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BoxyCharm October 2017 SPOILER #2!

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We have a spoiler for the October 2017 BoxyCharm! (Thanks Rebeca for finding this on the BoxyBabes page!)

Each box will include:

Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion – Value $58

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Subscribers will receive one of the following:

Becca Liquid Highlighter Prosecco Pop – Value $41

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter in Prosecco Pop – Value $38

What do you think of the October 2017 Boxycharm spoilers? 


If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Sign up here! Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. The 3rd Spoiler has been announced. Every Charmer will receive a Tarte Tarteist quick dry matte lip paint ($20 value) in one of these 8 shades: “Homeslice”, “Delish”, “Front Row”, “Bestie”, “Get It”, “Salty”, “Pillowtalk”, “Xoxo”.

    • Can I please get pillow talk shade lip stain in my October box. Thank you

  2. My September box was delivered to a wrong address… I emailed the CS about my situation and I’m waiting for their reply 🙁
    Have you guys ever encountered the same situation like I did? How would the boxycharm CS deal with it? I don’t want to miss the September box 🙁 This box supposed to be my first box… Poor experience

    • I’ve never experienced that exactly but they have been good about replacing broken items so I think it’s possible they will right the situation. I do know though that their headquarters is located in Miami Florida so they may be slow to respond after hurricane Irma.

      • Thanks!

        They replied my email today saying that they will have an one-time replacement for me. Sooo happy that I can still get the September box as my first box 🙂

    • Once I changed my address (2+ weeks before I was charged) but they sent my box to my old address. When I let them know, they sent m a new box to my current address.

  3. I am so bummed. Just found this site and signed up about a week ago. I want October’s so bad, on waiting list I think though 🙁

    • I’m on the wait list as well I signed up in September I wanted that box so bad for my birthday hopefully we both get off this long wait list so we can receive our October box crossing my fingers

  4. When should I sign up if I want the October box?

    • I think now.

  5. I just followed one of the comments to track my packages on FedEx (for free) by address. I see my BoxyCharm will be delivered on Saturday and FabFitFun next Tuesday. I’m super excited!

  6. I hope I get the powder highlighter!

  7. I will be swapping the Dr Brandt as soon as my box arrives. That brand sets my face on fire!!

  8. Oooo I want! Are there any coupon codes or discounts for joining boxy charm?

    • Boxycharm doesnt usually have codes if you want the October box I suggest signing up quickly before they are gone because there will be a waitlist as of now I believe

  9. Fyi my Sept box just showed up today and I don’t think I ever got an email with tracking info like normal…in case anyone else is wondering because they usually get it earlier in the month. I got the foundation brush, blush, darker eyebrow pencil I wanted and lippie in Mess Around. It looks like an unflattering (on me) chocolate color when I apply normally but blotted it turns into an ok stain with the natural pink of my lips so it’s not too bad. Wish I would’ve gotten the pinky shade but can’t always get what you want! Lol.

    • I think their stuff, like sending out shipping info, was interrupted because of the hurricane. I know they’re run out of Miami and they evacuated last week and I’m not sure if they have power back to Miami yet. The boxes appear to be shipped out of Connecticut, or somewhere over there, so shipping doesn’t seem like it will be interrupted.

  10. I am so excited about t this scrub! I cannot wait to get it! The highlighter is exciting to!

  11. SO excited about this! I am just about out of my other dermabrasion I got in a boxy a few months ago. I am loving this brand but sure can not afford 80.00 for a scrub!I am just as excited about October’s as I am September’s and Augusts lol actually I am never let down by Boxy!

  12. Soo much YES! I already cannot wait for this box. I know I have heard a lot of people before say that they don’t want skincare in their box, but I personally think as a beauty subscription box, a little skincare every now and then is totally acceptable (and awesome to some.) I love skincare, and highlighters as well so this box is already great! 🙂

  13. Can’t wait for my first box this month. Billed the 1st so fingers crossed for anytime this month. I got a full sized Dr Brandt pores no more from either beautyfix or Allure and I loved it! I feel pretty!!!

  14. I was so sad when I missed out on the August box! Just wanted the brushes and Tarte eyeshadows… OK I just wanted the entire box! Excited to see the rest of the selection!

  15. Soooooooooooo excited to see Dr Brandt! & Becca!? Woo hoo! Cannot wait!

    And just an FYI… They ship from CT but their boxybabes are in Miami so we should still be getting the boxes as usual… Please also keep them in your thoughts and prayers during Irma and the cleanup after… ❤️

  16. does anyone know if boxycharm sends tracking info? I was billed on 5th after being taken off waitlist but haven’t heard anything else?

    • Boxycharm will send a shipping notice. In normal months, they promise to ship within 10 business days of billing. But their HQ is in Florida and was affected by Irma, so things may take a bit longer this month.

