BoxyCharm 2017 Brand SPOILERS – Now through December 2017!

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We have some brand spoilers for the rest of 2017 for BoxyCharm! (Thanks to Yosef on Boxycharm Beauties!)

Are you ready?

The following brands will be featured in Boxycharm at some point now through December:

MAC Cosmetics



More dr. brandt!

and MORE tarte!

What do you think of the 2017 Boxycharm brand spoilers? If you couldn’t tell from my gif selection, I’m pumped! 😉

If you haven’t signed up for this box yet, it is $21 a month. Check out my reviews of Boxycharm boxes, our posts of Boxycharm Spoilers for future updates!

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Written by Liz Cadman

Liz Cadman

Liz is the founder of My Subscription Addiction. She’s been hooked on subscription boxes since 2011 thanks to Birchbox, and she now subscribes to over 100 boxes. Her favorites include POPSUGAR Must Have, FabFitFun, and any box that features natural beauty products!

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  1. We need blush or mascara instead of eye palettes every month

  2. I’m so excited! I only want makeup honestly so the dr.jart I could go either way but that rubber mask looks kinda cool so here’s hoping it’s that! I love MAC, BECCA Tarte of course this is exciting ! I just got my first box yesterday and was very impressed

  3. I am so excited for these new brands, especially Becca, MAC and Cover FX!! Like what, how much more amazing can Boxy Charm get! Boxy Charm is my favorite subscription box by FAR! Thank you Subscription Addiction for showing me all the subscription beauty boxes. I totally addicted and now subscribed to 6 different beauty boxes.

  4. Yay! My box is finally on it’s way. Hoping BoxyCharm is as good as the hype. I’ve dropped down to only this and Ipsy, and considering dropping that as Ipsy can’t get it through their head I do NOT need black eyeliner EVERY month. Looking forward to different palettes each month, as I’m looking for beauty boxes and not just skincare. (Although in a few months, I may resub to Birchbox or Allure once I’ve worked through my current stash. That’s the fun of boxes, isn’t it?)

    • If your sick of eyeliner, you can email ipsy and opt out of eyeliners. You can’t opt out of a color, but you can opt out of a product. Didn’t know if you knew that. You used to be able to opt out of 3 types of products, but from other comments, looks like you can only opt out of 2 now. I opted out of nail polish and face cream and hand cream in the past and my bags have been pretty Damn good ever since.

      • Wait WHAAAATTTT???? I have a million eyeliners and could of opt out of them??? I had no idea, that is good news. because other people didn’t get them and I am over here with a basket full. Do you just tell them please no more or do you have to ask each month?

        • Just email them and ask to opt out. You can do it for a few months or for the duration of your subscription. I’m permanently opted out of nail polish and face/hand creams. Their customer service is amazing!

    • Same here…EVERY MONTH!!!

    • You can opt out of eyeliners email them

  5. Boxycharm you’ve charmed me like no other. I love you forever!

  6. I love becca i’m super excited to see what that item is! It’d be so amazing if we got a highlighters or bronzer

  7. I was subscribed to Ipsy, Play by Sephora and Glossybox but I eventually cancelled them all for Boxycharm and don’t regret it. That one subscription box makes me so happy compared to receiving those 3. I love it!

    • Can’t agree more! I am in Canada and I currently only have two beauty subs, one is Boxycharm and the other one is Topbox (only because it is a Canadian sub).

    • I’ve cancelled play and glossybox. I can’t seem to let go of ipsy quite yet. Boxycharm just blows the others out of the water!!!

    • I also had Ipsy, Play by Sephora, and Birchbox and cancelled them all and came back to Boxy Charm. I too have no regrets and will never go back to any of them. Boxy Charm is the best makeup sub box ever! I am so excited about these new brands they will be adding. I cannot wait to get my Sept box and start loving makeup happy mail!

  8. I LOVE Boxycharm!! Hands down best beauty sub for the price. I get 3 a month,I signed my 2 sisters up..Christmas gifts..done!

