PetPack Dog Subscription Box Review + Coupon – August 2017

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PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

PetPack is a monthly subscription box for dogs. Expect to receive treats, toys, and other useful supplies. This subscription has relaunched after closing down last year. Receive a special grand opening bonus gift with your first box (more on this below).

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

This is a review of the Large Dog, $29.95 a month, box.

PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

The Subscription Box: PetPack

The Cost: $29.95 a month. A one-time gift box is $34.95.

The Products: 4-5 full-sized products chosen to make your dog happy and healthy

Ships to: US (free) and Canada ($8)

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PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

The box included an information card with a list of items.

PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

Great Dog ½ Bison Bone – Value $9.39

These are sourced from free range, grass-fed bison living on farms in the Midwest. They are slow roasted and free of additives. Sadly, because of Nyx’s inflammatory bowel disease, anything beef-related is out of the question for her, so we will pass this along to a dog in the extended family to enjoy. If you like these, you can add them to your monthly box and get free shipping; there’s a coupon code on the product page.

Great Dog Pizzle Pieces – Value $2.50 (buy a 7-ounce bag for $25.29)

These are free of smokes, salts, nitrates, colorants, and preservatives and are made in the US. On the manufacturer’s site, it looks like these are intended for smaller dogs and I am a bit worried about the size of this for a large dog. At any rate, because this includes beef protein, I’ll be passing it along to a neighbor who has a smaller dog.

PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

Warren London Calming Lavender Shampoo (2 fl oz) – Value $1.39 (buy 17 ounces for $11.81)

This smells nice but it really isn’t enough shampoo for an 87-pound dog. We have to give Nyx a bath every two weeks for skin issues with some medicated shampoo that has coal tar and salicylic acid. That stuff doesn’t smell great, so what I’m thinking I will do is mix this into the bottle and see if I can’t improve the scent a bit.

Petkin To Go Pak of Pawwipes (20 count) – Value $4.99

These were a staple of PetPack back under their old subscription model. Anyway, they’re for cleaning your dog’s paws. It’s a bit of a challenge to do that with Nyx (she doesn’t like to have her feet handled), but we live in Georgia and when it rains, it’s easy to track red clay soil all over the white carpet, so we’re going to keep these around for when Nyx needs to go outside in a downpour (it happens; she has to go out a lot due to her medical issues).

PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

Powerbark (4 oz) – Value $4 (buy a 3 pack for $12)

These are meant to replace food for when you are on the go. One 4-ounce package is supposed to be a complete meal for a 30-pound dog.  If Nyx could eat this, she’d need 12 ounces! These are actually free of animal protein (they have some honey, so they’re not vegan) and will work for dogs with certain food allergies, but they do contain oats and brown rice.

Holistic Select Probiotic Drizzle Treats in Pumpkin and Banana – Value $1? (buy a 6-ounce bag for $5.69)

I am guessing at the weight here. These are repackaged, which I kind of don’t like because there is no ingredients list unless you look them up online, plus there’s no expiration date and you don’t know how they’ve been handled. I did find out that they’re vegetarian (they have some egg and milk ingredients), so they’ll work for dogs with some food allergies (though they are not grain free). These have probiotics, which can definitely be good for dogs, and are a more fun way to get probiotics than the pills I have to shove down Nyx’s throat every day!

PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

Warren London Hot Spot Soothing Spray (8 fl oz), bonus gift! – Value $9.99

This was the grand reopening bonus item for the month. This has menthol and some other essential oils, so it smells nice, and I know that menthol in dog shampoo is calming to the skin. It also has allantoin, which soothes rough skin (at least that’s what it’s supposed to do in Korean sheet masks, so why not for dogs as well?). Nyx doesn’t have any itchy spots right now, but she is definitely prone to getting them due to her medications, so it is nice to have this on hand.

PetPack August 2017 Dog Subscription Box

Nyx waited very patiently while I took photos. Unfortunately, this is the only picture of her this month since there were no toys. I let her play with something from another box I’d taken away from her and put up on a high shelf, though, so she was happy.

Verdict: I calculated a value of $33.26 for the August 2017 PetPack. That is a little bit over the cost of the subscription on a month-to-month basis, although about $10 of the value was supposed to be a bonus item. Although there are some useful grooming supplies in the box, Nyx ended up being a little disappointed that there wasn’t a toy. I’m somewhat disappointed that repackaged treats were included; a whole bag would’ve increased the value somewhat and would have been better from a food safety perspective. I am thinking this is not really the best box for a dog with food sensitivities, although it may work for you if your dog does not have allergies and doesn’t really like to play with toys much.

What do you think of the August 2017 PetPack? Do you subscribe to any dog or cat boxes?

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Written by Ragan Buckley

Ragan Buckley

Ragan stumbled across My Subscription Addiction in late 2013 and immediately subscribed to way too many beauty boxes. She’s now focused on boxes for her cats and dog, vegan/vegetarian food boxes, and craft subscriptions (and she didn’t give up beauty boxes entirely).

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  1. I am able to use every item in this box. I’m sick of getting so many toys from other boxes, so this box is perfect for me. I have toys from other boxes collected in a bin and forgot in a corner, and some got torn up within a couple minuets of play. Also, there is a big mark up on toys to bump up the value of the box. I feel like the items in here is worth every penny of its marked value. Ragan, did you inform PetPack about your dog’s special diet needs? I can’t see why they would send you a box of free stuff knowing that your dog can not try half of it.

  2. She is so frowning isn’t she.

  3. I don’t have a dog but this box was disappointing for me this month as there was not a toy for Nyx. What a patient girl she was while you took photos and there wasn’t anything for her. Bummer box.

  4. May I ask what skin condition Nyx has that requires the medicated salicylic acid and coal tar shampoo? My friend’s dog has Lupus which makes her skin very dry and itchy, so it made me curious about what Nyx’s condition was. 🙂

    • Nyx’s skin condition is kind of complicated but it is mostly a result of her having to be on prednisolone for her inflammatory bowel disease. This suppresses her immune system, which caused her to get mange last year (that is gone now, but the coal tar shampoo helped then). Her skin is also dry due to her medical condition and I can’t give her very much fish oil (which helps with dry skin) because it upsets her tummy. And finally, last year she had Cushing’s disease as a result of adrenal gland suppression from the prednisolone, which had some skin effects. We’ve been able to reduce her prednisolone dose and that has helped her adrenal glands rebound. Anyway, if we go more than about two weeks without giving her a bath, she starts itching again. The shampoo really helps.

      But anyway, I have seen people using coal tar/salicylic acid shampoo on themselves (there are some brands for humans) so I think it works for a range of conditions. You can buy it over the counter to try out or from a vet. Also if the dog will tolerate fish oil, that can really help (build up to the full dosage slowly, and get a product made specifically for dogs).

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