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Looking for the latest spoiler for this box? Find it here:

FabFitFun Summer 2021 Box: Customization Open For Annual Members

FabFitFun Fall 2017 Box Spoiler #6 + $10 Coupon!

We have another spoiler for the Fall 2017 FabFitFun box!

My TagAlongs Hot & Cold Gel Pack – Value $15

And in case you missed the previous spoilers:

Private Party Gym Bag – Retail Value $59

trèStiQue Matte Color & Shiny Balm Lip Crayon – Retail Value $28

And EVERYONE can pick their choice of these items:

Which items are you picking?

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Fall Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

Here is a closer look at some of the spoilers:

Private Party Gym Bag – Retail Value $59

You’ll get one of three phrases on the bag. Select members (annual subscribers) will be able to pick the bag of their choice!

It’s denim with cotton straps, an outer zip pocket, and measures about 20 inches long.

Here it is in hand to give you a better sense of scale:

Which bag do you want?

And in case you missed the first spoiler:

Mer Sea Cozy Wrap – Retail Value $98

This cozy wrap is 100% polyester knit (SUPER soft) and measures about 93″ by 21″ (counting fringe).

You’ll receive one of three colors:

Select members (annual subscribers) will be able to pick the color of their choice on the 21st.

Here is a better look at the other color options:

And here is the wrap on:

It is SO cozy and soft! The knit has a good weight to it, too. (One word of caution, it sheds. Make sure to have a lint roller the first time you wear it or pre-wash it!)

And FabFitFun also suggested using it as a bed runner when you aren’t wearing it.

If you are a new subscriber, and you sign up now, your first box will be the Fall Box. This box is regularly $49.99, but you can use coupon code MSA10 to save $10 off your first box!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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Comments (76)

  1. This box looks great! I’ve wanted to try some kind of whitening product. The scarves are big and neutral colour (and thankfully not wool); there were some amazing add-ons this season; and the belts look fantastic as they are completely adjustable! Even if you don’t need a gym bag that’ll work great for a travel bag.
    If there’s jewelry and/or skincare coming that would be perfect!

  2. I began all my subscriptions to get out a rut! Have I EVER worn a beanie- no. A belt-no. But I’m looking forward to trying something new!

    I also added on the tagalong cases since I work out and have to get ready after. I’m always disorganized and I take up the entire gym counter. All my other bags (Sephora, Ipsy) are too small. Well, they used to fit my stuff – but with my subscription addiction – my morning routine is much more complex than ever!

    I hope I love the tagalongs – I couldn’t find any info on them. I will carry the cheesy gym bags. I think they are funny and make me laugh which is necessary at 4:45 am! Now if I just had a good coffee travel mug?

  3. I am also not that excited about this box. I am considering canceling my subscription but I want to wait until I can see the rest of the spoilers. The Spring box was amazing and the summer box was good too. I’m hoping they include a jewelry item and maybe a fun fall themed item like maybe something with Pumpkin Spice themed.

    • i agree with you on the Spring and Summer box. The Winter box was great last year. If the Fall and Winter box fail to impress me, then i will unsubscribe from FFF.

  4. I love it!! I am so excited to get this box – I actually signed up for a year to get the customization and I cannot wait to get this box. I will use all of the items except maybe the belt – it all depends on how it fits – I love it, but I have had too many abdominal surgeries to wear a close fitting belt.

  5. This box is not great. i might buy it when it goes on sale for $20.

  6. Oooh…..I really like the ice/heat pack and will probably try to swap for more. What I don’t like are the cheesy phrases. This is something that I can get over, but still….ice ice baby?? LOL!

  7. Where do you go to choose which item you want if you’re an annual subscriber?

    • All selections closed last night at 12 midnight pct.

    • Build a time machine, find a way to go back to tomorrow, and then choose Customize on the menu.

      (Sorry, customization ended yesterday)

      • This is a funny comment. Build a time machine….lol! There are a number of people who were annual that did not customize because they forgot!

      • I laughed at this too, mostly bc I am watching something w/ H.G. Wells!
        Quite the bummer, too bad they don’t send more reminder emails! (luckily, I just watch MSA for everything)

    • You have to log in to your FabFitFun account, but usually they email you when you are able to. Maybe they are going to your spam box if you are not getting them? Since you missed the deadline, you will be surprised.

  8. Loving the song references this season! First the bag and now with these hot cold packs! All old songs too! The 90’s child in me is loving the Teal the most but the black would be my second choice!

    • I like the teal too! I got the scarf! Maybe there is no variation and we all get the same color! Although any color would work as long as it suits the purpose.

      • They showed three versions of this ice pack in their Instagram video, so looks like subscribers are getting either teal, berry or black. You can see all three variations with the song phrases on the My tagalongs website.

  9. Wasn’t sure where to ask but is anyone else having a problem subscribing to the comments? The past few times I’ve clicked the box I haven’t received the normal email asking me to verify my request and I’m not getting the new comments (which I love to keep up with!).

