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Play! By Sephora August 2017 Box #197 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the August 2017 Play! By Sephora #197! (Thanks Tamara!)

Play! By Sephora Box #197 will include:

Play! By Sephora Box #189:

Source: Instagram

Play! By Sephora Box #205:

What do you think of the spoilers?

In case you missed it, Sephora shared these exclusive spoilers for the August box just with My Subscription Addiction readers! The theme this month is The Innovators, and you’ll receive one of these items:

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. Anyone else with 197 have issues with their Kopari not being sealed tight and leaking?

    • Yep, mine was all leaky.

      I got a sample of it in their Superfoods kit, and it leaked in that, too. I even had them send me a replacement, and that one also leaked haha.

      • I guess that answers the mystery of why they’re not selling the superfoods box anymore… maybe they’ll figure something out, hope so

    • Mine leaked, but it didn’t get on anything else. I was kinda like “okay, I guess I’m trying this first” and wiped off the leakage and had a hair mask!

  2. I received my box yesterday (197) and I’m very happy with it. The Kopari sample is huge! I don’t typically care for perfume samples but I could smell one (or both) of the two KVD samples when I opened the box and they smelled heavenly! This might be my favorite Play! box to date.

  3. I just received box 197. I’m very happy! My profile is medium skin tone and I received kat von d concealer in medium 19 cool. I don’t see that shade on Sephora’s site though…. The beauty blender will come in handy with the concealer.
    Saint and Sinner both smell good! I will use the dry shampoo more as a style/texturizing product since I have to wash it everyday to style it or look wonky.

    • I got that medium shade too. I was really excited about getting light in this…oh well. 🙁

  4. I love dry shampoo, I use it right after I wash / dry & style my hair. It gives volume, texture to hold whatever style i pick and prevents my hair from getting oily. Then i use it on the third day to refresh my hair . I go through these little sample’s in a couple days. I’ve never had a baby beauty blender , but im sure it’s great for under eye concealer. I’ve never tried the kat von de concealer in this tube , i have the old tattoo cover up one. I already have samples of the perfume but i like it. I have the mascara remover sample but I’ve never used it, but im happy to have 2. The coconut oil is something i will regift in my now famous every one takes a gift bag of samples when they come to my house tradition I’ve started. I love what you get for just 10 bucks its a steal in my opinion. I can’t see myself ever cancelling this subscription.

  5. I am a soapmaker so I literally have gallons of coconut oil, that is the last thing I need a sample of, lol. I would be happy to swap the coconut melt for the Bum Bum, Korres, or Glamglow.

    Other than that and the melt off mascara thingie (I’m 197) I’m fairly happy with this box. I have been toying with canceling because the recent boxes were dreadful, but this one is decent. 🙂

    • I would love to swap bum bum for the kopari coconut oil! Are you on the swap site?

      • I am swapping mine! Would love the bum bum!

      • No, where is it?

    • I’ll swap for my glam glow if the other swap doesn’t go through email me jennifersparber33 at gmail

  6. I received a little sample like this of the Brazilian Bum Bum cream and I was hooked. I never would have tried it otherwise. Even that small amount was a treat to me. I ran out and bought it and bought it for my friends. So, I guess sometimes it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the lotion. 😂

    • Lol get the body wash /lotion set , you will be truly spoiled. I used to use drug store body wash. Not now , this stuff is on a whole other level. Plus it makes the scent stay longer and stronger.

  7. I just looked at this and was thinking that I would LOVE 197. Like it was Taylor made just for me! I went to check my number and that’s the one I’m getting! I could not be happier!

  8. I got box #197 and the concealer in my box is medium cool not light. Thank god.

    • Oh and the perfume is actually 2 different samples. Saint & sinner not just one.

      • Yay! So excited! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Not sure why there is so much negativity towards this box. They have improved from the nearly all haircare or all skincare boxes from a couple months back. They actually include several makeup items now.

    If people are so unhappy with this box, there is always the option of subscribing to the new Macy’s box or Ipsy instead.

    • Exactly

  10. I got box 189, looks like a good box, but I would love to try the Kopari…would swap the bum bum cream for it…if someone was interested. 🙂

    • I think the Kopari coconut melt is just basically an overpriced coconut oil…lol. If you look at the list of ingredients, it just says organic coconut oil and nothing else. I get mine at Aldi for $4.:)

    • I would love to swap my kopari for the bum bum. I am on swap. I already got my box. It is a big sample too.

  11. Is it possible to email and opt out of some things? If so what is the email and thanks! I am so over dry shampoo

    • They do not have an opt out service. Just the beauty profile quiz but that does not allow for opt outs.