    • Sometimes I don’t get an email that my box shipped but I’ve always received my box, so far.

      • I didn’t get an email this month and my box showed up today!

    • I did not receive a shipping notice this month but if you sign up for a fedex delivery manager account (it’s free) you will see what shipments are coming to your address and I see that my BoxyCharm will be here Friday.

      • Thanks for the info on signing up for FedEx manager for free… I just did & my Sept box as due this coming Saturday woo hoo! I’ve been getting them at the very end of the month so I’m really excited about this! Looking forward to seeing what comes this month for my “variations” I hope everyone is happy with their shipping at least this month 😉

  17. Yyyaaaaassssss! Boxycharm I love you! Best sub box EVER! I can’t even wait! 🎉💃🏼🙌🏻👍🏻

  18. It appears in the only one not excited. Oh well. Fingers crossed for the liquid highlighter.

    • I wasn’t contacted either, I sent an email asking for the tracking and they sent it quickly. My box is on its way 🙂

  19. If I subscribe now will I receive the September box or would the October box be my first box (if I’m not wait listed)?

    • You should get the October box. When I signed up in May, I was waitlisted but got the May box anyways.

    • Actually, if there is no waitlist, you receive the month you are billed in. ie, if you are billed today, you will receive September’s box. If there is a waitlist, I haven’t seen it lifted before the 1st of the following month, but it can happen.

  20. I have been subscribed to Boxycharm for over a year. Something happened and my payment didn’t go thru in time. I was a few days late and they now have me on the wait list. I am so bummed. Like really bummed. 😞😭

    • That happened to me too. I’ve been subscribed over a year never an issue. Got an email saying payment didn’t go through. Followed the online instructions in on waitlist. I really want the palette. I’ll be so disappointed if I miss out.

  21. Anyone know of a way to request the powder vs. the liquid highlighter? Would sub for one but never use the other…

    • What are you looking for? I want one and would NEVER use the other! We could swap!

    • You can’t request anything with Boxy.

  22. I didn’t think boxy could top the august box but boy was I wrong! This box looks aaaaamazing!! Ahhhh I can’t wait to get this box! Soo happy right now. Boxycharm really is the best makeup subscription box ever!!!

    • Totally agree! The only drawback to Boxycharm is that it is darn near impossible to unsubscribe.

  23. My September box showed up today I’m super disappointed. The Lippie cannot be described as anything other than poop brown it’s honestly awful and the eyeshadow stick is so stiff once it’s rolled up I can’t roll it down. Got the loose blush which is ok but I already have the briogeo. October is looking really good but this month is just a huge disappointment overall I’m not pleased

    • Well if it makes you feel better I’m still waiting on my August and September boxes to even arrive…

      • That’s terrible!

    • What eyeshadow stick did you get? If you mean the MAC eyebrow pencil I think they are supposed to be stiff…I read a post further up where someone used a small amount of the Colourpop lippie it and it came out sheer, try that and see if it works. I on the other hand would be extremely upset if they send me the pink one considering I always get pink.

      Sorry, this sucks for you though maybe you can gift it to someone

  24. I have 2 of the age defying one from other subs and have never really used it. Not totally sure why I just don’t love a large grit exfoliator. I prefer an acid peeling one or a finer grit. I will have to try it out again though. Anyone know if there is much difference between this and the age defying one?

    • I don’t know about the age defying one, but this one is super fine (comparing to my other physical exfoliators, such as Fresh Sugar Face Polish). I hope it helps!

    • The age defying one is coarser than this one. This one is a little finer. I don’t think this one has the lemon smell of the others either, but I could be mistaken. If you’re not a fan of them, I’d be happy to swap for them since the age defying is my favorite.

  25. I just subbed in August and I’m so happy I did! This is the best box evaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  26. Holy expensive scrub. So excited about this! I’ve been changing up my skin routine and I needed a new scrub, so this is perfect. Also, I’ve heard great things about that highlighter.

  27. Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion is a must try for me. This is probably my chance but I am not into highlighters or make up products.

    • Since Boxycharm is all about makeup, perhaps this is not the right sub box for you.

    • Why would you sub to a makeup box if you arent into makeup? You’re better off subbing to Glossybox. They mostly give skin care and a makeup item here and there.

      • I would nix Glossybox and sub to Beautyfix for sure if you’re into skincare, IMHO.

  28. I haven’t even received shipping notice for this month’s box yet 🙁 On the bright side I was debating on adding on to FFF but didn’t 1

    • Please remember that Boxycharm is based out of Florida. There is probably going to be a delay in September boxes due to Irma.

      • oh wow I thought they shipped out of NY or NJ due to tracking last month, but that would make it understandable

      • Mine has always shipped out from Connecticut, not from Florida.

