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Play! By Sephora August 2017 Box #122 FULL SPOILERS!

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We have full spoilers for the August 2017 Play! By Sephora #122! (Thank you, Ann, for the heads up!!)

Play! By Sephora Box #122 will include:

Play! By Sephora Box #130 will include:

Source: Instagram

Play! By Sephora Box #197:

Play! By Sephora Box #189:

Source: Instagram

Play! By Sephora Box #205:

What do you think of the spoilers?

In case you missed it, Sephora shared these exclusive spoilers for the August box just with My Subscription Addiction readers! The theme this month is The Innovators, and you’ll receive one of these items:

To find out which box you’re receiving at the beginning of each month, follow these instructions:

If you log in through a browser, not the app, and go to my account > account details > online orders and open the play! Order Details (it was dated 11/1 for me), you can see the “item number” next to the image.

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. This was my first Play Box- I was so excited! now i’m so disappointed! lol.
    I filled out the profile right away and selected ‘fair’ skin color.
    However in this box I got a concealer and foundation stick both in DEEP colors. Taupe/brown, definitely not for a fair skinned person.
    Was this a mistake on their end? shouldn’t concealers match the skin color you selected, or at least come close? Can I request an exchange or anything or is this how things usually work out

    • Yes! Same thing happened to me. I had mine as medium… I wouldn’t consider myself “fair” but I got an extremely dark concealer and foundation. I’m trying to use them for bronzer but they’re even too dark for that. I am thinking maybe since this was our first box that they just kind of gave us what was leftover..Guess we will just have to wait and see.

  2. Hi, this is my first Play box! I was so excited. However, I selected ‘fair’ skin tone when I registered, and my samples came in DEEP warm and Golden almond. They are taupe/brown color, definitely not for a fair skined person.
    Was this an error that I could request a replacement for? Or is that just how this box works? That they send foundations and concealers that aren’t anywhere close to the color you selected?

  3. Actually I just got this today and I don’t think it’s so bad. Granted, this is my first ever Play box, but these are all items I would actually use and consider purchasing. Plus I’ve wanted to sample the Kat von D fragrances for a while, none of the stores near where I live ever have a tester out to try. I’m happy with it.

    • I got mine today too, and I like it better in person than I did in theory. The Glamglow is a tiny size though, so that was a disappointment. The mascara + primer, the double fragrance sample, and the hair product seem to be good values. I can’t tell yet how long the eye makeup remover will last, and I’ve never tried a beauty blender so I don’t know whether the miniscule size will be useless or actually really great for under eye, around nose, etc. Anyway, I’m less bummed now that I see it all in person!

  4. The contents are fine, but I’d love to know how the bag itself got past legal. This is trademark infringement, and since it’s already been distributed they can’t change the design. The legal fallout will be interesting, will they be sued?

    • I was wondering how they got away with the bag design. If they had samples from MUG in it it would make sense but I don’t think any of the variations do.

  5. I have box 122. Is anybody interested in trading? I’m looking for a box with the light Kat Von D concealer and/or Hourglass foundation in Shell. I would also be willing to include the Steve Laurant Precision Tip Liner I’m getting in my Ipsy bag!

    • You know we got a horrible box when no one is willing to trade for it..Most ppl who got 122 wanted a concealer or foundation stick..every box got them except this one..Hopefully someone trades ya:) …no luck here lol

      • I had to throw in another item just to make the offer somewhat palatable, LOL!

  6. Mine came today Box 130 and I frigging love every item 💛 Finally a box I will use all products!! The Foundation stick is shade Shell… Perfect. And even though it is a small tube it takes a teeny tiny amount cause it blends smooth as silk. Plus I love the bag design.. Geek 😎

  7. The spoilers for 148 and 155 are both on Reddit, if you want to know!;-)

    • My skin tone is listed as fair and they sent me a “light” foundation that is very deep for fair skin 🙁

  8. My 155 box just shipped. yesterday (the 11th.)
    Come on spoilers! The curiosity is keeling meeeeee!

    • mine shipped today 🙂

    • It’s posted on Reddit!

