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Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ11 FULL Spoilers!

Nina Garcia Quarterly Box #NGQ10 Spoiler!

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.25.31 PM

We have a spoiler for the next Nina Garcia Quarterly Box

The theme for the next box is:

Nina is featuring 100% sustainable fashion in the upcoming Fall Box!

Each box will include:

What do you think of the Nina Garcia #NGQ10 Quarterly Box spoiler?

FYI – this box is $100 plus shipping. Check out my Nina Garcia Quarterly Box reviews to learn more about this subscription.

Nina Garcia

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Comments (67)

  1. My 42 G boobs just laughed

  2. Wow. Just wow.

  3. Yikes I’d be embarrassed to wear that out in the pasture where nothing buts cows and horses could see me!
    Sorry Nina…you’re out.

  4. Does the Box come with bail money to get me out of jail for indecent exposure of my lady bumps?

  5. One word…. “Ballin'”

    • OMG, yes! I couldn’t unsubscribe fast enough when that Ballin’ hat came out. I think now they’re just having a laugh.
      “Let’s see how many suckers fall for this one.”

  6. I like how it says WHITE is an exclusive color! Actually if it were a mermaid-ish ombre color it would be nice.

  7. Man, I’m gonna look hot when I go out wearing this and my gorgeous Muito cool hat and fringed fish clutch from a couple of years back. That’s my summer/fall look. For the winter I’ll pair it with the ballin cap and fringe crossbody.

  8. i don’t sub to this box, but my first thought when i clicked to see the spoiler was “what am I looking at here?”

    • Haha… I thought the same thing! I was thinking, “there’s no way they’re saying to wear this as a top.” (I didn’t bother reading the description until comments started to post). Due to my lack of fashion sense, I figured I had to be mis-interpreting the drawing, so I thought I’d wait to see how others commented on the spoiler in case I was missing something. ha!

  9. This has got to be the worst spoiler I’ve ever seen but the most hilarious comments I’ve ever read!

  10. I’ll only wear this if the white fabric is light enough to also see through. 😱

    • 😂😂😂!!!

  11. Girl, sit down.

    I mean, I could never pull it off like that sketch can.

  12. This is super disappointing. Nina is always all about dresses where a woman can comfortably wear a bra in project runway. I’ve never been that tempted by this sub due to the price, but now it’s a hard pass for sure.

  13. Oh boy! After having three kids there is no way I could pull this off. It would give my sisters a good laugh if I tried.😂😂 There is no way I could leave my house like that.

    • Sorry, but my first reaction after following the link… straight jacket!

      I guess I’m not fashion forward enough. It doesn’t look comfortable either.

      • Omg its totally a straight jacket!!!! People wear that, like purposely!?! Lol im dying here! I must be so unfashionable and behind the fashion times too….😱

  14. First thought upon seeing the email: LOL
    Second thought: a TOP slash BELT slash SCARF LOLOL
    Third thought: OMG I can’t read to read the comments on MSA

    Only 18 left?! Good news, ladies! Now there are 19.

    • 20 now 😁

  15. I don’t get it, this ships Aug and they just sent this spoiler now on the 22nd? And they couldn’t even provide an actual photo of the spoiled item? Sigh.

  16. It looks like something Cher would have worn in the old Sonny and Cher days (yes, I’m that old)

    • I think I saw it in a Huey Lewis and the News video. I’m old too.

    • This is how I used to wrap my maternity photography clients. You know for “boudoir” type shots. That they only hung in their bedrooms. I can’t even. I am all out of evens.

  17. I like the idea/theme of the box… but that doesn’t seem like a good choice for the first spoiler.

  18. You know… had they modelled this item as a scarf or a wrap they may have found a lot more love from potential subscribers. Giving us a design of the lady version of a banana hammock makes me wanna run for the hills

    • OMG YES!!! The front view reminds me of those ta ta towels!

      • lol that’s what I thought! And just why isn’t the Ta-ta towel in any subscription box? A coveted swap item for sure 😂

      • Holy moly I just learned there is such a thing as a Ta-Ta Towel!!! I am laughing so hard. Between this “shirt” (which if you look at Tomes site they seem to have a very conservative style unlike this sad attempt) and the Ta-Ta Towel I am dying.

    • I agree 100% that this would’ve been better received had they presented it as a scarf or belt, but I think they almost had to call it a top to make it seem like the value is there. It’s ridiculous as a top for obvious reasons, and it’s ridiculous as a scarf or belt because it’s a $225 strip of fabric.

      For crying out loud.

  19. Is this the April Fool’s Box?

  20. We need groceries, you say? Sure, let me just put on my transparent white boob sling on my 34 DDD boobs and pop out to get what we need. That won’t be inappropriate at all. I’m sure my boobs won’t fall accidentally fall out. At 37 years old and a size 10-12 I’m totally comfortable letting it all hang out to get milk. 😒🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Lol all these great comments

    • I am a 34B and a size 0-2 and I wouldn’t wear it either…

    • This!

  21. I literally could not unsubscribe fast enough!!!! Iv jut had a baby…. lol… no one needs to see me in a flimsy wrap top 😂

  22. I. Can’t. Even.

    • A very out of touch with normal people pick. Not many people can wear a boulder holder.

  23. This would not be a good look for most women. It might look OK as part of a dance outfit. I am sticking with Rachel Zoe. She keeps it classy.

  24. I was considering this box but that top is not attractive. It loo Aks vulgar…and white? Rachel Zoe keeps it classy. I can’t believe a box would offer something like this!

  25. So wrong. What are they thinking with this?

  26. LOL. Hope they include a mega supply of double-stick tape, snort.

  27. Um. No words.

    • 😂😂 I know!!!

  28. Lord have mercy! I sport a 34E bra and there is no way that “shirt” would be legal in any country on me!

    Still, I’m tempted for the LOLs.

  29. So few people can carry this off in real life. It’s a terrible choice if you are trying to gain mass buyers.

  30. Oh man!! This gave me a good laugh! Generally speaking, anything that can be worn as a belt shouldn’t also be worn as a top. But maybe that’s just me.

    • Dang you AmyM – you made me snort water out my nose!

    • lol

    • 😂🤣😂🤣

  31. The email I received from Quarterly says “Only 18 boxes left!”. So if anyone needs a naked wrap top for Fall you better hurry up and buy. ; )

    But seriously, TOME NYC looks like a cool luxury brand. It’s too bad that all they could come up with as a one-size-fits-all item is a white poplin scarf masquerading as a top.

    • 18 ? Out of 20 ? LOL. If a designer presents that non sense in the design competition show she judges she will tear him/ her apart.

  32. When I saw the drawing before reading the description I thought they were including a towel bra.

  33. Um no, and white for fall?

    • Right!!!

    • White for fall doesn’t bug me. It’s not a big deal in a lot of places. What is offensive is that white is some how an awesome exclusive color. It’s WHITE. LOL

    • I’m fine with white for fall, or even winter. What I’m not fine with is wearing a white bandana as my top for fall. It’s like something you would wear if you were shipwrecked and all your clothes got destroyed.

  34. I could never wear that. For those that can, its cute,

    • I am a size XS on top and I’d honestly be afraid of wearing it. Like what if something moves and then you’re indecently exposed out in public? No thanks.

  35. Lol. A wrap they suggest you wear as a top. Last box was so good, I thought they were stepping up their game. Guess that was a fluke.

    • Last box was so good!!! What a bummer

  36. No.

    • I nominate this as the most accurate, succinct comment to ever grace MSA.

      • I second that motion.

      • 😂😂😂

      • Right??? 😀

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