Santal Carmin Giorgio
  • Armani lipstick in Ecstacy Shine 400
  • Givenchy Le Rouge Perfect Pink lip balm

Edition 2:

  • La Mer Moisturizing Soft Creme
  • Amore Pacific Vintage Single Extract Essence
  • YSL Touché Eclat Blur Primer
  • Atelier Cologne in Santal Carmin Giorgio
  • Armani lipstick in Ecstacy Shine 400
  • Givenchy Le Rouge Perfect Pink lip balm


What do you think of the spoilers? Were you able to grab a box before they sold out?

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. I am really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read . I learn new information from your article , you are doing a great job . Keep it up. And must visit our site.

  2. Both Editions are available right now arc!!

    • *at*

      I was writing customer service about my order and saw I could add them to my cart. Hopefully that means those delayed shipment orders will be fulfilled for y’all

  3. This box is restock right now

  4. OMG I’m obsessed with this Atelier Cologne in Santal Carmin Giorgio! It smells SO GOOD. I’m not normally passionate about perfume but this one is the most unique scent I’ve ever tried. Definitely taking it with me for my upcoming trip.

  5. I received both versions of this box and i have put items up for swap. Click on my name for my swap profile listings.

  6. I ordered edition I and got edition II. I called the Rouge hotline up and they refunded me the $20, no extras :/

    Anyone located in SoCal want to swap my II for your I?

  7. I ordered both boxes, and I love them! Absolutely pleased! And because that must’ve been my day for miracles, I even got ALL the samples I actually ordered! I added in a KVD lipstick (the ones on sale) and got the Korean beauty bag as a bonus, and THAT was foils in a case, but honestly, they were really good foils. Stuff I really do want to try.

    All in all, the total order was a win! 🙂

  8. I received Edition 1 — and I ordered Edition 2. Anyone want to swap? @reinventioninc on Twitter.

  9. I’m really irritated with Sephora. I am Rouge and ordered one of each version as soon as I received the email that they were available on Thursday. I just received an email about an hour ago that there was a “processing delay” and my order would be shipping in 2-3 days.

  10. My cousin was supposed to get Edition II but was sent Edition I, and to make it worse, they replaced one of the samples she requested with Gimmie Brow, the one that has been recalled.

    • What recall?! 😱

      • Benefit recalled it and Sephora has a link to this on their page:

        It was in my September Play box and Sephora refunded me the cost of the box. But like others said, they are inconsistent. Some people only got 50 points, others 250 and some refunds.

        • Oh wow, I got it in my box and had no idea of the recall!

      • the recall is just something that has been blown WAYYY out of porportion…. the girl who had eye irritation only had a reaction because she used gimme brow as a MASCARA…. it has fibers in it, and it meant to ONLY BE USED ON EYEBROWS, as it has not been tested for safe use directly around the eyes. Benefit said themselves that if you use the product AS INTENDED, for EYEBROWS, then it is completely safe. but people are “silly” and dont follow directions, not knowing the outcome or effects, and use things in ways other than intended. thats the ONLY reason she got a reaction. sheesh… the things people will do for attention!!!!!! SMH!

        • Wow, I didn’t know that. It’s not their fault she didn’t use it as directed.

        • Um, I’m not sure which “girl” applied this wrong and then triggered a nationwide recall of an entire product in all sizes. That’s not what is stated anywhere and doesn’t even make sense. Rather, Benefit stated that batches didn’t meet quality control standards. They aren’t even reformulating the product, so this has nothing to do with one girl’s misapplication. Further, you’re never even going to get to know all the reasons for the recall because it was voluntary. That’s one of the benefits companies have for doing this if their own accord rather than waiting for regulatory/compliance agencies to catch them.

    • OMG sephora ALWAYS gives me the wrong samples, and even worse its stuff that I would NEVER select 🙁

      • One order not long ago had all 3 samples I picked. Mind blown!

  11. I guess Sephora really messed up big on these. I too ordered edition 1 and received edition 2. They gave me a partial refund and 200 points. My order form in the box even said it was edition 1, so somehow they cost themselves alot of money and problems.

  12. How do I get alerts of these limited boxes? This is my first time reading on it and I am bummed I didnt get the opportunity to sign up!

  13. I ordered edition I and got edition II, I’m very disappointed.

    • And I ordered 2 and got 1 super disappointing.

      • same I order edition 2 and got edition 1

  14. I was so excited to get this box! I ordered edition 2 and when I opened the box this morning it was EMPTY! I got nothing but the free samples, which weren’t even any of the ones I selected. Customer service agent could have cared less and offered a refund and 100 beauty points. Does anyone have an extra bag they would want to sell? I’m so sad.