  9. Boxycharm! Like so said before. I can not leave you 😍💯😘 You have provided me with lots of Brands that I enjoy using. For those that are not satisfied please go that way ↪️↔️➡️➡️➡️ because someone else that will appreciate Boxycharm can be on the list. Bring it Boxycharm with all your goodies

  10. I am always pleased with Boxycharm’s value. Getting prestige brands is just icing on the cake 😍

  11. SOOOO Glad I resubscribed a few months ago… I’m sorry I took you for granted, Boxycharm. You don’t know how good something is until it’s gone~ 🙊

    • Lol my sentiments exactly! Never again will I let go my precioouss.

    • Same, I just resubbed and I’m never letting go. I’d rather pay $21 for deluxe and full sized items then the teeny samples from these other boxes.

  12. Bring on the fun Boxycharm

  13. For years, I subscribed to 6 boxes, then a few months ago I unsubscribed them all. Couldn’t live without BC and just restarted again. This is by far the best subscription box.

  14. Any clue how long it takes to get off the waitlist? I waited juuuuust long enough for them to waitlist me to sub 😫

    • Email them and ask. Sometimes it’s a few days, sometimes it’s a few weeks.

      • They normally won’t give you a good answer but as a rule of thumb (recently at least) if you don’t get off this month you should get off on September 2 when they bill for that box. Of course if they suddenly have a huge waiting list that might not be true but since the waitlist was gone for a bit this month I can’t imagine its big yet.

        • My sister recently subscribed and was put on the wait list in the middle of July and was off it by August 2. So as of recently my answer would be a couple of weeks to a month.

  15. These look great, can’t wait. August is my first month and I still haven’t got my shipping notice. Has everyone’s been sent out already?

    • Boxycharm shipping blows. They ship to influencers first. Influencers usually have reviews up before shipping even starts for paying customers. So this is typical in the last 2-3 months. Even when I get a shipping notice, it doesn’t actually ship for another week. I get a notice that a shipping label is created and then it ships like a week later. Last month I got my box July 22.

      • My July box didn’t arrive until July 29, a full week after you received yours. It stinks.

      • I got my box the very last week of last month, so I totally kno where your coming from!!! That’s my only complaint with BC. They will tell me it has been shipped but then takes over a week to get here!!! Oh but they get there payment on time tho 🙁

      • Exactly! I actually pointed that out to them in an email, the fact thaf mine sat there for a week and a half with only the shipping label created and they replied with a typical “Unfortunately, once your box ships out from our facilities, we do not have any control over the route the mail carrier takes to get to your box to you. While the box is in transit in between states, the tracking information will not update until it reaches the next hub and is scanned.” But my point was that it clearly shows that all they did was create the label 😒 lol. I mean I love boxycharm but it’s annoying that they don’t at least try to fix that or care that people get irritated by it.

    • Yes they sent mine out last week 😉

    • It’s really random when in the month you get your box. Just be patient…it WILL come and you will be happy.

    • I got the email last Tuesday, 8/8, that my label was created. My box still hasn’t shipped. I’m hoping it gets going today.
      It is frustrating to know it’s been sitting there almost a full week, ready to go, but hasn’t made it onto the truck yet.

  16. I’ve been getting Boxycharm for about 2 years I try to cancel but every month just gets better. I’m excited about all the brand in up and coming box.

  17. Bring it on, boxycharm!! I’m so excited!!!

  18. I want to switch GB to boxycharm. Any coupon for this sub to try?

    • They don’t do coupons.

  19. Oh HELL YEAH. The gifs really explain my emotions well

  20. has anybody noticed the palette fromjune, the blinc palette the tarte palette and the pur palette are all about the same?4 months of neutrals?

    • Yes! I’m not complaining abt palettes! I adore palettes, but let’s switch this up! We need some blue, purple, teal, greens, hot pinks, silver, something fun! And cool colors!

    • Yes

    • Most makeup subs send neutrals to try every month. The difference here is that I’m getting an entire palette instead of one color. Plus, the colors are different, as are the brands, the formulations, and the finishes. That’s why I get makeup subs–to try different products in the hopes of finding some game changers, like the Kat Von D Lock It concealer in Sephora’s bag. I had to try dozens of similar shades of concealer to find that gem! (Over dozens of years as well!)

      We’re incredibly lucky to be getting palettes at all!

    • The Blinc palette is neutral? Yikes! I thought that palette was, how do you say…’electric’.