    • The spoilers are out for 155 and 148 I can tell you want! 🙂

  9. Hmm 🤔 I don’t like most of this but I honestly think my profile is overloaded. I went and cut my choices down to one/two per catergory. (Like, my skin is oily but I’m controlling that with a product I love, so I don’t need samples for that) I’ll see what box I get next month!

  10. Can someone please tell me how to tell which box you are receiving.

    • On the site, not the app, look at the item number for your most recent play! box. The sat three digits are your box number on MSA! Hope that helps!

      • It says “520” and I don’t see that up there haha Oh no!

      • oh, it’s 122. Thank you!!!

  11. I’m really disappointed in this box. I love the play boxes but I’m not excited about this months I have plenty of masscara and skin care right now trying to finish products from the other boxes but I guess I didn’t get a dry shampoo wish dark and fair women got a foundation. It’s seems like we were the after thought 😔

    • I’m wondering if some people don’t get their boxes completely at random. The shades of the concealer and foundation would have worked for me, but I got a box with neither. And a moisturizer for oily skin when mine is dry, and a volumizing spray when I have enough hair for 3 people.

  12. Ugh. I’m 122. I have very dry skin and thick, curly hair. It seems a lot of other people getting this box do too. How did Sephora screw up so royally to send us volumizing spray and matte moisturizer? This is so disappointing. I don’t want another mascara sample, don’t like Clinique, that mascara melt off is a lousy product, and really don’t use the perfume samples.

    • Yep. Me, too. The last thing my hair needs is more volume. The only thing I’m interested in is the mascara, and then that’s not for me, it’s for my mom. I’m three months in on the Play subscription and have yet to get a box that I really like.

      • I got 122 as well. SO disappointed. I’m tired of moisturizers and masacara. I have enough of those to last months! I would have liked a foundation Or concealer or something along those lines, I’ve never received a single one.

  13. Are there color variations for the concealer stick? I have the lightest skin and would be bummed if I get a medium foundation. I’m pretty happy with my #122 box. There’s 2 perfume samples and the Clinique product is a two-in-one product. It’s kinda like getting extra 🙂

  14. My number ends in 213. I saw a few other comments where this happened to other people as well. What is it?? I’m too anxious to wait! Has anyone ending in 213 gotten there box?

    • Same here. My box just shipped.

  15. Im getting the rouge box 221 and Im nervous about its contents. My first boxes matched my profile perfectly, my last 1 or 2 have seemed a little off. Crosses fingers and hopes this long wait is for something good. In my experience the earlier boxes are the best ones .I hope we ALL get the BB though.

    • Are there different boxes for rouge? I had no idea?

  16. I am pretty happy with both the boxes im getting this month. Box #197 has the Kat Von D and Kopari (2oz is great sample size), and box #205 with the Lancer and Hourglass. Hoping the Clinique mascara is good as well. All these are new to my products and everything else ive tried and liked or is an easy trade.

  17. How can hair spray be “anti-aging”? Hair is dead matter, Alterna. Nice try.

    Super-disappointing box. I’ll give it one more month, and then decide whether to cancel and try another sub.

    • Yeah, my skin is dry and sensitive and my hair is thick and voluminous. :-/

      • Same here. This box is trash. Worst box so far.

    • I’m with you. I keep justifying keeping it by saying “Well, it’s only $10” but am coming to realize that my time and disappointment time and time again are worth something too. I love the perfume samples every month, but is that any reason to keep subbing when the rest of the samples are teeny and not even of interest – I think not. Expect there will be another open spot for someone else in a day or so….. other boxes are just so much better.

    • I think in this case they mean it helps with color fade and shine. I have quite a few samples/products from this brand and it’s fantastic! 😁

  18. Wow. Im 122.. super disappointed. Only thing ill use is the mini beauty blender. I was really hoping for the foundation or concealer….. but instead i get the glamglow moisturizer… which is for oily skin….. i have dry skin… so im confused why im getting this box….

    • I have dry skin and thick hair, no clue why I’m getting 122. Super disappointing.