    • Ohh man I actually added this on!!! Grr! Oh well this and a nice wash cloth would be a great gift!

    • I haven’t either, I have a feeling its going to be late this month

    • They don’t even send me a shipping notice anymore lol. They did my first month then after that they didn’t anymore. I’m not sure why though.

  29. Yes!

  30. This is the only sub I’m keeping oh yeah and ipsy had 10 subs at one time can we have more than 1 boxy sub?

    • Yes you can but you need a different email address

      • Thank you 😊

  31. This Was One Of My Add-ons In My FFF Box…. Having Mixed Feelings Right Now

    • me too! i just bought two through FFF add ons… 🙁

      • It’s A Great Product, I Love It. But Definitely Would Have Gotten Murad Or The Toner Wipes Knowing This. And On Another Note, Glad To See BOXYCHARM Is Branching Out!

  32. Just ran out of my champagne pop so thrilled for this. Becca highlighters are the best. The liquid will last forever but hoping for the powder (not like I don’t have enough highlighter to be seen from space already)! I have one of the dr Brandt’s from fff also but love a good face scrub. Glad I came back to boxy for a bit.

  33. One word: WOW!

  34. Yay! I swapped away my 2nd tube of this and was regretting it. Man, boxycharm is really becoming my favorite sub.

  35. I’m excited for this. I know a lot of other people got this in another box and I would be annoyed if I were them, but I am excited to try it out

  36. So glad I dropped this as an add-on for FFF

    • What’s fff

      • Fun Fit Fab box 🙂

        • Fab Fit Fun 😀

  37. This will be my third full size but that’s fine w me! I’m hoping for the powder highlighter. Liquids are useless for me.

    • I hope I get the liquid highlight which means I’ll get the powder, hahaha

      • I want the powder which means I’ll get the liquid hahaha I will totally swap with you if that happens!

  38. I got this from my sample FFF box last month. Although I LOVE it, it will take me forever to finish a tube… I guess I can try to gift it away.

    • Use it on other parts of your body! i.e. Your feet, your hands when they get dry this winter!

      • That sounds like a great idea! It’s so expensive that I didn’t even think about that. lol

      • I was pissed to get another full sized Dr. Brandt, but now that you’ve suggested another usage – I’m not so peeved!

        Thank you, Setzie 😘

  39. Liz, if I sign up now will this be my first box?

    • They often are in waitlist mode, but I think you have good odds of getting this box if you sign up now. I can’t say for certain if it would be your first box or if there’s a chance you would get Septembers, though.

      Hope that helps a bit!

  40. Noooooo!! I got this in my last FFF and was broken out for weeks after one use 🙁

    • Leena, if you don;t like it, then just sell it or trade it for another item. I learned that a few months back and it makes me relax so much more about what I am getting. No need to worry, just trade or sell it. Heck, I love Dr, Brandt and I might even be interested in buying it from you come box delivery time,

      • This is so true. I bought one the last time Boxy did this from another person who had boxy. I paid $20 for it because it was worth $80 for me. Win/ Win for me and the seller.

  41. Yaaaasssssss!!!!!!! October please hurryyyyyyyy!!!!!! 🙌🙌🙌😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌🙌🙌🙌🙌


  43. Love that Dr Brandt!! *Fingers crossed* for the liquid Becca!! These boxes are going to be SOH awesome this fall!!!!!

    • Me too!! I think we are in the minority with wanting the liquid highlight but I have so many powder ones and not a single liquid that this high end one would be great to try. Just these two items makes the box 90 dollars. Boxybaby I don’t know how you do it but I ❤️ it!!!

      • I’m hoping for the liquid too! I have a Bare minerals highlighter and also the illuminating mineral veil. Would be nice to try the liquid. Either October is looking exciting! Good luck ladies!

    • I definitely want the powder one and will be happy to swap the liquid one away if I get it 🙂

  44. Wow! I wonder if this will be full size? Either way…. I’M on cloud 9!

  45. How different is the PoreDermabrasion from the Microdermabrasion that we got back in February? I thought I read that they are very similar.

    • I’ve used both and think they are very similar. It’s my understanding that the pore refiner has some ingredients specifically targeted for large pores/acne prone skin (such as salicylic acid), and I think the exfoliating particles may be slightly larger.

    • After using both I personally prefer the PoreDermabrasion but to be honest I couldn’t have told you the difference in the 2 so I looked it up….”the physical exfoliator is the same micro-size pharmaceutical grade aluminum crystal, but because of the lime extract and salicylic acid, the exfoliator feels more abrasive” the PoreDermabrasion is more for oily/problematic skin and is suppose to help mattify. I personally didn’t feel it was more abrasive than the other and didn’t really seem to tingle more but it maybe worth a patch test if you have very sensitive skin? hope that helps.

  46. Boxy just dropped bombshell ! way to go Boxy

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