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Bespoke Post August 2017 Selection Time + 25% Coupon Code!

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Bespoke Post
It’s Bespoke Post selection time!

Remember – use coupon code MYFIRST to save 25% off your first box! (FYI – for your first box, you may not have access to all boxes pictured below.)

(Some of the boxes below have a customization item this month – so make sure to check your account and pick the variation you want!)

Here are the new featured boxes this month:

Bespoke Post August 2017 Bespoke Post August 2017

Here is a closer look at the boxes:

Bespoke Post August 2017

Red Eye

Don’t let the journey get the best of you.

Cramped seats. Cold cabins. Talkative seatmates that refuse to take a hint. Whether you’re on the go for business or pleasure, travel can take a lot out of you. But you can still arrive at your final destination rested and ready, thanks to quality supplies from the folks at Men in Cities.

The brand’s been crafting detail-oriented goods for men since 2013, and these jet set essentials are no exception. From allowing you to get much-needed shut-eye to organizing your carry-on, they’ll take some of the stress out of travel, so you can focus on whatever’s got you away from home in the first place.

Red Eye includes:

  • Convertible Travel Pillow
  • Sleep Mask
  • Travel Pack Bags, Set of Four


Pickling and fermenting are all about patience.

It’s a straightforward premise: just let time do the work of cooking, instead of heat. But there’s more that goes into making your own fermented delicacies than that. So whether you’re cooking up classics like sauerkraut and dill pickles, rustling up taco-ready red onions, prepping kimchi, or even brewing kombucha, we’ve compiled the equipment you need to help your raw ingredients reach their full potential. Now all you have to do is wait.

Preserve includes:

  • Wide Mouth Mason Jars (set of two)
  • Pickle Packer
  • Pickle Pipes (set of two)
  • Pickle Pebbles (set of two)
  • Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey
  • Dried Brown Meco Chipotle Peppers
  • Himalayan/Sea Salt Blend


There’s a whole world waiting to be discovered.

We’re not just talking about far-flung countries and exotic locales, either (though those definitely are worth checking out). No, adventure’s also a lot closer to home — you just need to know where to look. Enter this exploratory set, pieced together to hone every aspect of your expedition, whether you’re headed to a new city, planning a cross-country road trip, or simply getting to know your neighborhood.

Wander includes:

  • Avalon Wired Earbuds
  • Universal Smartphone Fisheye Lens
  • Field Guide


What’s in your glass?

Let’s just say that if the answer isn’t a crisp cocktail that you’ve single-handedly assembled, you’re missing out. Get in on the action with this beverage-centric line-up that’ll elevate your expertise behind the bar — whether you’re building a batch of Palomas, fashioning yourself a Gin Fizz, creating your own recipe, or keeping things simple with a dram of booze and a couple of cubes. Because every drink you make should be fit to sip.

Zest includes:

  • Mason Shaker
  • Amsterdam Highball Glasses (set of two)
  • #114 Vegetable Knife
  • Infused Ice Cubes (12 per box)
  • Bird’s Eye Chili Extract


Give your wine an entirely new depth.

How? Decanting. The process sweeps away sediment and adds oxygen to your pour, bringing a new level of complexity to any bottle. It’s an age-old way to quickly aerate wine, which deepens the flavor and brings subtle nuances to the surface. Not to mention the fact that it just plain looks cool. So rather than going straight from the bottle to your glass, let your wine breathe in style.

Breathe includes:

  • Handblown Wine Decanter
  • Handblown Table Wine Glasses
  • The Host Key

Bespoke Post also has four Premium Boxes available:

What do you think of the Bespoke Post August boxes? Which one are you picking?

Remember – use coupon code MYFIRST to save 25% off your first box! (Bespoke Post is regularly $45 a month.) FYI – If you are a new subscriber, you may not see all the boxes we’ve pictured here as an option for your first month.

(And check out our Bespoke Post reviews to learn more about this subscription box – it is one of our absolute favorites!

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  1. I actually like the selection of items I was given this time around. I chose the iced coffee maker this time but i also liked the pineapple glasses alot too. It was a hard decision. Haha

    • I just got the pineapple glasses last month (after lusting after them for ages) they have this horrific smell of formaldehyde from the box they were packaged in from the manufacturer (not Bespoke). Im letting them air out, but it was definitely a bummer. They are a little smaller than i anticipated too. Hoping the smell goes away or they will end up as candle holders. 😵

  2. Y’all just search the name of the box and you can get any box on here. Relax.

    • In response to:

      Duh August 1, 2017 at 7:35 pm

      “Y’all just search the name of the box and you can get any box on here. Relax.”

