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BoxyCharm November 2017 SPOILER #4!

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We have a new confirmed November 2017 Boxycharm spoiler!

The November box will include:

BoxyCharm x Luxie Quad Eye Travel Set Brushes! CONFIRMED SPOILER

In case you missed it, we have a possible November 2017 Boxycharm spoiler thanks to boxycharm_monthly! (This lines up with our earlier possible Boxycharm spoiler post, too.)The November box may include:

Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – Value $23 POSSIBLE SPOILER

(FYI – This hasn’t been officially confirmed by Boxycharm, but it has been hinted at. If this isn’t in the November box, it will be in the December box.)

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

Winky Luxe Kitten Palette – Value $25 CONFIRMED SPOILER

CoverFX illuminating setting spray – Value $31 CONFIRMED SPOILER

What do you think of the latest Boxycharm spoiler?

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers to learn more. (And sign up asap if you want November’s box – there’s a waitlist!)

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  1. I have a feeling our Boxycharm will be better than ever for November. I always appreciate and look forward to each months spoilers. Love you Boxycharm 😻😘😍👍🏽

  2. Does anyone know how long the wait list usually is? I really want this box… and have been on it for almost 2 weeks.

    • I was on the waitlist for almost a month. I was charged on Sept 26th and I got the Sept box. So there is a chance you will get the nov box, when you come off they charge you right away and you get 2 emails one saying you are off the waitlist and the other saying your order number

    • Since boxy is gaining popularity like crazy, it may take up to a month. Last year, I think I signed up around June/July and I was on the waitlist for a couple weeks. It’s worth the wait, I promise. There really isn’t a set time for a waitlist.

      • Thanks for the response Ladies. I really hope that I will get the November box.

    • i signed up september 22 and i am still on the waitlist. such a bummer.

      • Keep an eye on your email and bank account, this week! They usually take some people off of the waitlist the first few days of a new month. Make sure you have the money ready, for whichever account you have on their site. They will email you, then bill you right away. If the funds aren’t in there, you will be back on the waitlist!

        Good luck ladies!

      • I’m still on the waitlist from September also….:(

    • I was on the wait list since September 25th till today (November 1st).

  3. I’m new to Boxycharm. Are the spoilers that say confirmed guaranteed to be in everyone’s boxes?

    • For the most part, yes. If they are an item that wont be in every box they usually say that’s the case.

  4. I need some Primer Boxycharm!! Fingers crossed!!

    • enough lippies,liners and hilighters..I need primer! I’ll still gladly take what they give me but a primer would be nice.

  5. So I’ve signed up for Boxycharm but I’m on a waitlist :(. Fingers crossed that I get November’s box!

  6. I’m new to Boxycharm. Does confirmed mean that everyone will get that product? Thanks.

    • There are different variations of the boxes, but most probably yah.

    • Sometimes in the boxes they will have two products where someone may get lets say, a mascara, while another may receive an eyeliner. For instance, Octobers box variance was a nail kit and an eye chubby stick. I received the chubby stick while others got the nail kit. It’s all randomized but I do wish there wasn’t that variance. I think it kind of takes away from the review process of the box overall and the products you receive in the mail.

      With that being said, I generally love the subscription. It’s the first and only one that I ever truly intended on trying and I’m SOOOOO happy that I did. I’ve only gotten Septembers and Octobers boxes, fingers crossed that they get better. I have a lot of palette’s though already, so I’ll likely gift the kitten palette if I get it, same with the mascara.

  7. Just saw a Fenty Beauty highlighter on Boxycharm’s instastories. They were showing it and applying it to someone. I’m deaf so I don’t know what was being said. Do you know if this is a spoiler item?

    • Fenty is so new I kinda doubt it. They showed the Tarte mascara in that video I belive. ..thiNK the rest was just filler. But? Ya never know? They have had better and better and better bra ds and boxes each year and month so may e they will have Fenty?

  8. I seriously hope everyone gets the setting spray, brushes, and the pallet. I’ll be so upset if not. I’ve been with Boxycharm for over a year and it seems like when they have boxes like this, not everyone gets the “good stuff”. Don’t get me wrong for $21 bucks I am usually blown away with my boxy. Just wish they would give everyone the same stuff. It would also stop the amount of complaints they get. All in all this is the best subscription box I’ve gotten and generally enjoy it.

