Allure Beauty Box October 2017 FULL SPOILERS + $5 Coupon!

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Allure Beauty Box Spoilers

We have FULL spoilers for the October 2017 Allure Beauty Box! 

The October 2017 box will include:

And we have sneak peeks for the rest of the year, too!

The November 2017 box will include:

The December 2017 box will include:

We are SO excited to reveal our guest editor (and even more excited to tell you what’s inside!) but trust us—it’s worth waiting for. Beauty fanatic favorites from Hourglass and Philosophy are just the beginning, so keep your eyes on your inbox for more updates!

  • Hourglass Product
  • Philosophy Product
  • Guest Editor!

What do you think of the Allure Beauty Box spoilers? 

If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get your first box for only $10 a box. (Regularly $15 a box.) And you’ll also get this palette for free:


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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. 100 comments on a $15 beauty box? We have problems if that is all we have to talk about. LOL. Not criticizing, just commenting.

  2. If you go to the allure website the pantene conditioner is not mentioned in the october box..i believe it was before but now seems gone…I wonder if we will still receive it.

    • Same here! Don’t see the conditioner. However, the eyeliner appears to be a brown one so I’m actually hoping they go with the website! Also, wondering what size will they all be. Don’t see size info anywhere

      • I got my box and the conditioner was wrapped in a pretty bulk bag.

  3. I’m back!!! That Marc Jacobs mascara and gel pencil lured me back to subscribe. Will keep up til years end but between Beautyfix, Boxycharm and Allure again I am in need of a counselor. Gave away all I won’t use and I’m still excited for new boxes. New year goal. 6 months without boxes but ENJOY NOW!!!!

    • I resubbed last week on Monday – just days before I got the Marc Jacobs email😡. I used the same email, etc. and I got my September box today. I emailed them to see if I would get the Marc Jacobs gift and no response yet… since then I got my tracking for the eye shadow (again)😓. This will be my 3rd one since my first had a broken shadow and they resent the whole eyeshadow kit. Maybe I will get lucky and get both, but i doubt it.

  4. My first box ever with any subscription just came in today and I’m already in love with it I will definitely keep ordering and maybe join one more subscription can’t decide what other I should try is the Sephora box a good box? I wanna stick with beauty and makeup anyone have any recommendations? I’m new to this now and allure September is my first time ever so please any recommendations will help please.

    • Ipsy is by far my favorite!

    • Boxycharm is tops for makeup.

      • I agree 👍 I love my Boxycharm! I’m also considering Sephora this month, well Oct cuz I have to wait till payday lol I think from the spoilers I’ve been watching the past few months and reviews that I’ll like it more than Birchbox (just canceled cuz tired of the teeny tiny samples that I can’t use 😕)

        • The samples you get from Play! By Sephora are about the same size as Birchbox. You do get the extra fragrance sample but sometimes it’s a single use swab like an alcohol swab. They issue several curated boxes per month but you usually get one that suites someone else much better. Their rewards points system is based on how much you spend. 10 points each month for the cost of the box + 1 point for each dollar you spend online or instore. The PLAY PASS that comes in the Playbox is worth 50 points with instore purchase. They do have some really great rewards items but most of them are only available online and you have to pay shipping for them unless it’s a reward point item that is 750 points or more. They do carry a few 100 points items instore. Play! By Sephora really does work for some, it just wasn’t for me. You never know though. What works for some doesn’t work for others. It’s worth a try. Hope this helps.

          • Thank you so much Dawn, for your insight on the Sephora Play! Box… I truly appreciate it because I had decided to wait for a while before starting this sub & I was feeling kinda down about it.

            I did however take advantage of their “Lashstash” deal and combined it with something that my mom was needing. That did earn me a deluxe sample promo freebie (a Kate Somerville acne cleanser-1 full ounce!) plus of course the 3 other packet samples so I think I made out pretty good 😊

            I also decided to go with the new L’oreal hydra genius for oily skin gel hydrator… Kinda a splurge for me so I’m skipping the sub for now… 😊

            Sorry so long ladies, I haven’t slept since yesterday morning when I woke up around 8ish, I’m disabled and a lil sleepy chatty right now lol 😂 😂 😂 thanks for letting me ramble on….❤️

    • Boxycharm is the best!

    • I’d firstly recommend Ipsy and then also Beautyfix if you like skin care and not too much make up tho when get, it’s usually very good. They do have hair care items in lots of boxes but it’s mostly skincare and lifestyle items!

