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Play! By Sephora August 2017 Box – Featured Item Spoilers!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

Sephora is sharing these exclusive spoilers for the August box just with My Subscription Addiction readers! The theme this month is The Innovators, and you’ll receive one of these items:

What do you think of the spoilers? Which item do you want?

And in case you missed it, we have full spoilers for the August 2017 Play! By Sephora #250 #205! (Thanks Lily!)

Play! By Sephora Box #205 will include:

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. My sephora play box item # ends 213 😣 how do I find out what’s in mine

  2. Someone please help. My order number last three numbers end in 993 and I do not see it here

    • Evening!

      It wouildnt be the last three numbers of your order number, but the last three digets of the item number for the play box. Hope this helps.

    • I think it’s actually the item number you have to get it from. Not the order number. At least that’s what I was told. Hope this helps sweetie! 😉

  3. Still waiting on box #130. So far I have been disappointed. Wanting to see a wider range of products since Sephora is so huge! I subscribe to Ipsy, Sephora, and Birchbox. Sometimes it feels like they ALL use the same sample vendor.

    Fyi everyone? I must have been out of the loop. MACY Beauty boxes are here! Just subscribed. Theirs comes with a bag like Ipsy, and 5 deluxe + 1 bonus product. Curious to see the brand differences. I already get I Ipsy, Birchbox and Sephora. Might be dropping Birchbox if Macy’s holds up!

  4. I’m getting 122.

    • Same here,122..seems like my boxes are always last on the spoilers..wonder why that is..

  5. The first time I checked my box number it said 205, today it says 130, kind of glad because the foundation color for the hourglass stick was so not my shade. I’ve been subbed for 4 months going on 5 now. So far I have been happy with every box I have gotten. I hope this one is good as well. I’ve never tried a dry shampoo so I don’t mind getting one. As for the skincare, any of them would be cool to try though i kind of want the glam glow sample because ive been wanting to try their products and just never get around to it.

    • I usually buy dry shampoo called Pssssssst! at Walmart works great! The dry shampoo we are getting in the box smells so good and works great too! I’ve received it in one of first my Ipsy bags last year and loved it!

  6. What do you all do with those bags from Sephora Play ???
    Please comment , I would love to hear what you do with them.
    Thanks !!

    Yes , I would much rather have a Sample instead .

  7. Omg!!! I have had my eye on the Bum Bum Cream for a while and I have never pulled the trigger on it. I hope I get it!

  8. I’m getting 197. I hope the Glamglow isn’t in there. I always give it away to my niece since it breaks me out. Plus I already received one of their moisturizers in my March box.

    • Can I please ask how you find out which box you are going to be getting?

      • Sure, if on the website, look at your Sephora orders, click on the details for your Play box order and it’s the last 3 digits of your item number.

        • Okay thank you so much for your help! 😉

      • You have to do the mobile site. You won’t see it in the ap

  9. Box 122 here

  10. Well…I’m the saddest ever. My CC# got stolen and i had to cancel it on the 6th. Sephora emailed me about it on the 7th, and I changed my payment to paypal right away..but now they say I won’t get the August box..which looks amazing..AND it’s my birthday : (

    • SAME HERE. I got an email on the first saying my payment didn’t go through, so I switched my card using the link in the email that very day. Yesterday I got an email saying my sub would be cancelled if I didn’t change my payment method (which I did) so I called. She said you have to change your payment method IN your Play! Subscription profile rather than your account?! So I suggested maybe they ought to send a link to the Play subscription page rather than to your Sephora account- you know, where you keep your payment information. Then she said it was too late to get the August box.

      • Weird. They declined my payment and did this to me and my card didn’t get stolen (and I’m pretty confident my balance is over $10 lol). No August box for me. It’s the first box since I subbed that doesn’t look like complete crap, too.

    • That’s what happened to me last month.

    • Same happened to me this January 🙁

  11. If I subscribed yesterday, when can i expect my first box? I tried looking online but can’t find my answer! Also, how do you tell what box you will be getting? 3rd subscription box, I’m moving up LMAO

    • You will be getting your first box in September. When they charge your card you can go online and look under your account for orders. Under orders you will see sephora play box, click on it or click on details which should be next to the picture, once it opens the last 3 digits of the item number is the box number you are getting.

  12. i am box 148 and really hoping for the Korres. I have used their products before, especially the Greek Yoghurt Line ( sleeping mask) and it blew me away how good it was. woke up with new skin!!!! whoa. anyway, fingers crossed. looking forward to more spoilers.

    • How do you know what box you are getting?

