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BoxyCharm August 2017 Box Variations – FULL SPOILERS!

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We have now have full spoilers for three variations of the August 2017 BoxyCharm!

Here is one version of the August 2017 Boxycharm box:

Source: adesse_ny

And here is a better picture of some of the items:

And here are two other variations:

Box Variation #2: 


Box Variation #3: 


What do you think of the spoilers? Which box do you want?

FYI – for a limited time the Boxycharm waitlist has been lifted! If you sign up now, this box will be your first box!

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. Which tarte palette is it? I thought I read it was III, but that’s not it in the photo….

    • Its vol 2

  2. Hahaha! The weight thing. There are different amounts of packing worms in the box.

  3. I really love everything but, I’d prefer​ the variation with the black eyeliner nude colored liquid lipstick because that’s what I spend my money on. IMO, you can never have enough nude lipsticks and black eyeliners. I really never use false lashes so that’s a give away for me. But literally EVERYTHING I ever get from Boxycharm I keep and use. I love it when I get all kinds of palettes, highlighters & makeup. You can’t beat $21 EVER! Even if it’s a color you think you can’t use, try it, mix it, gift it. Usually just 1 item is more than the cost of the box. Everything else is like à bonus.
    It’s no big deal! It’s a subscription box & we are signing up to try new things. Instead of forking over full retail prices, we get a chance to get to try even full sized products at a fraction of the cost. YES PLEASE!

  4. Does anyone know which voz variarion has a weight of .8?

    • Box variation*

    • I am wondering the same.. my box is .8 as well..

    • that is what mine is also, hoping for #2

    • My box ways .8 too. I would love to know whats in it.

    • I was watching unboxings and I’m pretty sure it’s box #3 .. mine also said .80

    • My shipping label says 0.8 lbs as well

  5. I’ve been debating this one for a while and finally took the plunge because of the spoilers AND that the wait list is open so it would be a guarantee for this box, but when I signed up yesterday I got the waitlist email. Kinda bummed out, I saw the spoiler for Sept 2017 and got more bummed.. not a fan of PUR cosmetics eyeshadow. Has anyone that signed up gotten the waitlist email and then gotten an email saying they’d been taken off the waitlist and will receive the August box?

    • A family member signed up this month, got the waitlist email but got another the next morning saying she was off so hopefully the same will happen for you.

    • Yes.lots of people.just email them and ask if your on the waiting list cuz You heard there was NO waiting list this Month and THEU take you off and you get your box.😊

  6. I really hope I’m getting that first box. I have way too many black eyeliners and I almost never wear black. I’m already getting one from Ipsy this month. I’m also sick of matte liquid lipsticks. I have three subscriptions and I seem to get at least one black eyeliner and one dry as heck liquid lipstick every month!

    • I find the Mystic Matte liquid lipsticks from Notoriously Morbid dot come to be very comfortable and non drying. They are bold colors and I recommend a nude or invisible lip liner. After about 8 hours of wear I add a little lip balm and the color refreshes and the matte remains comfortable. The Sephora brand is not bad either but don’t have the long wear Tha the NM has. I

      • I get NM monthly and the lippies are nice. I order them in the site too.

        I have not used any of the lose eye shadows because I’m so intimidated by them. I know I need primer, but if you have any advice on the shadows please share!

  7. I reeeeeaaalllly want the last box with the lippie and gel eyeliner and I hope to get that one,fingers crossed 🤞 no shipping info for me yet though so I’m just happy that we’re all getting the tarte pallet and the brushes 😍😍😍

    • Agreed, im an old customer and still have have not received but its early in the month so no just so box ever😜👍

    • Which box did you get, Lori? I received the lipstick and won’t use it if you’d like to swap for something 🙂

  8. YAY! My box has shipped…well, not really, the label was created but I’m still a week ahead of last month, so there’s that. Mine’s listed at .8lbs. I really don’t care which box I get but I would prefer one without the face paint. I can’t wait!

    • Mine weighs 0.9 but I want the opposite as you lol hey we should trade if we get the ones we don’t want

  9. Has anyone received a shipping notice? If so, where does it ship from and by which shipper? Thanks.

    This will be my first Boxycharm in a long, long time. Hope I do not get the one with the liquid lip product.

    • My shipping notice says it originates in Wallingford, CT and sent FedEx ground…is always delivered USPS at the end, though.

    • Cindy, I got a shipping notice this morning…

    • I think it depends on where in the country you are located. I’m in Florida and while BoxyCharm is based out of here, and I have to pay taxes on my box, mine is shipped from Wallingford, CT. They all come FedEx Smartpost meaning it starts with FedEx and then they transfer it to the USPS for finally delivery to your house.

  10. My Boxycharm arrived this afternoon and I got the one I wanted. Mine has the red polish and a berry cheek lip tint!
    I rarely get the one I would like so I’m excited.

    • What was the weight of yours?

    • Wendi, CONGRATULATIONS! It’s nice hearing some good news for a change! 😉

      My fingers are crossed for my own box, but I like all three variations (but my fave is with yours).

    • What is the weight of your box please? i’m hoping for this variation and my box weighs in at 0.8 pounds according to FedEx.