    • When they do pallets everyone gets them. And unless it’s a variant item,like some dinky lippy or liner,we all get pretty much the same thing.

  9. I don’t know how they do it and I don’t care – I love these boxes… this particular box looks awesome. The spray and the brushes and the palette… 20 bucks??? Every one of my boxycharms have not let me down… ipsy I just cancelled that – can’t justify the expense when compared to boxycharm…

  10. I’m looking forward to my next BoxyCharm, but I always do. The palette is beautiful and always love more brushes. Ready to try a new setting spray, pretty sure I need a new one for my collection.

    • I love this setting spray! Definitely keeps my makeup looking fresh and glowy for hours. I sometimes don’t need to touch up if it’s not humid.

  11. looks amazing this month! so happy !

  12. So excited for the brushes! I don’t need the palette but I think it’ll make a great gift.

    • Me too!!!! I’m thrilled we are getting these. If we get that mascara I deeply excited!!!! But the brushes definitely are a gift this makes leaving for budget reasons especially hard. Perhaps if I get a raise. Trying not to be weak!

  13. Awesome! Luxie beauty has my favorite brushes and I have been meaning to pick up some eyeshadow brushes so I’m happy about this spoiler!

  14. Omg amazing!!! Boxycharm just keeps getting better and better!!

  15. I’m not getting this month’s box or next just not feeling it. Nothing is peeking my interest. I wouldn’t use the spray, I have to many brushes, I have a lot of mascara, I like the palette but it’s not really hitting it. Waiting for the next spoiler. I’m leaning towards another Subcription maybe something organic cruelty free or something fun.

    • For a fab cruelty free beauty box I highly recommend Benevolent Beauty Box! It’s all full sized items & always a great value; it’s essentially the CF equivalent of boxy! Their customer service is very impressive too, which is an added bonus!

      • agree, I do not subscribe for it, but I always get their mystery boxes and they are so impressive. Even so, last box that I ordered, they shipped four out of five product. The note says that last one will ship later, but we will see.

  16. Anyone still wondering how Boxy is capable of putting together these RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING boxes, yet all these other subs are still feeding us that Doucce and Manna Kadar crap?

  17. Oooooo….a Luxie Brush set. YAY, way to go Boxy! I love Luxie (both product and service) and need a new setting spray as I am almost all out. The Winky eye palette I could do without, but the other items are just great and very much needed!

  18. I am very excited about ALL of these items. My favorites are the palette and brushes, but I would use all of these. It is a stretch, but I’m hoping each of these end up in my November box.

    • I believe these are all guaranteed items. They will usually disclose if something is a variant item. 🙂

      • I hope so cuz I want EVERY SINGLE ITEM this month!! Woo Hoo…keep me coming Boxycharm!!

        • Wow, I guess you really *are* excited about this box, Jess. Just kiddin’!!!! I couldn’t resist! 😀

          • LOL! I see what she said there. I love Boxy too but not quite THAT much. haha

  19. Yes! I love Luxie brushes. Not so sure about the spray. Not crazy about glitter.

    • There isn’t any actual glitter in the setting spray. It just gives a subtle glow.

  20. Wow boxycharm is awesome!!!! I’m sooooo excited for November! Every item in this box I will use. I’m so happy I finally subbed to boxy!

  21. I love the Luxie highlighter brush I got in the Beautycon winter 2016 box. I’m looking forward to this box and these brushes!

  22. I know I’m in the minority but I wish everything wasn’t “glowing” all the time and we could get some thinks that aren’t shiny or highlighting. I know a like of people love it but since I’m one of the older subscribers ( lol ) I’d love to get something that doesn’t show off my lines around my eyes. The matte version of the cover fx spray would have been great for me I heard this one has almost a sparkle to it. That’s where I wish we could specify for things like that. In other boxes since the stuff is so little I don’t feel as bad not using it but since the stuff is full size (which is amazing I don’t know how they pull it off ) it’s so sad I can’t use it. Especially when it’s the months big item. At least the rest usually makes up for it. I can’t believe all this stuff for 21 dollars. It’s such a great sub box. I probably get it till I die or they go out of business whichever comes first !! LOL.