  15. I ordered the second edition and got the box today and there was NOTHING INSIDE!!!! I’m so upset. I called customer service and the girl I spoke with wasn’t the least bit genuine in saying she was sorry this happened and didn’t have an explanation of how it happened. All she did was offer me a refund since both bags are sold out and then when I was still upset she offered 100 beauty points. Does anyone have an extra one of these bags that they don’t want and would be willing to sell??

    • What a terrible experience! 100 points and a bad attitude will do nothing for me if my package tomorrow doesn’t contain one of each edition.

    • Sure, if you still want one.

  16. Mine was just delivered and I opened it and that pink box is to die for! 😜 But….I received Edition II and ordered Edition I. I really wanted the Tatcha….and I’m not a big primer person. Well poo. Figures! Lol. I had an issue last luxury Play box. I’ll be calling Sephora Rouge line I guess, lol. And my shipping email stated they sent Edition I for anyone wondering.

    • they probably should have put edition I and edition II in different color bag/boxes, or had something on the outside to differ the two types…. so when they were filling orders and putting them in boxes they would actually be able to know which is which……. seems they messed up with A LOT of orders!!!!!!

  17. I wanted the bag so I bought it. But now seeing the spoilers I wish I didn’t make that impulse decision. Not worth it.

    • Hey there, are you interested in selling?

  18. I would buy the bag! Too bad it sold out.

  19. I ordered edition II and received edition I. I am not happy; I really wanted edition II. I received a refund and didn’t have to send back the product, but they never notified me they sent the wrong one. I ordered around 9 am the day it was released to VIB’s.

    • I had this happen too! Did you send them a message or call?

  20. I love the pink bag, that is honestly the best part lol…I hope I get Edition 1….I had no idea there were even two to pick from…. I ordered as soon as it came out, so how do you know which one you ordered??? It didn’t even say when I ordered it.

    • At the time both were available there was a box each for Edition I & Edition II. You could select either box then add to cart.

  21. I’m surprised everyone wanted Edition I. My preference had been for Edition II as it had more makeup items than skincare items before the complete spoilers came out.

    There isn’t that much of a difference between Edition I and II to merit a return imho.

    • People just need something to complain about. The deal is amazing with either version.

      • Really? You think that it’s an acceptable business practice to purposely ship the wrong item and make it incumbent upon the buyer to return the product for a refund?

        • Right? There was a specific description (ie Tatcha skincare product) and they sent something else. How would you like to order a lipstick, and instead they send you a blush? It doesn’t matter if it’s a good deal – it’s not what you ordered.

  22. I got an email from Sephora stating they think they sent me the wrong version… I ordered both. And would be sending me the two different samples out separately and apologized for the mistake. My shipping notices were correct and have not gotten my packages so who knows what will be arriving.

    • That’s what’s happening to me. I got a shipping notification yesterday that was correct, and an email saying there was a mix up, that samples would be sent out next week. Guess it’s a waiting game now, to see what really shows up.

  23. For those of you who were sent the wrong version- when you got your shipping notification did it say the item they sent or the item you ordered?

    • Mine said the item I ordered but upon opening it found out I received the other edition

    • just received mine in the mail. i was worried the mix up would happen to me and it did!!! the outside wrapper even had the edition 1 item number on it, but when i opened the package it was edition 2! i really would have rather had the skII and tatcha items. my order confirmation said i was getting edition 1. i also did not receive an email about sephora possibly sending me the wrong edition. i am vib rouge and ordered the morning they became available. I’m so disappointed =(

      • What day/date do they usually become avaliable, do u know? I’ve been a sephora customer forever and only just found out about it thru another website…

  24. So I received my box today and they sent me Edition II instead of the Edition I that I ordered. Called CS and was told they they sold out of the first edition so they send some folks the 2nd one. I let her know I wanted to return the one I received as it was not the item I ordered. Sephora was great for sending a return label so I can send this back, the items were just not for me honestly. I hate that they substituted for the other box and didn’t let me know. But they were good about me sending it back and CS was nice about it.

  25. Huh… I’m kinda glad I skipped on this one. The only thing I really want here is the bag.

  26. I got a second edition. I am not sure how I feel about its contents – on one hand, I am excited to try La Mer creme, but YSL- another primer?! We receive enough of those as it is, I don’t need another one even if it’s from a higher end brand. Givenchy lip balm is also meh.. All in all I feel like the previous luxury brand release (was in earlier this year? I don’t quite remember exactly the month) was much better than this one.