    • Me too!

  11. If I get Box #3 or Box #1 with the lipstick instead of the cheek whip, I’ll be so thrilled! So excited for this (and next month’s) box!

  12. UGH I am so disappointed !! It clearly says that the wait list has been lifted for Aug so i Subscribed and after signing up got a msg saying i am put on the wait list because they are out of boxes =,(
    I really wanted this box! Bummer… they should probably stop saying they have no wait list on this box =/

    • Likewise, I signed up specifically because the “wait list has been lifted” and I really wanted the tarte palette…….I am probably going to see if I can be taken off the subscription list. I only wanted this box

      • Anita, how do you know you only wanted this box? Most of the items for September and beyond are not even listed yet?

        • I only wanted this box for the tarte palette. I have so much makeup that I could probably open up my own stall at the mall! I was going to purchase the palette awhile back but could not justify spending more money (it was not on sale) on yet more makeup that I would probably only end up using once as I only have one face! Ha ha! Before this box, I had no interest in boxycharm and after seeing the spoiler for next month, I don’t want September’s box.

        • This is the August Boxycharm post. She was talking about the August box, not September.

  13. UGH I am so disappointed !! It clearly says that the wait list has been lifted for Aug so i Subscribed and after signing up got a msg saying i am put on the waitlist because they are out of boxes =,(
    I really wanted this box! Bummer… they should probably stop saying they have no waitlist on this box =/

  14. I am so sick of black eyeliner:(
    I think I will finally cancel.

    • I hope I get the eyeliner and cheek tint! I don’t have any waterproof eyeliner. I am however sick of nail polish and hope I don’t get that one! Hope you get what you want! There is a box variation without the eyeliner. 🙂

  15. Fingers crossed I get Box #1! I love red nail polish so much– it’s my go-to color no matter the season.

    I really hope I don’t get the liquid lip color in my box. I received that product in a different shade from Birchbox a few months back and I absolutely hated it. It’s crazy drying and difficult to apply evenly. It tends to bunch up and look flakey and cakey. You can even see how bad the formula is on their website– the lipstick looks terrible on the model’s lips 🙁 I’ll give it away if I receive it though so it’s really not the end of the world lol.

  16. I hope I get box #2!!! 😍😘🤗or maybe 3 but def not #1! Ahhhh…! Love Boxycharm! They are the best! #2 !💞

  17. Does anyone have any experience with the Tarte pallette (maybe own volume I or played with the tester at Sephora)? I was really excited until I read the terrible reviews.

    • I just looked at the reviews and it has more good ones than bad. I did go to Sephora just to have a look at it and it is really beautiful and the colors payoff is pretty good! I think it will be a great for everyday. The colors are great for my skin tone and coloring so I am super excited for my box to get here. This will be my favorite palette from Boxycharm so far.

    • Yes, I have this exact pallette. I bought it a week before they announced it as a spoiler, but I got it for $18 on sale. I have several Tarte palletes and I can’t say this is my favorite, but it’s not bad either. The colors are beautiful and pigmented. they blend great and you can use a brush or just your finger to apply. I’m not sure where you heard bad reviews but I just went to Tarte’s website and couldn’t find any bad reviews.

    • Well if you apply it with a brush not as pigmented as with your fingers that’s about it over all really pretty I love it

  18. I prefer box #1.

    I really hope I do not end up with another black eyeliner again as I just received one last month from Boxycharm.

  19. Hoping for #1 or #2. I just don’t care for matte lips on me. But really, with the Tarte palette more than covering the cost of the box, I’ll make any variation work.

  20. This month is going to be amazing! I want box #3! I wonder if there’s a way to know which you’re getting before it arrives. I’m so bad and want to know now. Haha

  21. I wish if they were going to continue doing variations they would at least make the value of each variation the same. I feel ike they send the most expensive variations to youtubers, bloggers, etc. There’s at least a $20 difference between boxes 1&2 and 3.
    Also I’m so sick of matte liquid lipstick that I could scream. I’ve gotten some great lip products in boxycharm but the mattes are getting ridiculous.

    • I agree, with all of what you said. I think they should try to make the values closer, or just give everyone the same thing.

    • I personally don’t wholly buy into the idea of retail value because, for one thing, much of it is inflated, and for another, a high retail value does not necessarily translate into a high value to me personally.
      Case in point: last month I got this super-expensive eye cream from Ipsy which was supposedly around $65 for the small deluxe sample. To me it was worthless because for one thing I have eye creams unchecked in my Ipsy profile, plus I am good with the creams I am currently using which I know are tried and true (and the one from Ipsy is from some obscure brand I never heard of, and I couldn’t find professional reviews on it), and lastly, the formula contains fragrance.
      And today Ipsy is offering that cream in their Ipsy offers in a set with four other items and a cosmetic pouch, all for $15, so obviously this eye cream wasn’t worth anywhere near $65 to them either.

      • I agree with you 1000%. Retail value means nothing to me anymore. I go by performance rather than price tag. I’ve tried $2 single shadows from Coastal Scents that performed better than some $15-$20 single shadows I’ve tried. And a lot of these products, like that concealer palette that they valued at like $20, I saw at 5 below for $5. So I don’t trust “retail value”.