    • I have ipsy for makeup and Sephora for skin care. I like both. I do really like Sephora for skin care – I feel like I have been getting boxes aimed at my needs and I have found a few things I really love! However, they ARE more for skin care than makeup – but it’s nice stuff and decent sizes. It’s awesome because I can go buy the full size using the play pass and get an extra 50 points. I’m saving the points up for my birthday at which point I’ll get a nice pampering in the mail 🙂

      • Hi Julie, how do the points work? I’m seriously considering Sephora Play this month and I do love the idea of saving up the points to “treat” myself to something that I wouldn’t normally buy for my birthday… Thanks for any input you can give me 😊

    • Sephora carries Top Notch high-end items, most of the full sizes are around $60. You have to buy the smaller sizes, say, a cleanser, to spend around $10, which is what I spent for my 1.7 Oz boscia black cleanser, which is something you must try, I love it! That is a box I would definitely get, Birchbox has a new upgrade you can get for $15 instead of the regular $10 where they give you a list of five different boxes and show you what is in each of them and you can pick the Box you want, my skin has been only so I picked one for that and I love every item that I will get in it, you can pick every month if they continue with this program. If they don’t, the regular program lets you pick if you want a regular curated box, or if you would like to pick one sample and the rest of the samples that come will be a surprise based on your profile, that you will fill out listing your hair color, eye color, ECT. I have both of those and one I’m waiting to get, that should be very good, as Macy’s has a box. That one I cannot make comments on but I expect good things. None of these boxes are more than $15. Good luck!

    • Sephora is a nice box.

    • Definitely boxycharm!!! $21 monthly for 4-5 full sized products, the box value is over $100!! They’ve been getting more high end items which is pretty exciting! There’s usually an Eyeshadow palette. There is a wait list, so I highly recommend signing up ASAP!!

  5. You know what I like most about the ALLURE box? They have a wonderful mix of skincare AND makeup. They always consider skincare as critical (as do I) but they include some important pieces of makeup that can help our look each and every month. Thanks Allure…you’re Customer Service may suck…but your boxes are usually always on target! Please work on the rest of the package.

    • Lol! So true! I love it! The skincare is the main reason I’m still subscribed. I thought we were supposed to be getting more Doucce eyeshadows…

    • Is the Kat Von d a sample or full size?

      • Kvd is a sample, but a generous amount

  6. If anyone wants to swap their mini perfume bottles I’ll take them! I love minis! Just click on my name or give me a heads up on here! Thanks.

    • I started collecting them! So, so cute!

    • the name is do I find you on swap?

  7. I have yet to receive my September box! I e-mailed them and they said they need to process my payment, but I paid for a whole year already and am around 2 months into it???

  8. So interesting. . . I signed up this month because I wanted the Tarte blush but I’m not super interested in the spoilers for the rest of the year. I called to cancel and they offered me a free gift box of 6 items from previous boxes if I keep my membership. They wouldn’t say which items though.

    • Did you ever get these promised items?? They promised me this as well if I did not cancel and sent me an empty makeup bag…twice! Called and the rep kept fighting me and telling me they never offered this to me…I am very surprised at how awful their cs is:/

    • did you ever get these items? I was promised this as well but they sent me an empty makeup bag and said they never promised me 6 items:/

      • They sent me a free duplicate of the September box.

      • I wonder if the bag was supposed to be the 6th item that they forgot to send me and they forgot to send you the box with 5 items.

        • sorry i posted twice, the first comment didn’t go through..Probably though, the makeup bag is not something you will miss :/ its a blue canvas, washed out color, very cheap looking bag…glad you got your items though even if its a past box beter than nothing:) I just got of the phone with supervisor Scott #6630 who said he can’t do anything about this, and they are not willing to send me the 6 items or even a past box:/ He said he’s not sure of what promotion I was talking about. The most he could offer me was to start my subscription again for 10 bucks lol, since i cancelled earlier after speaking to the rude rep….wow is all I can say right about now. What a stingy company. GLossybox or beautyfix here i come lol

          • Wow, sorry this happened to you. You should try Boxycharm.

        • thank you, I subbed for boxycharm last month and so glad I did! Love them:)

  9. I subscribed for my first box in September, I didn’t get the free eyeshadow palette as promised.

    • Hi Dani, the pallet is shipped separately from the actual box. It can take a couple of days to a couple of weeks to get it. Unfortunately you’ll have to be a little patient on this one… ❤️ 🤗 ❤️

      • Okay, I don’t remembered being notified that it would ship separately, so I had no way of knowing that “I would have to be a little patient.”