      • Agree. It’s too much for me to wear.

    • The blinc palette are warm neutral intense shimmers, the tarte palette volume II is considered the cool neutral palette in the three volume collection and consists of satins and shimmers, and the Pur palette is a neutral palette with mattes, satins and shimmers. The Pur one is the only one with real mattes/transition shades.

  21. Woo hoo guess I’m not cancelling BOTH if my subs…. 😂🤣😃😄😅 BC awesome job, keep up the makeup happiness 😍

  22. Boxycharm….. I remember the early days of expired, last season drugstore makeup and Glossybox was the top contender….. You’ve come a long way…..showing Glossybox how it’s done now! Can’t wait for these boxes!

    • Yes! I cancelled last year because it had gotten so bad and they tried passing off some Ofra eyeshadow tins as full size and it was just so downhill. But I had to resub this summer because they’ve been killing it! I finally quit Glossybox.

  23. I’m so excited!!! How could anyone not be?! And if they are cancel so those poor souls on the waiting list can get in!!! How on earth do they afford to do this … not to mention make any money off us!? So awesome!! Can’t wait

  24. Boxycharm is one of the best boxes around and it’s only just $21 a month. I really don’t mind all of the palettes, Lippies, skincare etc. I’m on a fixed income and can’t even think of paying or affording the full price of any of the products in these boxes. And, many of these products are full size where as many boxes only offer sample sizes or deluxe sizes at the very least. It’s a luxury to be able to treat myself & & get to try some really great products. I’m a happy girl.

    • WIth a boxy charm subscription, all you really need is foundation and every other makeup need is met!

    • I’m right there with you girl! I’m on disability but I should still be able to try these awesome brands. If not for subscription boxes I wouldn’t have this opportunity. I love makeup and whatever I don’t like I plan to give to my makeup loving friends for birthdays and Christmas gifts so I’m not losing anything either way. The bags & boxes are great for gift purposes so there’s always a purpose 😉😍❤️💄✨💅

  25. I was really hoping to cancel this sub in July. Geesh. Boxycharm, I wish I could quit you. 😔❤️

  26. Dr, Brandt and MAC are both sold in China where animal testing is required. So they are not cruelty free. Becca was a acquired by Estee Lauder so this probably means they will lose their cruelty free status due to the greed of the parent company. Any line that says they are categorically against animal testing then sells in China is a animal tester. They just are not comfortable with the truth and their greed. Just saying…..

    • If you feel that strongly about it, then just unsubscribe and let somebody else have your spot on the list. It’s really that simple.

      • there are plenty of spots- that’s why they have a no wait list every month like almost all of the subscription boxes. You don’t have to be rude because someone has more knowledge than you choose to. It’s really that SIMPLE!

        • Not really sure how she was rude…

        • Umm that was actually really rude so 😬 I just think she was trying to get rid of the negativity… this is a lot of ppls happy place no need for all that

        • Don’t make assumptions about the breadth of someone’s knowledge simply because they make a statement with which you disagree.

          If someone doesn’t want to use a company’s products for whatever reason, that is fine – they can find another subscription box which wholly meets their requirements; there are plenty to choose from.

      • There are plenty of spots, that’s why there are openings every month/ no one is missing out!

      • Lol

    • Totally with you on this. There are plenty of amazing cruelty-free brands in the world. I wish the good subscription boxes would get on board, but I suppose it’s difficult for them to commit and succeed business-wise. Obviously many consumers do not care about this issue at all.

    • Thanks for the info- I didn’t know that. Was’nt it just on the news thar China’s makeup for Justice had lead and asbestos in it?

    • If a cosmetics company doesn’t test on animals – do they HAVE to in order to be sold in China?!??

      I’m curious about this, because it’s too incredible.

      • no, I don’t think so. They probably just can’t claim to be cruelty free. Against testing cruelly on animals. Spraying chemicals in their eyes etc!

      • Yes. If sold in China, animal testing must be done. It is the law.

        • Damn. I had no idea.

        • :'(

      • Specialty product to be sold in china yes, to be manufactured for offshore purposes … regular makeup, no

          • Viola, thank you for providing this information! I feel it is important to be aware of the companies we support, whether directly or indirectly via subs.

