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Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ10 FULL Spoilers!

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We have the full spoilers for the next Nina Garcia Quarterly Box! (Thanks Marian!)

The theme for #NGQ10 is sustainability. Nina featured 100% sustainable fashion in the Fall Box!

Each box includes:

What do you think of the Nina Garcia #NGQ10 Quarterly Box spoilers?

FYI – this box is $100 plus shipping. Check out my Nina Garcia Quarterly Box reviews to learn more about this subscription.

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  1. Got my box today. Tried to make the top a top but it was a total no-go. I couldn’t even make it tie. And apparently the only hat option they had was brown.
    This may possibly be the worst box I’ve ever received. I’m so angry right now.

  2. I recieved this box today and kept an open mind upon delivery. I even figured that if I didn’t like the “top”, I could always just tie dye it and possibly use it as a a shawl/wrap. Well, i would have, if the scarf had been included in my box. I really don’t mind that this box is hit or miss. It just really bums me out when items are missing. On a happier note, I think I might be able to rock the hat. 😁

  3. Just Google image search”Tome Wrap Top” and you will get tons of hits. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but I think it looks cute, particularly over a tshirt or tank. I also think they’re doing themselves a disservice by calling it a wrap ‘top’ instead of just a ‘wrap’, since they advertise it as being versatile and can be used as a belt, scarf or head wrap, too. It does seem to be marketed towards smaller women, though, as does a lot of Tome items. That industry is still behind on designing for women of all sizes, even though it says it’s catching up. Sigh.
    All that being said, though, it’s WAY overpriced for what it is, particularly on the Tome website.

  4. I can’t get that top to come up but if it looks anything like the rest of those not pretty clothes this is an easy pass.

  5. Im not trying to be a downer here, but i have to express that this wrap top is pretty inappropriate , especially as the hero item. Its the kind of top that looks best on only certain body types- thin, athletic, smaller chested girl. It wont look good on my curvy, 38g body. Of course not all box items can be a perfect fit for everyone, but this style of top excluds lots of people. Im definitely not judging anyone whos comfortable wearing it. Honestly it just makes me feel sad. I wish it would look look on me.

  6. Anyone interested in my hat? I forgot to cancel the box and I received it. I am not able to return it even unopened.

  7. Will someone please, please, please show us what the top looks like? I can’t find it anywhere. The link just brings up a general page with some of the ugliest clothes I’ve ever seen.

    • If you go to the website lyst and search for “tome wrap top” it should come up – they offer it in black. It was available yesterday but now it says it’s sold out, but it still comes up on the website, for now at least. Hope that helps 🙂

  8. I clicked the link for the “shirt” but it doesnt come up? Where can I see this thing? lol

  9. I missed out on the summer box and that one looked so good. I can tell that I am going to be disappointed. Bummed. I’ll keep the subscription for now, but may just cut my losses sooner rather than later.

  10. Does anyone have a better picture of the bracelet?

  11. The hat has good reviews….hmmm, might consider just ordering the hat from the website.

    • I love the hat ❤️

    • Do you want my hat? I forgot to cancel and I won’t use the hat.

      • What color is it? I would only consider a black since I already have a tan.

        • Its tan. Sorry!

  12. I like the hat but I dont get this box…

    • Ditto.

    • I have the hat I would sell or Trade

      • Lauren I don’t have much to swap but I can buy it

        • You re welcome to buy it my email is Ldannenb at

  13. I feel like such a negative-nelly about this box….sorry in advance 🙂

    I received mine yesterday (shockingly, Hawaii is usually last for everything..LOL) and I am unfortunately extremely disappointed in the box as a whole. The hat is meh, I have so many flipping hand creams from subs I could fill a bathtub with it, the “top” is really not practical at all and is a big miss for me all together…it literally looks like it belongs with your graduation attire, heel cream is meh, eye masks are in so many subs, and the bracelet, while I love the concept, is not flattering at all. I may be passing on this one for a while until it improves again. I used to love getting this box.


