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Play! By Sephora August 2017 Box #189 FULL SPOILERS!

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Screen Shot 2017-02-18 at 9.12.22 AM

We have full spoilers for the August 2017 Play! By Sephora #189!

Play! By Sephora Box #189 will include:

Source: Instagram

Play! By Sephora Box #205:

What do you think of the spoilers?

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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  1. I was supposed to receive box #189 but it was lost in the mail! Sephora kindly refunded me but I REALLY wanted this box! Is anyone interested in selling theirs?? If so let me know and I’ll send you my info!

  2. hmm…. my order ends in 305. Does anyone else have this??! I haven’t heard anything about this one?!

  3. Just got my 189 and I love it! Finally. This is the first box in months I like!

  4. Anyone wanna trade their #189 for my #122?

  5. If anyone would like to swap #189 for #205, I’m in. I have #205, let me know if you’re interested.

  6. I just received mine, box #197. It is a dupe of 189 but has the Kopari coconut mini mel instead of the bum bum cream

  7. I don’t have “account details” when I click on “Account”, can someone post a link?

  8. I haven’t seen any mention of box #148. Am I the only one?

    • I have #148 too and haven’t seen any spoilers online yet.

  9. Box #130 is waiting for me at home … if the spoilers aren’t out by the time I get home (around 6), I will make sure to post a comment 🙂

    • Awesome, thanks! Mine hasn’t even been sent yet.

      • Someone actually posted on Instagram !

        1) Beautyblender sponge
        2) Alterna caviar anti-aging miracle multiplying volume mist
        3) Clinique dual-ended lash building primer & high impact mascara duo
        4) Hourglass vanish seamless finish foundation stick in Shell
        5) Korres golden krocus ageless saffron elixir serum
        6) Burberry My Burberry Black

  10. Still waiting on box #130.

    Fyi everyone? I must have been out of the loop. MACY Beauty boxes are here! Just subscribed. Theirs comes with a bag like Ipsy, and 5 deluxe + 1 bonus product. Curious to see the brand differences. I already get I Ipsy, Birchbox and Sephora. Might be dropping Birchbox if Macy’s holds up!

    P.S. I removed the link so my comment would show up. Oops!

  11. I have box #189, I like this box the only issue I have is that I keep getting the musk perfume scents which I do not like at all!

  12. Oh yay. More dry shampoo.

  13. NOOOOOO! Worst sephora play ever. Bum bum cream? You got that right cause I am BUMMED !

  14. I’m getting 189 and I usually feel like I get the box that I want the most, but not this month. I’m mainly annoyed at the concealer shade because I have tan olive skin and it looks way too light for me, but maybe I can use it this winter once I’m paler.

  15. The boxes look great! Hoping for the one with the bum bum cream! I’m curious how Sephora isn’t gonna get in trouble for using Makeup Geek? Like that’s Marlena’s brand. I get it’s also a nickname and that’s how Marlena came with the name for her brand. But like, really Sephora? I think this might be trouble!

    • I was wondering the same thing. I guess as long as she doesn’t have it trademarked?

    • She just tweeted yesterday (since deleted but search YouTube for Jen Luvs Reviews and look at her minute long video from yesterday for receipts) that it was trademarked and couldn’t believe sephora used it. I imagine she removed the tweet to pursue legal action or they contacted her.

  16. I hope we get spoilers for box 130 soon. It’s going to help me determine which sub box I’m going to cancel

  17. I am #197 & really wanted the bum bum but I guess I am not getting it. I also want the foundation stick! Please hurry up 197 spoilers!

    • I am 197 too. I would have liked the bum bum cream but I would prefer to get this concealer over the foundation stick just because I already have the foundation stick ( I am in love with it though).

    • it is the same as 189 but Kopari coconut mini mel instead of bum bum cream

  18. Box 189 comes with saint and sinner perfume samples.

  19. I am getting box #213! I’m hoping it’s good because I love each item in #189 depending on what it looks like I may be looking to swap!

  20. I’m 130 and i was really looking foward to the Hourglass and either the Lancer or Bum Bum. Man, I gotta cancel this sub because I always want the other boxes I didn’t get so that’s gotta tell me to cut my loses, ha ha ha

    • It’s still possible we’ll get the Hourglass (fellow 130)

    • I cancelled for the same reason. I may resub at some point. I wish I knew the secret to filling out the profile so it actually matches me. Of course they start sending concealer and foundation after I quit 🙁

      That tiny sponge is adorable.

  21. Oh I hope box #122 has that Kat Von D concealer, too!!

  22. I am getting box 130 and all the people with box 130 clicked fair or light. So I’m wondering why we aren’t getting this concealer, but now I have an idea – maybe we are getting this concealer, but we didn’t click cellulite so we’re getting something else, maybe the coconut oil or the serum (I’m just guessing based on what I want, figuring I probably clicked the boxes that would elicit those). (And… when I say we ALL clicked fair or light, who knows? But a preponderance of us did. I wouldn’t mind getting this concealer. I would love to get this concealer, but maybe they have something else good in mind for us. Interestingly, I see that this concealer has 9 shades of light, plus white-out white.)

