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ModCloth Stylish Surprise Box Review – October 2017

See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

A few times a year, ModCloth launches their “Stylish Surprise”, which are mystery items you can buy at a deep discount. We’re talking typically pricier pieces for around $10-$20! Buying a Stylish Surprise is sort of like buying a blind box toy—you’ll know the category of item you’re buying (like dresses, apparel, shoes, outerwear, swim, etc.) and what size you’ve chosen, but you’ll only find out what exact piece you’re getting when you open your box. There are usually a wide range of styles and aesthetics in the mix, so what you wind up with is totally random… and a total surprise!

See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

The thing about Stylish Surprise is that items go fast. We’re talking sold-out-in-hours fast. The Stylish Surprises I shopped for this review is now done and sold out, but there always seems to be another Stylish Surprise event right around the corner. Check out the items I got to see the kind of mix of products you can expect and stay tuned for updates!

FYI: Dresses, Tops, Bottoms, and Swimwear categories are still available for purchase in most sizes!

See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

My Subscription Addiction paid for this box. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes)

See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

The Box: ModCloth Stylish Surprise

Here were the categories this time:

  • Stylish Surprise Dresses – $20.00 each, sizes XXS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise Outerwear – $15.00 each, sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise Swim – $10.00 each, sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise Shoes – $10.00 each, sizes 5-11
  • Stylish Surprise Tops – $15.00 each, sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise Bottoms – $15.00 each, sizes XS-4X
  • Stylish Surprise Accessories – $5.00 each, one size

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See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

I caught Stylish Surprise in time to nab a top, a dress, and a bottoms item in my size. Unfortunately, when my order arrived, my invoice was correct, but my box included two tops and a bottom. No dress. (Sad face!) It was a bummer, for sure, but Emily, the ModCloth Customer Care specialist I chatted with, was awesome and credited a full refund for the dress I didn’t receive right back to my credit card. I didn’t even have to return the extra shirt! While I would’ve loved to get a surprise dress, I’m glad I have my money back to spend on a style I know I want. (At the time this review was written, my dress size is still available for Stylish Surprise, so I could even just dive in and place another order!)

See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Stylish Surprise Tee, Size Medium – Cost $15.00, Value $29.99

My closet is filled with graphic tees, and I wear them almost every day. So I was excited to find one in my shipment! This look is pretty cute, though it’s made from a 95% rayon, 5% spandex blend that feels like a loose, sort of shapeless jersey. I usually like wearing cotton-blend tees that have just the slightest bit more structure to them, but I did love how soft and effortless this tee was to wear. I’ll have to be choosy about when I wear this tee—it’s a message that will work great for a casual date night at the movies, but not so well when I’m out and about running errands in my city. (I don’t want to censor my style for cat-callers, but I also don’t want to invite them, either, y’know what I mean?)

See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Stylish Surprise Top, Size Medium – Cost $15.00, Value $19.99 (Retail Value $29.99)

This next top is one I might not have picked for myself, but that I’m actually pretty pleased with. It’s 85% polyester, 15% rayon and black and gray (very me), but the cut of the sleeves and lace-like trim gives it a bohemian vibe. If you read my reviews, you know that I like to dabble in boho looks, but in small ways. (A little fringe here, a 70s silhouette there, but well… you’ll never see me in paisley, if that makes sense, haha!) This top is perfect for those days when I want my outfit to be a little more romantic and carefree. I left the hem out in the photos to show about how long the top is, but it looks really awesome on me when tucked into a skirt or high-waisted jeans. (Truth be told, I tuck basically everything I own into high-waisted bottoms. What can I say? It’s my thing!)

See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise! See the cute top, romper, and tee shirt I got from the October ModCloth Stylish Surprise!