    • This times 100. I’ve been a Nina Garcia subscriber since the beginning and the boxes have simply gotten worse and worse. This one takes the cake. First off A WHITE SKIMPY WRAP TOP WELL AFTER LABOR DAY? I mean, I’m all for pushing fashion rules but this one just seems impractical. Not to mention, the thing works for maybe 2% of the population. The hat is nice, but meh. The hand cream, yup, lovely but I have 100 hand creams. I’ll probably give the bracelet to someone. Anyway, this is my last box.

  14. I can see how the top is not a universally appealing style, but I give her some points that she went BOLD for a style box! I’d swap for this top!

    • I’m posting my top today. It’s not going to work for me.

  15. Wow, that top! **cringe, cringe** There are so many more flattering tops on the Tome website, but clearly this one was included because no one was buying it/ was a clearance item. Nina Garcia gives off an air to me of arrogance, like one should just be pleased she’s even “curating” a box for us mere mortals. I would be offended if I spent $100 on this load of “you-know-what”!

    • Me too!!!

  16. I can’t believe no one has listed the Tome top or the hat…If anyone is swapping them let me know, I would totally be interested. Cheers!

    • Not worth it

    • I will be listing them. Interested?

  17. I wish I could cancel my order. This box is absolute garbage.

  18. Nina Garcia has just been appointed the new Editor-in-Chief at Elle, by the way. I wonder this box will continue and/or get better.

  19. Yeah….no. I’m a curvy girl and that ‘top’ is a joke. I might try it as a belt but IDK that I’ll use it much that way either.
    Love the hat (although I’m hoping maybe there’s the 3 color options and I get the gray shown on the hat website).
    The rest???? MEH. I have tons of eye patches and I need another lotion like I need another hole in my head.

    • I’m sorry but this “top” doesn’t even have a nice “hand” to it. Hand refers to how a textile product feels after going through the finishing process. The yarn used to weave this is rough and it does not feel like a quality piece of fabric at all.

  20. This is such a disappointment. The top is worthless. It’s not even useful as a piece of cloth. There has always been something I really liked in each box, but heel balm and hand cream don’t make up for this ridiculous thing they’re calling a top. It’s an odd shape, weird material & nothing like a scarf or belt. It must be a summer item that just didn’t sell.
    The hat is nice, but not me. The lotion is heavily scented. Smalls nice but would be overpowering if I were to use enough to cover my hands.
    I basically paid $100 for heal balm and one set of eye moisturizers.

  21. Oh goodness. I find it hard not to be a little negative on this one. At a minimum the value of Nina’s boxes is usually pretty decent, but her items are not always universally appealing. She typically takes me out of my comfort zone, which I genuinely appreciate (those headlock were a great example), but I am struggling with this one. I think that top is just a wee bit too far outside of my comfort zone this time (I WISH i had the body to pull something like that off!). And as far as the value, Shopbop has the wrap top on sale for $68 right now so even the “$225 hero item” doesn’t really cut the mustard.

    Well I guess you can’t win them all. I guess this isn’t quite as bad as the Ballin’ hat. So there’s that. Sigh.

    • Oops…”headbands”, not “headlock”…autocorrect really had fun with that one!

  22. I hope this box gets reviewed on MSA –I look forward to seeing who gets to model the wrap top! (And Liz said the flower brooch from PS was out of her comfort zone…)

    • I have a feeling I will be trying to wear this as a belt and not a top 🙂

      • Can you humor us and model the top on a dress form for those of us who would love to see what it’s supposed to look like? ☺️

  23. This box is awful. The “top” is virtually unwearable for the vast majority of people. The hat is fine but only priced at $45. The whole box save the top is worth 75 at best. yuck. anyone want my top?? ill sell for a good price!!!