  13. Can’t stop laughing at the “micro mini” blender sponge. It’s a good thing that it’s in a neon color to find it if it falls on the ground. It’s soooo cute and micro mini tiny microscopic molecular, down to the atomic-sized nature of the sponge. I hope I can find it again in the picture. Waldo was easier to find. tee hee Just playing. It is cute and does look helpful for getting close to the under-eye area. I hope they will sell these at this size. That’s really the area that I need the most help, when mascara gets smudged under-eye.

    • I don’t know What you’d use it for! It annoys me. Lol

      • I use it for concealer and blending contour lines

    • Isn’t this… a size they already sell, for concealer? A useful size?

    • I would rather have a micro pig in a rain coat and booties. I’ve never tried a beauty blender because of the price so I’m sure ill find something to use this micro one with. I’ll probably lose it anyways since its tiny and I’m just as good at finding things as I am at losing them

  14. Darn I got the Lancer Polish. I so wanted the Erborian or Kopari sample. I recently just bought the Erborian CC cream and BB and am in love. Now I just want to try their whole line.

    • Hey Veronica – if I get the Erborian or Kopari I’d love to swap it for your Lancer if you’re willing!! 😀 I’m swap profile /3557. Willing to work out a larger swap if you’d like – I’ve got lots of stuff to add to my listings.

  15. I hope I don’t get the glamglow as I already tried a mini of that and don’t like it but I would be happy to get any of the other choices…I already own the bum bum cream but that stuff smells amazing wouldn’t mind having a mini for my work bag!

  16. I love anything living proof and I’d really like to try that bum bum cream.But I’ve given up hoping for certain stuff from this sub because I never get it! I always look at these spoilers but when it comes to the different spoilers for different numbers I try not to look anymore that way my let down feelings are at a minimum lol

  17. Based on my skin profile (dry/aging) I’m guessing I could get the Korres, Kopari, or the Brazilian Bum Bum – all of which sound great! I have a few serums right now and could really use a thick moisturizer, but I will happily take any of these!

  18. I always love the brands they feature in Sephora Play. Much more interesting skincare brands here than that Macy’s box.

  19. I have #197 and it is killing me not knowing what is in my box! I do wish we could get another sample instead of the bag. I am fairly certain Sephora gets those samples for free, not to mention they charge an obscene amount for some of their “Sephora Favorites” or “Try it” kits.

    Wouldn’t it be great if they sent out the boxes at the end of the month, that way we can get them on time instead of the 2nd or 3 week? The suspense kills me!

    • They actually do pay for those samples. With so many sub boxes out there, companies aren’t just going to give out a ton of free products. You rarely/never get foils with Sephora Play which is the norm for a lot of other sample boxes.
      This would also explain why we’ll get similar items months later. They buy those samples in bulk so many of us have already gotten that PHD dry shampoo in a Play box already.

      • Oops…meant to add: this is why we see so many repeat brands- some companies are very generous with free samples for sub boxes, others are more rare…

  20. You know what bothers me most about the Play! box? Those darn bags! I am pretty sure they can do something more creative than those super cheap pull string bags. I am -this close- of canceling my subscription and keep only Ipsy because of this. Every month is so exciting to get my Ipsy in part because of the cute -and different- bag they send every month!

    • Agreed. I would rather have an extra sample than a useless bag.

      • Plus, the Sephora bag artwork, like this one, is generally very ugly/tacky. Being crafty and green, I like to repurpose anything unattractive but otherwise useable into something OOAK and lovely. I have I used appliqued fabric scraps & lace & velvet trims to decorate and cover the ugly artwork on previous Sephora bags. I use them to store handmade soaps, jewelry, etc., and use as gift packaging. Waste not, want not.

    • I received my first shipment from Ipsy last month. Again, I would rather have an extra sample because there are only so many little bags of the sample size you need, but they’re awesome. It was nice to be able to throw a brush and a few other things in my purse without worrying about damage to my purse or my makeup. I guess in this case, maybe they should send bag every three to six months and give you a choice of past bags when you sign up.

      I was really surprised at Ipsy. After I reviewed my bag I realized that a lot of their subscribers are very inexperienced with makeup. All of the reviews for last month were people hating that they got “another highlighter” because they get too many, don’t use it, or don’t know how to. Crazy! You can never have too many highlighters!

      Another thing about Ipsy is they offer meaningful reviews that impact what you receive, as well as having more ii-depth profile options.

      In the end, it’s only 10 dollars and I look forward to trying new things.

      • Just because someone doesn’t like or use a certain type of product doesn’t mean they’re inexperienced with makeup. Not everyone is into the same things. I’m extremely experienced and I don’t care for any more highlighters. I have over 40 samples and full size products from various subscription boxes, plus the ones I’ve bought that I actually like. IMO that’s too many highlighters!