    • Yeah, the setting spray won’t be usable for me either, I read Sephora reviews that said it’s practically liquid glitter. But hey, I am sure it will be a popular item on the swap site! 🙂 And there are so many great items in this box otherwise that I don’t really care about that one. 🙂

    • Denise I agree 100%! I’m older but still have an oily complexion. I don’t need ANYTHING to make my face even shinier than it already is or to highlight my wrinkles.

    • You can always use it to wet your eyeshadow brush for shimmery shadow to help with fallout or even spray it on a beauty blender so you can apply it only to your cheekbones. I’m not a huge fan of the sparkle either, these are just some things I plan to try!

      • Great ideas!!! Thank you!

      • Oh that’s a good idea, I love a sparkle on my eyeshadow but not on my face so I’ll definitely do that

    • I sooo agree, sick of highlight, shiny, sparkly, illuminating etc.

    • No, I agree. The glow trend just makes it look like everyone just finished working out, lol. It doesn’t look dewy on women who are over 40, it just makes us look mid hot flash in my opinion. On the other hand, for a holiday party, I will go all glitzy and sparkly so at least I can get some use from the spray and highlighters, just not an everyday thing.

      • I totally agree with you ladies! I’m also over 40 & I have oily skin to the glowy stuff doesn’t always work but it’s really nice for a date night or a special occasion too 😉 ❤️ 🤗

        • I keep ipsy for its ipsy deals or what ever they’re called. Iv gotten quite a few things for stupid prices from them. Just got a brush set today in the mail that I paid 16 for and it’s a 50 set. Even tho ipsy said like 30 something..they’re Lottie london Don and they’re nice. I’m a brush whore. This is my 3rd set from ipsy. Makes spending 10 a mo on samples almost worth it.

      • I’m almost 40 and I use a highlighter almost every day lol. There are some I like and others I don’t. Currently I am using the pressed Becca highlighter Boxycharm sent last month and I love it! I do understand what you are saying though, almost everything lately is shimmery. For setting spray I’d probably prefer matte but I’ll give it a try!

    • Oh man! I didn’t read the reviews… I have been dying to try a setting spray too! But I would have loved a matte version also! Well at least now I know not to try it and swap instead! Bummer!

      Liz, I’d love a detailed review of this item!!! Prettyyyy please!

    • I am with you 100%! I don’t like glowy, mica laden, shiny makeup on my late 40s combination skin. Too many sparkly eye shadows and highlighters lately.

    • I so agree. I don’t know why it was decided we need to make our faces look dewy or glowing, yet our lips should be matte and dry. Call me old fashioned but these looks don’t make a person look healthy, just weirdly shiny in the wrong places.

      • Lol, fashion is a weird thing sometimes.
        I recently started subscribing to Vanity Fair again, and you know how you have to thumb through a multitude of various designer ads before you actually get to the contents of a magazine like that – and well, it occurred to me that practically none of the clothes on the models were actually attractive. Most were ridiculous, some were downright grotesque. I didn’t even quite “get” how those ads are supposed to appeal to customers.
        Oh well. 🙂

    • Yes I must agree on this one. Please everyone, don’t take this as complaining; I have been a loyal subscriber for four years and I love Boxy. But I too am patiently waiting for this shiny glowy trend to fade away. I am over 40 and the sparkly stuff just makes me look wet and brings out the lines. I really don’t think it’s that attractive on youthful skin either. It looks unnaturally shiny. In my opinion, nothing beats fresh, natural, velvety soft skin. Sometimes less is really more.

    • No i totally agree with u enough of glittery glowy makeup belongs on eyes and lips only. Like to see more matte blush bronzers powders and sprays. The only thing they do matt anymore is lips which makes them look like 90 yr old ones. They meed to make the box more geared to 30ish that way the young and older girls wld be able to use most of the products right now it seems like its geared to 18 year olds

      • Yes, I would love a good matte bronzer. I use bronzer daily and always want to try a new one.