    • You’re totally right…

      eye mask $4
      hand cream $19.50
      Heel balm $14.50
      hat $45
      wrap top $68 (on sale at shop bop)
      bracelet $7

      Grand total…$158

      And that assumes you didn’t take advantage of the 15% off coupon that pops up for the hand cream or any other sale prices for anything (aside from the 70% off sale price for the wrap top…clearly that wasn’t a big seller!).

      You win some you lose some. Sadly, I’m going to chalk this one up as a loss.

  24. I got the fall box and absolutely loved it. The last box, with the karl Lagerfeld tote looked pretty good but I passed. I would have been very disappointed with this box. The scarf top isn’t for me, and the other items have RV of less than $100. Unless you really love the scarf wrap top thing, this box is not a good idea.

  25. What the????

    • That’s kind of what I was thinking. It also looks like a summer box. But it’s September. So I’m thoroughly confused. I’m glad I didn’t bite because the last few boxes looked great!

  26. I would be interested in the wrap top. Contact me.

    • Hi! i have a wrap top i can let go of. LMK if you want to buy it.

      • Yes!

        • I also have the top up for grabs if you want

          • Awesome! It’s yours

  27. As a plus size woman, very little of this would be usable. Maybe the lotion and heel stick but I wouldn’t want to pay $100 for it. Nope, not for me!

  28. This is such a great theme, but very disappointing execution. The scarf-shirt is overpriced and unwearable for the majority of subscribers.

    • But it still makes me giggle, so there is a laugh factor 😉

  29. Bummer. If anyone wants anything from this box let me know.

    • I am interested in the wrap top.

      • Sure! My box arrives on Thursday I will let you know once I get it!

      • I would sell or Trade the top what’s your email

      • Do you still want the top?

      • Sure I will let you know Thursday once I get my box!

        • Terrific, thank you!

      • Hat is here! If you want it it’s all yours!

        • Yes! You can either reach me through my swap profile (littered earlier) or email me at swasilow at shaw dot ca.
          Thank you,

        • Or you could list it on the swap board and indicate that it is saved for Sherry. Whichever is easier 🙂

      • Hat is here if you still want it

    • I am interested in the hat, but I can’t seem to post my profile link … aargh.

      • No problem I will let you know Thursday if the first person passes 😊

    • i do like the hat and shirt…… are you selling to recoup your investment?

      • No. I just can’t bare the thought of them collecting dust in my closet if someone else would get some
        Wear out of them. Tade or HEAVILY discounted 😊

    • HI Sondra, If you don’t end up trading for the hat with the other ladies, I’d love to buy it from you.

  30. This will have to take the prize for the worst box over $100 for the year.

    • This sounds like a wonderful idea! Liz is there any chance you could do a first and worst individual box awards as voted by readers? There are so many categories to do this for.

      As long as you had the ability to make things fair and take people on their word that they subscribed for that box (or unsubscribed because of it), it might help subscription vendors who rely on your opinion – and those of your readers – to get a real sense of what people want and what they don’t. And also how smart their subscribers are when they realize that leftovers are tossed in a box in lieu of being on-theme or using any signs of curation.

      A “Miss Congeniality” style title for the best customer service would be great, too.

    • Agree, I’d never pay $20 for this, let alone $100. I’m always surprised this one is still going too. Didn’t we get a hat like that in Rachel Zoe? I never wear hats, my heads too big, nor do I see any women in my day to day life wearing a hat. When do women wear them??

      • I wear hats only in the summer when I go outside. Even though I put on sunscreen/sunblock on, I burn very easily. I can use all the sun protection I can get. Also floppy hats look good on me.

      • I wore a floppy hat to polo this Sunday and I wear sun hats to the pool. I do not subscribe to this box but I am always curious to see other boxes. I have not once had FOMO for one of these boxes. I usually have major FOMO.

    • I wear hats to church on Sundays.

  31. I would be pretty disappointed if I had subscribed to this!

  32. That hat is kind of amazing!

  33. I love this hat!

  34. I can’t wait to see how every one likes the wrap top. 😏🤣

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