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BeautyFIX November 2017 SPOILER #1 + Coupon

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We have an exclusive spoiler for the November 2017 BeautyFIX subscription box! 

Each box will include:

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive – FULL SIZE! Value $42

What do you think of the November BeautyFIX spoiler?

BeautyFix is $24.95 a month. If you sign up now, your first box will be the October box. (Check out our October Box review.)

And for a limited time, use coupon code MSASAVE10BF to save $10 off your first box! 

Check out our reviews of past BeautyFix boxes to learn more about this subscription.

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  1. I just checked the expiration date of the last Juice Beauty peel we received from Beauty Fix, and it expires 11/17! Nice timing Beauty Fix! I have used about half of the jar, and I will be happy to get another one. Very eager to see future spoilers, hopefully before November 1.

  2. Yay! I signed up last month and was so happy with this box! It almost seems like the BoxyCharm for skin care 😀

    Juice is a new brand for me but come recommended by some of my friends who love it. Can’t wait to give it a try!

  3. When would you need to sign up to get this box and not the October one ?

    • November 1st

      • Wow that’s late I hope the coupon is still good then. I really want the peel but I never wanted to spend the money on it. Thanks for getting back to me !!

  4. Thank you so much for the great spoiler, for the October review, and the COUPON!! YAY!!
    I signed up for the October box because I love Paula’s Choice anti-aging products and Dr. Brandt’s as well.

    I can hardly wait for November’s box and the full size JB peel.
    I’ve been using a dermatologist strength Glycolic Acid peel solution and have to cut back before I get prune skin LOL.

    This box is really looking great for the last months. I fell right down the Beauty Fix hole again. 🙂
    Love it!!


  5. Well, if I try it and don’t like it for my skincare I’ll use it on my feet when the brutal winter comes : ).

    • I love peels and have been wanting to try this one. Yay! That’s a great idea Leslie! I never thought of that.

    • Feet! I love it!!!

    • I’ve used up plenty of left over products this way, including heavy duty moisturizers. Slather on feet, put ziplock bags on them, then socks over. Moisturizes your feet while ya sleep. Unconventional, I know : 0

      • Never thought of that. Thank you for an amazing idea

      • I love it!!! I can’t wait to see my husband’s face as I slip into bed in nothing but ziplock bags and socks.

        • Bwahahahahahaha! : ).

        • Ha ha ha, that’s hilarious! Do it!

    • I was going to cancel but this idea really speaks to my feet lol

  6. not a fan of JB at all. the first product I tried was a moisturizer and it irritated my skin badly. oh well, this along with the FS cleanser from a prior box will make a nice bundle to trade or sell

    • I avoid Juice Beauty for that reason, too. A mask burnt the heck out of my skin and I’ve been hesititant to use any of their products since.

  7. I’m looking forward to trying this. A few months ago we got a Juice Beauty facial wash in what I guess is their standard scent. But, this is an exfoliating peel in green apple.

  8. I like Juice Beauty, it’s easy to know what’s in it versus a ton of ingredients, and where to put in in a routine even if it means a shorter shelf life. The moisturizer I got in my first box is never going to run out I need so little and I like it a lot, so I’m looking forward to trying this.

    • I’m finally at the bottom of the jar! I’ve been using it regularly since it came in the April box, I love that moisturizer 😍

      • Nice to hear, I usedd other deluxe samples that last forever so haven’t gotten to it but am using the JB blemish face and it is amazing; my skin looks amazing because beautyfix samples have introduced me to what works for me, looking forward to the spa grade peel

  9. A peel that is actually working is going to feel tingly/almost itchy for about 15-20 minutes. That means the acids are dissolving the dead, junky skin you want off your face to lessen line deepness, lighten dark spots, etc. Be sure to use spf when using products like this, or you’re reversing the progress you are making and exposing new skin to harmful rays. With continued use you will see more results over time.

    • Thank you, good reminders!

  10. again!

  11. I have like 5 of these :0

  12. Can’t wait to see more spoilers, this is my favorite beauty monthly sub box.

  13. I really want an excuse to get beautyfix (I cancelled a few months ago) and while I love Juice Beauty I already have 3 of these. I wish they’d put one of their newer products in a sub box.

    • Agree. I still have the one from FFF. Only used a few times and get way too many masks in sub boxes. Would love a different product than the ones we’ve already received in boxes.

    • I have one of these and I can’t remember which box I got it from. I had a smaller tube from another box that I gave to my sister to try. I actually did plan on trying it myself and have yet to get to it. I probably will pass on Nov. box then.

  14. I cancelled; I am in product overload and didn’t use the last 2 full size JB products we received in BF. The past few months I’ve said “I should cancel” but the spoilers came too late, etc….

    and the fact that those discount codes pop up and are never offered to long time subscribers, is a little annoying.

    • I feel the same way. That’s why I cancel now after I use the discount. I was paying full price for a while and I really do love the box. But now with all the discounts, I’m waiting for coupons and spoilers and then decide if I want that months box.