        • I’m not sure where it says this but I joined in July and mine was shipped separately. It came a couple days later so you should have it soon if that helps any…

      • I thought we were supposed to get a different color every season? I’ve only received the spring purple color.

    • I did not get mine when I signed up either. I did call to ask about it. They stated that it comes in a second package and to be patient. Three weeks after getting my 1st box, I called again. They seemed a bit put out about it but it showed up about ten days later.

  10. Anyone have an idea on the sizes for the creams and serums? Thinking about taking a break if they are all sample sizes

  11. I was going to cancel but I think I’ll stick around for October! I hope I get Saint!!!

  12. October looks great! Avene and Korres are excellent skincare lines. I’m curious to try the KVD perfume…they sound interesting. The other items…I can take or leave them, but I will certainly try them! Hey…aren’t we due another Doucce eye shadow single? Maybe this winter I hope.

    • I signed up in August. Have they sent any Doucce eyeshadow palettes for the Doucce compact this year?

  13. So with Allure, do you receive all the items shown above? I’m currently subbed to Boxycharm and Ipsy. Thank you!

    • Yes, the only variations they do are in shades like with the Tarte blush for September—everyone got a full size blush, just in one of four shades. So with October, you’ll get everything listed above for sure and the only variation is which Kat Von D perfume sample you get!

    • Me again—if there’s any other variation for October, it would probably be the eyeliner shades.

  14. great, 3 out of the 6 items I won’t use…not feeling this box Allure

  15. I’m excited for my October box. I’ve not tried any of these products. November & December look great too. I’ve canceled almost all my boxes due to product overload & debated on canceling this one too, but not now. So, it looks like I’ll definitely have Allure & Boxycharm the rest of this year.

    • Same exact thought as yours. I let go some boxes in the last 2 months and I’m keeping my boxycharm but I was debating if I should cancel Allure. I will see when January, 2018 rolls around.

  16. I want the nov. box for sure! Looks great!

  17. I’m excited! I love Avene and I think I tried that Korres mask from Sephora and liked it.

    FYI I resubbed last month through Amazon and there’s no tax, I always had to pay it since I’m in California. It’s through Allure so they ship, not some 3rd party and Amazon lets you cancel easily.

  18. Looks like it’s going to be great the rest of the year. October is my birthday 🎉 month so really excited for that

  19. yahoo allure! LOVE the boxes!

    • Me too! I really need to take a break from my subs (Boxycharm, Beautyfix, Love Goodly, and Allure) until I use up some of my stash, but surprisingly Allure is the one I don’t think I can live without.

      • I’m with you there Carla! I can’t live without my allure box either! I’d love to get another box under my mom’s name but we’re at the same address and I don’t know if they’ll do it 🤔🤔🤔 anyone know if this is possible?? I’d love any suggestions on how to do this…. Thanks so much!

        • I have had multiple Allure boxes sent to me at my home address with different emails.

          • Thanks Barb! That sounds like a good idea, I would use her email address for it so she can see the emails that Allure sends out.. Whatever she doesn’t want, cuz she rarely wears makeup anymore, she’d probably give me so I’d get extras yay me lol 😂 I want to gift her with it anyways because she’s always doing so much for me 😊

        • I had to purchase a “gift” subscription to get a second one at my address; they told me that was the only way to do it.

          • I bet you wouldn’t have to create another email if you just purchase it as a gift sub for your mom.

        • I’m not sure about Allure but with Ipsy I just made another email and was able to they are both under my name and same address I’d say Allure would probably be about the same

  20. How big are the perfume samples that they usually send? Like Sephora play tiny or a little bigger like ipsy or glossybox?

    • Natalie, Allure usually sends a good sized perfume sample, deluxe minis vs. the tiny spray or dabber samples many boxes send. The one in the picture is the size you will receive.

      My comment earlier is just how *I* feel. I have subscribed to Allure for years, pretty much since the beginning when it was Sample Society in the black boxes. It has been a good box overall, especially for the price point. I have many subscriptions right now including LMdB so often these items are a huge letdown.

      Allure definitely beats out most boxes in the price range for the generous sized samples. If I were new to subscription boxes, it would be a great one yo start with. I have so much product I could open a small store. Many subscription box addicts could probably agree with the surplus situation.

      • Mary, I totally agree…I have a lotta stuff, too! Taking a break from subs in October…EXCEPT for Allure.

  21. I wish beauty boxes wouldn’t throw in cheap products like Pantene or Pureology, imo it cheapens the entire box. For the most part I like allure but I’m not feeling the spoilers for the rest of the year. It might be time to take a break.

    • Funny, I like Pureology. I don’t think it cheapens anything. It is just because of retail value? I like October and November.

