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Degustabox Food Subscription Review + Coupon – August 2017

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Degustabox is a subscription box that sends out a variety of shelf-stable food items, some which are new to the market. You won’t always be able to find these items in stores yet! 

This box was sent to us at no cost for review. (Check out the review process post to learn more about how we review boxes.)

The Subscription Box: Degustabox

The Cost: $19.99 per month or $18.99 if you purchase the box bi-annually. Both prices include shipping to the contiguous United States

LIMITED TIME DEAL: Use coupon code MSABONUS2017 to get your first month of Degustabox for only $9.99. (Regularly $19.99). Your first month will also include a free gift!

The Products: “…a variety of exciting food products, the items in the box will be a surprise but we can say one thing, you will always find something new and delicious!”

Ships to: Continental United States. To order to the mainland UK, check out their Great Britain website.

Good to know: You can earn points by reviewing the products you receive or by referring a friend. Points are redeemable for a complimentary box.  

Check out all of our Degustabox reviews and the Food Subscription Box Directory!

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Each box has a large format info card with some info and pricing for the items included. Since many of these items are available in grocery stores, the pricing listed here may vary from online stores or prices in your local market.

This month, the reverse side features details for their Great Summer Giveaway!

Onward to the items!

Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar in Apple Cinnamon, 2 oz. – Value $0.50 (buy a box of 6 for $2.99 at Target)

I love these fig bars. I see them pop up in subscription boxes pretty often and am always delighted. Apple Cinnamon isn’t my favorite filling, but I’ll take it!

Welch’s Fruit Rolls in Berry, 6 x .75 oz. rolls – Value $3.29

These remind me of the fruit roll ups I ate as a kid, but these are a lot softer. They are almost kind of tough to peel off the paper because they are so soft and gooey-ish. Although berry is normally my favorite flavor when it comes to gummies, I’m not really feeling these for some reason. They are made with real fruit, but still taste a bit fake, compared to some natural fruit leather type stuff that I prefer. Win some, lose some! I’ll be passing these along.

They’ve also tossed in a coupon for more.

SunSpire Milk Chocolate SunDrops, 10 oz. – Value $6.51

These are basically M&M’s that you can use in lieu of chocolate chips when you make some fresh cookies! And that, my friends, is exactly what I am going to do. There’s even a recipe on the back! PS: they use fair trade cocoa.

Dole Peaches in Strawberry Gel, 4 x 4.3 oz. cups – Value $2.42

I’m going to level with you all. This is not going into my body. No way, no how. Peaches being suspended in strawberry “gel” just doesn’t grab me. These are going somewhere else, other than my home. Any takers?

Goya Golden Maria Sandwich Cookies, 5.1 oz. – Listed Value $0.89

OMG THESE COOKIES ARE SO GOOD. It’s great that there is always a Goya product in Degustabox, and this month’s is at the top of my favorite list. These biscuit cookies with ultra creamy chocolate filling are giving me life on this super sleepy day. The package is also super cute as well! I couldn’t find this exact size online, so I’m using the listed value for this one.

Sharwood’s Korma, 14.1 oz. – Value $4.02 (Get a case of 6 at Walmart for $24.09)

I love Indian food, so this is a great item for me to try at home! I have never attempted to make my own Indian food, but I may have to now. I really like coconut curries as well, so this “creamy coconut” sauce with a hint of cardamom really hit the spot.

Pasta Chips in Rosemary Flavor, 5 oz. – Value $2.98 (Rosemary flavor is not available, but I linked to another flavor via Amazon)

These are very tasty! They pack a LOT of rosemary flavor and are apparently a take on a classic Italian recipe. It seems that what makes these different than your average chip is that they are made from Durum Wheat Semolina Flour which is the main ingredient found in premium pastas. I love rosemary, so this was the perfect flavor for me to try. I’m actually dipping them in the (later mentioned) hummus, like a heathen.

Vintage Italia Pasta Bow Ties in Meatball Parm, 5 oz. – Value $2.83 (buy 12 bags on Amazon for $33.99)

A second pasta-related chip item. Wow- these really do taste like meatballs! At first, they kind of reminded me of Pepperidge Farm Pizza Goldfish Crackers, which are some of my all-time faves, but then the meaty flavor really creeps up. Hand to God, these taste like a full meal in one puffed bow tie. It’s weird. Dang, these could easily be addictive.

Turkey Perky Jerky in Tasty Teriyaki, 1 oz. – Value $2.99

Because of the name, I thought this jerky had caffeine or something in it, but I guess it’s just fun to rhyme. This jerky is of course made from turkey instead of the usual beef, and I specifically got the teriyaki flavor, which is a bit sweet. Normally I don’t like a sweet meat, but this tastes pretty great. Most of it is on the smaller shredded side of things, rather than a few large chunks. It is really moist and tender, like they boast, and is all natural. There’s also no MSG or preservatives. Yay!