Stylish Surprise Bottoms (Romper), Size Large – Cost $15.00, Value $15.97 (Retail Value $49.99)

I don’t know what it is, but I am always so pleased with how rompers fit me! This one was super comfortable, not just because the jersey fabric (95% rayon, 5% spandex) was super soft and forgiving, but because the look fit my body really nicely. I like that it has a waistline, and the pockets are awesome (though the fabric is thin enough that whatever you put in there is bound to stick out or weight that side of the garment down). I don’t wear a ton of blue (I wore it so much as a little kid—to match the eyes, y’know?—that I got bored of it after awhile), but this pretty sapphire color reminded me how fun it can be. I was also really happy with how well the front stayed shut! I might need a little tape if I plan to take this out dancing, but if I’m heading to something low-key like a dinner date, I won’t be constantly pinching the two sides closed over and over!

Verdict: Despite the shipping snafu, I ended up pretty happy with this ModCloth Stylish Surprise! I will say that none of these products would’ve been my first picks, had I been shopping around on the ModCloth site. But it’s fun to roll the dice and discover something new. If you’re up for the risk, the reward can be pretty huge—these pieces cost $45.00 via Stylish Surprise, but even if I’d caught them on sale on the site, they would’ve cost me $65.95. 

To Wrap Up:

Can you still get these items? I can’t say for sure which pieces you’ll get (that’s the surprise!), but at the time this was written, there were still Stylish Surprise dresses, tops, bottoms, and swimwear items available in select sizes. Go check ’em out while they last!

Value Breakdown: I paid $45.00 for this box + $5.99 US shipping (free shipping is available for US orders over $75.00) and received $65.95 worth of products. So, proportionally, I paid about $11.60 per item.

What do you think about ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise this time around? What did you get?

ModCloth Stylish Surprise

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Written by Anna Reilly

Anna Reilly

Anna loves collecting little treasures, be they pop-culture finds, handmade mementos, or new potions to put in her makeup bag. Beauty boxes got her interested in the subscription world, but now she’s swooning for all things kawaii!

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Comments (41)

  1. I’m glad I didn’t order this time around. Last couple times I received decent items, but I spent more than I probably would have if I’d picked out a couple things I really liked.

  2. I have always enjoyed surprise bags but am selective where I “gamble” on them ( in regards to the general quality of items which might or might not be coming in them ). Part of the fun for me of these bargain bags is the chance to actually try out something that I may not have otherwise looked at wearing. What I do not want/fit/like gets donated out.

    So far I have been pleased with the assortment sent by Modcloth in their Surprise bags. My order this time was for three items ; a top , a bottom and a dress. Listed below is what I received:

    The pants were the first thing I tried on; a dark denim high waisted slim fit capri ( size medium ). Really cute and not something I have had in my closet.

    The top ( size large ) is long and sleeveless with a low “v” front and made from a silky polyester material in a light blue. I was surprised at how nice this color ( I typically wouldnt have picked ) looks on me plus the soft color of the graphics is really nice. I will need to wear a cami underneath as I do not want my daughter to roll her eyes at showing any mom cleavage. 😉

    Last to try on was the dress ( L ) and it again wasn’t what I would have picked off the racks but it is made very well. Its a belted one piece that looks like two ; a long sleeve thin knit navy and white striped top with an open neckline and a dark blue cotton flared ( with a lining ) attached skirt. The removable belt is brown leather.

  3. So relieved! I got a gorgeous Adrianna Papell ivory and black lace sheath dress, a Modcloth striped cutout top, and a Voodoo Vixen ruffled top. Not things I would have chosen, but it all fits, and the dress alone was worth the purchase.

      • That Adrianna Papell dress is gorgeous. I wear a XL and also scored on this order. I also received an Adrianna Papell Printed Stretch Crepe Side Drape Dress which is listed for $72 on zappos but was originally $120. It fits me like a glove and is so classy I can wear it during my practicum.

        I think I might have received the same Voodo Vixentop as you. Its the Francine Retro Top at theblackmarket and listed for $26.39. Its not my style but will go perfectly with another skirt I got from Modcloth.

        I also received a Jessica Simpson under the sea one piece swimsuit with a scalloped halter and its listed for $98 at the swimoutlet. It fits perfectly and I just moved into a new apartment complex and was looking for something more modest to wear around the pool.