  27. Glad I got both! I’m most excited to try the essence, though I kind of hope I don’t love it because it’s pricey. I know it’s a bummer not everybody got to order, but as a VIB Rouge I will say it’s nice to have a bonus day to order since Sephora really doesn’t offer very many perks for VIB/VIBR.

  28. Does anyone know if the Givenchy pink balm actually looks pink when applied?

    • This did not show up on my lips at all unfortunately 🙁 it was more of a clear gloss on me.

  29. If anyone wants to sell theirs, for a reasonable price, please e-mail be at beccajrichardson at gmail!

  30. Sephora sent me the wrong edition. I paid for Edition 1 and received Edition 2. Oh well, Sephora refunded me my money and I got to keep Edition 2. Did anyone else receive the wrong one?

    • I had the same thing happen to me. I let them know this was not the item that I ordered and they emailed me a return shipping lable.

    • They emailed that they sent the wrong one….but also are sending the correct products…bonus for me!!

    • I received edition 2, but ordered edition 1. I am rouge and ordered the first day. I got a return label and 100 points. Cannot get a refund until I send my box back. There are so few rouge benefits and this one turned out not to be one.

      • They clearly didn’t have a plan for what to do. I’m Rouge and got to keep the wrong one with a partial refund and 200 points. They should’ve told all the operators how to handle their mistakes the same way. In my opinion that would be the fair way to handle it. Some people are having to return theirs and others aren’t. Some got a full refund others got a partial. Sephora has really been slipping lately. Half my orders don’t even come with samples anymore.

        • I agree…they are really failing in CS. My last 2 orders included samples but not any of the ones I had selected. Why ask if they’re just going to put random samples in the box? I choose certain samples for a reason. They are missing out on future sales because I buy products based on samples I’ve tried and liked.

          • OMG same, they ALWAYS send me the wrong samples, my guess is that whatever i picked had run out, and what they send isnt even in the same category as what i picked, for example if i pick skin care or makeup, i will get hair samples or perfume samples, both which i hate. so annoying 🙁

  31. So sad I missed this, that pink case is so cute! And I have been dying to try La Mer and Tatcha.

    • Me too!! So bummed!!

  32. That bag is so cute! I was able to get one of each. I likely will swap the overlap items. I still haven’t finished my previous special edition samples and I’m really trying to swap for more FAB bouncy masks. My order will be here soon, so excited!

  33. I will be swapping a Giorgio Armani lipstick, a Givenchy Le Rouge Perfecto, and probably an Atelier Cologne if anyone is interested. (Maybe 2 if I don’t like the smell, lol)

    I don’t know how to link my swaps, but if you search ‘mario earrings,’ I have the piranha plant earrings listed. (Hahaha, I just listed these, and it’s an easy way to find me!)

    • To link your swaps: go to your swap profile page, copy the URL, then paste that into the website field when you enter a comment. Then your name in the comments list will become a clickable link straight to your swaps. I did that here- try clicking my name

      • thanks, I’ve always wondered how to do that!

      • Thanks so much Jacki! 😊❤️ I’m gonna try it here…

        (My comments never post immediately for some reason so maybe I can try it tomorrow. 😒)

    • How big is the La Mer sample? Looks pretty small. I have never tried it but I’m excited to see if it lives up to tthe hype but am thinking with such a small sample, I’ll probably not get a realistic impact on skin.

      • The La Mer sample is .24oz. 🙂

        • Thank you Luna 🙂

        • Any idea what size the SK-II is?

          • No, I’m sorry. This will be the first time I’ve received that particular sample.

      • The La Mer here isn’t the original creme, but the original definitely lives up to the hype, if you can get past the my-grandmother’s-cold-cream-from-the-70s smell. It lasts forever too! I was shocked at how long my full size jar lasted with daily use. Just a few dabs is all that is needed. It’s heavenly.

        • The original cream does last forever! That’s what I love so much about the La Mer products, they last so long that they end up being more like the cost of high-end skincare (as opposed to luxury) in the long run. 🙂

          I was actually going to say that too, because even the .24oz sample would last for quite a few uses, but I noticed this sample is for the soft cream and while I’ve used that sample before, I can’t recall if it lasted almost as long as the original cream. I’m thinking I went through it faster though, just because of its consistency.

  34. These are good boxes, imo! I’m not SUPER sad I missed it but I would have been happy with them if I did. If they do get re-stocked, I might get edition 1.