  12. I’m 205. I love subscription boxes (obviously, lol) but Play! is the only one I’ve stayed consistently subscribed to. I have definitely gotten a couple less than stellar boxes but I end up using everything — there are plenty of days I would have gone without wearing makeup but instead played around with some products I knew I wasn’t going to love and purchase full size of, but enjoyed wearing for a one-off.
    I would have loved to have gotten the erborian, but honestly I’m up to my eyeballs in illuminating primers/moisturizers/highlighters anyway! I know Lancer is a good brand and I need an exfoliator.
    I’m looking fwd to this box. Always need dry shampoo. Mascara.. kind of ugh at this point. I’m sure it’s decent but I think I get a mascara every time and honestly none of them are as good as my fav which I never buy anymore bc I have so much. I have 4 bb micros, so I don’t need another but I’m sure I will eventually..

    • It’s not a mascara. It’s a mascara remover…

      • 205 is a mascara duo primer from clinique. The other boxes so far have the too faced mascara melt off.

    • Same here , play will stay.

  13. All these boxes look great!

  14. I got that same dry shampoo in my January playbox. They better not send me that again!😕 (Box #122)

    I’m so disappointed by these items. A $40 coconut oil?

    A gold Elixir serum that is mostly alcohol ? (checked ingredient list on

    And samples for the body that are probably only big enough to be used maybe twice? ( that’s why I hate getting samples for the body because they’re never big enough to use for an extended period of time or at least to cover your whole body in one use).

    I know the box is only $10 and that’s not very pricey. But that doesn’t mean that I want to waste $10 on a service where I have to constantly give away/swap the items because they don’t suit me.

    Sephora has an array of Brands and products, I know they can work out better deals with these brands so we can get a stronger variety of products each month. I understand that some women are newer to the service so these products may be new to them. But I’ve only been with this service for 10 months and I might be getting repeat products already. 👎

    Not cool. Rant over. LOL

  15. I’m getting 189, yay!!! So excited about having an “official” beauty blender mini, getting to try the bum bum cream, and the dry shampoo and Kat Von D concealer are both a favorite (hope the color works out!).

    The mascara melt off isn’t something I’d go for just because I don’t wear waterproof mascara & prefer micellar water, but I’m still happy to try it.

    Also, every time someone says “so glad I cancelled” I sing “nah nah naaaah nah, hey hey hey, gooooodbyyyyeeee” hehe

    • I love the mascara melt off . I don’t wear waterproof but I usually have 2 or 3 layers of mascara. It makes it so easy to take my eye makeup off without irritating my eyes. I have box 10. Hope it’s there but I also want the Korres oil or glamglow.

    • Haha I agree..if you are so glad you cancelled what are you even doing here!

    • 😁

  16. I love #197, but I’m 130. I may covet from afar.

    • I’m pissed it’s been a long time since I checked the order number,but I desided to ,I was 197 and I was happy for the first time in a while now my number is 130 I may cancel I’m not a little happy camper

      • Isn’t it weird that they changed the number? the same thing happened to me, when I first checked i was 205 and now im 130….the anticipation is killing me

  17. This is my box and Im so disappointed the beauty blender is the only thing I’ll use. Not a fan of kat von d so never wanted her perfumes the concealer always creases under my eyes. I have 6 samples of the melt off that I still haven’t used. Hope somebody with 205 will wanna swap.

    • I have 205! Let’s swap!

      • Im so willing to are you on the swap site?

      • I have it listed on the swaps site if you still wanna swap

  18. No regrets about canceling. The items that are featured that I may be interested in, will resurface in another sub.

  19. Anyone who doesn’t want their dry shampoo I’m taking donations for my mass of hair and I’ll swap if I have something you want. I’m getting #122 so idk what I’m getting from Play yet this month to pist in the swap but I also get Ipsy, Birchbox, Boxycharm, and the Walmart Beauty Box so I have enough skin care samples to last me a lifetime if anyone wants to trade hair care for skin care.

    • What’s your name on the swap site (if you’re on there)?

    • Definitely interested in swapping the dry shampoo.

    • hey Sarah I m getting box 122 as well but I have gotten the
      Living proof dry shampoo in full dry volume blast in my March box ( I did not know they have dry shampoos by different names) and I have the
      Klorane Dry shampoo with out milk from the June box and I am not a fan of dry shampoo’s so they have not been touched if you are interested they are nice sizes. am not sure what I would like to swap for I also subscribe to Ipsy I do like lip products highlighters . the box from play when we got the k von D I was excited but got the opposite color that I really wanted in my july box I got the tare lipstick (set sail) I’m love and almost gone!! let me know what you got ~~ I try to check on here a lot but you can also get ahold of me better on insta @bobbieyasin

    • I’m new to the swap site, just filled out my shipping info and all that. Is my name the name I put as my shipping name? If it is, I’m Sarah Keith. I didn’t see anywhere else to make a name.