    Also, I am intruigued by the fact that this box has, not a mascara, but a mascara remover oil. I wouldn’t mind getting that, if the alternative is a mascara.

    • How interesting! So they actually do take our profiles into account. Thanks for the info! I’m a 130 as well.

      • They do for me, but some people they seem to make mistakes with. For instance, the time they had too many samples for curly hair and not enough curly haired people. Or, Sephora was more flexible in theory about who would match what products than the people receiving the products were. They always seem to match some people wrong. There have been some real head scratchers. And it’s made people think they don’t customize the boxes at all, but actually, I’m pretty sure they do. I can almost always see the logic behind why they chose mine. And in over a year, they’ve only sent me two things that didn’t match (not counting lip color preference, which they don’t even try to match). One was a foundation shade that was too dark and the other was a primer stick for oily skin (I have dry skin clicked).

    • I love the mascara meltoff. I have box 130 also. I have changed my profile around a few times and lately my boxes have been pretty much spot on. My skin is marked as porcelain not light so no concealer or foundation for me please.

      • How do you know if you are fair or porcelain? I am box 130 as well and I’m marked as fair. I’ve never been able to figure out the difference. I know I’m usually more on the light side unless its summer.

        • I think the difference is porcelain is a true white and fair is light, but has some color.

          I also read somewhere that porcelain is a translucent white (95% pink based and 5% yellow based) and fair is slightly warmer (65% yellow based and 35% pink based).

          If you gain color during the summer, my assumption is that you are at the very least, fair.

        • My reply didn’t show up, so I’ll try again!

          From what I understand porcelain is closer to a pure white and fair has a little color base to it.

          I read somewhere that: Porcelain skin is on average about 95% pink based and 5% yellow based. Fair skin is about 65% yellow based and 35% pink based.

          If you gain color during the summer, I almost have no doubt you are fair skinned or warmer. Generally if you have Porcelain skin, it’s very difficult to gain color (other than a nice burn lol).

        • You can go into sephora and they’ll do a color IQ for you. They use an instrument to actually measure the color of your skin, and then you can save that color IQ number to your account.

  23. Oooh nice! Please give Sinner perfume to box 130!

  24. Darn! I really wanted the Bum Bum sample, looks like I may not get it as my box is #130. I’ve been wanting to try it even since it was an Add-On for the FFF Spring box, but I signed up a day after the add-on window closed.

    Would really love to swap for that but I’m not sure what’s in my box.

  25. This is not the most exciting box for me, but that’s ok. I’ll swap much of it. So long as some of you are thrilled with your boxes, then it’s a good month for play!

  26. Sephora’s boxes are good this month.

    I like both variations and am glad to know the item everyone is getting this month is that mini beauty blender.

  27. Ah!! I am 155 so I misread and thought this was my box. I would have loved if it was!

  28. Btw I’m excited about the sizes. The dry shampoo is 1.8 oz and the lotion looks to be about an ounce. This is the second month in a row with 2 samples being an ounce or over for me (last month I got a 1 ounce Clinique cleanser and over an ounce hair mask). Sephora has never provided samples over an ounce, or very rarely, so I feel like they are listening to feedback!

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. The dry shampoo at this size is $12 at Sephora, so it more than covers the cost of the box, which makes me happier about everything else being kind of a bonus. The same with the Beauty Blender – not something I would have picked up myself at $18 for 2, but a great little addition to the box. This is my box and I’m so excited to receive it now.

  29. 189 is such a good box ! I love every single thing !

  30. Ugh. This is me and I like the other options SO much more. The bum bum sample will maybe cover one leg.

    • I can swap your box if you are up for it

      • Are you getting another #box?!

        • @sam: No, I do not have this month box with Sephora and I’m kinda sad that i didnt have it. I can swap the whole box from you for the La Mere cream or something as it’s up to my swap list.

    • I’d be happy to do an entire box swap, I have 205. Let me know if someone is interested!

      • Hey! I have box 189 and would love to swap for 205! My only concern is the concealer shade. What shade comes in the 205?

  31. I am so happy I cancelled this sub! Can’t wait until my birchbox annual is up, I’ll be getting rid of that too.

  32. Some of the bags (actual bag) looks awful. Who picks the artwork & phrases? This one is just embarrassing looking to me. The pink & white pattern was cute last month but the saying “glamp up”, I would have preferred “glam up”. I thought it was just clueless old me (52), but my 22 yr old daughter had the same complaint.

    • I’m 29 and I agree with you completely.

  33. This is me! I have no idea what to do with that tiny beauty blender though.

    • I use mine for concealer.

      • Under eye concealer? I don’t get pimples so only use concealer for under eyes but I feel like a regular beauty blender works fine for that. Just trying to decide if I will actually use this or put it up for swap!

    • I think it will work great with the concealer!

    • So jelly, this box looks amazing. Still waiting to hear on #130.

      Am I the only one concerned a pet might eat such a tiny sponge?

  34. someone help I forgot where to look to find my box number! lol 🙂

    • You have to open a browser, don’t go in using the app, sign into your account and look under purchases. Click on purchase history or purchases and click on the most recent sephora play purchase the last three digets of the item number is your box number

      • thank you! okay this isn’t mine then.. darn !

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