        My last surprise is a Modcloth brand black shiny long sleeve polyester blouse with white cuffs that tie and a matching white collar with tie. I wouldn’t have picked it out for myself but it will compliment a lot of stuff in my wardrobe.

        This is one of the best Modcloth orders I’ve ever received. The first order, I did not pay attention to the size guide and received two dresses that didn’t fit but the other dress and shirt I wear all the time.

        My second Modcloth surprise order was a bust. I ordered 5 tops and they were all duplicates and the same colors. I sent Modcloth pictures of the tags and they partially reimbursed my order and gave me a coupon code.

        Then I learned from my mistake and I did another surprise order and received a red, black, and white plaid 50’s skirt and an adorable flowered dress that I receive so many compliments on.

        Then I got this surprise order. I think the trick is to order just one of each category when they have surprises.

      • Your dress is gorgeous too. And yes the Francine top is what I got. I’m thinking about removing the sleeve ruffle, since the one at the neckline is already too much ruffle for me!

    • that is really cute!

  4. I also got 2 of the same exact tops! And the dress they sent was exactly the same one as a previous stylish surprise. While I know they can’t always be hits, sending 2 of the same tops is unacceptable. I chatted with CS today and they also suggested donating or gifting. This will be the last order from Modcloth from me.

    • I also got two identical tops, and I chatted with CS. They gave me store credit for the extra one, but did let me know that their updated terms & conditions say that there can be duplicates and all sales are final so they won’t do any credits for duplicates any more. I told him to please tell his supervisors that any future orders from me are now cut in half.

  5. You make everything look fantastic! I got the same gray top as you, and I’m wearing it right now tucked in to a pencil skirt. It is SO soft, right?

    I ordered 2 tops and 2 bottoms. I got the gray top, a lightweight, open-weave pullover sweater, cherry red ModCloth brand shorts, and a cute ModCloth brand plaid wrap skirt. It was one of the best Stylish Surprise hauls I have ever received, and I have been doing them for a while!

    I agree with other commenters that the duplicates they have been sending out is inexcusable, however. I’ve seen it happen to so many people. In the future, to be safe, I think I will order one of each offering.

  6. I got 2 identical tops and my bottoms were missing completely. CS offered a refund for the missing item but refused to do anything about the dups. I’m done with them.

  7. You got lucky abd you look fabulous in that romper! The color is really pretty on you.

    • Thanks so much, Alex! It is a really nice and rich blue. The cut of the romper is kind of summer-y, but I feel like if I paired the look with some black tights, cute boots, and the right scarf, it could see me through fall!

  8. I ordered 2 tops and a dress. Got 3 tops by mistake, but did get a store credit after using the online chat. I LOVE the 2 tops I got, but they are a little small so size up, ladies. One is an off the shoulder purple flowery top with buttons up the back and the other is an elbow length off white floral top with pleating in the front and a tie at the waist. Super super cute! But too small!!! Working on weight loss anyway so maybe it will work shortly for me. If not, my little sister can always inherit them!

    • Laurie, I received that same purple top! I don’t know what size you need (mine is a 3x) but I’d be willing to swap it if you’re interested! 🙂

  9. The blue romper, blue sandals is a KILLER date night outfit.

    • It’s such a great deal but to really put in that they will not refund if they send duplicates anymore. That’s a joke and pure lazy. Mod cloth your such a terrible company. I would never recommend you guys to anyone.

  10. I love, love the gray top and the romper is so cute on you! I hate to hear of all the dups and canceled orders 🙁 Like others, my 2 outwear pieces were canceled, but my shoes came yesterday. I got a pair of gold snake heels (which are so cute, but not at all my style) and the most adorable pair of heeled booties. So, I spent $21.40 total (since my initial order was over $50, I got free shipping). I’m considering myself pretty lucky to have scored an awesome pair of booties for that price!

  11. My first and last time Stylish Surprise. I got two dresses in XL. One is ginormous and I can walk out of it with it zippered up and it’s supposed to be fitted. The other is stick straight and I can’t even zip it up. I also ordered myself a shirt (XL) in the clearance section so shipping was free over $50. The shirt fit great.