  20. Got my 197 box and the Lock-It may be profile based because mine is in the shade medium and the perfume is both saint & sinner samples.

    • Mine is also medium and I got both perfumes as well. You can’t really tell in the pic I shared with Liz because I took the pic in my car on my lunch break. Lol

      • Thank you for sending her pics. I like to know what’s in the box before I get it!

  21. I’ve tried the Kopari Coconut Melt before, it is just plain coconut oil…nothing special ! It’s in a solid form but as soon as it touches your fingers it melts quickly. It does smell good but I would definitely love to receive the serum or bum bum cream instead.

  22. The only box I didn’t want was the one w the Kopari because I already have the big tub of the coconut melt and of course it’s the one I get lol
    Anyone want the Kopari? My skin can only get so soft…

    • Send it my way! I love all things coconut. How can I contact you?

  23. My #… Such a terrible box when compared to the other two…
    Really wanna cancel but that fomo feeling is keeping me subscribing after so many misses this year so far…
    Gonna try to change my profile again… What did I do wrong??

  24. Anyone else getting box #213? Haven’t seen it mentioned yet!

    • That the number I got to! I’m impatiently waiting to find out.

    • That’s the number I got to! I’m impatiently waiting to find out.

  25. The last 3 numbers are 189 so I gather I’m getting 189?? HOWEVER, it says “Out of Stock” even though it’s paid for and ‘Processing.”

    Gee, I’m sooooo confused Sephora!

    • They are always listed as “out of stock” because you can’t go and purchase more of your sub box. If it’s paid for and processing, you’re getting it.

    • Sephora play always says out of stock after the payment for the box. If that’s your number that’s what you’re getting

  26. I use that coconut melt as a moisturizer for my dry legs, and it’s amazing! (much better than the grocery store coconut oils I’ve used in the past – it absorbs better and smells better) 🙂

  27. This is mine and everything is going up for swap. I am about Sephora played out. I know its only $10. but it isn’t even fun anymore for me. I don’t like Kat Von D concealer, I don’t like coconut oil, I have more dry shampoo than hair, and that mascara melt doesn’t work for me. The beauty blender looks like a total waste of time and my dog will probably end up pooping it out somewhere.

    • Thanks for the laugh 😁 I am getting box #179 as well, this is the absolute worst play box for me as of yet.

    • I’m out. Done. I’ll take my $120.00 that I waste on a year’s worth of these crummy boxes and use it for something I actually want.

      More Living Proof? More dry shampoo? Another concealer that’s not matched to my skin tone per my profile?

      I tossed literally the entire box last month and this one goes right into the trash, too.

      No more.

      • I’ll trade you for 122

  28. Am I missing something about the Kopari? I was just in Sephora yesterday and looked at this & it is, literally, just coconut oil. Same thing I have a huge tub of that I cook with. Now, some of their other products look great but this melt…nothing but coconut oil.


    -Cocos Nucifera (Organic Coconut) Oil

    I guess if you don’t get this version, you could just make your own.

  29. Has anyone used the Kopari as a makeup remover to break down makeup? Just wondering how I’m going to use it.

    • Yes. You can use it to remove makeup. It is plain coconut oil so nothing irritating. Just slather it on and wipe off.

      • Thank you!

      • Coconut oil is highly comedogenic – on a scale of 0 to 5 it’s a five. While it is “non-irritating”, it is very likely to cause breakouts. So use at your own risk, I would never let it touch my face (I’m very acne prone)

        • Thanks, good to know.

        • Thank you, I’m very acne prone also. So i will be putting this item in my gift bag drawer.

  30. I can’t even use the concealer! I have medium skin! And the kopari is straight coconut oil! Nothing special. Of course I get the worst box!

    • You might not be able to use it under your eyes, but you could try using it to highlight certain areas of your face. A lot of people use concealers to highlight and contour – I think Tarte’s Shape Tape set is the most versatile for that, but I’ve used Too Faced’s Born This Way concealers in lighter and darker shades to do similar things. :/ Might not be a complete waste. If nothing else, you can try for formula testing.

    • I’ll trade you for something? I got box 122

  31. You actually get both KVD perfumes, saint and sinner in box 189!!

    • You get both in 197 too 🙂

  32. Yayyyyyy! I got 197 .

  33. Tip for the best mascara removal & super cheap: Buy fractionated coconut oil (Amazon $10 for 16 oz) & mix it in one of your used up sample bottles with about 1/2 oil & 1/2 water. It works exactly like my favorite, Mary Kay, but is super cheap! Then you can just rub the coconut oil in and it serves double duty. 🙂

  34. I’ve never used a beauty blender before – how does everyone store/wash theirs?

    • You can clean it with brush cleanser or soap and water. I store mine in a brush case.