      • I prefer when Allure sends us brands I wouldn’t normally try. I’ve liked being exposed to fancy stuff. LOL

    • Pureology is not a cheap product at all. 5 oz of the Air Dry cream is $28. An average-sized bottle of their shampoos and conditioners are also around $30 each. I have dry, frizzy hair and their hydrate line is amazing. I’m thrilled to see it in boxes because I can’t always afford it. If you try it, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

      • I was thinking the same thing… Pureology… cheap??? I wish!!! I’ve loved everything I’ve tried from their line, but I always have to seriously consider whether I want to pay $30 for a hair product since I go through them so quickly.

        • Same here! I only purchase it when I can get a discount, and even then it’s a major splurge. 🙂

    • Given the price of Pureology at Ulta, it’s not on the cheap side. I really like the conditioner but I’m not willing to pay the price. Walmart had Pantene is this summer’s beauty box although the foam intrigues me.

    • That’s exactly how I feel! It makes me sad. I’ve loved Allure all year :'(

    • Wow! Lol pureology is not cheap at all!! Where are you getting your info?!! 😂

    • Seems to me you were thinking of some other brand when posting this, not Pureology.
      $65.50 for shampoo or $67.50 for conditioner is not cheap. In fact, it’s ridiculous.

      • Not a fan of Pantene but the foam does intrigue me. I have thin, fine hair that is chemically treated. QUESTION on the Purology product: I do blow dry my hair. I almost can’t stand to let it air dry. I have tried other similar products but with my thin, fine hair, it just looks limp & drab. But I really want to try & use this product! It’s Purology! I can’t afford this stuff! So I want to use it. Any suggestions for this product since I do blow dry my hair. Sometimes, my hair is half dry & I just dry the roots. Was wondering if this would still help w/ friz & body and maybe even as a finishing creme???

  22. This is one of my favorite boxes, you can’t beat the price for the quality of brands. Sorry some aren’t as happy.

  23. If I get another black pencil eyeliner…..💣🔪🗡⚰️

    • LOL

      I think I have several dozen at this point myself.

    • Bwahahahaahahahah!

    • Haha! It looks brown on my screen. Crossing my fingers!

      • It looks brown on my screen too and I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🤞 that it’s brown cuz I prefer it… I love the emoticons above though, made me laugh so hard at the knife and coffin lmao! 😂 😂 😂

  24. Just got my box yesterday. With the weather issues, some hubs may have shipping delays, I suppose. Shipping confirmation emails from them always been hit and miss for me.

    Not into October or November, definite pass. Was counting on Kat Von D being great – anything but perfume, and I recently ordered A FS Caudalie kit. Nothing in either box is appealing. Hope December is better.

    • For the 1st time, considering canceling Allure.

      I feel like my heart is breaking….

  25. I was so excited about Allure till we got the end of the year spoilers… Now? Not so much.

    For me, value is not there as it was in the previous few months. I could have sworn October had other items originally listed too.

    • The previous October spoilers were the Korres mask, the eyeliner, the Avene, and the Pureology. Only new things were the Kat von D and the Pantene.

      • Thank you. I went back & searched too.

  26. So love October! I don’t hate November either.

  27. I hope that I get sinner. I have sampled both and saint is awful.

  28. I’m not really familiar with most of the products so it’s exciting to me! I’m so excited to see Hourglass in the Dec box though! Yay! I dream about trying their products!!

  29. October looks like very unexciting for me. I’ll probably swap everything but the perfume. The November box looks great though.

  30. Perfume = Yay! I’m not familiar with any of these items, but I’m looking forward to trying them out.

  31. I don’t love it but I’m not mad at it.

  32. They still haven’t shipped my September boxes and won’t return emails. 🙁

    • If you were charged, I would call them. I always got better results over the phone rather than email.

    • I received my box a little later than usual this month. I would definitely call.

      • Yeah I just got my box last week I think. I almost never get shipping emails for it either.

    • My friend just got her box yesterday.

    • I just received shipping email yesterday, and got my box today.

    • I called AND emailed about September. Over the phone, the rep was very blaise about it. Like “We don’t know when it will ship, but you will get it. I appreciate your concern. It’s good that you called…”


      My response via email was far more solid – not only was I assured it will be sent, the delay due to weather conditions in various parts of the US, but my account was adjusted to reflect a $10 sub fee. I don’t know if that will be for future boxes or just 1 month, but I’ll take it.

    • I haven’t gotten my box yet either 🙁

      • I don’t have mine for Sept either. 🙁

        • Me either

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