    • Sandy, how do you cancel? I had to contact customer service to do this, and it was a pain. Is there a way to cancel online? Thanks in advance.

      • In the past I was able to cancel through their chat and it was easy.

        • Thank you!

        • I can’t find their chat anywhere. I was on hold with their customer service for 20 minutes today, and had to hang up to take another call. They gave an address for the chat over the phone, but it just directs you back to their customer service page and their 800 number. So frustrating!

          • I called a few days ago and I wasn’t on hold and the cancellation was the easiest that way. I had problems cancelling by email in the past. Calling them is the easiest way I think…

          • Hi LoriW! Log into your account, and in the bottom right corner you should see a question mark in a “caption” mark with the words “Need Help?” underneath. If you click on that, a chat box should pop up.

          • Thanks for trying! I really have nothing like that on my page. I’m a live chat master, I hate talking on the phone. But, I can’t for the life of me, find anything chat related.

          • Hi Lori,
            They only enable that said chat button when they’re available during business hours. It got more difficult to find them online recently. What I do is keep their customer service –> contact us page open and keep refreshing during their business hours to catch the chat button. You can also email them and they will confirm cancellation. This is how I cancelled last time.
            I totally understand you as I am a customer service online chat enthusiast myself 🙂
            Hope this helps.

          • Thanks Pearl! I’ll try again tomorrow.

      • I used the online chat function — it was quick and easy. I didn’t get any kind of email confirmation, so I hope it sticks.

      • I’ve always cancelled via email, and I always received a confirmation email within a day or two.

  15. Isn’t this like the third time they have sent this product??

  16. Could save me from trying to swap for it….

  17. I like Juice Beauty, so yay!

  18. So 2 repeat Juice products in recent months. I think it may be time to cancel my subscription.

  19. Ugh…..

  20. So would this be considered a chemical exfoliator?

    • A peel with beta and alpha acids that are natural. Beta-hydroxy acids like salicylic acid get into pores and and kill bacteria (it’s almost liquid aspirin). Alpha acids are surface peelers like lactic, vitamin A, some fruit acids, etc. Hope that helps. My bestie is an aesthetician…

      • I was wondering if you have tried this mask yet and do you like it?

  21. I like Juice products but that particular one, when it was in FFF – had a very short shelf life. The product separated and got gross within a couple months. I had it stored in the medicine chest in my bathroom which is well ventilated. I ended up throwing most of it out, even though for the times I used it, I liked it.

    • I had this same problem. I contacted Juice Beauty and they were very kind to replace it.

    • I just shook mine to re-mix the ingredients every once in awhile. Separation is common with natural products like this one. Looks normal after shaking!

      • Mine was like curdled milk. Yuck. Chunks and all. They said that was not normal. It was in my swap pile, so I’m just glad I happened to check it before swapping!

  22. I love the brand so I will definitely use this. I haven’t noticed any skin reactions but the Juice eye cream that FFF sent did sting for a few minutes.

  23. Not a fan. Just got rid of my last unused one. Will cancel if the second spoiler isn’t better.

  24. Not a Juice Beauty fan, but hopefully the rest of the box makes up for it and I know my niece will love to try the mask out.

  25. I am not a fan of how the products are scented. They smell like overripe, rotting fruit to me.
    I will try to trade it.

    • I’m with you. I’m not wild about the smell although the cleanser I have works well.

  26. Juice beauty again ? They seem to be all over the place with subscription boxes

  27. Nice that its full size but I don’t like Juice beauty and wish beauty fix didn’t put their products in the box so often! I am over juice beauty!

    • Totally agree!

    • Same here 🙁

    • This is the only product that I like from the Juice Beauty range. I am very happy with this as one of the spoilers.

      • Rosemary, may I ask you how often you use this mask?

        According its page, 1-2 times a week at night time I saw, but would like to hear from somebody using it.


        • Hi Barbara! I have so many masks these days (from subscription boxes) that I don’t use any one on a regular basis. However, I first bought this particular mask many years ago, before I started any subscriptions.
          I have really sensitive skin, and I could easily use this twice a week. It is gentle but effective. I seem to recall that it was tingly when I first used it, but I quickly got used to it.
          These days I use everything, including very strong peels from places like Makeup Artists Choice. I just need to make sure I don’t over-exfoliate. I would definitely recommend this Juice Beauty product…and for $25 it is worth it.

          • Thank you Rosemry!
            I’m super excited to have November box and try this mask. 😉

    • Agree…have tried several of their products now (I really like the concept and ingredients) and none of them have worked for my skin. My face, lips, etc have turned red and/or burned every time. However, this will make a nice gift to someone else that hopefully will have better luck. Still love my BeautyFix!

    • Totally agree. I think they have even had this product before. Not a fan of juice. Maybe they put them in the boxes because noone wants them and they have to get rid of them before they expire

      • I bought this on sale at fff for $19.99. Have been using and looking forward to another.

        • I too purchased from FFF on sale and have really liked it. I also like the cleanser I received in my first Beauty Fix box and am still using it.

      • highly likely.

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