  10. I already have an item like this (swapping it). This box already has like a “$285 value” but it’s also inflated. Like I would never pay $98 for a dang scarf. I am not in love with this box so far, but I am just hoping that the rest of the items are amazing. 🙂 *Fingers crossed*

    • That’s how I feel about this month as well.

  11. Would love some really rad tea set, coffee set or candy/chocolate set… that should be a selection option! 🙂

  12. Liz do you happen to know if all the hot/cold packs are the same? It looked like they showed 2 different colors/phrases in their video.

    • I got an answer from fabfitfun, there are 3 different, random variations…

  13. I’m excited about the scarf. Everything else is meh…I will be cancelling after this box.

  14. Oh, that is a great item for me!! I’ll swap for more of them, in fact. I’m actually super happy with this box overall. I got some add-ons I will really enjoy and will be happy to swap what doesn’t suit me for other things I want. This is such fun!

    • I just put mine up for swap if you want it!!

      • Hi I always here people swap for things. where do you go and how does it work.

  15. This will be my first fab fit fun box and I’m super excited! I really like everything so far. The scarf/wrap is gorgeous and as someone who works with fabric daily I’m pleased it’s polyester (easy to wash, easy to wear, not itchy and no one’s allergic to it!). The lipstick looks nice, the gym bag is a great size for a weekend bag, I can’t wait to try the hair rinse, the beanie is adorable, and with rheumatoid arthritis I always need more ice packs! This one is cute, and can be used hot as well. It’s something I’ll use regularly! And I bet a lot of people who think they’d never use and ice/heat pack find themselves reaching for it more than they expect to!

    An item which is totally utilitarian and totally adorable at the same time is pretty darn impressive. This ice pack is both.

    • I agree. If you think you have no need for it, you better knock on wood… It is also good to keep in your emergency bag, in case of……

      I am really looking forward to this box, as I do every box of FFF!

      • Agreed! I became a select this month. So far I love everything 😁 Cheers!

  16. FFF, I’m liking this box and all the add-ons! I know this box isn’t for everyone, but the box that seemed to be a favorite around here was my least favorite. I guess we get to take turns.

  17. When I think about the price I paid for the spoilers PLUS all my add-ons, I’m super excited, actually. Like if someone came to me and said you can pay $120 (box plus add ons) and get all these items, I would absolutely take it, even with some of these items that aren’t really my taste.

  18. I am happy with this spoiler! It’s not my favorite box from FFF, but it’s still a solid box. I feel like my $50 is well spent. And the discount I got from my add-ons more than pay for the box.

  19. So there are only 3 unknown items left… this is definitely one of my least favorite FFF boxes to date, but I’m not going to cancel because I’ve loved every other box. I’ll still use the beanie, hair rinse, and lippie, and already have someone in mind to gift the scarf to. The hot/cold pack will get used but isn’t exciting for me and I don’t even know what I’m going to do with the denim bag. A little disappointed.

  20. I love the cold pack. I use these for my migraines all the time. I really like getting practical/useful items in these boxes.

  21. How many items will be in this box? Do you know, Liz?

    I don’t mind the season, and I’m getting it not matter once since I paid for a year haha. I’m not loving it, and it is not screaming “fall” to me yet, but I think I will get use out of everything so far. And I like that the choice items are not a personality trait surprise this time.

    • 9 items + 1 sponsored item. Hope that helps! 🙂

      • Thanks! 🙂

  22. What an incredibly useful item.

  23. This is the worst FFF I’ve ever seen! I’ve already swapped all the spoilers.

    • Agreed! I was excited about the scarf until I saw it’s acrylic. And so is the beanie. Only thing I’m excited about is the hair wash, that’s it.

      • That’s funny…I am excited because it isn’t wool. That means that I can wash it carelessly and it won’t be itchy (sadly, wool makes me itchy). It’s nice to be low-maintenance (for once)!

      • I’m all for low matinence but fake acyrlic or wool aren’t the only options 😉
        I happen to love the standard cotton just fine, anything that let’s the skin breathe! For me acrylic = not breathable, which isn’t so good.

    • I haven’t like any of the spoilers, but this is a super useful item!

    • Where do you swap? I live in Hawaii, so Fall and Winter items don’t always work well for me. I also can never receive the nail polish, because of how they ship. I have a year subscription too, but after this Fall and Winter, I will probably cancel as well.

  24. I hope that’s the color we get, love that blue! (they have a few diff designs on the website, but only like blue or purple but only like blue’s saying or black’s saying lol. Would be happy w the V-Day colors but that’s not likely lol!)
    These are soo perfect for when sick, and I had been needing another of the soft kind!
    I just hope the rest of the box is as good, as so far I’m only liking “scarf” and the belt!