Goya Tostones Chips, 2 oz. – Listed Value $1.29

Ok, well… I can’t stop eating these. Thanks, Degustabox. I won’t be able to stop until they are gone. I didn’t realize I loved plantains this much, but here we are. So, what are tostones? They are apparently twice-fried plantain slices, but I am unclear how they differ from plain old plantain chips. Either way, these babies are already goners. These have palm oil and sea salt on them but aren’t overly salty. I went with the listed price here since I couldn’t find the exact product online.

Hummustir (Mediterranean Style), 12 oz. – Value $4.99 (Buy a 4 pack for $19.97 on Amazon)

Ok- so, hummus is already pretty easy to travel with. Why overcomplicate things by having to make it? Well, I guess mainly because this doesn’t need refrigeration (until after you make it). This container comes with three packets and a wooden stirrer, so you can make it far from a kitchen. This makes it ideal for picnics or camping. They boast on the side of the container that it’s “the best hummus in the world”, which is a pretty ridiculous claim. It IS good, but you know it can’t touch fresh homemade hummus. It was super easy to make and I finished in about 3 minutes. I’ve basically been dunking all chips from Degustabox into this and I’m liking it. It’s a bit salty, but otherwise tastes just as good as store bought refrigerated hummus.

Nuttzo 2go, .67 oz. pouch – Value $0.93 (buy 10 pouches for $9.25)

Nuttzo 2go is an organic chocolate nut and seed butter that you can spread on anything you’d normally spread peanut butter on. There’s definitely a lot going on here. It tastes like a fresh ground, earthy peanut butter with a hint of chocolate. This would be tasty on some morning toast. I can taste the hazelnut, but it’s still far from Nutella.

Verdict: Degustabox is always exciting to open for me. I love food and have discovered a lot of great snacks and pantry items through this box! This month was heavy on the chips, but I do love them, so I’m ok with that. I’m super excited to try the korma and love when they include an ingredient to make a meal with. I’m also looking forward to trying the SunDrops in some cookies! A lot of items this month were gobbled up immediately by me, so I consider it a win! I valued this box at about $34, which is well over the $19.99 cost. 

What did you think of this month’s Degustabox

Written by Marne Orenich

Marne Orenich

Marne is a stationery addict, lip product connoisseur, record collector, and twice over cat mom. Her favorite subscriptions contain office supplies, anything kawaii, and all things food. She is also proudly the unofficial “Meat Editor” of My Subscription Addiction.

All views in this review are the opinion of the author. My Subscription Addiction will never accept payment in exchange for a review, but will accept a box at no cost to provide honest opinions on the box. This post may contain affiliate/referral links. Read the complete My Subscription Addiction disclosure.


  1. I love this box and I love everything in this months box! My boyfriend and I always fight over items when we get the box. I ate the tostones last night delicious!! going to make chicken curry tonight. Thank you Degustabox 😀

  2. I just love this sub. My 19 y.o. son and I manage to split the box perfectly most times, and if there’s anything we won’t eat, we know my dad or sister will.

    I really, really liked the plaintain chips. Crazy good. I also liked the rosemary pasta chips but I wasn’t keen on the meatball one. As soon as I saw the hummus, I knew those rosemary chips would be perfect.

    Marnie, I thought the same thing about Perky Jerky being caffeinated! Too funny!

    My son was super happy about the roll-ups for whatever weird reason (possibly because I never bought those or fruit snacks when he was a kid because of how bad they are for teeth). I also foisted the jello fruit on him. It wasn’t weird to me, but I’m not a jello or even much of a fruit person so maybe he’ll like it better.

    The only thing that was a miss for both of us was the korma. We are both mildly allergic to coconut so I’m going to see if my sis wants to be adventurous.

  3. Yum! I actually liked the jello. I was also excited to get something Chocolatey!! I was pleased with everything except the Indian sauce.

  4. I think I may subscribe in the near future and share with my boyfriend for hilarious commentary.

  5. So I got my box today.. Its my first. I love idea of everything in it. I have always wanted to try plantains. Super excited about that. The sauce thingy will not get used though. I am adventurous but not that adventurous. Lol

  6. Those fig bars are delicious! I buy them at Target for me and my toddler, it’s a perfect on-the-go snack. I haven’t tried the apple flavor though, only the fig flavor.

  7. I always have a negative reaction when I see Goya products so I was surprised to find that the two Goya products were the first to disappear. The cookies were freaking good. They lasted all of one day in my house. Same for the tostones. I will eat almost anything that isn’t pasta or potatoes (with a french fry exception) so Degustabox is always a hit for me. I’m thinking about subscribing to a second box.

    • Seriously! Those cookies and plantain chips?! Amazing!