    • I hear you. I’m almost..cough..40 and as much as the little girl in me loves shiney things,I’m starting to get some fine lines near my eyes and shiney and sparkles and shimmery doesn’t help at all and just starts looking sorta dumb the older u get. Yet I’ll still use it. Lmao.

      • Hi Jennifer, I’ve got a few years on you and agree totally (43), if there’s one thing that I’ve learned when it comes to getting older…get yourself a really good eye cream, I personally recommend Tarte’s Maracuja C-Brighter eye treatment, and hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more… Our eyes are the thinnest skin on our bodies and without the proper hydration = wrinkles…. Hope this helps! ❤️ 🤗

        • Iv been using chanel Le Lift Creme for a long time. Nothing else seems as good. And iv tried a lot. Luckily my lines are tiNY still but I’m sure one day they’ll be horrific. It’s firming and hydrating eye cream. It’s awesome. .it’s crazy expensive tho. A little does go a long way at least. Used to use eyezone by Estee but I was so young and didn’t even have any lines that I could never tell if it even did anything. .I did have a sample of that Tarte eye oil and it didn’t mesh with my skin type. Never seemed to soak in. I actually still have it.

          • I’m sorry to hear that Tarte didn’t work out for you, I’ve been lucky that its been great for me.. I am happy that the other ones do work, even if they are pricey 😉🙄 the things we do for beauty right?

    • I’m with you, Denise. I never got into the highlighter thing. I must have a hundred of them now! I’m too old for sparkle, shimmer, glow, etc. I like matte powders, thanks 😉

  23. Boxy is killing it in November!! Can’t wait

  24. Amazing. I’ve been wanting to buy the last luxie set they had for a while now so I’m stoked I get it in this box!! My birthday is the 21st and I might purposely wait until then to open it so I can “gift” myself with it LOL.

    • I try to do that with my black Friday hauls for Christmas. It hasn’t worked a single freaking time, I tear into those packages as soon as they hit my mailbox lol

  25. Boxycharm was my first sub & I’ll never ever leave them! I’ve been lucky enough to get so many wonderful items that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford any other way… Even though I can’t use the liquid lip from this month cuz it makes me look like a corpse lol 😂

  26. Yay!!!! I have 3 of the four of these brushes, but I LOVE them so much that I am ecstatic to have backups! The palette looks super cute, and the setting spray is the bomb. The only problem that I have with Boxycharm is that my husband is convinced I’m spending all my money at Ulta and Sephora. I mean, I am spending all my money at Ulta and Sephora, but still. I love this subscription box so much.

  27. Anyone who’s on the wait list – I’ll be putting the palette and brush set up for swaps when I get them (POSSIBLY the setting spray, we’ll see…) ☺☺☺ Not an eyeshadow wearer, and I just bought a set of new brushes.

    • Noted. I’d idea hat you might want to swap for?

      • I’m pretty open! If you click on my name it takes you to my swap page, and you can see there my followed list. I’m always on the lookout for products that are cute/fun, taste & smell good, Jane Ireland Just Kissed, high quality skin care, anything Juice Beauty, things with nice packaging I can gift… lol you get the point 😁😁 And now that I see the CoverFX spray isn’t matte, I’ll definitely be swapping that too.

        • Can you link me to the “swap site” for future reference so I may join up please?

          Thank you

          • There’s a “Swaps” link at the top of the MSA page, right between “Subscription Box Spoilers” and “Forum”. 🙂

  28. Yessssss! Luxie brushes work well and are so pretty!

  29. That box looks great!

  30. Omg! Are you sure this isn’t Decembers xmas box? Squeel! LOVE IT!

  31. I’m excited for this box! This is the first brush set I’ll be keeping from Boxycharm; I love Luxie!!!

  32. Love it!

  33. I’m on the waitlist, boo! Does anyone know how long it takes to get off the waitlist?

    • Belinda, it’s taken me forever. I’ve been on the wait list since September and I totally missed the September box and now probably the October box too. *sadness* Who knows when we’ll get off.

      • Geez I have been on the waitlist since Oct 16 and I am really hoping to get the Nov box 🙏🏼

    • I was on for 2 weeks some people may be longer!