        I don’t get upset when I get them, because I know they’re hot right now and every beauty brand is trying to get in on the trend in as many ways as possible, but I certainly wouldn’t mind never receiving one in a subscription box again!

        • I totally agree with you. Plus everyone has different skincare and makeup needs. I hate getting highlighters because I’m extremely oily and have large pores and highlighters emphasize that.

    • I’m going to cut them up and sew a cute little throw/quilt. It will be my little sephora play throw.

    • Totally agreed.

      Ipsy comes with awesome bags, the new Macy’s box had an adorable bag, even the boxes that Birchbox sends are cute and useful. Sephora’s bags are lame.

  21. I would love to try the korres serum!!!

    • Oooohhhh me too! I’m crossing my fingers this is in my box!

  22. All new items for me. I don’t know any of them, so it will be fun to see what I get.

  23. So…..I’ve been with Play! Since Feb, and I have a number of other subscriptions.

    Does anyone else agree with me that, you absolutely love the Play! box and items every month but, feel like Sephora is completely dropping the ball when it comes to the Play! box, experience??

    All my subscription send me an email, letting me know the theme (theme, not the profits). Later on (before shipping) two of my subs, tell me what I’m getting and 2 subs do not. Thoes, emails add to the subscription experience. Also, when my tracking label, is created…..i get an email with the tracking number.

    The Play! Experience:
    No email as far as theme, leading up to the date my card is charged. Rarely, spoilers of what to expect (even if it was a spoiler of 1-2 items). No tracking email sent to me, until after I’ve gotten my Play box.

    All these add to the experience of having a subscription.
    I really hope the improve this soon.


    • I don’t think they have themes, which is fine, but I do agree, no e-mails, no shipping. However, my only complain with Sephora (and have been with it since last December) their sample sizes getting smaller and smaller

  24. I hope I get the Bum Bum cream or Gloden Krocus Saffron Elixir

  25. Everything looks great especially the Bum Bum Cream that stuff smells amazing!!! So I’m hoping for the box with the Bum Bum Cream even though I own the full size this would be great for your purse.

  26. I hope I get the coconut oil or the golden crocus Serum.

  27. Sigh…these are probably nice body moisturizers, but it drives me nuts when companies claim their products can decrease cellulite. It’s absolutely false scientifically – cellulite is mostly genetic. The only way to really improve its appearance is through certain procedures and somewhat through fat loss/muscle toning, although it’s caused by fat pushing through connective tissue (not by the fat alone), so as long as you have any body fat (i.e. as long as you’re alive) you’ll probably have some cellulite.

    Of course, there are countless other claims that these companies make that are absolutely not based in any kind of scientific fact (see also “reduce under eye circles” or “charcoal to remove skin impurities”), so I don’t know why this one in particular bugs me the most.

    • It bugs me big time, too. For me, I think it’s because it’s just such an egregious claim.

  28. I’m loving these!

  29. The only box that I would be happy with would be the one with the glam glow 🙁 I dont use self tanners and I’m allergic to coconut products, so it looks like i’ll probably be in for a sucky month.

    • Which item is a self tanner?

      • I read it wrong 🙈 My bad.

        • Oh good! I was worried I was going to get one 😂

  30. I think it’s odd that it goes from moisturizer to cellulite cream lol

    • Right? I wonder what in the profile screams cellulite cream needed here.

      • It’s one of the concerns you can list. When you customize your profile. Now I know why that was listed haha. And why I’m probably going to get it in my box lol

      • It’s just a great smelling body cream, you can use it all over : )

        • It really is a great smelling ,very moisturizing thick cream. It has a little bit of a shiny reflective glow to it.

  31. I’m tired of boxes giving the same stuff, FabFitFun gave the Living Proof Dry Shampoo in their summer box. Their box is $50 4x a year, so it’s a little more pricey and not monthly, but I’ve seen more of the same exact products in these subscription boxes, which makes me not subscribe to them.
    This is why I have not and will not subscribe to Sephora…

    • Umm, shouldn’t that make you not subscribe to FFF, since you could get the same items for far less money in a Play box? It always ticks me off when I see FFF send items I’ve gotten in $10 boxes, not the other way around.

      • No, you get a full size bottle with FabFitFun and fill sized items that are worth soo much more than what Sephora pushes out…

    • Nope it was Klorane.

  32. Putting it out there. I have box 189. Fingers crossed. The Play box has been very iffy for me. I had the dreaded 083 box that was totally off. Hoping for certain ones above but my record with them will be all I don’t want LOL

    • How can I find out my number? Ex. ” I have box 189″. I tried following the steps above but couldn’t find it.


  33. I like all of them currently obsessed with the bum bum cream.

    • That’s what I’m hoping for as well!

  34. please please please let me get the glamglow.

  35. I would be happy with any of them!

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