  35. I am pleased! I have been thinking about buying that particular Atelier Cologne scent, and I’ve wanted to try the Giorgio Armani lipstick and the Givenchy lip balm.

  36. I was only able to get version 2. If they restock, I’m getting multiples. Just LaMer and AmorePacific samples are worth it for me.

  37. That bag is sweet! I am not sad that I didn’t buy it, but I am sure those that did will love! Rouge 20% starts next week! 💝 🤑💄

    • Thanks! I was wondering when it was going to start. 😀 Due to poor planning on my part, I let my 20% Ulta coupon lapse, which I was slightly bummed about, but maybe I can make up for it next week. 😉

  38. I was too late to purchase Edition 1, but bought two Edition 2s. I’m so happy to see 2 lip products and no eye shadow or nail polish! May gift one of my sets.

  39. Glad I didn’t give in to the FOMO! I would swap for the Givenchy balm, though!

    • I’ll happily trade with you.

  40. How do people swap?

    • Are you just asking in general, Jennifer? Up top of the My Sub Add page, it says ‘Swaps’ – click that and go there, and you can sign up (I think, not sure if there’s a waitlist or not). Hope that helps 😊 If you click my name too you can see my personal swap page.

    • I think you can sign up by clicking on the 4 horizontal bar icon (all the way to the right of the header after My subscription addiction, search icon, and your account icon) and select “swap “. You will probably be on the waitlist for a couple of weeks before being accepted.

  41. This was genius of Sephora. They put out 2 different versions that had only 2 products different between them and got people to buy both.

    • To be fair, they didn’t force people to buy both. I prefer skincare heavy boxes and that’s why I went for edition 1, while people I know don’t, so they went for edition 2. I’m not surprised at the overlap and to me it cuts down on box envy.

      • I agree, plus when they showed the brands featured they clearly stated there would be overlap of products for those brands in both boxes, so it was clear that only two products would be different in each box. I bought both knowing this, not minding the duplicates. 🙂

      • No of course they didn’t force people to buy both but they did rope a lot of us into buying two almost identical bags. I knew there were some duplicates but didn’t expect this many.

        • lol I don’t know were they got the idea that you said they forced you to buy 2 boxes! I guess they didn’t read your comment right…but I totally agree with you though super genius of Sephora to do this;)

          • Just in case I’m part of the “they” since I agreed with Adele’s comment, I agree they didn’t “force” anyone to buy this (that’d be awful!). I was just agreeing to her comment, “I’m not surprised by the overlap…”, as I felt they were clear there would be duplicates.

  42. I loved my sample of the La Mer from the previous box so I don’t mind the repeat. This gives those who were not Rouge when they did the Iconic box the chance to try it. Excited to try the SK-II and Tatcha. Happy with this box.

  43. I don’t even mind the number of things that are repeated because I haven’t tried any of these products and that Amore pacific is so big! Super excited

  44. I was hoping I could get my Kindle in the box but I don’t think it will fix. Oh well I’m sure I’ll find a good use for it!

  45. When did these go on sale? I totally missed it. 🙁

    • They went on sale to Rouge’s on Thursday, and VIB’s yesterday. They were going to be available to everyone today, but they sold out.

      • Dang, no wonder I missed it. O_O

  46. I didn’t need any of this but ordered one of each!

    • Haha! Me too!

    • Me too 😃

  47. Awe… I don’t need but I want that la mer

  48. Good news, someone commented on the sephora page that customer service said they will restock both editions;) For all of you who missed this<3

    • I wonder when…hopefully this is true

    • Hopefully I’ll be able to catch this when it restocks.

    • Interesting, I’m actually pretty upset with Sephora right now. I ordered edition I but they sent me edition ii. I didn’t want edition ii and wouldn’t have ordered/paid for it. Did we somehow agree to accept either one when we ordered?

      • Nope, the top commenter said they refunded her money back and she kept the box free..get your money back 😉

        • Yes, definitely get your money back if they sent you the wrong one.
          I also heard that these will be restocked and offered again.
          I’m so excited to get mine (edition #2)!!!

        • Excellent, thanks. I e-mailed them. Will hope for a positive response . . .

          • I wanted the tatcha but want that Amore now too. Shoulda got both. If you are Rouge I’d push them. I saw a VIB had this happen and they sent the two correct samples that were different and told her to keep the other. As Rouge they need to be nicer! I had a missing sample from the last one and they couldn’t send the correct sample but did give me a $5 credit. Maybe try calling the Rouge concierge line? They shouldn’t make you send it back, they’ll just toss it anyways!

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