  12. I call conspiracy. Haley always lucked out too. Bet they send the good stuff to bloggers.

    In case you were wondering, I got two knee-length prom dresses, and a way-too-large shirt made out of pom poms and gauze. I’m laughing on the outside and crying on the inside.

    Touché Modcloth. Lesson learned.

    • Never again! They sent so many duplicates this time around. One girl got 5 of the same exact dress and I had bought it earlier off clearance for $16. I got doubles myself. Stylish surprise is trash now.

  13. You look amazing in the romper! Definitely a keeper for girls night out or date night!

  14. I got seven items. Three exactly the same. Two more exactly the same. Two more the same thing in different colors. All sleeveless. Total train wreck. If they are going to cancel due to overselling, the courteous thing to do is also to cancel if they have only have duplicates left. Surely they know no one wants five dresses that are exactly the same thing, as someone else got. It sure seems like they just want to get the things out the door, and who cares about the customer. I know some have gotten store credit, but the general attitude seems to be too bad, so sad. I’ve been totally alienated now, and am totally done.

  15. Not to make assumptions, but I think the romper may have been the “dress” and they neglected to send out your bottoms?

    Since they are the same size (according to your invoice), that’s what I’m thinking anyway 😉

  16. That romper looks fabulous on you!!

  17. First of all, that romper looks absolutely amazing on you! Just perfect! But I wouldn’t personally consider a romper to be a bottom. I would have been disappointed to get that because rompers never work for me. I’m too tall. But the outerwear tempts me. I’ll probably end up ordering that at least.

  18. Agree that romper looks awesome on you!

  19. What I got was 4 of my 7 items canceled because they “oversold”. My remaining three items weigh .7 lbs so I’m expecting like 3 tank tops. I always want to get dresses until I remember most of their dresses are flared bottoms that don’t work on my frame.

    That grey shirt is really cute, though!

    • Yep, my outwear order was cancelled, also, because it was “oversold”. Super annoying and disappointing .

  20. Congrats on actually getting three different tops. 😂 I ordered three and got three of the exact same top. While cute, I don’t need three! I emailed customer service last night about this issue and have yet to hear back. I also got a cute red romper (too short in the stride) and a beautiful black and white polka dot dress.

    • I ended up getting three pairs of the same boots (same brand, color, style, everything), so I initiated an online chat with Customer Service and got store credit for the duplicates. If you don’t get a quick response to your email, you might want to try the website’s chat feature 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip!

      • How difficult was it for you to get them to make right on this issue? I had to escalate it to a supervisor to get them to take care of my 3 identical items. 🙁

      • At first the CS rep suggested that I give away/trade/sell the duplicates, but when I got a little, shall we say, “insistent” that I wouldn’t accept that solution, he offered store credit. I didn’t have to go through a manager.

    • That seems to be an ongoing issue for them. I’ve heard of lots of people getting duplicates with stylish surprise for the past three or four times it’s been offered.

      • Happened to me as well. Two identical dresses. You’d think SOMEONE looks in the box before sending it. I emailed, but I may try chat tomorrow.

      • Such a shame! It’s interesting hearing everyone’s experiences. I didn’t even consider what might happen if you try to order multiples of one “type” of surprise – that duplicate issue is such a bummer. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories! It’s super enlightening and hopefully helpful for people thinking of diving in with Stylish Surprise in the future (and weighing the risk vs. reward)!

  21. I have one dress and two tops coming. I got free shipping with $50 purchase which made me push the enter key. Truth is, I’ve done stylish surpise several times and gotten some duds as well as hits, but once got a gorgeous expensive dress. I’d be really happy if I got your second top.

  22. LOVE the grey tee and the blue romper looks AMAZING on you!!!! What’s not to love….. 🙂

  23. You’re lucky with your items. The romper looks really cute on you. It’s my first time to try this and I got a dress, top and bottom – keeping my fingers crossed. The mystery excites me, hoping that I am as lucky as you. Thank you for your review.

    • My package arrived and I am beyond sad. Lesson learned – first and last time I am getting a mystery clothing box.

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