  22. I just hope I don’t get Box #2, the nail color in #1 and the lip color in #3 are both pretty so I’ll be happy with either one!

  23. I’ll be happy with any variation. This month’s guaranteed items already have me loving it. Unlike last month, the last two items are just icing but the #3 box would be my preference. That’s only because I don’t do creme blush and i have tried the Adesse nail polish in an ipsy bag and wasn’t impressed with the formula (too liquid-y and required 3 coats). Again, though, I love trying new things and the palette, brushes and lashes are right up my alley.

  24. I just hope I don’t get Box #2, both the lip color in #3 and the nail color in #1 are pretty,so I’ll be happy with either one of those!

  25. Just to clarify, if I sign up tonight I will get one of the 3 boxes??

    • If there is no waitlist, then yes!

    • It didn’t mention a waitlist, but after I signed up, I got a message telling me I am now on the waitlist. Boo!!! I really wanted this box!

      • All is not lost, they usually take people off the waitlist in a matter of days.

      • Agreed, I says the wait list has been lifted and no wait for Aug, so i also signed up and got a message saying I was on a wait list… what?! Sad.

  26. In theory I would have preferred #3, but the lipstick is not my color, but whatevs, I’ll be happy with any of them. 🙂 The stuff I don’t want should be easy enough to swap.

  27. They had me at Tarte palette. Everything else is just bonus. 😀

  28. I would love #3. I don’t wear nail polish and I am not sure about the cheek tint. I don’t ever wear black eyeliner.
    I will have to figure out what to do with the lashes. I have never worn them.
    Love the brushes and the palette. That alone is awesome.

  29. I mean…I’d love the nail polish because I’m trying to build my collection, but doesn’t really matter which one I get. No matter what, I get a gorgeous eyeshadow palette that’s worth more than the box itself. That’s awesome by itself, and everything else is gravy.

  30. I want #1, if I get the other variation will be happy to swap for #1

  31. Uh why black! Checking the link, the green liner looks so pretty and would be a fun color for a sub box to send. I mean they sent us metallic purple lip last year, why can’t they send colorful eyeliners?? Everyone already has a hundred black eyeliners.

    • Word.

    • Agreed! That green looks so pretty!

    • Same. I have so many black eyeliners, but I love colorful liner. I wish boxes would give more.

  32. I really want #3! #2 would be ok as well because I love Bella Pierre. I really don’t like nail polish in my sub boxes, especially red, red anything!

  33. Does Boxy send a shipping notification via email?

    • yes, usually. I was told to fill in my email on the newsletter section of the website (near bottom) ..I always get my emails.

  34. I can always use another (nude-ish) lippie! I am hoping for that!

  35. I hope for #1 or #2. That liquid lip would look terrible on me!

  36. I hope I get the nail polish.

  37. I don’t particularly care for any of the variants. Maybe there’s still another out there lurking…?

    I hope for #2. If not #1, then #3.

  38. I don’t wear eyeliner so I hope I get box 1 but I wouldn’t mind getting 3 since I love lippies

  39. Hopefully I’ll get the nail polish and liner because that cheek tint looks awful 😩😂

  40. Does anyone know if boxycharm ships through DHL? I have something shipping through DHL and I couldn’t figure out what it was… thanks!

    • Mine does but I am in Canada!

  41. Hope i get nail polish. Don’t need liquid lip. I’ve got a ton of them.

  42. Definitely want that liquid lip! The eyeliner looks great too, I hope #3 is my variation 🙂

    • Update! Got my box yesterday and I totes got Variation #3 🙂 I am a happy camper!

  43. I hope I get 1 or 3!

  44. Hopefully I’ll get #2 or #3. Will be happy with any though.

  45. If I get one more liquid lipstick in a sub box, I am going to scream!! I have no use for lipcolor at all, and they are so drying and the colors are never right.

    • Amen! Enough with the matte! Please let this trend DIE 💄

      • Double amen!

    • I feel the same way. Even colors I think would be okay on look morbid and scary.

      I know many people like full size lipsticks yet I would prefer sample size. If it’s not the right color I can toss it out feeling less guilty

    • I think liquid lipsticks are where it’s at. With a regular lipstick you need a lipliner for a sharp outline, but with liquid it’s already sharp, and they are not actually drying in my experience.

  46. I’m hoping for #2 or #3…don’t need nail polish

    • Now that I’m looking at value…I hope for #2! Mine’s on it’s way!

  47. I knew the other variations would not be as good. I will be ticked if I get either variation 2 or 3 as I got a black eyeliner last month. There is nothing I like less to get in a subscription box than black eyeliner. Plus there is a significant value difference in version 3. $30 value in variant items vs $50 and $53 in the other boxes.

  48. Oooh, I’ll be happy with any of the variant items. Nice!

  49. I hope I get variation #3.

    • Me too!!! I love that liquid lip!

    • me too!!

  50. If I get #3 I will be a happy camper!
    Thanks for the updates! 🙂

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