    • I have super dry skin and am also getting 122. I think it’s the worst box I’ve gotten yet. At least the BB mini is almost $10 ($9 for one if we’re going by the $18 it costs for the pair) and I can get some use out of the Clinique mascara duo, so at least I get my money’s worth. That TooFaced mascara melt off stuff is a joke and I’ll pass it on, and I’m currently dealing with spinal stuff so can’t even wash my own hair so I’ll save the Alterna stuff for now but we’ll see how that goes. Also Saint and Sinner smell AWFUL. It’s like middle schooler body spray. But yeah that Glam Glow stuff is not a good match as it seems like pretty much everyone getting 122 is in the dry skin category.

    • I also have dry skin and thick curly hair, I am so confused. I rarely complain about boxes, I know they are a gamble, but this seems really strange. Why does every other box have either the concealer or the foundation stick? I was looking forward to trying one of those.

    • Where do you find your box #?

    • Glad I’m not the only one confused. I have super dry skin and thick wavy hair. What am I going to do with a mattifying product? Even with moisturizer my skin is almost flaky every day. Ugh I’m so disappointed in this box. Mine arrived broken, the horrid perfume sample leaked all over the box. The perfume is awful and now everything smells like it!!!

  19. Box #130 thank you for finally giving me that last push I needed to cancel this subscription. After months of hanging on because of one or two really great products a box, I can’t keep holding out for more any longer. There is no rhyme or reason to this theme. Literally nothing I got fits the profile I filled out. So very disappointed as Sephora has everything they need to do better.

  20. I got box 189 and will be listing the dry shampoo for swap. I would love to try the foundation stick if it is light enough

  21. I got this box, and i’m generally happy with it. I will trade my beauty blender for something though if anyone is interested. I don’t use foundation or anything on my face so it would just go to waste.

  22. This box is literally the worst! If anyone wants #122 I will trade you!

  23. I’m so glad this is the box my niece got! The foundation samples are always too dark and she loves glamglow.

  24. This box is junk! I’m 1 of the few people who actually want dry shampoo and not only do I not get any, I get a volumizing spray for my already massively voluminous naturally curly hair. WTF?!?! Everything in this box will be up for trades. I want dry shampoo! I’m on the swap site as Sarah Keith.

    • What is the swap site?

  25. I’m pretty excited about this box! I haven’t tried any of the products aside from the hourglass foundation so I’m anxious to see how everything else works out!

  26. I want to trade boxes or at least trade my glam glow for the korres! If interested let me know…

  27. What the heck. Every other box got a foundation sample. I was really looking forward to trying a new one.

    • It’s totally unfair!! It also seems like our box has a super low value too.

      • Idk how much the stuff is worth but it definitely feels like we got whatever was left over rather than items that were selected for us.

      • unfair is definitely the word, i get every one gets different things based on their profile, but its usually the same type of product, but for this month ppl got foundation/concealers, box 122 gets yet another mascara:/ as the only makeup item…I was so anxious as to whether i would get a concealer or foundation stick, it never crossed my mind that I would get neither!! Sorry for ranting but this really sucks…lol

        • I completely agree! I never complain about boxes, they can’t please everyone, but this just seems really unfair. I was so excited about the foundation or concealer. It’s rare to have either in a subscription box and these were both from brands that I like. I know some boxes are always better than others, but this really seems overly lopsided.

          • all the box spoilers are out, and 122 is the ONLY box without a foundation or concealer..out off all boxes! And box 214 has both…some ppl did receive them in “light”, which is what I have on my profile…I can’t get over this lol

  28. This is my box, and with the exception of the hair stuff I like everything!

  29. If anyone wants to trade for 122 let me know… I’ll take any other box. I already have the glam glow from another play box and it’s good I just don’t need more and my hair needs NO more volume. Let me know jennifersparber33 at gmail

  30. Looks like another great month with a wide variety and good sample sizes. I already have FOMO on a few things, but I’m sure I’ll get over it when I get my box and start playing with everything. I’m getting box 130. Nice to get a volumizer (which I need) instead of a leave-in conditioner or dry shampoo (which I don’t)

  31. UGH. I didn’t like their theme or items for this month. It felt like Sephora half-assed everything about this month. I received my box yesterday, but just got the email today that my box shipped. WTH??????