  8. Tostones are usually thicker than plantain chips. I’ve never seen them in a bag, but when you make them at home you would just slice a platain very thinly and fry for chips – tostones will be sliced thickly and then pressed down flat and then fried. They are typically much softer on the inside with a crispy outside.

    I guess to compare – think of maybe a potato chip versus a wedge fry? Not a perfect analogy, but you probably get the gist.

    • Whoa, thanks Jackie! That certainly helps! 🙂

  9. this is the first month since the what i call the italian box that i have more things i like than dislike. I take back my previous comments from somewhere about the Meatball chips. omg they are so addicting. And so are the cookies. Glad to receive the m&m type things and yeah disappointed in those fruit roll-ups. I wish they were thicker, very thin and gummy. I like those fig bars and glad I did not get apple.
    Of course the hummus would be salty (i havent tried yet) everything has a lot of salt in it these days.

    • Meatball chips are my new demise. You’re right about the salt though. SIGH.

  10. The meatball parm chips taste just like pizza Combos, but much healthier. Yay! This was my first box, and I’m thrilled!

    • Ann, YES! Pizza Combos! You’re so right about that!

  11. I love this box! There isn’t one thing that won’t get eaten. I guess I’m in the minority here because I like the snacks. With real food I’m a bit picky and hate pretty much anything with brown rice or quinoa. So they go to waste. Although the gel cups wouldn’t be my first pick my 23 yr old daughter was excited to try it because she’s never had jello. They are fun to eat and maybe not healthy but everything doesn’t need to be healthy!!! I’m so glad I get this box. And excited about the snacks because I almost never buy any

    • Completely agree!!! There are enough healthy snack boxes out there!! Send me all the chips and beef jerky you want!!!

  12. Im the odd ball, I just ate some of that jello with fruits and it was good 🙂

    I wished we had more pantry food items instead of so much snacks, either way everything will be eaten and Im happy about the items I received 🙂

  13. There are usually a few things in the degustabox that are not my thing. I keep them all for church food drives. 🙂

    • Very good idea!

    • Love!!

  14. I am super excited about the korma sauce, and it’s a perfect example of why I fell in love with Degustabox in the first place. I also really prefer the pantry items over the “snacks.” If I wanted snacks, there are plenty of other subs out there.

    I retract my previous complaints about the jerky and meatball snacks. There’s a homeless man who hangs out at my post office, opening the door for people. He was there the day I picked up my box and I gave him those two items, which he really appreciated, so that’s cool.

    • Wow- that is super sweet of you!

    • Aaawwww!!!!!!!

  15. It was crazy how spot on the meatball chips were! Everyone who tried it was immediately blown away by that! Some kind of Willy Wonka magic going on there.

    • LOL. The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!

      • You are all cracking me up!

  16. SunDrops for that size 10oz bag are $14.99 online at Walmart!

    • Geeeez!!

  17. When I was a kid my mom used to make jello with fruit in a lot. A lot of the time she’d stir in Cool Whip too. So, the gelatin with fruit doesn’t sound that odd to me. I don’t love the ingredient list, but it doesn’t have food coloring at least, so I’ll probably let my kids eat it. I’m so happy to see that the SunDrops don’t have food coloring either! The rest of the box sounds fantastic and I’m going to try to save most of it for a road trip we’ll be taking later this month. They sound like great road trip snacks!

    • The fruit cups brought a bit of nostalgia to me too. I haven’t tried them yet, but was not as immediately turned off as everyone else apparently….just haven’t had a chance to see if they are as good as mom or grandmom used to make back in the day!

      • A 70s pitch-in staple, lol. Mad Men retro!

    • Oh man, My mom was famous for her jello molds, yes jello molds…..I was not a fan and still don’t like to eat jello. But they looked pretty. She would make a layer or two in these 9/13 pans and then make some kind of picture with bananas and other fruit. Then make different color layers on top over that. When she turned it over you would see the picture or whatever through the jello.
      It sounds so funny now… 50’60’s.

      I love fruit with cottage cheese so I though i would try to bury it in cottage and see if i could get the peaches out.

  18. I will 4th the jello cups. Nasty. It makes me think of Christmas Vacation & Aunt Bethany’s fruit salad with cat food in it. Just. Can’t. Do. It.

    • Cat food?! Gaaaaaahhhh.

  19. I haven’t received my box yet but everything looks great. My kids and I love opening the box together. We have discovered some delicious new things.

  20. This was my first box, and I loved everything — minus the jello things. Too weird for me. The jerky was the bomb, and those bow tie things rocked my life.

    • LOL!

  21. I agree with you on the jello peach thing–the thought of eating it makes me gag. But the rest of the box is okay. Liked the fruit rolls, didn’t like the pasta chips. Interested in trying the rest.

    This was my third box. I prefer when the boxes have more pantry items than snack items, but it’s still a nice way to try new products.

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