  25. That will be useful for me! I need one of these for my headaches.

  26. I’m actually really happy for this spoiler! I have plantar fasciitis and have to ice my foot every night.

    • I have had that problem before. I used a frozen water bottle for by feet. I particularly liked the Smart Water bottle for the size and the fact it is totally circular. I still keep one in my freezer. Comes in handy.

  27. For me the ice pack is the most exciting thing about this box haha

  28. Glad I cancelled….

  29. I absolutely LOVE this box. And am wayyyy to excited for my add one. FFF is in my top 3 subs with boxy and beautyfix.

  30. The ice/hot pack will definitely see use. So that’s a second item I’ll use along with the lippie. Very disappointing box so far for my birthday month.

  31. I love this! Not glamorous, but super useful, versatile and practical. Fine by me!

  32. I’m actually really excited for this spoiler! I have migraines so I use hot/cold packs on a daily basis. I can never have too many. I hope this one is durable.


    • I thought the same!! Lol I have plenty dollar store ones and still reach for the frozen veggies from time to time XD def don’t need anymore!

  34. With 2 small children the ice pack will come in handy. Although I’m really more excited about my add ons at this point

  35. As soon as I saw this spoiler, I knew it would be polarizing, but I love it. This seems like a *fitness* item that is awesome if you work out, but still useful even if you don’t. Love that it can be used hot or cold, and that it’s environmentally friendly because it’s reusable. That said, I’m glad I don’t have to curate the box, because it seems nearly impossible to please everyone.

    • Agreed, I went to the website to see what they have to say about using it hot since it said microwave/stove in the description.

      I live without a microwave but with a few injuries from a car crash last year and the hot water bottles just don’t always work for me. I can’t get them hot enough. I’m excited to see a pack that I can use warm without caving and getting a microwave.

      I can’t believe how nasty some people are getting in the comments. It’s one thing to say you’re disappointed because this used to be your favorite box but now you don’t feel like it’s well suited for you… nobody is forcing anyone to stay with the subscription and they don’t tailor it to each individual person (even though now they are actually making steps in that direction).

      • I think the negative people are just looking for attention and want some sort of sympathy for whatever reason. This is something we all pay for. If you don’t like it cancel and move on with your life. There are better things people could be doing with their time than being so nasty about something thousands of us obviously love.

    • I know, everyone seems to have so many complaints! I get that some items may not be exactly what they wanted but $50 is not that much money for the amount of things you are getting in the box. I get that the ‘retail value’ of these items are often really overinflated to make it seem like it is worth more but still. I like to go through and mentally think what amount I would pay for these items and total it up to get a “value” for myself. Still seems worth it by far to me. People need to manage expectations and the point is to try new things you might not have went out and bought for yourself.

      • I love that you do a personal value for yourself! That’s an awesome way to actually see if this box is right for you!

        I understand that feedback is needed and good in order to ensure that future boxes are even better! BUT, if I were to spend $50 at a mall or online there is no way I would be able to get that many products! If you are someone who thinks you can spend $50 better, than maybe a subscription box isn’t right for you!

  36. I’m actually excited about the hot/cold pack lol. Great for period cramps!

    • same! i’m just wondering how to heat it on a stove without destroying it

      • You heat it in the microwave.

      • i dont have a microwave, and it said on their website you can use a stove instead.

      • I would use a pot filled with water and throw the pack in there.

  37. I love everything in this box! I already swapped the gym bag but am keeping everything else! This might be my fav box in a year!

  38. This is actually the first item I’ve seen that I’m excited about. Finally something I can use!

  39. This is the least appealing of any Fabfitfun I’ve seen yet. Canceled 2 subs. Maybe winter will be better. I’ll take that $100 and spend it on things I’ll actually use. That gym bag… no words! smh!

  40. I’m glad I got a bunch of add ons to make me happy when this comes cause the box itself isn’t doing much for me. 😒

  41. This box is turning out to be quite disappointing. I feel that the Fall box is always the best and I am just not sold this time. I’m not at the point of wanting to cancel, but I hope the rest of the items are better then this. Which btw do we know how many total items there will be in this box? It seems like we have already gotten quite a few spoilers.

    • I agree with everything you said, except about not being at the point of wanting to cancel. I totally get that there’s still a great value here, but I would rather have that $50 to spend on things I actually want or need right now, and can’t justify continuing my annual sub. I have some purchase credit I’ll use toward my winter box, and then will likely end my subscription and play each box by ear…

      • I agree with you on that.

    • I had read somewhere 10 items. I am also NOT excited or impressed with this box. The only reason I did not cancel is because of my add-ons. I am very excited for all of those. How sad is it I even reached out to see if they would let me skip the box and just buy the add-ons? Needless to say, that was a big no. Hopefully they listen to how much many of us dislike the box. Denim bag? Really?

  42. This season looks terrible to me. I was super excited but none of these spoilers speak to me. I canceled both my subs. Those gym bags are ridiculous and the beanies? yuck, yuck, yuck. bummer all the way around.

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