    I got #197 and hated everything except for the dry shampoo, but I’m so sick of receiving dry shampoos in my sub boxes. I have way too many, and recent postings about women losing their hair due to frequent use of dry shampoos made me weary of using it.

  32. I just signed up and it says the July box?!?! how does that even work, we’re almost halfway through August..

  33. 122 is the WORST box to date, so annoyed by it. Would go as far a returning it, what a waste!

  34. Anyone with #189 wanna trade for #122?

  35. I’m getting 205 and I am happy with it, not excited about another dry shampoo but still happy with it, it is only a $10 box after all. I would have been really excited to get 130 which would’ve been a facial serum instead of a scrub and no dry shampoo. So I am happy but not excited. 🙂 After some really sad boxes it looks like Sephora is really turning it around.

  36. Wow. I have 122 and am super disappointed. It’s literally 3 months of misses for me. Is it time to say goodbye to Play?

    • thats what I am think too!

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing.

    • Same!

      • Me too!

  37. I have 122 and I literally need No volume. I huge hair and I don’t like Clinique. I really wanted the saint and sinner perfume sample thought but I started saving the stuff I don’t want from the subscription boxes and make gift baskets for Christmas. I did it last year and gave it to me Secret santa.

    • I am so disappointed, I have super thick wavy hair, what am I going to do with a volume mist? and we got screwed with a meh mascara and that terrible mascara melt off.

  38. I wonder if we (#122) didn’t get the concealer or foundation because we marked our skin as very fair, and the samples aren’t light enough?

    • That seems likely. I was hoping we would get a fair product for once since that seemed to be the common thread between everyone getting this box. Bummer.

    • Well, my skin is dark (mixed black chick). So not sure that’s the reason.

      • Maybe they put those of us who wouldn’t have a complexion match (light, dark, whatever) in that box, then. Or maybe it’s completely unrelated, LOL.

    • My skin is marked as medium and i’m getting 122. Maybe it’s something else? How did you find out 122 is for light skin?

      • Yeah. My skin is medium too. (I’m a light-skin black girl). I read on a Sephora Community Forum that those with very fair skin or deeper skin, get generic boxes with no foundations. If that’s true, that’s not cool!

        I’m not sure how I feel about #122. I’ll have to wait and play with the products. Maybe once I get them, it’ll shift the initial disappointment I’m feeling right now. 🙁 I really wanted that foundation stick, dammit. At least I’m getting the beauty blender.

      • I’m a medium too, and I got #122. Looking forward to the beauty blender, but that’s it 🙁

    • Hmmm. Maybe. I am very pale.

    • I’m very fair and getting 122 so you could be right about the samples not being available in a good shade.

    • I’m getting #122 and I put my skin is just light

    • My skin is marked porcelain, the lightest on their list and I am getting the foundation. There must be another factor we don’t see.

    • I am getting box #122 and I am very fair. I figured that was the reason. I would rather have a different product than a foundation that I would never be able to use.

  39. Does anyone want to trade? I have #122.

  40. Happy to get the GG moisturizer for a featured product, but two mascara products? Huge letdown for my second month. I’m beginning to regret letting my friend talk me into subscribing!

    If anyone wants to trade their Hourglass sample (in a light shade) for everything but the volumizing mist and GG moisturizer, let me know!

  41. Anyone know how many box variations are left?

    My friend is 221 and I’m 148.

    • Im 148, too and was curious as well as to how many variations there are. My box shipped today so ill see soon what i got but i wanted to know ahead of time.

  42. C’mon 148. Anyone know how many boxes are still left to reveal? At least 2 I think?

    • Looks like 148,155 still to go. But seems there are two rogue numbers maybe off of 213 and 221. Are those real? That would mean there are 9 boxes this month? Seems alot more than usual. Hmmmm

      • PLAY! by SEPHORA / August 2017 Play
        ITEM 1954221
        STATUS: In Progress

        this is what mine says so this makes my box 221 right? This will be my first play box so i’m not sure.