      • yeah I got on the waitlist end of September – but was off just in time to get the October box! Shouldnt be long!

        • I signed up for Boxycharm on October 13th so I am still on the waitlist. I hope I get off for Novembers box! I wonder what factors besides when you sign up for who gets off the waitlist, location maybe? I know they ship out of CT and I live in CT so hoping that works in my favor!

    • This is my 4th week on the wait list! 🙁

    • I signed up at the beginning of September and was off on October 1st. I think they open up slots at the beginning of every month.

    • I emailed them a few times(always waited for response before emailing again) and was off the waitlist by the 3rd email. Tell them other people signed up after and r off. I also was worried I signed up more than once so emailed about that and each time I mentioned I was still on waitlist and couldn’t wait to get off. Good luck!

    • I’ve been on since the beginning of the month. It seems like forever!!!

  34. Grr just bought that mascara, too. Oh, well, it really is awesome, my favorite mascara by far. I have a tendency to forget and misplace duplicates, so will probably just donate it to the women’s shelter (I swear, 75% of my sub box makeup goes to them), so I guess isn’t wasteful. If you haven’t tried it, I love this mascara for curling lashes and giving vavoom without clumping or flaking. This eyeshadow palette really excites me for some reason. Think I can have a lot of fun with it. And, of course, always happy to get luxie brushes.

    • Now I’m looking forward to the mascara!

    • I just bought the mascara too!

    • Donating is great, but if you like the mascara, why not just save this one as a backup? Mascara doesn’t last that long. You can make a place where you just keep backups to your favorites that you know you want to re-use again and again. If you don’t like the mascara all that much, then by all means, donate.

    • I don’t think the mascara is actually in the November box. I think it’ll be in December’s.

  35. Lol, I have a whole collection of Luxie brushes already thanks to beauty boxes. 🙂
    In all seriousness, though, this is shaping up to be an awesome box!

    I can’t wait until November. Kudos to Boxycharm for actually having a fully cohesive box this month. I’m stoked.

  37. Has the Tarte Mascara been confirmed yet? I wonder if that will be a variant item?
    I need some mascara so I hope I get it:)
    Plus, love, love, love Luxie! I don’t want for brushes but I will never turn them down!

    • Usually the fire 3 spoilers are ones we all get. The last 2 items are variants. The tarte mascara has not been confirmed by boxycharm. The CEO posted in a Facebook group that the eye brushes are the 3rd spoiler. My guess is the tarte mascara will be in December. The variant items have been lesser known brands lately.

      • I wouldn’t say that the variable items are lesser known brands. The Bare Minerals foundation brush was a variable item. (for example) Many others have been pretty well known brands also.

  38. Oh my! Be still my heart!😮😯
    I didn’t think it can get any better. I’m estatic with just the eye palette and the cover FX spray! I’m beyond happy to be a Boxycharm subscriber. The times I get items that aren’t something I can’t use and I just give away are very few and far between against the items I do get and LOVE!
    If it weren’t for Subscription Addiction’s post on Boxycharm, I never would’ve taken a chance & signed up. I’m super happy with what I get always.
    I wonder if Boxycharm can or will top November’s box with December’s box. If they don’t, it’s no big deal. I’ve received so many great products, I can’t complain.

  39. Obsessed with luxie brushes. I got the set of 3 blending brushes from boxycharm twice, but I wasn’t even mad because I use them every time I do my makeup now and it helps for switching colors. So whatever these are they’ll be worth it.

  40. I am so excited for this box! I quit this subscription last year because I started nursing school and it wasn’t in the budget, but as soon as I got a job I signed up again. This box is such a steal at 21.00!

  41. How are they doing this?:))))))) LoL
    I’ve been subscribed for more than a year. Never been disappointed. It keeps getting better and better.
    Love love loveeeee that there are gonna be brushes! Love luxy !!! So happy

    • Theres several different scenarios all if which could play a part in how they are able to do it. People alot of times dont realize that companies are really overcharging their customers.

      #1 they describe their partnering with BC as advertising or marketing in their taxes so basically its a write off as a companies expense.