            It’s absolutely absurd that China requires animal testing in order to sell a product already on the market. But on the other hand, Asia’s standards are just as high or even higher than Europe’s… 🤔

    • I wholeheartedly agree! I loved that Boxy charm seemed to be offering cruelty free brands. I did however not know about Dr.Brandt so thank you for that! I was sad when they mentioned they would be putting MAC in their upcoming boxes.

    • Thank you. I have 2 rescue bunnies who I adore, even though they’re convinced I’m living in their home 🐰🐇

      I’ll have to consider canceling. I was thinking of swapping but it would still be supporting animal testing ☹️

      • Donate to a women’s shelter, I know so many women would be extremely happy to receive any brand name makeup that many of us wouldn’t consider using. Otherwise canceling works too. I dont mind animal testing as much as many of the people on this thread (even as a vegetarian of 15 years) but as someone going into vet school I also know how many animals this country uses for research etc.

        It all comes down to what you personally feel comfortable using or doing! If these brands make you feel you need to cancel then I know that is your answer but, and I could be totally wrong here, was boxycharm ever advertised as only cruelty-free brands? I didn’t think so but I just subbed for the tarte palette this month.

        • I work at a medical college, so I totally understand how important both animal & human testing is to research.

          But it’s for science, not cosmetics. The only way we as consumers can make our voices heard is with our dollars. Companies actually listen then.

          • Absolutely but this sub never to my knowledge claimed to be cruelty free in any way so you really can’t blame a make-up/skincare sub for sending out those products. I can’t use parabens because of medical reasons but when I canceled ipsy for sending out too many products with them included it wasn’t due to ipsy being the problem so much as it was not the sub for me. They never claimed to be all natural or anything so I can’t be upset at them for sending makeup with parabens, just can cancel or give them out to friends.

            Though I do think anyone that wants to see more cruelty free products should email both the boxes they want them in and even their favorite cruelty free companies. Get involved but don’t be angry at a company for not sharing your opinions when they never claimed to. (And who knows, they might share our opinion on testing and decide to take the advice to move towards being a cruelty free box!)

    • I have noticed that when Boxycharm includes private label or new and upcoming brands that are made in China, they are often cruelty-free, but they won’t hold the prestige brands that they include (which is a recent thing) to the same standard.

    • Agreed. I’m not excited for MAC, I’ll give that product away. However, Too Faced, The Ordinary and many others are in some part owned by EL and they have maintained their CF by not selling in China. So there is hope on that from for Becca.

  27. Yay! I’m so excited & so glad that I got in last month! ❤️ this sub so much! Keeping Boxycharm even if I have to lose others to keep it 😉💓✨

    • I wish I could like posts on here …

  28. Whoa! Just when I think Boxy can’t out do itself then I see these spoilers! I am super stoked for ALL of these! I can never get enough of Dr. Jart. I can’t make myself pay the retail on them so getting them and offers from the brand makes me VERY happy!

  29. let’s see what you got boxy! Deliver or fall to the wayside! LOL

  30. I think I want to sign up. But I don’t need makeup. I prefer skin care boxes.

    • This is mostly makeup, I think. So far I’ve been with them 3 months and it is all neutral eyeshadow palettes. Most people aren’t happy with the variations they get which are different from the influencers on youtube.

      • We’ve had many pallets that aren’t neutral just be patient. The Blinc pallete was amazing.

        • it was all shades of gold and 1 hot pink. I wanted it when I saw it but I can’t really believe it is what it is- very disappointing. Definitely nothing I would pay $45 for..

          • chris, I felt the same looking at the different pix of the palette, they all were completely off.

            But in real life it was much milder, & except for the magenta far more subdued than I anticipated.

          • I didn’t pay $45 for it, though. I paid $21. 🙂 Actually much less than that, if you average it out vs the other products received in the box.

        • I LOVE ❤️ my Blinc palette

          • I 💜The blinc palatte!! I mean those colors! So intense!! Excellent formulation! I use it daily right now!!!

    • I just signed up this month for the first time. I’m more of a skincare person too, but I think I’ll stick with them through December, because anything I’m not into will make fantastic Christmas presents.