      Found it that way without any of your help, Duh.

      Regarding the end of your comment, are you making judgment(s) and/or dx or are you offering online psychological advice to any person(s) on this site?

  3. None of these were offered to me, either. It was not my first box. I was offered a box that has been around for a while because when I “googled” it, and it showed up that one of the main components in the box BP chose for me had arrived broken for people that were trying to swap it. When I tried the links, I kept being brought straight back to the “older” boxes. What would it hurt to offer everyone the same thing? I understand if someone is being offered a special deal, that would be a way to offload some extra merchandise, but when that subscriber is starting to PAY FULL PRICE, offer that subscriber access the FULL CHOICE OF BOXES.

    I was told that it is an algorithm of my purchases that led to me being given a limited choice of old boxes. The majority of my purchases would likely link me to more of the newly announced boxes. How odd that the algorithm found that last month’s boxes were all perfect for my second box?! Isn’t that AMAZING!

    Well, if I am to have to call or actively pursue OUTSIDE OF BESPOKE POST to find out what their new boxes are, then I don’t consider myself much of an appreciated customer. My subscription is now cancelled without any regret whatsoever.

    • I agree that it would be nice if it listed every available box for everyone but you do have access to the same boxes as everyone else, you just may have to search for some of them. I have 35 boxes listed for me but there is a search function at the top to look up ones that aren’t listed and still be able to choose them for your monthly box.

    • UPDATE:

      Feel like it’s very important to update my original comment about some things I’ve discovered after speaking with BP. The box they offered me is not an old box. It’s actually a box that was so popular that it sold out last year and people were begging them to bring it back. They couldn’t because they had so many problems with breakage, as I referenced. They have spent a great deal of effort changing the shipping, in hopes that it will not get broken. They have also ordered a bunch of this item since it was so popular. They offered it as my box since they had so few orders from me.

      I did talk with them how important it is to find out about the new boxes, so I will check here and hope to continue to see the new offerings. Thank you, BP and MSA. The products were of such high quality, that’s the only reason that I spent so much effort contacting customer service at BP. If there is a company that is offering high-quality products at nearly bargain basement prices, it is this company. While I was certain I’d never look back regretting cancelling, I have changed it back to active. They are that good. All it took was a conversation to realize how good their customer service is to realize that I am willing to give the company another chance with growing pains. They certainly deserve it.

      • I’m curious what your box was that has a tendency to have a broken component? I’ve been getting BP boxes for about a year now and have only had a problem with one box (which was actually a manufacturers problem not BP’s) but they replaced the box, and expedited the shipping on the new box. In my experience their customer service was superb.

        Also as was mentioned before you can either search for the boxes that you can’t see on here or change the URL by clicking on a box you can see and then switching the URL words with the box you want to see.

        I usually come here before I make a selection each month. Sometimes there’s boxes that aren’t listed here and don’t show up in my available boxes, but others mention in the comments. I think BP recommends boxes based on the survey you took at the beginning (which you can update in your account settings) and by the boxes you’ve selected in the past. For example I’ve been selecting a lot of the bar and alcohol themed boxes so I’ve had that selected the last few times.

        Also I know they don’t advertise some boxes that are low in inventory (especially the ones that have choices). For example: you can search for “Shine” and find the box available but it only has two of the four options available. Past boxes that sell out will still show up in the search, it just won’t let you add them. So if you know of a box you want it doesn’t hurt to search for it once in a while.

        Sorry this is so long but hopefully it clears it up for anyone who’s frustrated or curious as to how it works.

      • Their CS is awesome! I love them and will be a Bespoke customer for life. That said, i always post my box offerings when i see new ones to me or ones that differ from here too. Check out Outpost, Chop, Stand Issue, Cargo, Dram. Ive seen a couple before, but most are new and darn it i want a few of them…such problems!!!

        • Ugh, that is *standard issue*

  4. My selections are completely different. But this is going to be my first box and is discounted. I wonder if they have different options for first time boxes.

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