      #2. So, say each mfg has a certain amount of COG (costs of goods) that they can attribute to advertising/marketing but thats added into the COG so what goes into COG is ingredients/packaging/marketing/advertizing. Which with bulk purchasing the cost of each ingredient goes down. They probably pay $1-$2 for all ingredients in the bottle then $.50 @ the high end cost for the bottle, spray nozzel and cap. Then the rest is for employees and marketing for a total of say $6. Then they have what their economists state the market can handle at what price.

      #2. They partner with boxycharm so they are probably using overstocks and charging what it costs them to make the product. Typically if you purchase say the Cover FX its $38. What makes it $38 for retail is what the distributor price is probably at around $10 then wholesale pricing $15 then onto retailer pricing which is typically 3 to 4 times the distribution pricing. It depends in how many hands it has to go through to get to the market. But if the co. Cuts out a distributor and wholesaler and still putting a retail price thats 1000% above their cost its just being greedy.

      #3 boxycharm more than likely has a set budget for what the Cost of goods are for each mo. The cost to each customer is $21.00 so they want to pay at most $10.50 for whats contained in each box. So like last months box we had Becca highlighter $2.75, dr. Brandts $3.50, tartist matt lipstick $2.00, eyeliner $1.00, Dirty lil secrets eyeshadow pen $1.00. The amount next to each is what I am guestimating their cost of the product. So, Boxycharm will negotiate with each co. On how much they will pay for each item. And each company will run the numbers regarding how many new customers they will gain in participating. And they will also look at whats going in with the current stoxk. So look at Beccas prosecco pop. They had an initial huge following on this product. They more than likely had a huge backstock once the novelty of it wore off. So instead of paying each mo. To store the backstock of the product it was more beneficial financially for them to negotiate a pricing on each unit close to what it cost them to make the product then to store it with lack of garunteed sales.

      I know its a long explanation but I hope it helps anyone understand how items are priced at retailers. Think of it this way. If you buy a product from Sephora thats $40. The mfg. More than likely made it for around $2-3 bucks.

      • Wow Danielle, that is so interesting and it makes total sense. I like this analysis much better than past theories that claim the products are old, damaged, or bad sellers. It is really a win for retailers and consumers alike! Thanks for taking the time to explain.

        • You are Welcome Matilda! I am glad You could understand it. Thank you for replying and letting me know you got it cuz I didnt know if people would understand it ya know what I mean. Have A Good Day!

          • I’m also very happy for your explanation. I’m sure it took you a while to explain it so that everyone would understand. I did personally think of this very same thing and honestly I’m just grateful for the amazing ability to try new makeup and skin care items that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford at a great price 😊

  42. I love makeup brushes! I hope there is a flat brush! I have several blending brushes and crease brushes, a flat brush would be awesome!

  43. YYYYEEEESSSS its Luxieeeee that just made my whole day!! I love their brushes so much!!

  44. i’ve noticed that there is usually only 3 “knock out” “big bang” items in every boxy. but this makes 4!!!!!
    as long as the fifth item isn’t mana kadar we should be in for a great 5th item 😉

  45. I hope everyone gets the brushes and it’s not a variant item,

    • Me too!!! I really want them!!! Luxie brushes are SO soft!!!!

  46. I’d like to know which brushes we are getting. Looks likely mainly flat brushes. We got a set of blending eyeshadow brushes awhile back. I hope they are flat type brushes. I really like the other ones they sent.

  47. Oh my! I hope I’m off the waitlist by November!❤️ I signed up two weeks ago. 🤞🏻

    • omg me too…i just signed up just for this box!! the luxie brushes alone are worth the 21$ i think that set is like 40 on their website and i just missed the ipsy offer for that set so this is my chance!!! i really hope they take me off the waitlist….does anyone know any tricks to get off the wait list or is it just pure luck?! like god i need this box.

      • I think if we aren’t by the first week of November we just email them and say that we know of people that got off the waitlist and signed up after us…
        I’ve heard of people doing that and getting off soon after

    • Same here! I signed up October 12th! if I don’t get off the waitlist, I’ll be really sad 🙁

  48. This box literally knocks it out of the park. All of the past boxycharme boxes have been good but this is incredible. I have no idea what the 5th item will be and it doesn’t matter. Amazing.

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