    • I’m new to Boxycharm but it seems to be mostly makeup. I’ve been getting tons of skincare products thru Birchbox. Play by Sephora sends me a lot of skincare products but they don’t match my needs at all and I see a lot of others saying the same thing in the reviews, for example: someone with dry skin will get mattifying products rather than moisturizing ones. I have my Ipsy bag tailored to my preferences of makeup and hair products but you could set it up to receive skincare if thats what you want. Out of the subscriptions I have, Ipsy seems best at sending me products related to my interests and allowing me to customize my bag. There are a lot of subscription boxes out there, browse this site and look at past reviews of them to see which sends items closest to your interests. Browse the comments too and see what subscribers are saying. Good luck!

    • This is a makeup subscription box. If you would rather have skincare and not makeup than this is not the subscription for you.

    • Hi Lola, In my experience with this box, 8 months now, it is mostly makeup. I did receive a primer with SPF, but that is all that comes to mind. Oh, and I think I received a shampoo, if I’m not mixing that up with another box… but rarely do we receive haircare either. It seems to be all makeup and makeup brushes/applicators. Beautyfix might be a better box for you, if you don’t already sub to that one.

      • We received the Dr.Brandt microdermabrasion scrub in February’s box I believe..loved it! I also received masks as a variation one month:)

  31. I could not be happier with choosing this sub and losing Sephora. I absolutely LOVE the fact we get full size make up and not micro sample sizes of skin and hair care. I just adore BoxyCharm!

  32. I agree, tired of seeing all the same products given out from all the sub boxes…

  33. Woooooooo hoooooo

  34. I have a six month subscription that takes me into February, so I am READY! I would love to see the cover fx custom enhancing drops featured. And a highlighter palette from becca!

  35. Wow, excited for these brands. Between a palette in every box until December and these spoilers, I am looking forward to it all.

    • How do you know there will be a palette in every box? That increases my hope we get a highlighting palette from becca!

      • Becca highlighter palette would be amazing!!!!

        • That would be my dream!

      • I believe the owner claimed a palette in every box till December.

      • Someone at Boxycharm said we would be getting eyeshadow palettes every month for the rest of this year.

  36. Oh wow, it seems as if they have really elevated their box since when I subscribed!

  37. Any woman who has subscribed to a couple of beauty subs for at least a year has at least two tubes of Dr. Brandt microdermabrasion cluttering up her skincare supply shelf. Tarte is waaaaaayyy overhyped in my opinion. But I’m pumped for anything MAC.

    • Umm, speak for yourself. I can never have to many of those microderms. I love Dr Brandt. I’d never pay the crazy retail prices for them, but I love getting them in subscription boxes!

      • Yassss!! More please!!

      • Ha! Me too! I have swapped for 7 mocrodermabrasions and I’d like a couple more. I think they’re essential for a good skincare regimine.

        • I don’t. I use chemical exfoliation.

    • Lol, I do have two full size tubes, the black one and light blue one (which are the same) and a few small ones. I am trying to use the small ones 1st.

      • Save the small ones for travel!

      • DITTO! I’m using my littles ones up 1st too. I wanted to see if they worked before I busted open the biggies.

    • No way. I’ve subbed to at least 5 boxes a month for the past two and a half years and I can’t get enough Dr. Brandt!

      • I got two big ones! It’s magic!

        • I wish I had 2 big ones 🤐

    • The Dr. Brandt comment is so true in my case. I started getting into subs last year, and between all of my sub boxes, GWPs, and kits I now have about 8 of the mini blue tubes, and maybe 5 of the mini black tubes. Unfortunately, I don’t have any large tubes though. I’ll finally(!) be tackling the blue ones in the very near future (I just need to finish what I’m currently using), and I’m really looking forward to it! I wonder if there’s a difference in the feel/performance of the black & blue minis.

    • Imo, MAC is overrated and overhyped. They never get my foundation right … always orange. I don’t like that crap.

  38. I’m in for the ride as long as spoilers meet brand expectations! Hopefully we’ll get some sub offers too.

  39. Exciting!! I might have to subscribe again…

  40. Oh great. Now I can never cancel this sub.

    • Haha 😂 right there with you

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