  35. I wish I was getting that Kopari

    • You can have mine! Are you on swap?

      • I’ll trade for yours? I got box 122

  36. Is anyone receiving box #148? I haven’t seen it mentioned in any spoiler post comments here or elsewhere.

    • I’m getting box #148

      • Anyone getting #130?

        • I’m getting #130. I haven’t seen anyone spoilers yet for it…

        • I am also getting 130..geez I really do hope it is better than last month. I don’t use any of the samples from last month except for the teeny tiny It mascara…oh my

          • I am 130 also… thought I had the number wrong! LOL

          • Mine fell into the uncanny valley of good enough to try them all and not swap – not good enough to keep using! Actually, I remember now, I’m still using a Perricone moisturizer I got in that batch. The It mascara didn’t do it for me. The Ren mask either. The Clinique Wopping Watermelon – I enjoyed it that day, but it’s not the kind of color that’s going into the mix very often. Oh yeah, and we got that hair mask, that worked. OK, I guess it was all good, although I was surprised at the face mask they picked for me. They probably put me in that group for the hair mask really.

        • 130 for me too…

        • I’m getting 130 too. I swear my box is always the last reveal!! I am so impatient!! haha

          • I’m #130 too and that’s how I always feel. Then I finally see it and think, dammit I liked the other boxes better! Every single time, hahaha

    • i’m 148 and i’m willing to bet we will get the clarins cellulite stuff!

      • What makes you think that, Helen? I hope not! I’m not interested in body lotions/products. I remember selecting GlamGlow as a brand I like so I’m hoping we get the moisturizer!

  37. 197 is mine. I have officially cancelled after 1 year.

  38. With so many of the moisturizers I wanted to try, I got coconut oil. Oils don’t work for my skin. I really hope for a cool shade in the concealer. I’m pretty excited for the beauty blender.

    • How do i find out what my box is ?

  39. I had cancelled this one to try the Macy’s bag. The only thing I would have liked to try is the KVD concealer and I probably wouldn’t have got it anyway.
    At least I’m not having any FOMO! Whew!

  40. Keep that dry shampoo away from 221! LOL!

    • I’m getting 221! I don’t see too many with that number

  41. 197 is my box and I am super happy. I have always wanted to try the kat von d concealer and the coconut melt and although the perfume is usually a throw away for me I actually am interested in Kat von d’s new perfumes so i’m happy about that! No real interest in getting more dry shampoo but looks like everyone is getting that so that is fine.

    • At least it’s a good dry shampoo. I love Living Proof. I. Happy with my 197 too 🙂

  42. What about boxes 122 and 155? 🙁

    I don’t need another dry shampoo…

  43. I was hoping for the Coconut Melt for 130. C’mon, Golden Crocus Elixir Serum for 130!

    • I was also hoping for the coconut melt on box130… I never end up with what I want 🙁

      • You can have mine! I hate it! Are you on swap?

      • My kopari will be up for swap if you want it. I wanted the korres serum

    • Yes!! Me too!!

    • It’s literally just coconut oil. Not even organic…

  44. Still no 122, but it looks like there’s no escaping the dry shampoo. I just mailed a swap box full of those.

  45. Welp, I have #197 and the only thing I’m excited for is the Kopari Coconut Melt. I’ve been wanting to try it for a while.

    As for the rest, this box is just not for me this month. As recently as last week, I bought the exact same dry shampoo from Sephora (and did not like it) and a different beauty blender. The light Kat Von D concealer is definitely not my shade. I hope the Too Faced Mascara melt is useful but I barely use mascara in the first place. Guess i’ll be using most of these products as gifts or stocking stuffers or something.

    • I’m with you, I want to try the Kopari. I’m wondering if we are all getting the concealer in light even though that will not match what I put in my profile. I use Simple wipes to get off my makeup, including mascara so I will try the oil, but doubt it’s something I would want to purchase. I don’t use dry shampoo and tired of receiving it in boxes. Here’s to hoping I like the perfume.

    • I have 122 if u want to trade?

  46. 130, 130, where art thou…

    • I’m wondering also.

      • Me too, I’m sooo curious now

    • I am also getting 130, I am interested in the Erborium or the Korres

    • I know, how do I always get the box there are no spoilers for!! Also though I don’t know why all the complaining above ^ all these look new and interesting to me, well mostly, I do have tons of dry shampoo now lol; but Sephora has been sending better and bigger samples than normal, and way cuter bags too, I look forward to my box!

      • Agree

      • Agree 100 %

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