        • yes it does. the box number is always the last three digits of the item number

      • Depending on how many more subscribers they have this month there could be a weird number of boxes, maybe to make up for people saying the boxes don’t fit their profile. If people with those numbers are looking at the item number then they could be actual boxes. Time will tell

        • ok, so definately 148, 155 and 221. Can anyone confirm if 213 is also a real box number too. if so , its likely there might be one more product that has not been revealed yet. hmmm intriguing

          I’m guessing by whats already gone in other boxes that the last few boxes will have the D & G perfume or Burberry Perfume. Clarins or erborian and concealer/ foundation and everyone obv gets the beauty blender.

          but i could be totally wrong and they throw in bunch of new items.

          • I definitely have box 213.

          • I’m 213! So curious!

          • I have 213. I have a feeling it’s going to be either amazing or completely terrible.

          • i have 213 too

      • I have 221 as well. Doesn’t seem like a very common box. Probably a throw away *cries*


        • I am awaiting spoilers for the mysterious 221 box- I hope that it’s a good one!

      • Yes, I have box 213! I’m dying for some spoilers lol.

  43. Wow! I was hoping for a concealer or the hourglass foundation!!! This sucks!!! 😫😫

    Hopefully box 155 has one of those!!

    • I’m box 155 too did you get yours yet???

    • 155 has the hourglass in shell😀

  44. I got this box and I have mixed emotions. I won’t use the Mascara Melt off, the perfume, or possibly the Clinique Mascara, and I have no idea how I feel about the glamglow. If anyone wants to trade for a light shade in the Hourglass foundation or the Kat Von D concealer, let me know!

    • I also won’t use the beauty blender because I’ve already bought one before and hardly ever used it.

    • I am getting the Kat Von D but don’t know shade yet if it is light and you would be interested in trading for the moisturizer let me know.

    • I love the mascara melt off so I might be up for a swap depending on color of founation stick when it arrives.

  45. So disappointed in 122!!! I’ll probably be looking to trade for one with either the light colored Kat Von D concealer or light colored Hourglass foundation stick. I also wanted that Erborian Illuminating face creme, which I haven’t seen in a box yet! Are there still two boxes left to be revealed?

    • There has to be at least two boxes that haven’t been revealed because so far no box has the erborian or the clarins sample.

    • I know! #122 is a disappointment for me.

  46. I AM KINDA NOW DISAPPOINTED !! mascara my lord!! I WANTED THE HOURGLASS WHAT IS THE point of the beauty blender man our box is so not cool!! ughhh

    • Dang it, cancelled 🙁

  47. I knew we were getting the glam glow !! yes can”t wait for this box and the perfume is 2 of them yes!!! thank you

  48. UGH 122 is my box and it sucks compared to the others. I wanted makeup so badly…and I get mascara remover and more skin care.

    • Do you want to trade boxes? Mine is 130 and I really wanted the glamglow mask

      • Omg yes please!

      • the GG is moisturizer

    • Worst box. Ever. I have that one, too.

    • Right?!?! I guess we can put the mascara on, cry about our crappy box, then use the remover to get the mascara lines off our faces.

      • The mascara meltoff goes on your lashes to help make it easier to remove your eye makeup. It’s like oil on a spoolie brush that you put on your lashes. I didn’t like it at first but I really love it now. Makes eye makeup removal so much easier for me.

      • The meltoff is not a makeup remover in the traditional way. The mascara meltoff goes on your lashes to help make it easier to remove your eye makeup. It’s like oil on a spoolie brush that you put on your lashes. I didn’t like it at first but I really love it now. Makes eye makeup removal so much easier for me.

        • Sorry for the duplicate.

          • I was hoping or thinking woth what is in the oxs we should of all got some kind of a foundation the mascara or the melt off . just seems not fair. Would think that was the reason foe he beauty blender .. Ya know .. Oh well.

        • So I’m supposed to layer that under the layers of primer and finally mascara based on the samples they’re sending me? That sounds even worse…

          • I think she meant you put it on your lashes before using whatever standard eye makeup remover you prefer. I’d rather have one product that does it all effectively instead of adding an extra step, but I don’t use waterproof mascara, so maybe it’s really useful for that?

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